Dadonequus Discord Part 174

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  1. >Night has fallen as you reach the manor. You groan to yourself. The visit and long train ride to and from Ponyville ate up a lot of your time.
  2. >Like fucking shit, you'd really need a better way to get to the town. But, writing letters will have to do.
  3. >there was lights on in the manor. of course, it can't be late enough for sleep yet. At least not for the Riches.
  4. >You wish you had a bowtie.....god, what a waste of a charge, you could have had a bowtie for this visit. A really nice one. Oh well.
  5. >You stop at the, you didn't even know if she was still here. Filthy was probably inside though, he might be able to give some insight.
  6. >You knock on the door. and sit on your butt, wagging your tail like a dog while smiling. Trying to act cute.
  7. >It didn't take too long for the door to be open, and it was Filthy, instead of one of his maids, that opens the door.
  8. >He smiled down at you, internally finding your little pose adorable, though finding something about it odd "Mr.Anon, fancy seeing you here this evening. Is there a reason you're wagging your tail like a lost puppy?"
  9. >you stop wagging immediately as your ears lower a little as you look down nervously.
  10. " a know, just giving it a shake"
  11. >Filthy Rich had a chuckle at that "I see, and here I thought you were just trying too hard to look...hrn..Can't quite think of the word for it. Anyway, what brings you to my home tonight Mr.Anon? I hope you didn't come for a sleep over, my little darling should be off to dreamland by now."
  12. >Asleep?
  13. "Well...oh...ok. erm, actually Mr.Rich. I know this is gonna sound really weird. But, is your wife any chance?"
  14. >"She actually is, weirdest thing really. She came home while I was away. She's upstairs reading Diamond Tiara a story, ain't that something? She hasn't done that since......hrn....can't quite remember if she ever really did."
  15. >Then something clicked in his head
  17. >"Mr.Anon, mind telling me why you have interest in my wife?"
  18. >He doesn't know, well then. That's interesting.
  19. "I just..."
  20. > couldn't come up with a lie. What possible reason would you have to see her?
  21. "I...erm. "
  22. >"Now then" Filthy Rich rubbed his chin "Ain't that interestin'. Mr.Anon, I hope you don't think me a fool"
  23. >wut?
  24. "What do you mean?"
  25. >"Well, my wife is happier than usual and you suddenly have an interest in her. Am I to assume you had some sort of talk with her? I know you must have, ya can't expect me to be ignorant of all these going ons. Now, how about you come inside to my study and we have a chat about this whole thing, hm? Ya got me me curious"
  26. >wellie well well. This...will be either bad or good. Now you couldn't lie. Hell, how could you anyway? He could just ask his wife later for confirmation. You just nod and tell him ok as you follow him to his study. Christ, you wondered how he was going to react.
  27. >He sits down on his large, very comfy chair. This one looked new, much more puffier and soft with red velvet padding and a gold rim, almost like a throne, the letters "F.R" engraved at the tip top.
  28. >"Tea Mr.Anon?"
  29. >You sat down on the smaller seat across from him, a small table between the both of you. There was nothing on it, so you assume he'd call for one of his maids. But...
  30. "No thank you"
  31. >"Alrighty, now then. Now, why don't you explain to me how you managed to change my wife hmmmm?"
  33. >oh joy. ahhh geez. Why did you even come here again? What was the point?....hopefully he doesn't get too pissed...or something....god...
  34. "Well, you see Mr.Rich...if you want the truth.."
  35. >You explain to him exactly what happened. How you and Discord got into the building, and what you did with Spoiled Rich. The only thing you omit is that Discord's reasoning was to mess with Twilight with the victory.
  36. >" then, you conspired with your father to force a change in my wife's views because you felt that my daughter, my pride in joy, was hurting?"
  37. >You nod
  38. "Yeah...She wanted me to use my special horn to make her an Alicorn."
  39. >Filthy Rich then nodded "'Course, You wouldn't do it because you don't know what would happen, would you? Besides the fact that I wouldn't approve of such an unnatural transformation"
  40. >You nod again
  41. "Yes sir"
  42. >Filthy Rich was pondering, he was thinking so deeply. His wife had improved...but it was forced. He didn't like the fact his wife had to be terrorized into this...but...
  43. >"You know Mr.Anon, I don't think I ever considered that there was this side of you. Then again, looking at the fact that you seemed to have recently gained a cutie mark in chaos, which by the way I offer my congratulations, it seems like there's more to you than meets this old pony's eye"
  44. >He knows what the mark is?
  45. "You know the symbol of chaos?"
  46. >"I do, had to familiarize myself with all sort of crazy doodads and markings for my secret project...well, it ain't that secret, it's just a theme park themed after your father. The kids would love it you know, and besides bringing in new jobs for the pony folk, it would also be a nice revenue on the side. Everypony wins. But I digress, that project is on hold until I can actually speak to him. Now, Mr.Anon. I know you meant well. And I'll even say, to see my wife this way does this pony's heart good......but it wasn't in your place to do this"
  48. "Mnngh...What else was I supposed to do? Diamond Tiara felt like she didn't really have a mother anymore."
  49. >"And that's what made you act. I tell you what Mr.Anon, this is difficult to cast my judgement on. You do understand you could have unraveled this family and our business at the same time, right?"
