WonderWoman and Dr Anon

Dec 7th, 2016
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  1. >You will never be a super scientist working for a certain well paying organization making it a point NOT to ask what they do exactly (Can't be blamed that way right?)
  2. >You will never have a pretty sweet set up, as long as you complete (the admittedly somewhat worrying) projects your boss assigns you, having free reign to preform your own experiments such as shrinking yourself down to increase your durability, making it easier to deal with some of your experiments, and giving yourself a pretty nice view of your boss whenever she comes down to check up on you
  3. >You will never have it all come crashing down when you hear several explosions ripping the base apart before what seems at first to be a red and blue blur tears it's way through your lab
  4. >You will never realize it's Wonder Woman when she angrily calls out your name before storming up to you, listing off various inventions and asking if you're the one responsible for them
  5. >You will never find fear and arousal warring within you as she looms over you, her chest eclipsing most of her face even as her eyes peek over them, keeping you paralyzed under her gaze as she waits for a reply
  6. >You will never feebly protest your innocence as she continues to throw accusations involving various projects you realize you worked on, getting closer and closer with each offence listed until you find yourself halfway buried under the soft, yet crushing weight of her breasts
  7. >She will never let you up after what seems like an hour of questioning, realizing she's only going to get halfhearted denials out of you, opting instead to investigate the lab, making sure you're kept snug against her hips by using her lasso as a belt
  8. >She will never stumble upon the normal sized computer your boss uses to review your results
  9. >The lasso will never begin to loosen as she bends over to sit in a nearby chair, causing you to tumble down
  10. >You will never be in a daze from the fall and wonder why she didn't use the lasso while questioning you only to have your thought cut short by a field of stars slamming into you
  11. >You will never give thanks for your superhuman durability as what seems like 100 tons of amazonian perfection does it's best to squeeze the life out of you as she browses the computer, gathering evidence of your crimes
  12. >You will never be trapped there, unable to see or hear anything, only feeling the heavy weight of her immense, muscular and curvy frame pressing down on you, the heat radiating from her body, the few tiny gasps of air available to you filled with her oddly musky scent, and the feeling of her body grinding against you as for reasons known only to herself she begins rocking her hips back and forth
  13. >It will never seem like a lifetime ago when she finally gets up, your tiny body squished up against her ass and pulled along for the ride as she reaches down for where you were once kept tied against her hips
  14. >You will never come unstuck as she spins around, looking for where you've run off, turning to face you when she hears you hit the ground and pinning you under her boot
  15. >She will never slowly increase the pressure as she goes on about how your attempt at escaping is proof enough of your guilt even without all the evidence of your involvement from the computer
  16. >You will never make one last protest, crying out how you did make all those weapons but you had no idea what they'd be used for, only to be interrupted by a chime from her League communicator
  17. >Her tone will never suddenly switch from vengeful goddess to pure business as she answers it, telling whoever is on the other end that she's in the lab, but your tracks were covered pretty well and that without a confession there's no real evidence to legally tie you to anything
  18. >Your momentary confusion will never turn to cold dread when she says that there's no sigh of you here before hanging up
  19. >She will never pick your tired and limp body off the ground and bring you to her face, carefully inspecting you before admitting the jig is up
  20. >You will never weakly ask why she did all that if you did nothing wrong
  21. >She will never correct you that you didn't do anything LEGALLY wrong, but you knew full well what sort of person you worked for and even though you've broken no laws of man's world, she can't let that injustice stand, before smirking and admitting that she normally doesn't get a chance to do this sort of thing but your size makes it quite easy
  22. >She will never take a terrifyingly playful tone and tell you she's looking forward to testing out your durability when she gets home before lowing you down to her waist once more, pulling her thong down a bit and dangling you over the gap
  23. >She will never let you go, sending you plummeting down, the last thing you hear before she lets the fabric snap against her waist traping you snugly against her snatch is her admitting she was using quite a bit of her superstrength towards the end there on you
  26. Part 2:
  27. >It's been nearly a three weeks since your punishment began
  28. >All in all it's not been as bad as that first terrifying meeting would have lead you to believe
  29. >In fact in some cases it's been ...rather enjoyable, okay extremely enjoyable assuming you fully admit to any wrong doing and show the proper deference to your mistress
  30. >Really the only downside is how...long term this arrangement seems to be
