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May 25th, 2014
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  1. [!]: path: /dev_hdd0/game/
  2. [!]: Loading 'E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0\game\ESKISS_00/USRDIR/BOOT.BIN'...
  3. [!]: Mount info:
  4. [!]: /dev_hdd0/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0
  5. [!]: /dev_hdd1/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd1
  6. [!]: /dev_flash/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_flash
  7. [!]: /dev_usb000/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_usb000
  8. [!]: /dev_usb/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64/dev_usb000/
  9. [!]: /app_home/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0\game\ESKISS_00/\USRDIR\
  10. [!]: /dev_bdvd/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0\game\ESKISS_00//../
  11. [!]: /host_root/ ->
  12. [!]: / -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0\game\ESKISS_00/\USRDIR\
  13. [!]: ->
  14. [!]: /dev_flash2/ -> E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_flash2
  15. [!]: Initing memory...
  16. [!]: Memory initialized.
  17. [W]: Unknown module 'libgem'
  18. [W]: Unknown function 0x02f5ced0 in 'cellCamera' module
  19. [E]: TODO: cellCameraStop
  20. [W]: Unknown function 0x0e63c444 in 'cellCamera' module
  21. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetBufferInfoEx
  22. [W]: Unknown function 0x21fc151f in 'cellCamera' module
  23. [E]: TODO: cellCameraReadEx
  24. [W]: Unknown function 0x2dea3e9b in 'cellCamera' module
  25. [E]: TODO: cellCameraSetExtensionUnit
  26. [W]: Unknown function 0x379c5dd6 in 'cellCamera' module
  27. [E]: TODO: cellCameraClose
  28. [W]: Unknown function 0x3845d39b in 'cellCamera' module
  29. [E]: TODO: cellCameraRead
  30. [W]: Unknown function 0x44673f07 in 'cellCamera' module
  31. [E]: TODO: cellCameraRemoveNotifyEventQueue2
  32. [W]: Unknown function 0x456dc4aa in 'cellCamera' module
  33. [E]: TODO: cellCameraStart
  34. [W]: Unknown function 0x532b8aaa in 'cellCamera' module
  35. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetAttribute
  36. [W]: Unknown function 0x58bc5870 in 'cellCamera' module
  37. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetType
  38. [W]: Unknown function 0x5ad46570 in 'cellCamera' module
  39. [E]: TODO: cellCameraEnd
  40. [W]: Unknown function 0x5d25f866 in 'cellCamera' module
  41. [E]: TODO: cellCameraOpenEx
  42. [W]: Unknown function 0x5eebf24e in 'cellCamera' module
  43. [E]: TODO: cellCameraIsStarted
  44. [W]: Unknown function 0x602e2052 in 'cellCamera' module
  45. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetDeviceGUID
  46. [W]: Unknown function 0x61dfbe83 in 'cellCamera' module
  47. [E]: TODO: cellCameraPrepExtensionUnit
  48. [W]: Unknown function 0x7dac520c in 'cellCamera' module
  49. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetBufferSize
  50. [W]: Unknown function 0x7e063bbc in 'cellCamera' module
  51. [E]: TODO: cellCameraIsAttached
  52. [W]: Unknown function 0x81f83db9 in 'cellCamera' module
  53. [E]: TODO: cellCameraReset
  54. [W]: Unknown function 0x8ca53dde in 'cellCamera' module
  55. [E]: TODO: cellCameraIsAvailable
  56. [W]: Unknown function 0x8cd56eee in 'cellCamera' module
  57. [E]: TODO: cellCameraSetAttribute
  58. [W]: Unknown function 0x9b98d258 in 'cellCamera' module
  59. [E]: TODO: cellCameraRemoveNotifyEventQueue
  60. [W]: Unknown function 0xa7fd2f5b in 'cellCamera' module
  61. [E]: TODO: cellCameraSetNotifyEventQueue2
  62. [W]: Unknown function 0xb0647e5a in 'cellCamera' module
  63. [E]: TODO: cellCameraSetNotifyEventQueue
  64. [W]: Unknown function 0xb602e328 in 'cellCamera' module
  65. [E]: TODO: cellCameraGetExtensionUnit
  66. [W]: Unknown function 0xbf47c5dd in 'cellCamera' module
  67. [E]: TODO: cellCameraInit
  68. [W]: Unknown function 0xe28b206b in 'cellCamera' module
  69. [E]: TODO: cellCameraReadComplete
  70. [W]: Unknown function 0xeb6f95fb in 'cellCamera' module
  71. [E]: TODO: cellCameraCtrlExtensionUnit
  72. [W]: Unknown function 0xfa160f24 in 'cellCamera' module
  73. [E]: TODO: cellCameraIsOpen
  74. [W]: Unknown function 0x7e4ea023 in 'cellSpurs' module
  75. [E]: TODO: cellSpursWakeUp
  76. [W]: Unknown function 0x6fcdf6e3 in 'cellSpurs' module
  77. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetSpuGuid
  78. [W]: Unknown function 0x00af2519 in 'cellSpurs' module
  79. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobGuardReset
  80. [W]: Unknown function 0x011ee38b in 'cellSpurs' module
  81. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursLFQueueInitialize
  82. [W]: Unknown function 0x039d70b7 in 'cellSpurs' module
  83. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueDetachLv2EventQueue
  84. [W]: Unknown function 0x082bfb09 in 'cellSpurs' module
  85. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursQueueInitialize
  86. [W]: Unknown function 0x0eb4bc38 in 'cellSpurs' module
  87. [E]: TODO: cellSpursWorkloadAttributeSetShutdownCompletionEventHook
  88. [W]: Unknown function 0x13ae18f3 in 'cellSpurs' module
  89. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskExitCodeGet
  90. [W]: Unknown function 0x161da6a7 in 'cellSpurs' module
  91. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainGetError
  92. [W]: Unknown function 0x16394a4e in 'cellSpurs' module
  93. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursTasksetAttributeInitialize
  94. [W]: Unknown function 0x1656d49f in 'cellSpurs' module
  95. [E]: TODO: cellSpursLFQueueAttachLv2EventQueue
  96. [W]: Unknown function 0x17001000 in 'cellSpurs' module
  97. [E]: TODO: cellSpursAddUrgentCommand
  98. [W]: Unknown function 0x182d9890 in 'cellSpurs' module
  99. [E]: TODO: cellSpursRequestIdleSpu
  100. [W]: Unknown function 0x1d2bca4b in 'cellSpurs' module
  101. [E]: TODO: cellSpursSendWorkloadSignal
  102. [W]: Unknown function 0x1d344406 in 'cellSpurs' module
  103. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskGetLoadableSegmentPattern
  104. [W]: Unknown function 0x1d46fedf in 'cellSpurs' module
  105. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateTaskWithAttribute
  106. [W]: Unknown function 0x1ebcf459 in 'cellSpurs' module
  107. [E]: TODO: cellSpursDestroyTaskset2
  108. [W]: Unknown function 0x2093252b in 'cellSpurs' module
  109. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueGetTasksetAddress
