MagiReco Main Story 8 - Momoko

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Momoko
  3. 8.18 Momoko 1
  4. on the street in Sakae Ward
  5. Momoko: "Jeez, everywhere I go, they're really relentless..."
  7. 8.18.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Sakae Ward highlighted]
  9. -Sakae Ward-
  10. [on the street in Sakae Ward in the evening]
  11. Momoko: "Kuh... ugh..."
  12. "pant... pant... pant..."
  13. "I somehow scattered them..."
  14. (What's going on with the feathers...)
  15. (They don't seem to understand what you say. They've gone totally crazy...)
  16. (They said they'd eliminate us, but they really are serious.)
  17. [she senses something]
  18. Momoko: "What magical girl is it this time?"
  19. [screen wipe, we see a white and black feather]
  20. white feather: "...ugh..."
  21. [back to Momoko]
  22. "Wha-! Dammit, it's them again!"
  23. [they go into an alley]
  24. Momoko: "You keep aiming for me when I'm alone."
  25. "Aren't you a little bit lacking in kindness?"
  26. [the white feather attacks]
  27. white feather: "NGGAAAAAH!!"
  28. Momoko: "Kuh! You keep attacking incessantly."
  29. "Sorry about this, but I'm gonna withdraw for now."
  30. [screen wipe; behind her are two more feathers]
  31. Momoko: "Oi oi, they cut off my escape path... What an enthralling situation..."
  32. ??? [offscreen]: You seem to be have been lead into trouble, are you alright!?"
  33. Momoko: (An ordinary person!?)
  34. "Stay away! Don't get involved!"
  35. [Aimi shows up]
  36. Aimi: "No, but, I can't exactly pretend I haven't seen this..."
  37. "...Yeah, I'm fine for time."
  38. [she transforms]
  39. Aimi: "Allow me to help out!"
  40. Momoko: "Wha, a magical girl!?"
  41. TO: 8.19.1 (Momoko 2)
  43. 8.19 Momoko 2
  44. in an alleyway in Sakae
  45. Aimi: "Ganging up on a girl like that is too cruel!"
  47. 8.19.1 (from 8.18.1 Momoko 1)
  48. [in the alleyway are Momoko and a white and a black feather]
  49. Momoko: "Don't underestimate me!"
  50. "Unlike you, I've been entrusted with the lives of my kouhai!"
  51. "I won't be beaten so easily!"
  52. [she attacks]
  53. white feather; "Guh... ugh..."
  54. Momoko: "pant... pant... Bring it on!"
  55. "Let's fight to the bitter end!"
  56. white feather: "..."
  57. [the feathers run off]
  58. Momoko: "sigh..."
  59. Aimi: "Uwah, what ferocity... That was pretty cool."
  60. Momoko: "Well, thanks..."
  61. "Anyway, sorry, for having you help me..."
  62. [she purifies Aimi's soul gem]
  63. Aimi: "Never mind, it's fine. Things like that, I could never ignore."
  64. "Well then, see you again. I have an errand to run now."
  65. [she runs off]
  66. Momoko: "Hey, hold on a sec! It's dangerous to be alone!"
  67. "They might attack you again!"
  68. Aimi: "But, it's not like I did anything to them..."
  69. Momoko: "They're indiscriminately attacking magical girls."
  70. Aimi: "Ehh!?"
  71. "B-but I have to go to karaoke with my class..."
  72. "You know, how do I put it? The person I have my eye on is there... umm..."
  73. Momoko: "guh"
  74. (I'm not good with this kind of talk!)
  75. (But...)
  76. "But if you die, you'll lose everything..."
  77. Aimi: "Is it that... dangerous?"
  78. Momoko: "You're saying that seeing how I am now?"
  79. "In a way, that's amazing..."
  80. "And also, you know, you just got your face smashed by one of them..."
  81. Aimi: "That's right!"
  82. "Tch, I guess I need to face reality!"
  83. [Momoko's phone rings]
  84. Momoko: "Ah, a call... Yachiyo-san, huh..."
  85. [screen wipe]
  86. Momoko: "Huh? The call suddenly cut off..."
  87. "Well, Kaede seems to be headed to the Adjuster's."
  88. "Maybe we should as well."
  89. Aimi: "Wait, I sense magical girls deeper in there..."
  90. [they sense]
  91. Momoko: "And it's quite a number, too."
  92. Aimi: "Kokoro and... Masara are there?"
  93. Momoko: "People you know?"
  94. Aimi: "Yeah, we go to the same school."
  95. "..."
  96. "Sorry, Isezaki-kun, allow me to go with my friends for today!"
  97. [fantasy sequence in school, we see Isezaki Hayato with Aimi]
  98. Hayato: I heard, Eri-san, about Awane-san and Kagami-san."
  99. "You risked yourself to protect them, was it?"
  100. Aimi: "P-protect them, well..."
  101. Hayato: "I really like when you're straightforward like that, Eri-san..."
  102. [back in the alley]
  103. Aimi: "Oh, Isezaki-kun... really?"
  104. "No, Hayato-kun!"
