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MagiReco Mirrors story TL (part 27~36)

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Sep 3rd, 2020
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  1. Layer 27: "An Agreement of Intuition" -
  3. Konoha (voiceover): After Hazuki told me about how she let word of Endless Mirrors slip to Leila's group...
  4. I contacted someone and asked if we could discuss things in person.
  5. Konoha (voiceover): That someone being Yachiyo Nanami...
  7. Yachiyo: ...It seems it's been a while since we last met.
  8. Konoha: Long time no see.
  9. Yachiyo: Are the other two still doing alright?
  10. Konoha: Yes, they're doing just fine.
  11. Yachiyo: I see...
  12. Konoha: .......
  13. Yachiyo: .......
  14. Yachiyo: ...So, what did you want to talk about regarding Mitama?
  15. Konoha: It's about how she went missing.
  16. Yachiyo: Yes, I've heard.
  17. Yachiyo: Honestly, where could she have gone off to...?
  18. Konoha: We've actually been searching for her too.
  19. Yachiyo: Ah, really?
  20. Konoha: If she's nowhere to be found, all the Magical Girls in Kamihama will be in trouble.
  21. Konoha: Right?
  22. Yachiyo: ...I suppose that's true.
  23. Yachiyo: ...Her various eccentricities aside...
  24. Konoha: And so, there's a few things we've managed to find out so far.
  25. Yachiyo: A few things...?
  26. Konoha: I thought it best to share that information with you.
  27. Yachiyo: Why's that?
  28. Konoha: We've run into another issue as a result of all this...
  29. Yachiyo: That being?
  31. (...)
  33. Yachiyo: So those three girls...
  34. Konoha: They might've gone into Endless Mirrors.
  35. Konoha: We can take care of searching for them ourselves, though...
  36. Konoha: So I'd like to request your cooperation in searching for Mitama.
  37. Yachiyo: Why Mitama? Wouldn't finding the three of them be more pressing...?
  38. Konoha: ...I feel like something's been *building up*.
  39. Yachiyo: Building up?
  40. Konoha: Yes. Something stagnant. That's why things are flowing in a bad direction...
  41. Konoha: One bad thing leading to another, like dominoes...
  42. Yachiyo: ...Is that just your intuition talking?
  43. Konoha: ...Yes.
  44. Konoha: I know there's no basis for any of it. But I can't shake this ominous feeling...
  45. Konoha: So I want us to deal with this in parallel, rather than just addressing the most obvious problem.
  46. Yachiyo: And that'll let us resolve all of this much quicker, then.
  47. Konoha: Right.
  48. Yachiyo: ...All right.
  49. Konoha: I understand that it's somewhat of a selfish request, but since I imagine you have a stake in this too...
  50. Yachiyo: ...One of my housemates feels the same.
  51. Konoha: Huh?
  52. Yachiyo: One of my housemates has a strong intuition about this as well.
  53. Konoha: Your housemate...?
  55. ~~~
  56. Yachiyo: You think the Mirror Witch's mansion is suspicious, Tamaki-san...?
  57. Iroha: Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but... I have this sort of hunch...
  58. ~~~
  60. Yachiyo: We've had some strange experiences of our own around that mansion.
  61. Yachiyo: I've been looking into it alongside Mitama's case.
  62. Konoha: Then...!
  63. Yachiyo: Let's work together on it. It'll be a big help to us, too.
  64. Konoha: ...Thank goodness...
  65. Yachiyo: So, what's the information you wanted to share?
  66. Konoha: Right. I'll explain.
  67. Konoha: We've been looking into the places Mitama-san frequented before she went missing.
  68. Yachiyo: Beforehand...
  69. Konoha: After all, if it was around the same time, there could be a connection.
  70. Konoha: And so, we found a particular place that Mitama-san had visited several times.
  71. Konoha: Two of the girls we've lost contact with happen to live relatively close by there.
  72. Konoha: So we requested their cooperation as well...
  73. Konoha: But they weren't able to locate her, in the end.
  74. Yachiyo: Could that just mean that your guess was incorrect?
  75. Konoha: Maybe, but out of all the information we received, that was the only place with multiple eyewitness reports of her.
