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Dear Commander,

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Nov 13th, 2013
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  1. Commander, you've changed.
  3. In the past, no matter how many times we failed 3-2, you would always forgive us with a smile on your face.
  4. "I can buy a tansu with these furniture coins," you would say encouragingly.
  5. "If anyone gets seriously damaged, I'll quickly withdraw the fleet," you promised.
  7. And now. Already, you've removed the protective lock from the low-level destroyers.
  8. "You're not even rare. Using your worthless lives is a small price to pay to stop THE GAUGE RECOVERY," you muttered.
  10. Kongo-san and Hiei-san set sail for E-4 with yet another detachment of the little sacrifices in tow.
  11. These once cheerful sisters now steam forward with dull, lifeless eyes.
  13. "GAUGE RECOVERY" is something that I simply don't know anything about.
  14. But, at the very least, I understand the pain and anguish it's inflicting upon our dear Commander.
  16. It'll be ok. Just leave that airport-thing to me, Ikazuchi.
  17. Commander doesn't have to worry anymore.
  18. I'll take care of that GAUGE RECOVERY thing, no sweat.
  21. Alright, this is Ikazuchi, for Commander's sake, sortie underway
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