  110. [W]: Unknown function 0x247414d0 in 'cellSpurs' module
  111. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueClear
  112. [W]: Unknown function 0x2cfccb99 in 'cellSpurs' module
  113. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainAttributeSetJobTypeMemoryCheck
  114. [W]: Unknown function 0x2ddbcc0a in 'cellSpurs' module
  115. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursWorkloadFlagReceiver2
  116. [W]: Unknown function 0x2edcff92 in 'cellSpurs' module
  117. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetSetExceptionEventHandler
  118. [W]: Unknown function 0x303c19cd in 'cellSpurs' module
  119. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateJobChainWithAttribute
  120. [W]: Unknown function 0x34552fa6 in 'cellSpurs' module
  121. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskExitCodeInitialize
  122. [W]: Unknown function 0x3548f483 in 'cellSpurs' module
  123. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursJobChainAttributeInitialize
  124. [W]: Unknown function 0x35dae22b in 'cellSpurs' module
  125. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursLFQueuePopBody
  126. [W]: Unknown function 0x35f02287 in 'cellSpurs' module
  127. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueDepth
  128. [W]: Unknown function 0x369fe03d in 'cellSpurs' module
  129. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueGetEntrySize
  130. [W]: Unknown function 0x494613c7 in 'cellSpurs' module
  131. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainGetSpursAddress
  132. [W]: Unknown function 0x49a3426d in 'cellSpurs' module
  133. [E]: TODO: cellSpursReadyCountSwap
  134. [W]: Unknown function 0x4a5eab63 in 'cellSpurs' module
  135. [E]: TODO: cellSpursWorkloadAttributeSetName
  136. [W]: Unknown function 0x4a6465e3 in 'cellSpurs' module
  137. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateTaskset2
  138. [W]: Unknown function 0x4ac7bae4 in 'cellSpurs' module
  139. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagClear
  140. [W]: Unknown function 0x4c75deb8 in 'cellSpurs' module
  141. [E]: TODO: cellSpursUnsetExceptionEventHandler
  142. [W]: Unknown function 0x4cce88a9 in 'cellSpurs' module
  143. [E]: TODO: cellSpursLookUpTasksetAddress
  144. [W]: Unknown function 0x4ceb9694 in 'cellSpurs' module
  145. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetJobChainInfo
  146. [W]: Unknown function 0x4d1e9373 in 'cellSpurs' module
  147. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagGetClearMode
  148. [W]: Unknown function 0x4e153e3e in 'cellSpurs' module
  149. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetWorkloadInfo
  150. [W]: Unknown function 0x5202e53b in 'cellSpurs' module
  151. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainSetExceptionEventHandler
  152. [W]: Unknown function 0x54876603 in 'cellSpurs' module
  153. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueSize
  154. [W]: Unknown function 0x568b2352 in 'cellSpurs' module
  155. [E]: TODO: cellSpursSemaphoreGetTasksetAddress
  156. [W]: Unknown function 0x569674e3 in 'cellSpurs' module
  157. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTraceInitialize
  158. [W]: Unknown function 0x57e4dec3 in 'cellSpurs' module
  159. [E]: TODO: cellSpursRemoveWorkload
  160. [W]: Unknown function 0x58d58fcf in 'cellSpurs' module
  161. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetGetSpursAddress
  162. [W]: Unknown function 0x5ef96465 in 'cellSpurs' module
  163. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursEventFlagInitialize
  164. [W]: Unknown function 0x5fd43fe4 in 'cellSpurs' module
  165. [E]: TODO: cellSpursWaitForWorkloadShutdown
  166. [W]: Unknown function 0x652b70e2 in 'cellSpurs' module
  167. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetAttributeSetName
  168. [W]: Unknown function 0x68aaeba9 in 'cellSpurs' module
  169. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobGuardInitialize
  170. [W]: Unknown function 0x69726aa2 in 'cellSpurs' module
  171. [E]: TODO: cellSpursAddWorkload
  172. [W]: Unknown function 0x6aa76999 in 'cellSpurs' module
  173. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainUnsetExceptionEventHandler
  174. [W]: Unknown function 0x6d2d9339 in 'cellSpurs' module
  175. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagTryWait
  176. [W]: Unknown function 0x738e40e6 in 'cellSpurs' module
  177. [E]: TODO: cellSpursShutdownJobChain
  178. [W]: Unknown function 0x73e06f91 in 'cellSpurs' module
  179. [E]: TODO: cellSpursLFQueueDetachLv2EventQueue
  180. [W]: Unknown function 0x75211196 in 'cellSpurs' module
  181. [E]: TODO: cellSpursReadyCountAdd
  182. [W]: Unknown function 0x77cdac0c in 'cellSpurs' module
  183. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursSemaphoreInitialize
  184. [W]: Unknown function 0x7b9cbb74 in 'cellSpurs' module
  185. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTraceFinalize
  186. [W]: Unknown function 0x7cb33c2e in 'cellSpurs' module
  187. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskGetReadOnlyAreaPattern
  188. [W]: Unknown function 0x7fdf4fef in 'cellSpurs' module
  189. [E]: TODO: cellSpursBarrierInitialize
  190. [W]: Unknown function 0x838fa4f0 in 'cellSpurs' module
  191. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTryJoinTask2
  192. [W]: Unknown function 0x86c864a2 in 'cellSpurs' module
  193. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetJobChainId
  194. [W]: Unknown function 0x890f9e5a in 'cellSpurs' module
  195. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagGetDirection
  196. [W]: Unknown function 0x8a85674d in 'cellSpurs' module
  197. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursLFQueuePushBody
  198. [W]: Unknown function 0x8adadf65 in 'cellSpurs' module
  199. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursTaskAttribute2Initialize
  200. [W]: Unknown function 0x8f122ef8 in 'cellSpurs' module
  201. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetAttributeSetTasksetSize
  202. [W]: Unknown function 0x8fdf50b2 in 'cellSpurs' module
  203. [E]: TODO: cellSpursAddUrgentCall
  204. [W]: Unknown function 0x9034e538 in 'cellSpurs' module
  205. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskGetContextSaveAreaSize
  206. [W]: Unknown function 0x91066667 in 'cellSpurs' module
  207. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueuePopBody
