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  1. They say you shouldn't shoot them through tight chokes
  2. but not no choke or you'll get lead in your threads
  3. man that sounds fudd just to say
  4. Lol
  5. oh fucking
  6. while I was there
  7. a yuppie comes in with his filipina bride
  8. and he's like
  9. what do you have that will get rid of lead
  10. The thing is, you can actually shoot no choke
  11. I used the hopes but it won't clean the lead off
  12. But you generally shouldn't
  13. so the gun guy is like
  14. gunstore guy
  15. 😆1
  16. well, we got this CLP like the military uses
  17. Ugh
  18. this was after our fucking beretta conversation which
  19. I need a drink before I can retell
  20. anyway
  21. Lol
  22. "CLP and a little muscle will get the lead off your rifling"
  23. and I'm like ok yes mechanically clean your bore sure
  24. "it's not in the rifling"
  25. "it's in the.... see this is a revolver
  26. it's in between where the bullets are and the barrel"
  27. "along the side of where it goes into the barrel"
  28. so I'm about to say pls stop shooting that gun
  29. but the guy says OH the forcing cone!
  30. "yeah it's a ,22"
  31. "well if it's a .22 let me get you a cleaning kit, this is the issued kit for the M16s like the military uses, same size"
  32. then the fucking dumb cunt owner comes over
  33. literally cunt
  34. Audible ugh
  35. the store is there because a guy wanted to give his daughter business experience
  36. but she apparently hates it
  37. anyway
  38. she comes over and says no
  39. that is a nylon brush you need copper brushes
  40. and I'm just like that's... that is somewhat true however THIS MAN'S REVOLVER TIMING IS OFF
  41. in my head
  42. I just let it fucking go
  43. because nothing I could say at that point would have done anything
  44. 👍1
  45. so now he is going to bear down on this fucking thing with a copper brush lubed up with CLP and probably get rid of the evidence that his revolver needs work
  46. the good thing is it probably won't asplode the cylinder in a .22
  47. Lol
  49. fucking... so I go in
  50. hi I'm REDACTED I'm here to pick up a transfer
  51. "did we call you?"
  52. I wanted to tell him to fuck off
  53. Lol
  54. yes you did, I have a voicemail from you, you're anthony right?
  55. "oh yeah that's me, let me look, what gun is it?"
  56. "remington versa max"
  57. "ah yes yes ok so a pistol"
  58. 😆1
  59. "no"
  60. "ohh I thought the versa was a pistol"
  61. so I'm doing the forms
  62. and he says ah what country were you born in?
  63. US
  64. state?
  65. NY
  66. county?
  67. "county? I think it needs the city"
  68. "it says county"
  69. "ok, montgomery"
  70. so he types that in
  71. Lol
  72. it's giving him an error
  73. I say
  74. try "Amsterdam"
  75. "amsterdam county?"
  76. "yeah."
  77. "ok it took that"
  78. sigh
  79. can you tell that wasn't a good experience for me?
  80. 😆1
  81. lol
  82. oh and then fucking
  83. he almost listed the wrong firearm type
  84. he put rifle
  85. and I'm like ah it's a shotgun
  86. "oh yeah yeah"
  87. then while we're waiting for the system to process
  88. he's like feel free to relax, you're in the toy store
  89. we like people to be hands on here not like other gun store where everything's behind the counter
  90. I'm just staring at him
  91. every gun store in NOVA for decade I've lived here has had the same shop setup
  92. Lol
  93. you would need to have never been in another area store ever to think this one was different
  94. anyway
  95. so I look around
  96. it's good stuff, just too expensive which whatever
  97. I see the beretta
  98. price looks good, so I'm looking it over
  99. "ah yeah man that's a good one just like the M9 the military uses"
  100. "the slide is just so smooth work the slide"
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