The Part-Time Momster Escort II

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  2. >You’re on another date with that same slightly-graying holstaur
  3. >She’s wearing a lower-cut dress this time that hugs her hips in all the right places
  4. >By now she’s figured out you’re a thighs and butt man
  5. >You try not to think of her pale, plump thighs wrapped around your-
  6. >”Aren’t you hungry, Anon?”
  7. >Her words bring you back to reality
  8. >You’re in a fine dining restaurant that she insisted on paying for
  9. >Money isn’t a problem
  10. >You feel your face grow red and try to focus on your meal
  11. >The waitress passes by and checks on the status of your meal, which is more than good
  12. >When she’s gone and you look back down you notice your phone is buzzing with a notification
  13. >It’s a text from the holstaur sitting directly across from you
  14. >She’s smirking and eating her meal quietly
  15. >”If there weren’t so many people here I’d be under the table stuffing every inch of you down my gullet”
  16. >Before you can say anything, you feel her hooved foot rubbing against your crotch underneath the table
  17. >She’s acting as though absolutely nothing’s going on
  18. >She’s into this
  19. >Eventually the erection becomes painful and you excuse yourself to the bathroom
  20. >She watches you leave with raised eyebrows
  21. >Inside the restroom you’re so absorbed in trying to get your boner down that you don’t hear the door creak open behind you or the trash can wedging it shut
  22. >She’s behind you, reaching around and giving you a squeeze
  23. >Her stupidly huge breasts dig into your back
  24. >”Oh sweetie what are you doing here all by yourself?”
  25. >She’s pleasuring you with her hands, now
  26. >A few minutes of her stroking you passes and you feel overwhelmed with the desire to fuck her
  27. >She lets out a small delighted gasp when you press her against the side of the stall
  28. >Another little shriek of pleasure when you enter her from behind
  29. >Her warm wet insides clamp down on you and the rhythmic motion drives her insane
  30. >You stuff her soaked panties in her mouth to stifle the loud, drawn-out moo that leaks out of her
  31. >Her obscenely big tits swing back and forth and she lets out little muffled gasps every other second
  32. >Smashing her insides doesn’t last as long as you’d like
  33. >When you dump your seed inside of her she collapses on top of the toilet like some cheap whore
  34. >Some of it leaks out of her, and she lets it
  35. >This is exactly the type of indecent, obscene thing you’d expect from a lonely momster
  36. >She has a tired smile on her face while she tries to catch her breath
  37. >You bite down on her ear and she shivers from head to toe
  38. >It’s exactly how the script went
  39. >When you’re back eating dinner a few other customers cast you suspicious looks
  40. >The holstaur looks content with herself
  41. >You think that maybe next time you’ll ask her to be your girlfriend
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