  208. [W]: Unknown function 0x9197915f in 'cellSpurs' module
  209. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskGenerateLsPattern
  210. [W]: Unknown function 0x92cff6ed in 'cellSpurs' module
  211. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueuePushBody
  212. [W]: Unknown function 0x94034c95 in 'cellSpurs' module
  213. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetUnsetExceptionEventHandler
  214. [W]: Unknown function 0x947efb0b in 'cellSpurs' module
  215. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagGetTasksetAddress
  216. [W]: Unknown function 0x97a2f6c8 in 'cellSpurs' module
  217. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobHeaderSetJobbin2Param
  218. [W]: Unknown function 0x98d5b343 in 'cellSpurs' module
  219. [E]: TODO: cellSpursShutdownWorkload
  220. [W]: Unknown function 0x9aeb5432 in 'cellSpurs' module
  221. [E]: TODO: cellSpursBarrierGetTasksetAddress
  222. [W]: Unknown function 0x9fcb567b in 'cellSpurs' module
  223. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetTasksetInfo
  224. [W]: Unknown function 0x9fef70c2 in 'cellSpurs' module
  225. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainAttributeSetName
  226. [W]: Unknown function 0xa121a224 in 'cellSpurs' module
  227. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskAttributeSetExitCodeContainer
  228. [W]: Unknown function 0xa73bf47e in 'cellSpurs' module
  229. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursWorkloadFlagReceiver
  230. [W]: Unknown function 0xa7a94892 in 'cellSpurs' module
  231. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJoinTask2
  232. [W]: Unknown function 0xa7c066de in 'cellSpurs' module
  233. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJoinJobChain
  234. [W]: Unknown function 0xa7f9e716 in 'cellSpurs' module
  235. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetWorkloadData
  236. [W]: Unknown function 0xb792ca1a in 'cellSpurs' module
  237. [E]: TODO: cellSpursLFQueueGetTasksetAddress
  238. [W]: Unknown function 0xb8474eff in 'cellSpurs' module
  239. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursTaskAttributeInitialize
  240. [W]: Unknown function 0xbb68d76e in 'cellSpurs' module
  241. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobChainAttributeSetHaltOnError
  242. [W]: Unknown function 0xc0158d8b in 'cellSpurs' module
  243. [E]: TODO: cellSpursAddWorkloadWithAttribute
  244. [W]: Unknown function 0xc10931cb in 'cellSpurs' module
  245. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateTasksetWithAttribute
  246. [W]: Unknown function 0xc2acdf43 in 'cellSpurs' module
  247. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursTasksetAttribute2Initialize
  248. [W]: Unknown function 0xc765b995 in 'cellSpurs' module
  249. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetWorkloadFlag
  250. [W]: Unknown function 0xce853fbf in 'cellSpurs' module
  251. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTraceStart
  252. [W]: Unknown function 0xd2e23fa9 in 'cellSpurs' module
  253. [E]: TODO: cellSpursSetExceptionEventHandler
  254. [W]: Unknown function 0xd5d0b256 in 'cellSpurs' module
  255. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobGuardNotify
  256. [W]: Unknown function 0xd86380d8 in 'cellSpurs' module
  257. [E]: TODO: cellSpursGetJobPipelineInfo
  258. [W]: Unknown function 0xdca13593 in 'cellSpurs' module
  259. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTasksetAttributeEnableClearLS
  260. [W]: Unknown function 0xddc81b5a in 'cellSpurs' module
  261. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTraceStop
  262. [W]: Unknown function 0xe14ca62d in 'cellSpurs' module
  263. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateTask2
  264. [W]: Unknown function 0xe4944a1c in 'cellSpurs' module
  265. [E]: TODO: cellSpursCreateTask2WithBinInfo
  266. [W]: Unknown function 0xe5443be7 in 'cellSpurs' module
  267. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueAttachLv2EventQueue
  268. [W]: Unknown function 0xe717ac73 in 'cellSpurs' module
  269. [E]: TODO: cellSpursTaskExitCodeTryGet
  270. [W]: Unknown function 0xe7b0e69a in 'cellSpurs' module
  271. [E]: TODO: cellSpursJobSetMaxGrab
  272. [W]: Unknown function 0xec68442c in 'cellSpurs' module
  273. [E]: TODO: cellSpursQueueGetDirection
  274. [W]: Unknown function 0xefeb2679 in 'cellSpurs' module
  275. [E]: TODO: _cellSpursWorkloadAttributeInitialize
  276. [W]: Unknown function 0xf1d3552d in 'cellSpurs' module
  277. [E]: TODO: cellSpursReadyCountCompareAndSwap
  278. [W]: Unknown function 0xf31731bb in 'cellSpurs' module
  279. [E]: TODO: cellSpursRunJobChain
  280. [W]: Unknown function 0xf5507729 in 'cellSpurs' module
  281. [E]: TODO: cellSpursEventFlagSet
  282. [W]: Unknown function 0xf843818d in 'cellSpurs' module
  283. [E]: TODO: cellSpursReadyCountStore
  284. [W]: Unknown function 0xc8f3bd09 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  285. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetCurrentField
  286. [W]: Unknown function 0x63387071 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  287. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetLastFlipTime
  288. [W]: Unknown function 0x723bbc7e in 'cellGcmSys' module
  289. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetVBlankCount
  290. [W]: Unknown function 0xacee8542 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  291. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetFlipImmediate
  292. [W]: Unknown function 0x1bd633f8 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  293. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc3
  294. [W]: Unknown function 0x5f909b17 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  295. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc1
  296. [W]: Unknown function 0x8effb7fd in 'cellGcmSys' module
  297. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc2
  298. [W]: Unknown function 0x7fc034bc in 'cellGcmSys' module
  299. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc4
  300. [W]: Unknown function 0x661fe266 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  301. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc12
  302. [W]: Unknown function 0xbb42a9dd in 'cellGcmSys' module
  303. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc13
  304. [W]: Unknown function 0x99d397ac in 'cellGcmSys' module
  305. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetReport
