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  1. Queen of StoriesToday at 7:05 PM
  2. Winter had truly come at last to New Arkadia. The much predicted snow had been falling steadily since Thursday evening, with fully fledged snowstorms creating more than a little chaos over the weekend. As it turned out, New Arkadia's dysfunctional bureaucracy did not have much in the way of a road services sector, which had led to a significant amount of snow piling up throughout the city limits. The Mayor's Office had responded surprisingly quickly to the problem and begun hiring private individuals to hit the streets with shovels and start ploughing, and thankfully, the snow had stopped falling just in time for the 'big day.'
  4. Of course, many of the city's more politically savvy citizens already had quite a good idea concerning what the Mayor's big announcement was about. Word had quickly leaked, with some suggesting that the Free Court had been the original source. In spite of this, there was a sense of anticipation, even excitement, from the crowd that had gathered outside of City Hall. A podium had been erected directly outside the building, and the Mayor's security had erected a cordoned off area for the spectators to gather. Standing atop the podium were the three most significant individuals within the current government: Deputy Mayor Selena Price, Sheriff Alex Hall, and the Mayor herself, Lacey Devonshire. All three were dressed warmly, as one might expect when the temperatures were well below zero. A microphone stand had been erected atop the podium, and Lacey was stood by it, occasionally checking a pocket watch that she kept stowed in the pocket of her large, fuzzy coat.
  5. Many of the most colourful characters in the city had turned up to hear the announcement. The political representation was well in hand, with Cassie von Brandt and Erin Sullivan stood amidst their own distinct groups of supporters, and very much keeping out of each others way. Other figures of importance stood in the crowd, the likes of Bryce Thorne, Felicity Cates, Elizabeth Bates, Mimi Miralles, Renée Charbonneau, Beatrix Wagner, and even the heavily pregnant founder of New Arkadia's only kindergarten, Suzanna Appletree, who was accompanied by a rather large group of children. A Mayoral speech was the perfect opportunity for a field trip, after all!
  7. Some of the Sheriff’s Deputies were assisting with running security, the lanky and intimidating figure of Ash Fawkes seen standing near the entrance to the podium. Her usual scowl was nowhere to be seen on her face, however, and she actually seemed to be in a good mood. It was an exciting day, after all. Exciting enough for such a crowd to brave the elements. The clock had just struck three in the afternoon, which meant that it was time for the announcement to begin. Lacey tapped the microphone briefly to ensure it was properly functional, before she began to speak.
  8. “Citizens of New Arkadia, welcome. I thank you for coming down to City Hall on this day of all days. I have gathered you all here today because I have a few announcements that I would like to make. I’d rather not keep you out here in the cold any longer than I need to, so I’ll be brief.” She cleared her throat, and took a moment to pull her coat somewhat more tightly against her body. “As many of you have made clear in your protests and the complaints that you have personally voiced to the Mayor’s Office, there has been an insidious corruption festering within our government. An employee of the state, someone who has been violating the faith placed in her not just by myself, but by all of us. I am speaking of Taylor King, one of our principal tax collection officers. As of this morning, Taylor King will no longer be working for the Mayor’s Office – and I promise you that she will face investigation for the many crimes alleged against her..”
  9. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 7:06 PM
  10. Goldie is standing in the crowd with a cigarette hanging from her lips. It's fucking freezing... With all the money the government has, couldn't they build a bigger room to be in, in-doors? She was wrapped up in a jacket and stood closely packed next to Sylvie. She was surprised at the amount of people who braved the shitty weather. She raised her voice, speaking up when turning to Sylvie, making sure she could be heard over the murmur of the crowd. "I talked to Cindy by the way. She wants to talk to you." Her sister wasn't here though. Cindy preferred to stay out of the public eye and she'd be caught dead before she attended this kind of gathering. Goldie didn't care though. She knew several of those fine, upstanding members of government personally... and intimately.
