SCP Server Info

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  1. Come have a Speggie Time!
  2.    Speggie Lovers!
  3. Simple Rules:
  4. 1 -  No teamkilling, no killing your rescuers/people you're supposed to rescue, however D-class may kill other D-class. Mass teamkilling will result in 2 warnings instead of 1. Note: Teamkilling at end of round is acceptable
  6. 2 - Don't impersonate staff. Staff impersonation will result in a swift and immediate ban
  8. 3 - No teaming allowed, except for either A -  You're a chaos teaming with SCPs or B -  You're a D-class teaming with SCPs.
  10. 4 - No spamming annoying music in intercom. If a staff member finds the song annoying they will have to ask you to stop or they will respawn you. If you do not comply or redo the song you will get a warning
  12. 5 - No camping unless you will immediately die if you leave. If you aren't in immediate danger you will be warned. This applies to SCPs as well
  14. 6 - No spawn killing. No one enjoys dying immediately after respawn, so don't do it
  16. 7 - Running from punishment given by a staff member will immediately make you BAN ON SIGHT
  17. (There may be some exceptions to this, Contact @Ultimate Extra Spooky if you have been falsely labeled Ban on Sight!)
  19. Warning System:
  20. You can get up to 3 warnings
  22. First warning: Simple warning, nothing special.
  24. Second warning: Warn and kick
  26. Third warning: This is the final warning. Those who get a 3rd warning will be immediately banned.
  27. Join Our Discord!
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