  306. [W]: Unknown function 0xffe0160e in 'cellGcmSys' module
  307. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetVBlankFrequency
  308. [W]: Unknown function 0xdc494430 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  309. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetSecondVHandler
  310. [W]: Unknown function 0xd01b570d in 'cellGcmSys' module
  311. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetGraphicsHandler
  312. [W]: Unknown function 0x527c6439 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  313. [E]: TODO: cellGcmTerminate
  314. [W]: Unknown function 0xbd6d60d9 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  315. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetInvalidateTile
  316. [W]: Unknown function 0x8bde5ebf in 'cellGcmSys' module
  317. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetUserCommand
  318. [W]: Unknown function 0x0a862772 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  319. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetQueueHandler
  320. [W]: Unknown function 0x23ae55a3 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  321. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetLastSecondVTime
  322. [W]: Unknown function 0x25b40ab4 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  323. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSortRemapEaIoAddress
  324. [W]: Unknown function 0x371674cf in 'cellGcmSys' module
  325. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetDisplayBufferByFlipIndex
  326. [W]: Unknown function 0x172c3197 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  327. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSetDefaultCommandBufferAndSegmentWordSize
  328. [W]: Unknown function 0x1f61b3ff in 'cellGcmSys' module
  329. [E]: TODO: cellGcmDumpGraphicsError
  330. [W]: Unknown function 0x688b8ac9 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  331. [E]: TODO: _cellGcmFunc38
  332. [W]: Unknown function 0x5e2ee0f0 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  333. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetDefaultCommandWordSize
  334. [W]: Unknown function 0x8cdf8c70 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  335. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetDefaultSegmentWordSize
  336. [W]: Unknown function 0x21cee035 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  337. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetNotifyDataAddress
  338. [W]: Unknown function 0x9a0159af in 'cellGcmSys' module
  339. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetReportDataAddress
  340. [W]: Unknown function 0xa6b180ac in 'cellGcmSys' module
  341. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetReportDataLocation
  342. [W]: Unknown function 0x2ad4951b in 'cellGcmSys' module
  343. [E]: TODO: cellGcmGetTimeStampLocation
  344. [W]: Unknown function 0xfce9e764 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  345. [E]: TODO: cellGcmInitSystemMode
  346. [W]: Unknown function 0xe44874f3 in 'cellGcmSys' module
  347. [E]: TODO: cellGcmSysGetLastVBlankTime
  348. [W]: Unknown function 0xcfdf24bb in 'cellSysutil' module
  349. [E]: TODO: cellVideoOutDebugSetMonitorType
  350. [W]: Unknown function 0x8e8bc444 in 'cellSysutil' module
  351. [E]: TODO: cellVideoOutRegisterCallback
  352. [W]: Unknown function 0x7871bed4 in 'cellSysutil' module
  353. [E]: TODO: cellVideoOutUnregisterCallback
  354. [W]: Unknown function 0x55e425c3 in 'cellSysutil' module
  355. [E]: TODO: cellVideoOutGetConvertCursorColorInfo
  356. [W]: Unknown function 0x20543730 in 'cellSysutil' module
  357. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogClose
  358. [W]: Unknown function 0xf81eca25 in 'cellSysutil' module
  359. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogOpen
  360. [W]: Unknown function 0x94862702 in 'cellSysutil' module
  361. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogProgressBarInc
  362. [W]: Unknown function 0x62b0f803 in 'cellSysutil' module
  363. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogAbort
  364. [W]: Unknown function 0x7bc2c8a8 in 'cellSysutil' module
  365. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogProgressBarReset
  366. [W]: Unknown function 0x9d6af72a in 'cellSysutil' module
  367. [E]: TODO: cellMsgDialogProgressBarSetMsg
  368. [W]: Unknown function 0x1d99c3ee in 'cellSysutil' module
  369. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogGetInputText
  370. [W]: Unknown function 0xf3b4b43e in 'cellSysutil' module
  371. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetInitialInputDevice
  372. [W]: Unknown function 0x35beade0 in 'cellSysutil' module
  373. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogGetSize
  374. [W]: Unknown function 0x3d1e1931 in 'cellSysutil' module
  375. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogUnloadAsync
  376. [W]: Unknown function 0x41f20828 in 'cellSysutil' module
  377. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogDisableDimmer
  378. [W]: Unknown function 0xb53c54fa in 'cellSysutil' module
  379. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetKeyLayoutOption
  380. [W]: Unknown function 0xb6d84526 in 'cellSysutil' module
  381. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogAbort
  382. [W]: Unknown function 0xd3790a86 in 'cellSysutil' module
  383. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetDeviceMask
  384. [W]: Unknown function 0x53e39df3 in 'cellSysutil' module
  385. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetSeparateWindowOption
  386. [W]: Unknown function 0x7f21c918 in 'cellSysutil' module
  387. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogAddSupportLanguage
  388. [W]: Unknown function 0x7fcfc915 in 'cellSysutil' module
  389. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogLoadAsync
  390. [W]: Unknown function 0xc427890c in 'cellSysutil' module
  391. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetInitialKeyLayout
  392. [W]: Unknown function 0xf0ec3ccc in 'cellSysutil' module
  393. [E]: TODO: cellOskDialogSetLayoutMode
  394. [W]: Unknown function 0x21425307 in 'cellSysutil' module
  395. [E]: TODO: cellSaveDataListAutoLoad
  396. [W]: Unknown function 0x4dd03a4e in 'cellSysutil' module
  397. [E]: TODO: cellSaveDataListAutoSave
  398. [W]: Unknown function 0xfbd5c856 in 'cellSysutil' module