  12. You'd assume that someone who gave the Mayor head would at least get a good spot in the crowd, but no. Here she was, relegated to a mosh pit of people, squeezing to fit in order to listen in to the Mayor's announcement. "Also there's..." When she noticed that someone was stepping up to talk up front, she waved her hand dismissively. "Never mind. We'll talk afterwards, yeah?" She took a final, long drag on her cigarette and then threw it to the ground in between her feet. Stomping it out before glancing up towards the podium once more, listening in to what was being said.
  13. Adria | CarissaToday at 7:11 PM
  14. Once again, Carissa appeared to the hall with a well cut suit- the difference being that she needed a heavy coat and scarves to follow through. Ever the dramatic figure, she kept the pink shades on, her eyes fixated onto the podium as she listened to the incoming speech. She raised an eyebrow towards the topic of corruption. Well, that certainly removed one of the most flagrant abusers. Her head turned to Seo-yun, exhaling as she clenched her hands into her coat's pockets. Poor dame was freezing! "Well, at least there's no longer extortion from Taylor," She murmured to Seo-yun. "Now for the fun part. I'm waiting for the announcement about the election," She mused.
  16. There was a pause.
  18. "...I wish you didn't have to glamour," She quickly stated, "because I think we both could use those tails right now!" Carissa complained.
  19. Elizabeth DaoraToday at 7:13 PM
  20. At this point Elizabeth was just another face in the crowd, which really suited her fine. She stood bundled in a pair of snug jeans and a bulky coat complete with a knit hat to keep the worst of the chill away. She had her hands in her pockets and looked around lazily at the gathered crowd- not seeing anyone she immediately recognized. She watched her breath steam up and wondered why exactly she had came to the meeting at all, she didn't even know who Taylor King was apart from apparently a villain. She shuffled from foot to foot in the snow, waiting to see what else happened.
  21. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 7:13 PM
  22. Qadira Stone, one of the more 'exotic' inhabitants of New Arkadia stood next to Victoire Hart, her new boss. She was... freezing, and was looking at the little steam made by her breath as she was exhaling. At least, today, she was wearing comfortable boots lined with some fleece, a big scarf that was covering most of her face, a beanie that could barely contain the mass of her fluffy hair, and a long warm winter coat that was going down to her knees. She was waiting for something more, expecting it. This was bad. Very bad for Arkadians. Law and order needed to be kept, and opening the door to such protests would endanger everyone. She looked at Victoire, and at Victoire's staff. There was a clear tension boiling up.
  23. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 7:14 PM
  24. The wolf isn't as cold as one probably should be in this weather, despite the harsh winds and cold temperature. She's warm-blooded after all, and despite the lack of rich fur, she's still warm enough in her impossibly-comfortably thin winter jacket. Still, her fingers are cold, even smoking is making her digits shiver. Her other hand neatly tucked into Goldie's palm, partly for heat, and partly to make sure they don't end up dragged away from each other. They're essentially standing on top of each other, there's not exactly much of a choice. This place is cramped incredibly tight, this almost feels as intimate as it does in bed. "Yea? How much have you told her?" Sylvie replies, keeping her head as close to the stripper's as possible. It's good Goldie got to talk to her, whenever Sylvie's stopped by, Cindy has been completely occupied with other matters. Winning that battle is gonna be tough, and she doesn't want to make it harder by talking to Cindy when she's in a shitty mood.
  25. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 7:14 PM
  26. Seo-yun wore a big, fluffy pink winter coat that she'd buttoned up so tightly that she'd partially hidden the lower half of her face underneath the collar. Completing the outfit with a pair of equally fluffy boots that travelled almost up to her knees, and a pair of jeans that weren't quite as insulated as she'd have liked, the fox could be seen almost continuously moving just to stay warm, stepping from side to side and doing her best to remain close to Carissa, all but draped around the dame's arm. "I'm glad they got rid of her! She was always picking on me." Seo-yun huffed, every word producing a little cloud of steam in the sharp, cutting cold. "And yeah, could totally use those tails! I'd try and sneak them out but I bet someone would see. There's so many people here..!"