  76. Konoha: I can't help but feel like this particular possibility is strong...
  77. Yachiyo: ...Intuition again?
  78. Konoha: Not enough evidence, I take it?
  79. Yachiyo: I wouldn't say that. I'm putting my money on a hunch too, after all.
  80. Yachiyo: So what's the location...?
  81. Konoha: A section of Daitou Ward called Nishimachi.
  82. Yachiyo: Nishimachi? The place they call...?
  83. Konoha: Yes...
  85. Konoha (voiceover): "Swindlers' Town." (まやかし町, lit. 'deception/falsehood town')
  87. ------------------------------------------------
  89. Layer 28: "Footsteps To Follow" -
  91. Yachiyo: So what's the location...?
  92. Konoha: A section of Daitou Ward called Nishimachi.
  93. Yachiyo: Nishimachi? The place they call...?
  94. Konoha: Yes...
  96. Konoha (voiceover): "Swindler's Town."
  98. Yachiyo: A fairly busy part of town... and a fairly dangerous one, too.
  99. Yachiyo: It was even on the news lately, right? That case with the bad injuries?
  100. Konoha: I wouldn't say they happen 24/7...
  101. Konoha: But incidents like that happen fairly frequently there, yes.
  102. Yachiyo: Why would Mitama go there...?
  103. Konoha: I have no idea.
  104. Konoha: But it seemed like she was looking into something. Maybe even looking *for* something...?
  105. Yachiyo: I see...
  106. Konoha: Do you think that it's a lead worth following?
  107. Yachiyo: .......
  108. Yachiyo: ...Yes. I'll accept the job.
  109. Konoha: Thank you.
  110. Yachiyo: So, what will you three be doing?
  111. Konoha: Going back into Endless Mirrors.
  112. Yachiyo: ...Be careful in there.
  113. Konoha: Naturally.
  114. Konoha: We'll share everything we find out there with you.
  115. Yachiyo: Thank you in advance.
  116. Konoha: .......
  117. Konoha: ...Really, thank you for your support.
  118. Yachiyo: I'm actually kind of surprised.
  119. Konoha: By what?
  120. Yachiyo: You're not usually this straightforward.
  121. Konoha: ...Hmph.
  122. Konoha: It just doesn't come across to some people, that's all...!
  123. Konoha: Well, best of luck.
  125. Yachiyo: *chuckle*
  126. Yachiyo: (She's changed too, hasn't she...?)
  127. Yachiyo: Now then.
  128. [Phone ringing]
  129. Yachiyo: ...Hello? It's been a while.
  130. Yachiyo: ...Have you heard about Mitama? I see. ...Yeah.
  131. Yachiyo: Well, I've received some information on where she was sighted before disappearing.
  132. Yachiyo: In Nishimachi, Daitou Ward. ...Yes. Swindlers' Town...
  133. Yachiyo: I'm not familiar with the area, so I'd like to ask you some things.
  134. Yachiyo: Do you think we could meet in person?
  136. ???: M-me?! Are you sure?!
  137. ???: ...Okay, got it!
  139. Himika: Ask me anything you want!
  141. ------------------------------------------------
  143. Layer 29: "Illusion and Coincidence" -
  145. Nanaka: So, we're in Endless Mirrors. Is it any different from last time...?
  146. Meiyui: ...What's this, all of a sudden?
  147. Meiyui: It's basically the same.
  148. Meiyui: The witch still stubbornly refuses to move, and still shows no sign of attacking people.
  149. Nanaka: I see.
  150. Meiyui: Do you feel anything amiss?
  151. Nanaka: ...Yes, considerably so.
  152. Nanaka: Do you think that there can be several copies of the same soul?
  153. Meiyui: An even more sudden question...
  154. Meiyui: If you'd like to ask pointless riddles, I suggest doing it another time.
  155. Nanaka: No, it's very important.
  156. Meiyui: .......
  157. Meiyui: I suppose it could be possible if you cloned someone.
  158. Nanaka: So even souls can be replicated?
  159. Meiyui: What are you trying to say? I'm not fond of tedium like this.
  160. Nanaka: I felt something. The presence of an enemy who means me harm...
  161. Nanaka: But it was two of the exact same presence at once.
  162. Meiyui: ...I'm still not sure what you mean.
  164. (...)
  166. Nanaka: The more floors we descend, the stronger the impurities become...
  167. Meiyui: You could say it's increasing in proportion to the size of the mansion.
  168. Meiyui: ...?!
  169. Meiyui: ...Don't tell me. Is this what you meant?
  170. Meiyui: Are you trying to say that there's several copies of Mirrors?
  171. Nanaka: Indeed.
  172. Nanaka: It's hardly noticeable most of the time, but that's exactly how sinister this feels.
  173. Nanaka: If I were so inclined, I might even say that the fact of us being the only two team members on patrol today...
  174. Nanaka: ...was deliberately brought about by some sort of negative twist of fate.
  175. Meiyui: It was just a coincidence that Kako had to take care of something back home...
  176. Meiyui: And it was a coincidence that we couldn't get ahold of Akira because of her dojo training, either.
  177. Nanaka: Is that really so...?
  179. Kako: Oh, thank goodness! We found them, Akira-san.
  180. Akira: You're right! YO, HEY!
  182. Nanaka: Oh, Kako-san and Akira-san.
  183. Nanaka: I thought today wasn't going to work out for either of you?
  184. Akira: Nah, it's all good.
  185. Kako: Things were suddenly cancelled on my end as well, so we came as fast as we could.
  186. Nanaka: Well, you could have notified us of your arrival somewhat sooner.
  187. Nanaka: Don't you think so, Meiyui-san?
  188. Meiyui: Quite.
  189. Meiyui: ...Did they not need that red flower after all?
  190. Kako: Yes, it was all cancelled.
  191. Meiyui: Then I suppose that flower will be mine for the taking.
  192. Kako: Huh?
  193. Meiyui: Hii-YAH!
  194. [slashing noise]
  195. Kako: Aaagh!
  196. Akira: Meiyui?!
  197. Akira: Don't tell me you're a Mirrors clone...!
  198. Nanaka: I believe that particular scent is coming from *you*, Akira-san.
  199. Not-Akira: ...?!
  200. Nanaka: You familiars...
  201. Nanaka: Don't you ever dare impersonate those two again...!
  202. [slashing noise]
  203. Not-Akira: Gah... aaugh..!
  204. [Not-Akira collapses.]
  205. Nanaka: Those copies certainly were easy to discern.
  206. Meiyui: They couldn't completely hide the signature they gave off as familiars...
  207. Meiyui: I suppose that's just how far they'd matured already.
  208. Nanaka: Exactly...
  209. Meiyui: .......
  210. Clones...
  212. [The background changes to a traditional house interior (same as Nanaka's house following a BG update).]
  214. Meiyui: ---?!
  215. Nanaka: ---?!
  216. Meiyui: Where is this?!
  217. Nanaka: We should still be in Mirrors.
  218. Nanaka: But this is...
  219. Meiyui: You know this place?!
  220. Nanaka: It's my house...!
  222. ???: "If anyone starts makin' noise, shut 'em up! If you find any valuables, bring 'em over here!"
  223. ???: "A'ight, I'll cover over here!"
  224. ???: "Tie them up before they can scream!"