  399. [E]: TODO: cellSaveDataAutoLoad2
  400. [W]: Unknown function 0x8b7ed64b in 'cellSysutil' module
  401. [E]: TODO: cellSaveDataAutoSave2
  402. [W]: Unknown function 0xedadd797 in 'cellSysutil' module
  403. [E]: TODO: cellSaveDataDelete2
  404. [W]: Unknown function 0xdb9819f3 in 'cellSysutil' module
  405. [E]: TODO: cellGameDataCheck
  406. [W]: Unknown function 0xf52639ea in 'cellSysutil' module
  407. [E]: TODO: cellGameBootCheck
  408. [W]: Unknown function 0xce4374f6 in 'cellSysutil' module
  409. [E]: TODO: cellGamePatchCheck
  410. [W]: Unknown function 0x42a2e133 in 'cellSysutil' module
  411. [E]: TODO: cellGameCreateGameData
  412. [W]: Unknown function 0xb7a45caf in 'cellSysutil' module
  413. [E]: TODO: cellGameGetParamInt
  414. [W]: Unknown function 0x3a5d726a in 'cellSysutil' module
  415. [E]: TODO: cellGameGetParamString
  416. [W]: Unknown function 0xef9d42d5 in 'cellSysutil' module
  417. [E]: TODO: cellGameGetSizeKB
  418. [W]: Unknown function 0xdaa5cd20 in 'cellSysutil' module
  419. [E]: TODO: cellGameSetParamString
  420. [W]: Unknown function 0x2a8e6b92 in 'cellSysutil' module
  421. [E]: TODO: cellGameGetDiscContentInfoUpdatePath
  422. [W]: Unknown function 0x70acec67 in 'cellSysutil' module
  423. [E]: TODO: cellGameContentPermit
  424. [W]: Unknown function 0xb0a1f8c6 in 'cellSysutil' module
  425. [E]: TODO: cellGameContentErrorDialog
  426. [W]: Unknown function 0xd24e3928 in 'cellSysutil' module
  427. [E]: TODO: cellGameThemeInstall
  428. [W]: Unknown function 0x87406734 in 'cellSysutil' module
  429. [E]: TODO: cellGameThemeInstallFromBuffer
  430. [W]: Unknown function 0xa80bf223 in 'cellSysutil' module
  431. [E]: TODO: cellGameGetLocalWebContentPath
  432. [W]: Unknown function 0xb367c6e3 in 'cellSysutil' module
  433. [E]: TODO: cellGameDeleteGameData
  434. [W]: Unknown function 0xf8115d69 in 'cellSysutil' module
  435. [E]: TODO: cellGameRegisterDiscChangeCallback
  436. [W]: Unknown function 0x21fc0c71 in 'cellSysutil' module
  437. [E]: TODO: cellGameUnregisterDiscChangeCallback
  438. [W]: Unknown function 0xdfdd302e in 'cellSysutil' module
  439. [E]: TODO: cellDiscGameRegisterDiscChangeCallback
  440. [W]: Unknown function 0xedc34e1a in 'cellSysutil' module
  441. [E]: TODO: cellDiscGameUnregisterDiscChangeCallback
  442. [W]: Unknown function 0x39567781 in 'cellSysutil' module
  443. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyInit
  444. [W]: Unknown function 0x48bd97c7 in 'cellSysutil' module
  445. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyAbortHandle
  446. [W]: Unknown function 0xe3bf9a28 in 'cellSysutil' module
  447. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyCreateContext
  448. [W]: Unknown function 0x1c25470d in 'cellSysutil' module
  449. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyCreateHandle
  450. [W]: Unknown function 0x3741ecc7 in 'cellSysutil' module
  451. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyDestroyContext
  452. [W]: Unknown function 0x623cd2dc in 'cellSysutil' module
  453. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyDestroyHandle
  454. [W]: Unknown function 0xff299e03 in 'cellSysutil' module
  455. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetGameIcon
  456. [W]: Unknown function 0x49d18217 in 'cellSysutil' module
  457. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetGameInfo
  458. [W]: Unknown function 0x079f0e87 in 'cellSysutil' module
  459. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetGameProgress
  460. [W]: Unknown function 0x370136fe in 'cellSysutil' module
  461. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetRequiredDiskSpace
  462. [W]: Unknown function 0xbaedf689 in 'cellSysutil' module
  463. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetTrophyIcon
  464. [W]: Unknown function 0xfce6d30a in 'cellSysutil' module
  465. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetTrophyInfo
  466. [W]: Unknown function 0xb3ac3478 in 'cellSysutil' module
  467. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyGetTrophyUnlockState
  468. [W]: Unknown function 0x1197b52c in 'cellSysutil' module
  469. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyRegisterContext
  470. [W]: Unknown function 0x27deda93 in 'cellSysutil' module
  471. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophySetSoundLevel
  472. [W]: Unknown function 0xa7fabf4d in 'cellSysutil' module
  473. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyTerm
  474. [W]: Unknown function 0x8ceedd21 in 'cellSysutil' module
  475. [E]: TODO: sceNpTrophyUnlockTrophy
  476. [W]: Unknown function 0x620e35a7 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  477. [E]: TODO: sys_game_get_system_sw_version
  478. [W]: Unknown function 0x3172759d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  479. [E]: TODO: sys_game_get_temperature
  480. [W]: Unknown function 0x71a8472a in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  481. [E]: TODO: sys_get_random_number
  482. [W]: Unknown function 0x9f950780 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  483. [E]: TODO: sys_game_get_rtc_status
  484. [W]: Unknown function 0xe76964f5 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  485. [E]: TODO: sys_game_board_storage_read
  486. [W]: Unknown function 0x8bb03ab8 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  487. [E]: TODO: sys_game_board_storage_write
  488. [W]: Unknown function 0xd0ea47a7 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  489. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_unregister_library
  490. [W]: Unknown function 0x9f18429d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  491. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_start_module
  492. [W]: Unknown function 0x80fb0c19 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  493. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_stop_module
  494. [W]: Unknown function 0x26090058 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  495. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module
  496. [W]: Unknown function 0xef68c17c in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  497. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module_by_fd
  498. [W]: Unknown function 0xb27c8ae7 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  499. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module_list