  27. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 7:15 PM
  28. Nicole was in the crowd, there to support Selena, as she always was. She hadn't been sure if there would be more to the announcement than just the election, but had wanted to be here anyway. Dressed in a trendy bright purple coat, she stood out against the throng with her 3 inch heels adding to her leggy 5'10 height.
  30. At the announcement that Taylor King would be investigated and prosecuted, several whoops went up from around her, and Nicole allowed herself a small smile. She didn’t think it would be easy to make something stick... but she sure as hell intended to try.(edited)
  31. Cassandra KadiaToday at 7:16 PM
  32. It was a good thing there were so many people around. That, at least, meant that it was somewhat warmer than the weather would normally be. By the dark, there were plenty of warm places where 2000 people could fit, weren't there? She had arrived quite early, wanting to ensure herself a good spot before the evening started. The snake therapist had been talking with the others a bit before the show started, discussing the things that might happen over the evening. She had been avoiding Goldie a bit over the evening, not wanting to continue their last private conversation out here in public.
  33. Right now, though, as the mayor came out to speak, she was standing with Nicole, chatting in a low voice, only to shut up when the first of many announcements came. She looked at Nicole with a smile, reaching over to give the girl a quick side hug. "Looks like you pulled it off. Let's hope things stick."
  34. Octavia Strand/VuitenaToday at 7:17 PM
  35. Octavia stood with Cassie and the most prominent figures of the Free Court. She wasn't the strongest political voice within the movement by any means, being far more interested in cooperation with the other political groups than Cassie's more anarchic point of view. Mostly she had the write to be there thanks to being the source of information, having wrangled her way into the mayor's emergency meeting earlier in the week. She wasn't certain how the general public was going to react to the election, though the rumours of it had spread quickly in only a few days...
  36. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 7:18 PM
  37. Victoire glanced back at Qadira, offering her a light smile as she looked her way… She insisted that Qadira had to stay close to her during that official announcement, wanting to keep the exotic girl safe, whatever was happening. Victoire was, for once, with her whole staff with her.. Her aide of course, Qadira, but also five other women standing around her, all clad in similar long  black leather jackets ending around their knees.
  39. Victoire was clad in a warm coat, made of black fake fur, going along a pair of black gloves and heavy boots, along with a pair of sunglasses. “It’ll be fine.” She simply said to her aide, before focusing her attention once again on the podium and the three individuals over there.
  40. Maeve RoyToday at 7:19 PM
  41. Snow. Snow was beginning to accumulate, to Maeve’s concealed and great amusement, she saw quite a few people rattling teeth and otherwise express discomfort while out here in the cold and snow. At this point, she was starting to think she had been the only one to inhabit a colder region of Arkadia, and made it out. Whatever might be the case, she was standing off to the side of main body of people gathering for the announcement at the fore of the City Hall, the glamoured Fey wrapped in her simple buttoned long coat and hood, peering out to Mayor Lacey without so much as a shifting expression. As always, hers was a quiet, impassive presence. Less so given her accompaniment in the form of a canine companion, Valiant, held on a leash that was more symbolic and for the comfort of others rather than an actual need, and the fey hound too was observing others while seated at Maeve’s feet.
  43. If anything, she was every so often taking a glance at the crowd and seemingly trying to make a mental note of whom seemed uncomfortable in the cold.
  44. Queen of StoriesToday at 7:31 PM
  45. The news of Taylor’s dismissal brought out more than a few cheers from the crowd. It wasn’t much of a surprise. The towering shape of the King of Trolls was nowhere to be found within the gathered group, likely to be found sulking off with her gang of misfits and miscreants. Lacey took a moment to allow the clamour to quieten down, before she sought to continue with her speech. Whilst she did so, Selena stood with her gloved hands clasped down by her waist, watching the proceedings with a measure of concern. With so many citizens gathered, there was always the potential that something might well end up turning nasty, particularly if certain people didn’t like what the Mayor was announcing. Her lupine eyes fixated especially upon the fringes of the city’s politics.
