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  6. News24
  7. Orania retains status quo
  8. 2000-12-05 06:08
  10. Johannesburg - The Freedom Front welcomed Monday's ruling by the Kimberley High Court that the transitional representative council of the Northern Cape town of Orania is to remain in place indefinitely.
  12. FF chairman, Pieter Mulder said in a statement the judgment was an important psychological victory for the community of Orania.
  14. He said the pressure was now on Local Government Minister Sydney Mufamadi to honour his promise that the dispute would be solved after Tuesday's elections.
  16. "Orania will continue to strive for an independent local government for the town," Mulder said.
  18. The Kimberley High Court on Monday indefinitely postponed Orania's application for a review of the provincial government's decision to abolish the town's current transitional representative council and to merge it with surrounding municipalities Strydenburg and Hopetown.
  20. Until the court case is finalised, the council is to retain all its existing rights and remain in existence as a legal entity for the purposes of further negotiations and litigation.
  22. The judgment was the result of a settlement reached in the morning between Orania and six of the 48 respondents in the matter. - Sapa
  24. SAPA
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