  500. [W]: Unknown function 0xe7ef3a80 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  501. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module_list_on_memcontainer
  502. [W]: Unknown function 0xaa6d9bff in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  503. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer
  504. [W]: Unknown function 0xa330ad84 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  505. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_load_module_on_memcontainer_by_fd
  506. [W]: Unknown function 0x84bb6774 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  507. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_get_module_info
  508. [W]: Unknown function 0xa5d06bf0 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  509. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_get_module_list
  510. [W]: Unknown function 0x74311398 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  511. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_get_my_module_id
  512. [W]: Unknown function 0x0341bb97 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  513. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_get_module_id_by_address
  514. [W]: Unknown function 0xe0998dbf in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  515. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name
  516. [W]: Unknown function 0xf0aece0d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  517. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_unload_module
  518. [W]: Unknown function 0xa2c7ba64 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  519. [E]: TODO: sys_prx_exitspawn_with_level
  520. [W]: Unknown function 0x3dd4a957 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  521. [E]: TODO: sys_ppu_thread_register_atexit
  522. [W]: Unknown function 0xac6fc404 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  523. [E]: TODO: sys_ppu_thread_unregister_atexit
  524. [W]: Unknown function 0x4a071d98 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  525. [E]: TODO: sys_interrupt_thread_disestablish
  526. [W]: Unknown function 0xacad8fb6 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  527. [E]: TODO: sys_game_watchdog_clear
  528. [W]: Unknown function 0x9e0623b5 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  529. [E]: TODO: sys_game_watchdog_start
  530. [W]: Unknown function 0x6e05231d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  531. [E]: TODO: sys_game_watchdog_stop
  532. [W]: Unknown function 0xbdb18f83 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  533. [E]: TODO: _sys_malloc
  534. [W]: Unknown function 0x318f17e1 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  535. [E]: TODO: _sys_memalign
  536. [W]: Unknown function 0x3bd53c7b in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  537. [E]: TODO: _sys_memchr
  538. [W]: Unknown function 0xfb5db080 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  539. [E]: TODO: _sys_memcmp
  540. [W]: Unknown function 0x6bf66ea7 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  541. [E]: TODO: _sys_memcpy
  542. [W]: Unknown function 0x27427742 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  543. [E]: TODO: _sys_memmove
  544. [W]: Unknown function 0x68b9b011 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  545. [E]: TODO: _sys_memset
  546. [W]: Unknown function 0xf7f7fb20 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  547. [E]: TODO: _sys_free
  548. [W]: Unknown function 0xb9bf1078 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  549. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_alloc_heap_memory
  550. [W]: Unknown function 0xaede4b03 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  551. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_delete_heap
  552. [W]: Unknown function 0x8a561d92 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  553. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_free
  554. [W]: Unknown function 0xd1ad4570 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  555. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_get_mallinfo
  556. [W]: Unknown function 0xb6369393 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  557. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_get_total_free_size
  558. [W]: Unknown function 0x8985b5b6 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  559. [E]: TODO: _sys_heap_stats
  560. [W]: Unknown function 0xc4fd6121 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  561. [E]: TODO: _sys_qsort
  562. [W]: Unknown function 0xca9a60bf in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  563. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_create
  564. [W]: Unknown function 0x9d3c0f81 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  565. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_destroy
  566. [W]: Unknown function 0x25596f51 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  567. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_get_count
  568. [W]: Unknown function 0xa146a143 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  569. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_allocate_block
  570. [W]: Unknown function 0x05c65656 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  571. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_try_allocate_block
  572. [W]: Unknown function 0x608212fc in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  573. [E]: TODO: sys_mempool_free_block
  574. [W]: Unknown function 0x99c88692 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  575. [E]: TODO: _sys_strcpy
  576. [W]: Unknown function 0xd3039d4d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  577. [E]: TODO: _sys_strncpy
  578. [W]: Unknown function 0x052d29a6 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  579. [E]: TODO: _sys_strcat
  580. [W]: Unknown function 0x996f7cf8 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  581. [E]: TODO: _sys_strncat
  582. [W]: Unknown function 0x7498887b in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  583. [E]: TODO: _sys_strchr
  584. [W]: Unknown function 0x191f0c4a in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  585. [E]: TODO: _sys_strrchr
  586. [W]: Unknown function 0x459b4393 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  587. [E]: TODO: _sys_strcmp
  588. [W]: Unknown function 0x04e83d2c in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  589. [E]: TODO: _sys_strncmp