  226. Nanaka: What am I being shown...? Just who are these people...?!
  227. Meiyui: .......
  228. Nanaka: ...You're familiar with them.
  229. Meiyui: It's my family...
  230. Meiyui: They were all supposed to have gone clean.
  231. Meiyui: Stop this right NOW!
  232. Meiyui: What do you think we all worked so hard for?!
  233. Nanaka: Meiyui-san, stay calm!
  234. Nanaka: This is just...
  235. Nanaka: This is just some kind of illusion...!
  237. ------------------------------------------------
  239. Layer 30: "The Trail She Left" -
  241. ~~~
  242. Nanaka: Greetings.
  243. Nanaka: Thank you for the introduction, Kako-san. It is I...
  244. Nanaka: Nanaka Tokiwa~!
  246. Leila: Nanaka Tokiwa...? I feel like I've met her somewhere...
  247. Mito: Oh! We met her at the apartments!
  248. Seika: Yeah... and, um... you were on her team too, right...?
  249. Kako: Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you again.
  250. Nanaka: May I have a small moment of your time?
  252. (...)
  254. Mito: So you're here to search for an enemy you sensed with your ability?
  255. Nanaka: Yes, precisely.
  256. Seika: But you sensed that same enemy... in two places at once?
  257. Seika: That's... not possible, right?
  258. Kako: It was difficult for me to believe it too, at first.
  259. Seika: Did something convince you otherwise?
  260. Kako: Yes.
  261. Leila: We can't exactly split ourselves in two...
  262. Nanaka: But I'm sure we're all familiar with something that can produce copies of itself.
  263. Leila: What's that?
  264. Mito: Oh, I know...!
  265. Seika: Tell us, Mito!
  266. Mito: A witch, right?
  267. Nanaka: Correct! Very well done.
  268. Nanaka: My ability signalled that there were two witches with the same characteristics.
  269. Nanaka: I'm not entirely sure what that means...
  270. Nanaka: But I can say one thing with certainty.
  271. Seika: If it's reacting to a witch that poses a threat to us...
  272. Leila: Then we need to defeat both?
  273. Nanaka: Yes.
  275. Nanaka (voiceover): "These are the two locations where I sensed the witch."
  276. Nanaka (voiceover): "The first was here: the Mirror Mansion."
  277. Nanaka (voiceover): "The second was the so-called Swindlers' Town in Daitou."
  278. Nanaka (voiceover): "Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the geography of Daitou.
  279. But I'm sure the three of you are familiar with that location, no?"
  280. Nanaka (voiceover): "So I'd like to pass the torch to you, now.
  281. Please leave Endless Mirrors to us, and do whatever you can to investigate Swindlers' Town..."
  282. ~~~
  284. Seika: *Pant, pant*...
  285. Leila: This is... *pant*, the opposite direction... but are you sure...?!
  286. Mito: *Pant*... whew. Yeah...!
  287. Mito: It seems like the Coordinator was searching for something in Daitou...
  288. Mito: So there might be something in her shop!
  290. (...)
  292. Mito: Coordinatoooor!
  294. .......
  296. Seika: She's not here.
  297. Leila: Yeah... it's totally quiet.
  298. Seika: ...No particular signs of a struggle.
  299. Leila: Everything in the shop is where it's supposed to be. ...I'm gonna take a peek in the back.
  300. Seika: Got it.
  301. Mito: She didn't guard the place very well, though.
  302. Seika: Or rather... it's like she just left one day, and didn't come back.
  303. Seika: Which is why everything's left out...
  304. Mito: Kinda like a horror movie.
  305. Seika: Stop it, Mito...!
  306. Leila (offscreen): UWAAAAH!
  307. Seika: KYAH!
  308. Leila: Guys, come see this!
  309. Seika: Geeze, don't scare me like that...
  310. Leila: S-sorry. But you'll understand in a sec!
  312. (...)
  314. Seika: These are...
  315. Seika: These things scattered all over. They're... those coins you find in Mirrors?
  316. Mito: That wasn't it...
  317. Seika: Huh? They're totally Mirrors coins.
  318. Mito: No, not those! The Coordinator!
  319. Mito: This is just a theory, but I don't think she "just left" one day.
  320. Mito: She left after making a bunch of preparations back here, but couldn't come back.
  321. Leila: Does that mean these coins are important for whatever it was?
  322. Mito: Yeah-- probably.
  323. Leila: We should take them with us, then.
  324. Leila: Let's stuff a bag with as many as we can carry, for when we find her!
  325. Mito: Yeah! And if she gets mad at us, we'll just deal with it then~!
  327. (...)
  329. Seika: All right, we're almost to Swindlers' Town...!
  330. Leila: Wait!
  331. Mito: What now?! We've gotta hurry!
  332. Leila: No, I mean... do you guys feel, like, any weird magic?
  333. Seika: .......
  334. Mito: .......
  335. Yeah, I think so.
  336. Leila: I think it's coming from the three of us.
  337. Seika: ...It's got to be the coins.
  339. ------------------------------------------------
  341. Layer 31: "Break Through the Mirror of Memory" -
  343. ~~~
  344. Konoha: But if we feel anything even the least bit amiss, we'll get straight out of here.
  345. Konoha: Agreed?
  346. Hazuki: Agreed! Thank you...!
  347. Ayame: All riiight! I'm gonna try real hard to look this time!
  348. ~~~
  350. Konoha (voiceover): But we couldn't possibly get out of there.
  351. Konoha (voiceover): We descended as far as we could, and in the place we reached in the end...
  352. Konoha (voiceover): We could feel a mass of magic, so concentrated it seemed to be melting, pressing in on us like heat.
  353. Konoha (voiceover): By the time we sensed the danger, we were already...
  355. [Azalea House exterior BG]
  357. Ayame: Konoha! Hazuki!
  358. Ayame: Our house...! The Azalea House we protected together!
  360. ???: Come along now, everyone.
  361. Kids(?): .......
  362. .......