  47. Cassie von Brandt could be found standing casually, talking amidst her followers, looking entirely unbothered by the cold. Indeed, the only reason she was likely wearing a jacket at all probably came down to her taste in fashion. Erin Sullivan lurked on the opposite side of the crowd, her arms folded. The Defenders that accompanied her stood more like a well drilled military unit, rather than a gathering of everyday civilians. Selena couldn’t help but feel like there was always a tension when she gazed down upon that group. Like they were waiting for the first shot to be fired in some terrible, inevitable war.
  48. “The second thing I have to tell you all concerns the city’s economic future. Working in close concert with the Deputy Mayor, I have approved a sweeping new taxation reform that will come into effect after the turn of the New Year. I fully believe that this new piece of legislation, once signed into law, will provide some much needed relief to the poorest in our society. No longer will the rich enjoy a significant advantage over those less fortunate. Our citizens will be taxed fairly, in accordance with their earnings. We will be establishing new checks and balances to ensure that our taxation is conducted in an orderly and judicious manner.”
  50. A voice picked up as Lacey moved along, shouting above the crowd. “Liar!” The voice said, ringing out loud and clear. It seemed to come from amidst the Free Court ensemble, and it was quickly joined in by other voices, reiterating the same sentiment. The security on site moved amidst the crowd, and after a brief fuss, the voices were silenced. The protestors weren’t exactly dragged out to the side lines and beaten however, suggesting that they’d been merely told to keep their mouths shut. “Moving on, this taxation plan will be accompanied by a new budgeting programme. Henceforth, all of the money that the city spends will be detailed in a pre-planned budget for every economic quarter. No longer will the funds that our city so badly needs to improve it’s failings disappear into a black hole. It will be transparent, and above board..”
  51. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 7:34 PM
  52. "That you've changed." Goldie indicated to Sylvie in between two of Mayor Lacey's sentences. She didn't want to interrupt much more, but she noticed how some people reacted at the mention of someone being fired. She hadn't followed such details very closely, but she noticed that some people seemed happy at least. Far too pessimistic, she figured it wouldn't really bring change, would it? In Arkadia, there was such a thing as a 'good' and a 'bad' king. But does that apply to this world? There were just kings and commoners. The problem wasn't the king as a person... but rather as a concept. She bit her lower lip. Did she come all the way out here to hear Lacey say she fired someone and update some tax plans? This couldn't be it, right?
  54. When she heard someone shout liar she felt an innate desire to join in, before remembering her own relationship with the mayor and deciding against it. Instead she tippy-toed up next to Sylvie, speaking under her breath. "People are still pissed. Stay close to me, yeah?" She slid a hand out, grabbing Sylvie's palm in her own with a tight squeeze.
  55. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 7:37 PM
  56. Nicole nodded, though she still wanted to know who would be in charge of the budget and oversight. Managing part of the city's investment portfolio meant that she would likely be working with them quite a bit, making reports and giving updates on the city's account, and she was curious what kind of person they would be. She still wanted to go over Lacey's tax plan in detail as well so she could start advising clients how they should proceed.
  57. Adria | CarissaToday at 7:37 PM
  58. It probably couldn't be helped. Body warmth, despite being huddled up in the masses, was desperately needed. Carissa's arm reached to loop around Seo-yun's shoulder, pulling her closer in. They both looked like they needed something more, since they weren't the MOST insulated people in the field. Sharing body warmth, that cheesy stuff. "Removing the cancers, one by one," Carissa murmured in a singsong manner. Maybe reform might stick, even if slow. Carissa swallowed, "It'd be definitely too obvious!" But hearing the dissenting voices, it felt like she was almost holding to Seo-yun in a defensive way. The dynamic definitely shifted in a second's notice. She exhaled. "That didn't take long," She grimaced, distracted to comment on the tax plan.
