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#OpPetrol 20/05/2013

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May 10th, 2013
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  1. #OpPetrol
  3. Next Operation is #OpPetrol" on the 20 June 2013 ,this Op is very special because we gonna hit many countries in the same time, especially:
  5. *USA
  6. *CANADA
  8. *ISRAEL
  9. *ARABIA SAUDIA (Only Gov)
  10. *CHINA
  11. *ITALY
  12. *FRANCE
  13. *RUSSIA
  14. *GERMANY
  15. *KUWAIT(Only Gov)
  16. *QATAR (Only Gov)
  18. Why this Op ?
  20. Because Petrol is sold with the dollar ($) and Saudi Arabia has betrayed Muslims with their cooperation. So why isn't Petrol sold with the currency of the country which exports it?
  22. Because the Zionists own us like this \!/
  24. Historically, the Currency of Muslims was not the paper money that you know today, it was Gold and Silver.
  26. The new world order installed their own rules so that they can control us like robots.
  28. In the future, there will be no money paper and coins. The NWO are planning, by 2020, to make "Electronic Money" (like credit cards).
  30. It's a money that you can't see and you can't touch. So, i believe that human kind will become more and more like a machine, more robotic, and even more addicted to the seeming "convenience" of it.
  32. I also believe that this will make it much easier for them to steal from us. They do not need to make wars to steal petrol, Gold, etc....
  34. So we are in a "new world" called "Petro-Dollar" !!!!! :s :s s
  36. We defend our dignity and the dignity of all races, even if they are not Muslims. We are not racists. You can call us Jihadists or "terrorists," whatever you want, BUT, the REAL terrorists know who they are, and so do we. \!/ They are the killers of innocents, the stealers of land, dignity, rights, and resources; they are the creators of the bombs, drones, and surveillance technologies that have stolen all that is sacred from us.
  38. We are the new generation of Muslims and we are not stupid. We do not fear anyone or anything. We represent Islam. We fight together, We stand together, We die together.
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