  363. ???: Just let the nice people buy you, okay?
  364. ???: They'll be sure to treat you far nicer than you ever could be here...!
  366. Ayame: Everyone's hands are tied up...!
  367. Hazuki: Ayame, stay calm and think. We've been inside Mirrors this whole time...
  368. Konoha: Right. This is an illusion... though I'm not sure what's causing it.
  369. Ayame: But...
  371. ???: We found a bunch of stragglers over here!
  372. ???: Those are valuable goods! Bring them this way, quickly!
  373. Director(?): S-stop! Let them go...!
  375. Ayame: Miss Director...
  377. ???: Out of the way, you old bag!
  378. Director(?): Gah...!
  379. Ayame: What do you think you're DOING, you jerk?!
  380. [slashing noise]
  381. ???: Grgh...!
  382. [The man turns into a Mirrors familiar.]
  383. Ayame: ---?!
  384. Ayame: This is...
  385. Konoha: Why are those copy-making familiars here?!
  386. Hazuki: I-I don't know... They're only supposed to show up in the back areas...!
  387. Konoha: That settles it, though.
  388. Ayame: I am NEVER gonna forgive these familiars!
  389. Hazuki: Agreed...!
  391. [More familiars appear; the screen shakes]
  392. Hazuki: Wha...?!
  393. Familiar: [gibberish]!!
  394. Kid(?): Noooo!
  395. Kid(?): Stay back! Stay back...!
  396. Familiar: [gibberish]!!
  397. Kid(?): Aaaagh!
  398. Hazuki: They're not even looking at us...
  399. Ayame: Stop it...! They haven't even done anything...
  400. Konoha: Ayame...
  401. Konoha: ...
  402. Konoha: Were these things intending to break our hearts from the moment we arrived...?
  403. Ayame: Aaaaahh...
  404. Hazuki: Look at Ayame! We've got to do something...!
  405. Konoha: There's no end to Mirrors familiars, no matter how many you kill.
  406. Konoha: We've got to get out of here...
  408. "------"
  410. "----!!"
  412. Hazuki: Did you hear someone just now...?
  413. Konoha: It's faint, but I'm picking up a magic signature!
  414. Konoha: A Magical Girl...
  415. Hazuki: Let's go!
  416. Hazuki: Ayame, stand up...!
  417. Ayame: ...'mhm.
  418. Konoha: The voices are coming from over here...!
  420. "----!!"
  422. Hazuki: I can't see anyone...
  423. Konoha: But there's someone there! Let's try to respond!
  424. Hazuki: HEEEEEY!
  425. ???: -----!!
  426. Hazuki: There's someone over here...!
  427. Konoha: Try reaching out!
  428. Hazuki: Yeah.
  429. Hazuki: .......
  430. Hazuki: I can touch something?!
  431. [Suddenly, Nanaka!]
  432. Hazuki: ---?!
  434. [The BG returns to the Mirrors interior.]
  436. Hazuki: Nanaka Tokiwa...
  437. Nanaka: You're Hazuki Yusa.
  438. Ayame: But... we were at Azalea House...
  439. Meiyui: It seems we were both being shown an illusion.
  440. Nanaka: Indeed.
  441. Hazuki: Looks like that little coincidence saved both of us.
  442. Nanaka: Yes... the two illusions interfered with each other, and collapsed.
  443. Konoha: That nightmare would've eaten us alive if we let it...
  444. Meiyui: Those dreams were like a curse to each of our groups.
  445. Meiyui: Of course, the fact that we were saved is all well and good...
  446. Meiyui: But what exactly are we looking at now?
  447. Hazuki: I was just wondering about that same thing.
  448. Ayame: Have we found the witch?!
  449. Konoha: I don't think this door leads to the core where the witch is.
  450. Ayame: Where's it go, then?
  451. Nanaka: Where, indeed...?
  453. ------------------------------------------------
  455. Layer 32: "Where the Coins Point" -
  457. Yachiyo: ...Hello? It's been a while.
  458. Yachiyo: ...Have you heard about Mitama? I see. ...Yeah.
  459. Yachiyo: Well, I've received some information on where she was sighted before disappearing.
  460. Yachiyo: In Nishimachi, Daitou Ward. ...Yes. Swindlers' Town...
  461. Yachiyo: I'm not familiar with the area, so I'd like to ask you some things.
  462. Yachiyo: Do you think we could meet in person?
  464. (...)
  466. Himika: This was such a surprise!
  467. Himika: I never expected Yachiyo-san to call me, of all people!
  468. Yachiyo: There's not many people I could ask to show me around.
  469. Yachiyo: This "Swindlers' Town" place, though...
  470. Yachiyo: This might not be the best way to say it, but it's quite unsettling.
  471. Himika: Yeah. Even people from Daitou don't come here all that often...
  472. [*sparkle*]