  590. [W]: Unknown function 0x1ca525a2 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  591. [E]: TODO: _sys_strncasecmp
  592. [W]: Unknown function 0x4b2f301a in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  593. [E]: TODO: _sys_tolower
  594. [W]: Unknown function 0xeef75113 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  595. [E]: TODO: _sys_toupper
  596. [W]: Unknown function 0xdd0c1e09 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  597. [E]: TODO: _sys_spu_printf_attach_group
  598. [W]: Unknown function 0x1ae10b92 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  599. [E]: TODO: _sys_spu_printf_attach_thread
  600. [W]: Unknown function 0x5fdfb2fe in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  601. [E]: TODO: _sys_spu_printf_detach_group
  602. [W]: Unknown function 0xb3bbcf2a in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  603. [E]: TODO: _sys_spu_printf_detach_thread
  604. [W]: Unknown function 0xdd3b27ac in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  605. [E]: TODO: _sys_spu_printf_finalize
  606. [W]: Unknown function 0x8a2f159b in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  607. [E]: TODO: console_getc
  608. [W]: Unknown function 0xe66bac36 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  609. [E]: TODO: console_putc
  610. [W]: Unknown function 0xf57e1d6f in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  611. [E]: TODO: console_write
  612. [W]: Unknown function 0x9f04f7af in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  613. [E]: TODO: _sys_printf
  614. [W]: Unknown function 0xa1f9eafe in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  615. [E]: TODO: _sys_sprintf
  616. [W]: Unknown function 0x06574237 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  617. [E]: TODO: _sys_snprintf
  618. [W]: Unknown function 0xfa7f693d in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  619. [E]: TODO: _sys_vprintf
  620. [W]: Unknown function 0x791b9219 in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  621. [E]: TODO: _sys_vsprintf
  622. [W]: Unknown function 0x0618936b in 'sysPrxForUser' module
  623. [E]: TODO: _sys_vsnprintf
  624. [W]: Unknown function 0x068fcbc6 in 'sys_io' module
  625. [E]: TODO: sys_config_start
  626. [W]: Unknown function 0x6d367953 in 'sys_io' module
  627. [E]: TODO: sys_config_stop
  628. [W]: Unknown function 0x6ae10596 in 'sys_io' module
  629. [E]: TODO: sys_config_add_service_listener
  630. [W]: Unknown function 0xf5d9d571 in 'sys_io' module
  631. [E]: TODO: sys_config_remove_service_listener
  632. [W]: Unknown function 0x78f058a2 in 'sys_io' module
  633. [E]: TODO: sys_config_register_service
  634. [W]: Unknown function 0x5f81900c in 'sys_io' module
  635. [E]: TODO: sys_config_unregister_service
  636. [W]: Unknown function 0x20a97ba2 in 'sys_io' module
  637. [E]: TODO: cellPadLddRegisterController
  638. [W]: Unknown function 0x3f797dff in 'sys_io' module
  639. [E]: TODO: cellPadGetRawData
  640. [W]: Unknown function 0x8b8231e5 in 'sys_io' module
  641. [E]: TODO: cellPadLddGetPortNo
  642. [W]: Unknown function 0xbafd6409 in 'sys_io' module
  643. [E]: TODO: cellPadLddDataInsert
  644. [W]: Unknown function 0xe442faa8 in 'sys_io' module
  645. [E]: TODO: cellPadLddUnregisterController
  646. [W]: Unknown function 0x4cc9b68d in 'sys_io' module
  647. [E]: TODO: cellPadPeriphGetInfo
  648. [W]: Unknown function 0x8a00f264 in 'sys_io' module
  649. [E]: TODO: cellPadPeriphGetData
  650. [W]: Unknown function 0xf7ac8941 in 'sys_net' module
  651. [E]: TODO: gethostbyaddr
  652. [W]: Unknown function 0x71f4c717 in 'sys_net' module
  653. [E]: TODO: gethostbyname
  654. [W]: Unknown function 0xf9ec2db6 in 'sys_net' module
  655. [E]: TODO: getpeername
  656. [W]: Unknown function 0x13efe7f5 in 'sys_net' module
  657. [E]: TODO: getsockname
  658. [W]: Unknown function 0x5a045bd1 in 'sys_net' module
  659. [E]: TODO: getsockopt
  660. [W]: Unknown function 0xa9a079e0 in 'sys_net' module
  661. [E]: TODO: inet_aton
  662. [W]: Unknown function 0x566893ce in 'sys_net' module
  663. [E]: TODO: inet_lnaof
  664. [W]: Unknown function 0xb4152c74 in 'sys_net' module
  665. [E]: TODO: inet_makeaddr
  666. [W]: Unknown function 0xe39a62a7 in 'sys_net' module
  667. [E]: TODO: inet_netof
  668. [W]: Unknown function 0x506ad863 in 'sys_net' module
  669. [E]: TODO: inet_network
  670. [W]: Unknown function 0x858a930b in 'sys_net' module
  671. [E]: TODO: inet_ntoa
  672. [W]: Unknown function 0xc98a3146 in 'sys_net' module
  673. [E]: TODO: inet_ntop
  674. [W]: Unknown function 0xc9d09c34 in 'sys_net' module
  675. [E]: TODO: recvmsg
  676. [W]: Unknown function 0xad09481b in 'sys_net' module
  677. [E]: TODO: sendmsg
  678. [W]: Unknown function 0x051ee3ee in 'sys_net' module
  679. [E]: TODO: socketpoll
  680. [W]: Unknown function 0x3f09e20a in 'sys_net' module
  681. [E]: TODO: socketselect
  682. [W]: Unknown function 0x1ef115ef in 'cellSysmodule' module
  683. [E]: TODO: cellSysmoduleGetImagesize
  684. [W]: Unknown function 0x3c92be09 in 'cellSysmodule' module
  685. [E]: TODO: cellSysmoduleFetchImage
  686. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d1d8]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_address(size=0x10000000, flags=0x40f, alignment=0x0, alloc_addr=0x100fd4f0)
  687. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 3
  688. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 4
  689. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 5
  690. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3f4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_memory(size=0x100000, flags=0x400, mem_id_addr=0xd0010780)
  691. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_search_and_map(start_addr=0x0, mem_id=0x6, flags=0x40000, alloc_addr=0xd0010784)
  692. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory mapped 0x30100000 to 0x0 size=0x100000
  693. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: Found and mapped address 0x0
  694. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027e810]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsOpendir(path="/usr/local/ps3dev/portlibs/ppu/lib/eina/modules/mp", fd_addr=0xd00107a0)
  695. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027dea4]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsStat: "/usr/local/ps3dev/portlibs/ppu/lib/evas/modules" not found.