  105. Momoko: "O-oi..."
  106. Aimi: "..."
  107. "Alright, done with my supplemental dream sequence! Let's go save them!"
  108. Momoko: "D-dream sequence?"
  109. Aimi: "Ah, no no, never mind that. Ahaha!"
  110. to: 8.20.1 (Momoko 3)
  112. 8.20 Momoko 3
  113. in an alleyway in Sakae
  114. Momoko: "This sensation... they're fighting? They weren't kidding about eliminating magical girls."
  116. 8.20.1 (from 8.19.1 Momoko 2)
  117. [we see Masara in the alley]
  118. Momoko: "Hey, are you alright?"
  119. Masara: "You are..."
  120. Aimi: "Masara!"
  121. Masara: "Aimi..."
  122. [screen wipe; we see a black and a white feather]
  123. Aimi: "They're the same as the people from before..."
  124. [screen wipe, now we see Kokoro]
  125. Kokoro: "..."
  126. [back to Masara and Aimi]
  127. Aimi: "K-Kokoro!?"
  128. "Did these people... do this?"
  129. Masara: "That's right."
  130. Aimi: "I won't forgive them!"
  131. black feather: "uuuughh!"
  132. Momoko: "Every one of them is like this..."
  133. "Did every feather have their personality destroyed?"
  134. "Well, rather than worrying about the enemy, we need need to beat them first..."
  135. "I've used quite a bit of magic so I don't know how much help I'll be, though."
  136. "But let's work together."
  137. Masara: "Yes."
  138. TO: 8.21.1 (Momoko 4)
  140. 8.21 Momoko 4
  141. in an alleyway in Sakae
  142. Masara: "I'm not interested in other people's squabbles. Why did we get pulled into this?"
  144. 8.21.1 (from 8.20.1 Momoko 3)
  145. [in the alley]
  146. Masara: "Thank you."
  147. "You have my appreciation for your help."
  148. Momoko: "You're welcome."
  149. "After all, just before I myself was helped."
  150. Masara: "I see."
  151. Momoko: "W-what's with that look?"
  152. Masara: "You two seem to have had skirmishes with them in the past."
  153. Momoko: "What are you implying?"
  154. Masara: "I don't know why we've become involved in this."
  155. "So, I was wondering if you are the cause."
  156. Aimi: "M-Masara!"
  157. Momoko: "No, in a sense, I don't have any good answer to that..."
  158. "But even so..."
  159. "It's unreasonable to criticize us."
  160. "But even so, if you want to point your hostility at us..."
  161. "I'd at least like to explain."
  162. Masara: "I might hear it simply as excuses, though."
  163. "Is there any point in explaining?"
  164. Momoko: "Then would you go to the Adjuster's?"
  165. "I think you might be more receptive to what a neutral party says."
  166. Masara: "Indeed."
  167. "I think I would be more inclined to believe someone other than you."
  168. "At present, I think that's a good idea."
  169. Momoko: "Well then, let's head over."
  170. [screen wipe, we see Kokoro get her gem purified]
  171. Kokoro: "I... thank... you..."
  172. Masara: "I too would like to thank you for your consideration."
  173. Momoko: "I just happened to have hunted a few witches on the way."
  174. "But, even now your injuries are still really bad..."
  175. "It looks like it'll be hard to walk..."
  176. Kokoro: "I'm sorry..."
  177. Momoko: "Don't worry about it. I'll carry you."
  178. Masara: "No, I will carry her."
  179. Momoko: "Then, I'll leave her to you."
  180. (I should at least contact Rena.)
  181. "Wha!?"
  182. Aimi: "What's wrong?"
  183. Momoko: "It's just that I have no signal..."
  184. Aimi: "EHHHHHH!?"
  185. "And I didn't tell them that I can't make it to Karaoke!!"
  186. TO: 8.22.1 (Mitama 1)
  188. 8.55 Momoko 5
  189. on the darkened streets of Central
  190. Momoko: "Looks like we were right on the money. Lots of magical girls seem to be gathering."
  192. 8.55.1 (from 8.58.1 Mitama 4)
  193. [on the streets of Central Ward]
  194. Rena: "Momoko, it's just as that Emiri girl said."
  195. "There's a lot nearby."
  196. Momoko: "Yeah, and they're heading in the same direction..."
  197. Himika: "But, are Kanagi-san and the others really up on the heliport?"
  198. "Even if I try to sense, it's all mixed up..."
  199. Kaede: "That's right... we don't know anything more than their numbers..."
  200. Hinano: "That self-proclaimed Strongest and the mercenary said they were headed there, and didn't come back."
  201. "That's bad enough on its own."
  202. Rena: "That's right."
  203. Kaede: "And all the feathers have been heading in the same direction..."
  204. Momoko: "Well, we know something has got to be going on!"
  205. "Wait for us, Yachiyo-san!"
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