  473. Himika: Ooh, spare change!
  474. Yachiyo: Hey, now.
  475. Himika: Those who mock a single cent shall soon cry over a single cent!
  476. That's the Mao family motto.
  477. Himika: ...Wait, huh?
  478. Yachiyo: Mm?
  479. Himika: This is one of those coins from Mirrors.
  480. Yachiyo: You're right.
  482. *Thunk*
  484. Yachiyo: Ack!
  485. Mito: D'oh, sorry!
  486. Leila: C'mon, Mito, you can't get distracted while you're walking.
  487. Leila: You've gotta look where you're going...
  488. Seika: Um, we're very sorry.
  489. Yachiyo: You three...
  490. Mito: Hey, it's Yachiyo-san!
  491. Yachiyo: What are you doing here, of all places?
  492. Mito: Oh, well, we were just picking these up while we walked.
  493. Yachiyo: .......
  494. Mirrors coins?
  495. Leila: Mito, that's not quite...
  496. Leila: Um, we've been searching for Mitama-san.
  497. Yachiyo: ---?!
  498. Leila: It seems like she left her shop with a lot of coins on hand...
  499. Leila: And when we came here, we found a ton of those coins lying on the ground.
  500. Seika: So we've been collecting them...
  501. Mito: I guess we've followed the trail in a full circle by now.
  502. Seika: Yeah...
  503. Yachiyo: Coins she took with her... a full circle?
  504. Himika: Does that bring anything in particular to mind?
  505. Yachiyo: This is just my best guess...
  506. Yachiyo: But there's a strong chance that Mitama put those coins there for a reason.
  507. Leila: Huh?!
  508. Seika: So, um... should we have left them alone, then...?
  509. Yachiyo: I'm afraid that might be so.
  510. Seika: Oh no... what now?!
  511. Yachiyo: There's probably not enough time to put them all back.
  512. Yachiyo: If she was forming a circle with them, that circle was likely meant to surround something.
  513. Yachiyo: Can anyone tell us what would be in the center of it?
  514. Himika: Allow me! I'll draw a map on the asphalt here...
  515. Mito: Why not use our phones' maps instead? They're portable and all.
  516. Himika: Guh...!
  517. Himika: To think I'd be reminded of our income gap here...
  519. Yachiyo (voiceover): Just as Ibuki-san's group said, the coins had been arranged in a single circle...
  520. Yachiyo (voiceover): As if to enclose a particular part of Swindlers' Town.
  521. Yachiyo (voiceover): It almost seemed like a cage to keep something trapped inside.
  522. Yachiyo (voiceover): At the center was a single apartment building, and an abandoned factory...
  524. (...)
  526. Mitama: *Sigh*...
  527. Yachiyo: There she is...
  528. Yachiyo: Mitama!
  529. Mitama: ---?! Yachiyo-san...?!
  530. Yachiyo: Mitama, thank goodness... you were here after all.
  531. Mitama: I thought I was going to run out of magic and just wither away here...
  532. Yachiyo: Yes, you've consumed a terrible amount.
  533. Mitama: I've been stuck here for sooo long...
  534. Yachiyo: Does anybody have any Grief Seeds on hand...?
  535. Leila: Not us...
  536. Seika: Yeah.
  537. Himika: I've got one!
  538. Yachiyo: Could we use it? We'll pay you back double later.
  539. Himika: Oh, don't worry about it.
  540. Himika: The Coordinator's done me more than enough favors already!
  541. Yachiyo: Thank you.
  542. [shoop!]
  543. Mitama: Phew...
  544. Yachiyo: What have you been doing here?
  545. Mitama: Yachiyo-san...
  547. Mitama (voiceover): "Mirrors has started to move."
  549. ------------------------------------------------
  551. Layer 33: "A Several-Day Barricade" -
  553. Yachiyo: What have you been doing here?
  554. Mitama: Yachiyo-san...
  555. Mitama: Mirrors has started to move.
  556. Yachiyo: .......
  557. Move?
  558. Mitama: You see, one of the Mirror Witch's familiars reached maturity in this area.
  559. Mitama: We can't leave a new Mirror Witch's Labyrinth unattended...
  560. Mitama: So as soon as I realized what happened, I tried to inform everyone.
  561. Mitama: But the original witch's signature suddenly got larger...
  562. Mitama: I had to go and head it off right away.
  563. Yachiyo: Its signature got larger-- does that mean it was moving this way?
  564. Mitama: Most likely, yes.
  565. Himika: So the Coordinator's been here, holding it back, this entire time?!
  566. Seika: Huh...?
  567. Seika: But Endless Mirrors was still over in the mirror mansion just a while ago...
  568. Leila: Yeah.
  569. Leila: But the Coordinator thought the Mirror Witch was moving closer...
  570. Mito: How's that supposed to work?
  571. Mitama: I'm not sure of that myself, either.
  572. Mitama: But I'm sure I felt the Mirror Witch's magic signature gettting stronger.
  573. Mitama: And if it found out about Swindlers' Town thanks to the new witch it birthed...
  574. Mitama: I feel like I understand why it would come this way.
  575. Yachiyo: .......
  576. Yachiyo: As far as the Endless Mirrors that Ibuki-san's group mentioned is concerned...
  577. Yachiyo: It makes sense if you think of it as 'the Labyrinth growing large enough to reach Daitou'.
  578. Yachiyo: Though that's hardly a comforting thought.
  579. Were you not able to call for help...?
  580. Mitama: I mean...
  581. Mitama: It's near my home town, so I thought I could just go out here on short notice...
  582. Mitama: And there's hardly any girls who come near Swindlers' Road, either.
  583. Himika: Yeah. Even the local Magical Girls don't come here very often...
  584. Mitama: On top of that, I did manage to make a barrier with Mirrors coins to pen it in...
  585. Mitama: But I had to constantly stay nearby in order to maintain it.
  586. Leila: Mirrors coins...?
  587. Seika: Pen it in...?
  588. Mito: Uh, guys? We picked all those coins up!
  589. Mitama: Are you serious?!
  590. Leila: W-w-w-we're sorry! Was that a bad thing?!
  591. Himika: So *that's* what it was...!
  592. Mitama: Those coins are the cores from the copies made in Endless Mirrors.
  593. Mitama: So by lining a large number of them up...
  594. Mitama: I was able to trick the witch into thinking that its allies were forming a wall outside.
  595. Mitama: If the coins were removed... the effect should be starting to wear off right about now.
  596. Mitama: Do you think there'll be enough time to pen it in again...?
  597. Yachiyo: We'll still need someone to constantly maintain that barrier.
  598. Yachiyo: Are we supposed to just do the same thing if another familiar matures elsewhere?
  599. Himika: What else can we do, then...?
  600. Yachiyo: Well, we now have plenty of Magical Girls who can fight, unlike Mitama.
  601. Mito: Aha! If we all work together, we might be able to beat it!
  602. Yachiyo: Exactly. If we act fast, we ought to be able to deal with a weak hatchling!
  604. [At the Labyrinth entrance.]