  59. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 7:40 PM
  60. Victoire didn’t seem surprised or deeply affected by announcements Selena was making.. No. Her focus was clearly on one individual up there and that was the current mayor of New Arkadia.. Checking her reactions and motions in front of that crowd.
  62. When a few people began to shout in the crowd, Victoire reached Qadira’s arm, grasping it firmly to drag her closer. “Don’t go too far mh..?” She said with a light smile that only lasted a few moments before checking what was happening again around her.. The crowd itself wasn’t really getting much of her attention at the moment.. Of course there was a few familiar faces here and there.. But the Monarch seemed cautious… Her green orbs kept wandering back and forth between the group of Free Court, the Defenders and the podium. “You took your pager with you Qadira mh..? Yes?”
  63. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 7:40 PM
  64. Seo-yun curled her lips into a frown as she heard the angry, protesting voices. Given just how poor and desperate some people in the city were, she couldn't say she was surprised. On more than a few occasions she'd found herself looking bitterly towards the City Hall and wondering why the folks inside of it didn't seem to give a damn about everything going wrong. But she wasn't much of a politician, and she usually believed that things were a lot more complicated than the average person tended to believe. At least she was happy to hear the Deputy Mayor's name being brought up. If she did have any horse in the political race, it would have had to be the Liberals, after all. Especially considering Carissa's own alignment! The fox drew herself even closer to the dame, encouraging that slightly defensive hold, wrapping her arms around her waist. "At least it didn't turn violent.." She murmured, twitching her nose.
  65. Cassandra KadiaToday at 7:40 PM
  66. Cassandra listened to the words that came from the stage above her with interest. "Nothing more than came out of the discussions wednesday, I assume... Placating the liberals and the traditionalists who could get their voice heard. And everyone likes knowing they'll need to pay less taxes..." She commented to Nicole. "I hope something actually comes out of this. I already needed to dig into funds I didn't want to open up to make ends meet..."
  67. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 7:41 PM
  68. Sylvie isn't really paying too much attention to what Lacey's saying, admittedly. It just doesn't affect her that much. She's heard about this Taylor from some people she does business with, but never ran into the troll king herself. One of the benefits of illegal fighting and burglary - the paying part of taxes isn't something to worry about. The wolf quickly turns her head back down to Goldie's when she continues. "Something tells me that isn't what she's concerned about..." Sylvie almost scoffs, shaking her head. "Let's hope it works, though." The dame isn't gonna voice her concerns about the talk, at least not now. Cindy's a dangerous gal, and there's no doubt in Sylvie's mind that she won't jump through the roof in ecstatic joy from when Sylvie tells her she wants Goldie to move out. She doesn't even want to think about whatever Cindy might want in return...
  70. "I'm not going anywhere," Sylvie states reassuringly, clutching around the blonde's hand a bit tighter. She scoots back against her, nudging shoulder against shoulder, generally just trying to maintain as much contact as she can manage.
  71. Maeve RoyToday at 7:42 PM
  72. "They didn't even wait to see what those taxation plans involve before crying outrage and lies... If this is all politics is about, no wonder I never cared." She half-murmurs on her side of the crowd while regarding those shouting and the ensuing reactions with a tilt of her head, and a hint if disapproval in her expression and tone. She glances down at Valiant, which now kept vigil on the crowd.  Her tail stopped idly wagging. "Relax," she said. "It's not us, targeted by the hatred."(edited)
  73. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 7:44 PM
  74. Qadira stood there, close from Victoire. She was scared. She was frightened. There was too much opposition happening. She took her boss' arm, as if she was frightened of losing her. "I have... the pager.", she answered. If they ever got separated, they could reunite more easily. Victoire had been adamant that she had the little buzzer at all times anyway, and Qadira knew it was the safest thing to do. "Do you think... something is going to happen? You seem on edge..." She wasn't paying any attention to the mayor, but only to Victoire herself.
