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Joltik Aug 11th, 2012 161 Never
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  1. Marching Joltik made by Majexs137
  2. Two Joltik in a mug avatar by roshambxo,
  3. Joltik in a mug avatar, Cobatik avatar and Joltik on a Gible signature by Samoo (and his many names)
  4. Orange Joltik signature by roshambxo
  5. Arm up fiery Joltik avatar by Andreutzu
  6. Joltik on a web avatar by Mintabani
  7. Joltik with purple background avatar by Giraffe a Laugh
  8. Joltiks snuggling in grass signatue by Giraffe A Laugh
  9. Gible and Joltik on a toadstool signature by Giraffe a Laugh
  10. claw-to-mouth Joltik avatar by Zurekish
  11. Fat Joltik avatar & Signature by CDB
  12. Two walking Joltik signature, White Joltik duo signature, belly showing shiny and non shiny signatures all by Nikki G
  13. Transparent cute Joltik by Stiles
  14. Hamster and Kittymon Joltik by Alicat
  15. Joltik Buttz avatar by Star Drops
  16. Sketchy shiny Joltik avatar on Chrome background by Ruki
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