  606. Mitama: I'll be going in with you.
  607. Yachiyo: Adding another person for us to protect doesn't sound like a good idea to me...
  608. Mitama: I feel like I can find a chance for us to defeat the witch, though.
  609. Mitama: So let me go with you this time.
  610. Yachiyo: All right.
  611. Himika: Okay, everyone! Let's join forces...
  612. Mito: And go beat this baby Mirror Witch!
  613. Seika: This isn't the time to be having fun with it...
  614. Leila: But when you think about it, we're the first Magical Girls to actually see the Mirror Witch.
  615. Mito: That's so exciting!
  616. Leila: Yeah, a little.
  618. [shooooooop!]
  620. Meiyui: W-who's there?!
  621. Nanaka: More familiars?!
  622. ...No, they don't seem like it.
  623. Yachiyo: Tokiwa-san...!
  625. ------------------------------------------------
  627. Layer 34: "Linked Mirrors" -
  629. Meiyui: W-who's there?!
  630. Nanaka: More familiars?!
  631. ...No, they don't seem like it.
  632. Yachiyo: Tokiwa-san...!
  633. Yachiyo: How did all of you get into this Labyrinth?
  634. Mito: W-wait! This is weird!
  635. Mito: Y'see, the three of us...
  637. ~~~
  638. Nanaka (voiceover): "These are the two locations where I sensed the witch."
  639. Nanaka (voiceover): "The first was here: the Mirror Mansion."
  640. Nanaka (voiceover): "The second was the so-called Swindlers' Town in Daitou."
  641. Nanaka (voiceover): "Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the geography of Daitou.
  642. But I'm sure the three of you are familiar with that location, no?"
  643. Nanaka (voiceover): "So I'd like to pass the torch to you, now.
  644. Please leave Endless Mirrors to us, and do whatever you can to investigate Swindlers' Town..."
  645. ~~~
  647. Yachiyo: So you all came to this Labyrinth from the Mirror Mansion?
  648. Ayame: Yeah!
  649. Ayame: Something was showin' us these awful dreams...
  650. Ayame: It was the WORST!
  651. Konoha: Hazuki and I were also involved.
  652. Konoha: Honestly, if we hadn't heard Nanaka-san's voice, we would've been in deep trouble...
  653. Seika: Her voice...?
  654. Nanaka: Yes. The two of us were also being shown a similar illusion.
  655. Meiyui: But when we reached out to the voice we heard, it vanished.
  656. Meiyui: After that, nothing's made much sense.
  657. Meiyui: The door we found within the Labyrinth turned out to be a dead end...
  658. Meiyui: And as we were all searching for another route...
  659. Meiyui: The path suddenly opened up, and we met all of you.
  660. Mitama: Right around when my barricade of Mirrors coins broke down...
  661. Mitama: The original witch most likely noticed, and began moving again.
  662. Himika: So the Labyrinths suddenly connected, and you popped out here in Daitou...
  663. Himika: Does that mean you basically teleported?!
  664. Seika: I-is something like that even possible...?
  665. Leila: Well, they did arrive here from Endless Mirrors.
  666. Hazuki: It may have just been an illusion, but we saw outside scenery inside of Mirrors for the first time...
  667. Hazuki: If the Mirrors familiars aren't just copying our appearances and abilities...
  668. Hazuki: But even our memories as well...
  669. Hazuki: Then they could obtain just about any information there is.
  670. Nanaka: That's a very likely possibility.
  671. Hazuki: It's just a theory.
  672. Hazuki: But if they linked two real-world regions together, using that power to show us lies in the form of illusions...