  50. >Really?...nahhh
  51. "I...didn't know that, I mean. I managed to do what I set out to do, I think I did pretty good. I know It's your family, but...."
  52. >Filthy Rich cuts you off
  53. >"But nothing...Mr.Anon..."
  54. >Filthy Rich looks at you with a serious look, he looked you right in the eye out of respect. "When we consider all the facts. You acted out of kindness to help my daughter in her time of need. And although you had no right to meddle in our family the way you did, you felt in your heart that if you hadn't, that my daughter would suffer a broken heart. That's how it went, right?"
  55. >You nod nervously
  56. "Y-yes"
  57. >"I see, well Mr.Anon. I hope you know what you're doing"
  58. >wut?
  59. "What do you mean?..sir"
  60. >"That kind of action? Surely you know that made Diamond the happiest little filly in all of Equestria. Are you telling me with all that smarts that you haven't realized what that means?"
  61. "errrr..."
  62. >Filthy Rich smiled at you "Well" he chuckled "Let me just say that you better father me at least two grandchildren, Because after this mess, you ain't gettin out of it now. Now, should I call ya son? or should I save that until after you all are married?"
  65. "D-does she even know I had anything to do with it?"
  66. >ooohhh shit.
  67. >"Fraid' so, she doesn't know all the details of course, but she knows you had a big hoof in it. I don't know why you didn't come to me first, if I had known she was feeling this way. We could have done something together. And I know what you're thinking Mr.Anon. How could I change anything if it's been going on for this long? Well, I have two things to say about that."
  68. >Filthy hung his head slightly, he frowned, you could tell there was hurt in his heart. "First, I know that I've been a fool. My little darling never came to me about her feelings, and I never noticed. My life and my business are so close together that sometimes I miss the itty bitty little details of the going ons of my own life. If I had known their relationship was truly this awful I would have done something. There's no way I'd knowingly let this go on, for it to have gone on due to my own ignorance is inexcusable. But I assure you, I could have fixed this myself had I known."
  69. >He then sighed, and looked back up at you
  70. >"Nevertheless, you have shown character, you put my daughter's needs over your own. You set out to try to and succeed at fixing a family dilemma I knew nothing about. I do declare, that amounts to something. No....that amounts to more than that. Mr.Anon, you have earned my absolute respect. From now on I'll see you as a stallion rather than a colt. And I would be proud to be your stepfather."
  71. >....oohh lord. You felt like a mary sue, the only thing was is now you seemed to have been locked right into DT now. 100%....fuck.
  72. >You could see the hope in his eyes, he saw you as this amazing colt. could feel your life slipping away from you. What you had was what others saw of you, instead of it just being you. god geez christ.
  73. >What could you do now? you didn't expect this at all....
  74. "T-thank you Mr.Rich, umm...err.."
  76. >"haha! look at ya, yep. I'd be speechless too after having to sit down with somepony as powerful as myself. You did good Mister...hmnn"
  77. >Filthy corrected himself
  78. >"Anon"
  79. >He then looked at you with a stern seriousness "though a word of advice to you. From one stallion to another. You're gonna wanna be careful with how you conduct yourself since you seem the type to go all in, one mistake that big and your entire life could be forever ruined....or the lives you got yourself involved in. you're an amazing colt Anon, but that's also has to do with who your daddy happens to be and the power of the horn he has given you."
  80. >...mnnnn, he was probably right. no, he was right. Because now you knew there'd be no way to shake Diamond Tiara off now. You didn't actually think that it would lead to possible eternal love. cripes....
  81. "Y-yes sir"
  82. >"Sir?" Filthy laughed heartily "Anon, you don't have to call me that anymore. Just call me Rich, or Filthy Rich....but not Filthy, I know it's my name and all but it just doesn't roll off the tongue well if you know what I mean."
  83. >You did....what kind of first name was Filthy anyway? or Spoiled for that matter.
  84. "Yes, sure erm...Filthy Rich."
  85. >"There we are, now. How about we wait for the missus hm? You look like you could use a drink."
  86. >Filthy Rich takes a small bell and rings it.
  87. >You didn't even really answer, Filthy Rich has one of the maids who answered his call bring in two cups of tea and a teapot.
  88. >How bizarre, if this was any other human....anyone from the board. They'd take any pussy they could get if they couldn't get their waifu. You however...yeah..DT was cute and all. But....
  89. >........
  90. >your mind couldn't really come up with a counter argument to this. The only real wall that stood in your way when it came to this is this entire relationship you had with the Riches and their daughter was on the foundation of a gigantic lie.
  91. >Same with Fluttershy
  92. >Same with Twilight
  93. >.....same with everypony
  95. >...the only ones who knew the truth was a chaotic god, a bug, a bartender, and the princess of the sun. Starlight being a close second, she trusted you so much. And even she didn't know the full truth of it.
  96. >if it ever got out, all this would be gone. You knew that. But how long could you keep it up? Sure, you managed to do it for this long. And you knew you could hold out. But what about when you got older? What about when Fluttershy became that much closer to you? What about if Celestia decides it's time for you to reveal everything? And even, looking at how things are. What if you DO end up with Diamond? If she became your wife, could you still live this lie?
  97. >.....god....everytime it became harder. one day, you were gonna spill your guts to the wrong pony...for'd just have to take another bullet to your heart.
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