  696. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 7
  697. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 8
  698. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 9
  699. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 10
  700. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3f4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_memory(size=0x2100000, flags=0x400, mem_id_addr=0xd0010560)
  701. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_search_and_map(start_addr=0x0, mem_id=0xb, flags=0x40000, alloc_addr=0xd0010564)
  702. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory mapped 0x30200000 to 0x500000 size=0x2100000
  703. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: Found and mapped address 0x500000
  704. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3f4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_memory(size=0x100000, flags=0x400, mem_id_addr=0xd0010560)
  705. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_search_and_map(start_addr=0x0, mem_id=0xc, flags=0x40000, alloc_addr=0xd0010564)
  706. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory mapped 0x32300000 to 0x2600000 size=0x100000
  707. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: Found and mapped address 0x2600000
  708. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00489004]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmInit(context_addr=0xd0010710,cmdSize=0x100000,ioSize=0x2000000,ioAddress=0x600000)
  709. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00489004]]: cellGcmSys warning: *** local memory(addr=0xc0000000, size=0xf900000)
  710. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00489004]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmMapEaIoAddress(ea=0x600000, io=0x0, size=0x2000000)
  711. [! : RSXThread]: RSX thread entry
  712. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b010]]: cellSysutil warning: cellVideoOutConfigure(videoOut=0, config_addr=0xd00107b0, option_addr=0x0, waitForEvent=0x0)
  713. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048904c]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmSetFlipMode(mode=2)
  714. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b028]]: cellSysutil warning: cellVideoOutGetDeviceInfo(videoOut=0, deviceIndex=0, info_addr=0xd0010510)
  715. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b010]]: cellSysutil warning: cellVideoOutConfigure(videoOut=0, config_addr=0xd00107b0, option_addr=0x0, waitForEvent=0x0)
  716. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00489010]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmSetDisplayBuffer(id=0x0,offset=0xf7ae7c0,pitch=4,width=720,height=480)
  717. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00489010]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmSetDisplayBuffer(id=0x1,offset=0xf65cf80,pitch=4,width=720,height=480)
  718. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3f4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_memory(size=0x400000, flags=0x400, mem_id_addr=0xd0010560)
  719. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_search_and_map(start_addr=0x0, mem_id=0xd, flags=0x40000, alloc_addr=0xd0010564)
  720. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory mapped 0x32400000 to 0x2700000 size=0x400000
  721. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: Found and mapped address 0x2700000
  722. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x004891d8]]: cellGcmSys warning: cellGcmMapMainMemory(ea=0x2700000,size=0x300000,offset_addr=0x5390)
  723. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x004e3034]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleIsLoaded(CELL_SYSMODULE_CAMERA)
  724. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x004e301c]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleLoadModule(CELL_SYSMODULE_CAMERA)
  725. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x004e3034]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleIsLoaded(CELL_SYSMODULE_GEM)
  726. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x004e301c]]: cellSysmodule warning: cellSysmoduleLoadModule(CELL_SYSMODULE_GEM)
  727. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x000a9fcc]]: sys_spu warning: sys_spu_initialize(max_usable_spu=6, max_raw_spu=0)
  728. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048701c]]: cellSpurs warning: _cellSpursAttributeInitialize(attr_addr=0xd0010590, nSpus=2, spuPriority=3342336, ppuPriority=5, exitIfNoWork=250)
  729. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00487010]]: cellSpurs warning: cellSpursAttributeSetNamePrefix(attr_addr=0xd0010590, prefix_addr=0x1000af60, size=0x9)
  730. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00487028]]: cellSpurs warning: cellSpursInitializeWithAttribute(spurs_addr=0x505900, spurs_addr=0xd0010590)
  731. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048301c]]: TODO: cellGemInit
  732. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00483124]]: TODO: cellGemPrepareCamera
  733. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00483178]]: TODO: cellGemReset
  734. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00485124]]: TODO: cellCameraInit
  735. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x00485070]]: TODO: cellCameraGetType
  736. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b184]]: cellSysutil warning: cellSysutilRegisterCallback(slot=0, func_addr=0x4a74b8, userdata=0x0)
  737. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027da14]]: vfsLocalFile::Create('E:\dyskfgry\emu\Emulatory PS3\rpcs3-windows-64\dev_hdd0\game\ESKISS_00\USRDIR\tmp\.ecore_evas_fps_debug--1')
  738. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027da14]]: *** cellFsOpen(path="/tmp/.ecore_evas_fps_debug--1"): fd = 14
  739. [E : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027dac4]]: Unknown syscall: 834 - 00000342
  740. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 15
  741. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 16
  742. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 17
  743. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 18
  744. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1d8]]: sys_lwmutex warning: *** lwmutex created [] (attribute=0x12): sq_id = 19
  745. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027da74]]: *** cellFsOpen(path="/dev_hdd0/game/ESKISS_00/USRDIR/eskiss/brushes/cursor.png"): fd = 20
  746. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d6b0]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsClose(fd=20)
  747. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d1e4]]: sys_lwmutex warning: sys_lwmutex_destroy(lwmutex_addr=0x54ef70)
  748. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027da74]]: *** cellFsOpen(path="/dev_hdd0/game/ESKISS_00/USRDIR/eskiss/backgrounds/background_02.jpg"): fd = 21
  749. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d6b0]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsClose(fd=21)
  750. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027da74]]: *** cellFsOpen(path="/dev_hdd0/game/ESKISS_00/USRDIR/eskiss/theme/default.edj"): fd = 22
  751. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3f4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_allocate_memory(size=0x200000, flags=0x400, mem_id_addr=0xd00103d0)
  752. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_search_and_map(start_addr=0x0, mem_id=0x17, flags=0x40000, alloc_addr=0xd00103d4)
  753. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory mapped 0x32800000 to 0x2b00000 size=0x200000
  754. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d3e4]]: memory warning: Found and mapped address 0x2b00000
  755. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3e8]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_unmap_memory(start_addr=0x2b00000, mem_id_addr=0xd0010164)
  756. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048d3d0]]: memory warning: sys_mmapper_free_memory(mem_id=0x0)
  757. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0027d6b0]]: sys_fs warning: cellFsClose(fd=22)
  758. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b028]]: cellSysutil warning: cellVideoOutGetDeviceInfo(videoOut=0, deviceIndex=0, info_addr=0xd0010280)
  759. [W : PPU[1] Thread (CPUThread)[0x0048b010]]: cellSysutil warning: cellVideoOutConfigure(videoOut=0, config_addr=0xd0010520, option_addr=0x0, waitForEvent=0x0)
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