  673. Hazuki: And that was reflected back on reality...?
  674. Nanaka: Do you mean to say that the two regions would *actually* become linked?!
  675. Yachiyo: That's ridiculous...!
  676. Meiyui: Tell a lie enough times, and it can become true.
  677. Ayame: Huh...?
  678. Ayame: D'you mean you can even make lies into reality...?
  679. Yachiyo: It's too much of a leap. We have no evidence with which to solidify that theory.
  680. Yachiyo: All we can be sure of right now is the fact that Mirrors can show us illusions...
  681. Yachiyo: ...And the possibility that our memories are being copied as well.
  682. Yachiyo: And how right now, in reality, the Labyrinths have been connected regardless of physical distance.
  683. Yachiyo: Labyrinths are already separate spaces that exist parallel to our world.
  684. Yachiyo: It's not particularly surprising that two of them became connected to each other.
  685. Yachiyo: Really, what's frightening right now is *their ability to interfere with other spaces*.
  686. Yachiyo: The Mirror Witch could just keep running and running, without us ever catching it...
  687. Nanaka: Even if it doesn't attack people, we certainly can't leave things in this state.
  688. Seika: Right...
  689. Seika: If it keeps on maturing, it'll eventually be too late...!
  690. Mito: We've gotta take it down together!
  691. Leila: Yeah-- at least this ex-familiar Mirror Witch, if nothing else.
  692. Mitama: .......
  693. Yachiyo: Mitama?
  694. Mitama: If the Mirror Witch is headed for Swindlers' Town...
  695. Mitama: Then I think there's at least one civilian who'll die as a result.
  697. ------------------------------------------------
  699. Layer 35: "Breaking the Mirror" -
  701. Mitama: .......
  702. Yachiyo: Mitama?
  703. Mitama: If the Mirror Witch is headed for Swindlers' Town...
  704. Mitama: Then I think there's at least one civilian who'll die as a result.
  705. Yachiyo: A witch's nature is to attack people, after all...
  706. Yachiyo: But what do you mean "at least one?" Are you thinking of a specific person...?
  707. Mitama: Yes, I am. ...But it's no more than speculation on my part.
  708. Meiyui: We can talk about the details later.
  709. Meiyui: Our main issue right now is how to deal with this pesky witch.
  710. Leila: The witch that's not at the Mirror Mansion is still young, right?
  711. Seika: Yeah... So maybe we could manage to actually find it?
  712. Nanaka: That being said, we're still within the same bizarrely complex mirror Labyrinth...
  713. Nanaka: If we start wandering around aimlessly, it's likely to be a waste of time in the end.
  714. Yachiyo: And it'll only be more trouble if the witch moves again in the meantime.
  715. Himika: But if that's all true, then our only hope is to kill it in one shot...!
  716. Himika: Some sort of big BOOM, to take out the whole Labyrinth with it!
  717. Ayame: I don't have any sorta big bombs like that...
  718. Hazuki: Yeah. A bomb big enough to take out a witch is hard to imagine in the first place.
  719. Konoha: It might be possible if you imbued something with magic...
  720. Mito: Hrmmm...
  721. Seika: Mito?
  722. Mito: A big, Labyrinth-sized boom...
  723. Mito: Imbuing something with magic...
  725. ~~~
  726. Mitama: On top of that, I did manage to make a barrier with Mirrors coins to pen it in...
  727. Mitama: But I had to constantly stay nearby in order to maintain it.
  728. Leila: Mirrors coins...?
  729. Seika: Pen it in...?
  730. Mito: Uh, guys? We picked all those coins up!
  731. ~~~
  733. Mito: The Mirrors coins! D'you think we could use these?!
  734. Mitama: Well, they *are* filled with magic already.
  735. Mitama: So I could Adjust them and force them to self-destruct...
  736. Mitama: But the coins you picked up won't be nearly enough.
  737. Leila: Oh, actually...
  739. ~~~
  740. Leila: Does that mean these coins are important for whatever it was?
  741. Mito: Yeah-- probably.
  742. Leila: We should take them with us, then.
  743. Leila: Let's stuff a bag with as many as we can carry, for when we find her!
  744. ~~~
  746. Leila: We have a whole bunch of them with us!
  747. Seika: Yeah! We took as many as we could carry...!
  749. *Jangle, jangle, jangle.*
  751. Mitama: ---?!
  752. Mitama: Oh my goodness...
  753. Yachiyo: Mitama, what would happen to the Labyrinth if we used this many?
  754. Himika: Could we blast it straight off the map?!
  755. Mitama: I can't be sure.
  756. Mitama: But if we factor in that it's a freshly-hatched witch...
  757. Mitama: We might have at least some chance.
  758. Leila: WOAH! So we were right to bring these along!
  759. Mito: Yep! It turned out just like Leila said!
  760. [The screen darkens.]
  761. Konoha: The Labyrinth is moving.
  762. Hazuki: We might not have much time!
  763. Konoha: Let's just try it before the situation gets worse. It's all or nothing.
  764. Ayame: You're a real gambler, Konoha!
  765. Konoha: I mean, we don't have time to sit around arguing, right?
  766. Yachiyo: By the way, Mitama.
  767. Yachiyo: When you tamper with the coins' magic to detonate them...
  768. Yachiyo: Could we get caught in the blast?
  769. Mitama: Well, I've never done this before, so I can't say.
  770. Meiyui: I hardly expected that we'd be gambling with our own lives...
  771. Nanaka: I imagine we should sprint for the exit as soon as we're done setting things up, then?
  772. Mitama: Yes.
  773. Mitama: I'll dump as many coins as I can in one place, get some distance from them...
  774. Mitama: And then throw a Mirrors coin that I've Adjusted to be unstable into the pile.
  775. Mitama: That'll trigger the explosion.
  776. Mitama: Meanwhile, you all have to run.
  777. Yachiyo: --All right! We have a plan, so let's make it happen! There's no time to waste!
  778. Yachiyo: Mitama!
  779. Mitama: Right!
  780. Mitama: I'm the only one who can do this, so everyone else should get away first!
  781. Mito: Do your best, Mitama-san!
  782. Ayame: We should get goin', too!
  783. Meiyui: Wishing you the best.
  784. Yachiyo: .......
  785. Mitama: Come on, Yachiyo-san. You should go with the others.
  786. Yachiyo: You can't fight, so I imagine you'll be slower to retreat.
  787. Yachiyo: In the worst-case scenario, I'll escort you out.
  788. Mitama: ...Thank you.
  790. [Screen flashes, fades to white.]
  792. (...)
  794. Himika: The Labyrinth is still standing...
  795. Hazuki: Neither Yachiyo-san nor Mitama-san has come back yet...
  796. Ayame: Does that mean they messed up...?
  797. Konoha: In the first place, we wouldn't be able to tell whether they failed to trigger the explosion...
  798. Nanaka: Or whether they got caught in the blast without destroying the Labyrinth...
  799. [Another flash; the Labyrinth vanishes.]
  800. Nanaka: ---?!
  801. Yachiyo: *Pant, pant*... Whew...
  802. Mitama: T-thank you...
  803. Mitama: I managed to get out of there... thanks to you, Yachiyo-san.
  804. Yachiyo: You're quite welcome.
  806. ------------------------------------------------
  808. Layer 36: "Eternity and Destruction ~Endless Finale~" -
  810. Yachiyo: Are you doing any better?
  811. Mitama: Yes. My magic's all topped up, and I'm feeling juuust fine.
  812. Mitama: Honestly, when I was holding the witch back by myself...
  813. Mitama: I thought I might've just *died* out there!
  814. Yachiyo: That's just how severe the situation was, I'd say.
  815. Mitama: How are all the other girls doing?
  816. Yachiyo: They've gone home for the day.
  817. Yachiyo: They still have a lot of questions, of course, but they can wait for another time.
  818. Mitama: I see.
  819. Yachiyo: Feel free to tell us what you know about Endless Mirrors some time.
  821. Mitama: .......
  822. Mitama: There's something that I think.
  823. Yachiyo (offscreen): Mitama?
  824. Mitama: I think that Endless Mirrors is trying to make friends for itself in an imaginary house...
  825. Mitama: So that it can play with a pretend family.
  826. Yachiyo: .......
  827. Yachiyo: ...Would you happen to have any tea?
  828. Mitama: Yes. I'll put the kettle on...
  829. Yachiyo: I'll hear your theory once we've sat down.
  831. (...)