  31. >You asked her once, and only once when she'll let you go
  32. >That earned you four hours with her fun bags, not as fun as it sounds, especially when you're tucked deep in her cleavage, she wears her tight top, and spends the entire time building up a sweat doing an intensive (even for her) exercise routine and a lecture about how much of the problems with man's world seems to be it's inability to value submitting to loving authority and how she'll know you're rehabilitated when you come to love your new life fully submitting to her,
  33. >The worst part is how you're starting to find yourself agreeing with her
  34. >Getting to share the bath with her as she washed the two of you afterwards more than made up for it though
  35. >Well, you suppose having to do chores for her is a pain as well
  36. >Especially given your size
  37. >Like today when she's having you wash her uniform
  38. >By hand
  39. >Scrubbing every inch of it
  40. >Inside and out
  41. >And now you've just spent the last four hours getting real intimate with every inch of her thong, but it's finally done
  42. >And now to do her top, ...Maybe a break first
  43. >Too lazy to pull yourself out of the damp fabric, you debate taking a nap while in the back of her thong as it lies spread out on the floor
  44. >Before you have a chance to make a decision you hear the thump, thump, thump of her feet, followed by her tutting at the fact her top's not clean
  45. >Suddenly it seems your whole world shifts as she steps into her panties
  46. >Before you have a chance to do anything you suddenly find her powerful, smooth thighs passing you by and her thick, magnificent ass rapidly approaching
  47. >She pulls her thong up tight, wedging you deep between her buns before she notices your squirming
  48. >Pausing for a moment, hands still pulling the waistband of her bottom in an impromptu wedgie, she seems to debate what to do, before letting them go with a snap and clenching her cheeks a few times experimentally
  49. >Yelling out that she's not sure you can hear her or not, but you can consider this punishment for not having her top clean, though she was planning to take your rehabilitation to the next level and teach you to serve her in this manner soon anyway
  50. >She then spends a few minutes readjusting you until you're pressed against her perfect, pink pucker and yells out to consider this a test of your current skills, so do your best and squirm for her and then lightly presses you into it
  51. >She then heads out on patrol, hips swaying the whole way, each step threatening to work you deeper into her tight, slick, and surprisingly clean confines
  55. Part 3
  57. >Held dangling in front of Wonder Woman's stern face you realize you fucked up you, you fucked up big time
  58. >A shiver runs though your spine as your mistress's face slowly shifts to an amuses smirk, that's never a good sight
  59. >Raising your tiny form above her, she slowly lowers you as her ruby red lips part, stopping once you're waist deep
  60. >Her warm, wet mouth begins lightly sucking on you, tongue rolling over your lower half, your whole body rumbling as she lightly chuckles at your obvious arousal
  61. >If it wasn't for her tongue seeking out your most sensitive spots as it probes and tastes every inch of your body, you might have noticed her slowly sucking you in before your head passed her lips and you find yourself entombed in the dark, hot, and humid mouth
  62. >Her powerful, skilled tongue continues rolling you about her mouth for a few minutes as she savors your taste before tilting her head back and swallowing, leaving you lodged feet first in her throat
  63. >Futility clawing at the back of her tongue, you try your best to ignore the slick, rippling walls of the deep, dark pit below, but with one, two, three more gulps and she sends you down, nothing more than a lump to the outside world, trailing down her neck until it disappears behind her breasts
  64. >Descending into her hot, steaming depths you come to a rest in the darkness of her stomach, the rhythmic pulsing of her heart and the sound of her breath drowning out all other sounds
  65. >You find yourself once again thankful for your superhuman durability as you seem to be immune to the acid
  66. >Though regrettably it does nothing to prevent the slick, pulsating flesh from kneading and squeezing you for what seems like days, manhandling your tiny form, leaving you sore and exhausted when you finally are forced down into the gurgling gut below
  67. >It feels like you spend an eternity in there, with no way to keep track of time it seems like you're being passed through miles and miles of her, not helped by the insufferable heat surrounding you, leaving you in a daze as every inch of you is tightly squeezed, kept from moving a single muscle as you're pulled along inch by inch
  68. >The outside world has begun to seem like a dream when you find yourself released and suddenly blinded by a bright light before plummeting into what feels like freezing water below
  69. >Floating there shivering, you eyes finally adjust and you see your mistresses perfect, bare ass hovering above you
  70. >Finishing up she glances down and luckily catches sight of you, "I was wondering if you'd ever make your way out", she says fishing you out, "Though I suppose if things went wrong there are worse places that could have been your tomb" she says lightly patting her abs
  71. >"Now come on, even if my shit don't stink you need a bath" she says carrying you off
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