  833. Yachiyo: So with all this about 'playing house', and about a specific person dying...
  834. Yachiyo: What exactly do you know?
  835. Mitama: It's all just speculation...
  836. Mitama: But I believe that Endless Mirrors used to be a Magical Girl from Daitou.
  837. Yachiyo: From Daitou...?
  838. Mitama: Yes.
  839. Mitama: A girl named Mikoto Sena... Though I never met her in person.
  840. Yachiyo: But I imagine you still have a reason to believe it was her.
  841. Mitama: Yes...
  843. Mitama (voiceover): It started when I became a Coordinator, and learned about witch transformation.
  844. Mitama (voiceover): While I was looking into Magical Girls who'd gone missing in Kamihama,
  845. I heard the name "Mikoto Sena" from Kanagi, and began investigating her.
  847. Mitama (voiceover): My search led me to Swindlers' Town.
  848. Mitama (voiceover): There was a single woman standing in front of Mikoto Sena's gravestone,
  849. where she'd been buried in Daitou's municipal graveyard.
  850. I knew right away that the woman was her mother.
  852. Mitama (voiceover): I told her mother that I'd been a close friend of her daughter, and she invited me to her house.
  853. She had a small Buddhist altar there.
  854. Mitama (voiceover): There was a photo of Mikoto Sena in front of it, and a single campus notebook...
  856. Mitama (voiceover): She'd written a few things about her time as a Magical Girl inside it,
  857. but the majority of what she wrote was about her ideals and her regrets.
  858. Mitama (voiceover): About how her household had fallen apart because of her wish.
  859. About how she wanted to have been raised by a more proper mother and father.
  860. About how she couldn't believe that her mother had run away...
  862. Mitama (voiceover): It seemed that she had been drawing out an ideal family in her head,
  863. and convincing herself that her real-world family were imposters.
  864. Mitama (voiceover): And it seemed as if she didn't trust anybody, apart from "one single Magical Girl."
  866. Mitama: Of course, she didn't literally write any of it down in those words.
  867. Mitama: But as I read through her notebook and thought about it, that was essentially what it said.
  868. Yachiyo: I see.
  869. Yachiyo: So Endless Mirrors is a space where she can build her ideal family...?
  870. Mitama: It's just a feeling I have, but yes, I think so.
  871. Mitama: And the way it closes off its heart, not making contact with anyone...
  872. Mitama: It's just like the way she was in life.
  873. Mitama: I think this also explains the copies that it creates...
  874. Mitama: In addition to that, the unique magic she originally had was "suggestion."
  875. Yachiyo: Suggestion?
  876. Mitama: That'd be the perfect ability to use...
  877. Mitama: ...if you were a witch that wanted to prevent people from seeing you as dangerous, right?
  878. Yachiyo: That really seems like quite a stretch.
  879. Yachiyo: ...Or perhaps the fact that I just said that was *itself* a result of suggestion?
  880. Mitama: You just start going in circles from there, so I can't think about it too deeply.
  881. Mitama: But if she came out of her usual hiding spot, and were to attack a human...
  882. Mitama: I felt like that'd be the last nail in the coffin.
  883. Yachiyo: You'd know whether it was Mikoto Sena based on who the witch cursed?
  884. Mitama: Yes...
  885. Mitama: She staked her life on her wish in order to support her mother, who was suffering in their household...
  886. Mitama: But as her mother became free and uninhibited, she abandoned them and disappeared.
  887. Mitama: If there was one person that the witch would resent, despite being so reclusive...
  888. Mitama: I thought it could only be her.
  889. Yachiyo: So today...
  890. Yachiyo: "The fact that her mother lives in Swindlers' Town is what made your hypothesis into reality."
  891. Mitama: Yes.
  892. Yachiyo: .......
  893. Yachiyo: I don't think I would conclude that just yet.
  894. Yachiyo: The whole thing strikes me as a lot of circumstantial evidence being forced together.
  895. Yachiyo: ...But it's better than not hypothesizing at all, I suppose.
  896. Mitama: I'm sorry, Yachiyo-san. I just felt the need to let it all out...
  897. Yachiyo: It's okay. We all feel that way at times.
  898. Yachiyo: I think it's a hypothesis well worth considering, too.
  899. Mitama: Thank you.
  900. Mitama: ...Now then! Let's put this whole topic to rest, shall we?
  901. Mitama: I think I'm going to refrain from exploring Mirrors for a little while.
  902. Mitama: Connecting to a whole other Labyrinth was just such a bizarre thing, after all!
  903. Mitama: It would be best to resume activity after getting the whole situation sorted out for ourselves.
  904. Yachiyo: I agree.
  905. Mitama: I'll contact everyone and let them know some time soon~.
  906. Mitama: Oh, and I'd better put up some posters in the shop too!
  908. (...)
  910. Mitama (voiceover): I really hope that it's just some silly fantasy of mine. I want to be wrong about it.
  911. Mitama (voiceover): If that date in the notebook really is the date when she became a witch, I'd be horrified...
  912. Mitama (voiceover): Because the day that she became a witch...
  914. Mitama (voiceover): *Was the same day that I made my wish.*
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