  75. Queen of StoriesToday at 7:53 PM
  76. In spite of the angry shouts, Lacey seemed to have barely got knocked out of her stride. One could not get to the top in New Arkadia without expecting some dissent, and the redhead had experienced more than her fair share, particularly over the last couple of months. There was something to be said about the winter time and its uncanny ability to make depressed people even more disgruntled. “As riveting as tax reform might be, I know that you’re all expecting more. Nobody knows better than me that the past few months have been taxing for so many of you.” The redhead turned her sharp blue eyes down upon the crowd, almost as if she were searching for particular faces. “It’s easy for me to say, you might think. Here I am, in this fuzzy coat that no doubt cost more to buy than many of you earn in a month. Who am I to speak of hardship, and fairness?”
  78. She paused, her fingertips tightening on the microphone stand. It was freezing to the touch, but she persevered. “But I know suffering when I see it. I’ve heard your voices singing and shouting outside my office for the past few weeks. I’ve visited with the most desperate among you, and I’ve seen for myself the sort of squalor that some poor souls have found themselves in. It is not right. There was a dream when we founded this city, a dream where we would be safe and happy. A refuge from the nightmare that led us into this world. I’m sorry to say that this dream has taken longer to realise than I had hoped. We now live in a world full of uncertainty, a world where happy endings are anything but guaranteed. Perhaps in our haste to learn to survive, we’ve become too much like the Mundies. Squabbling amongst ourselves, pursuing greed and self-interest. I’m not immune to that, far from it. I’ve made mistakes during my tenure as Mayor, but I want to make it clear how committed I am to the future of this city, and to the realisation of that dream.”
  79. Lacey took a moment to tuck a stray hand of her red hair back behind one ear, focusing her gaze out across the entire crowd once more, and drawing a breath. “As a gesture of good faith to express this commitment, I have accepted that my own perspective alone is perhaps not sufficient for New Arkadia any longer. The actions that I took to create this city may have been necessary in the beginning, but we have came a long way since then. We have become a community, and a community cannot be led solely by the mandate of a single individual. I have thus drafted a new amendment to our constitution, limiting the executive powers of the Mayor and setting the plans in place for regular, annual elections, the first of which will be held in March. I will be in the running to continue as your Mayor, but I will not be alone. I invite anyone who truly believes that they have what it takes to make a difference to run in opposition. Thank you.”
  80. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 7:58 PM
  81. "Good." Goldie murmured when Sylvie said she wasn't leaving. Another cold wind dragged in and she found herself shivering once more. Maybe this was a plan by the peeps up the podium? Hold the meeting outdoors so that people would abandon it early and go home. Were they that conniving? She doubted it. They couldn't control the weather.... right? She gave Elizabeth a glance when thinking that, shuddering once more at another wind and pressing herself into Sylvie's form. For a moment, she wished Sylvie could drop the glamour, and provide that warm, thick, black fur she knew so intimately and shield Goldie's body from the cold... And then she heard the mention of some amendment or whatever.... and then, an election? Wait, what?
  83. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. Further down the street, Jennifer Lawson came walking down the sidewalk, huffing slightly, cheeks rosy red from the cold. She was keeping a high pace, for she was late. She had hoped to come here earlier but had gotten hold up. Then there was the meeting and what not... She was dressed in a cream white coat, a long, black skirt and a warm hat. She was looking a bit anxious over being late, and in her right hand she held a large brief-case, holding it close to her body. Oh had the speech already begun? She heard a cheer. Something important was probably said... Had to get a bit closer to the podium... "Oh, excuse me..." She spoke softly, making her way through the edges of the crowd, past the encampment of the Defenders.
  86. Adria | CarissaToday at 7:59 PM
  87. Carissa raised an eyebrow. Withholding the political comments, she seemed... at least at peace with the things Lacey mentioned. Or, some of it. "If things get violent, we'll exit right." She murmured to Seo-yun, looking behind her and at least praying the security was able to keep things tempered. It seemed like the case, as she just held Seo-yun tightly. The former villainess felt the weight of danger on her shoulders. They may be safe, and it likely wouldn't turn violent, but that potential kept her on edge. She inhaled the sharp, frigid air, grimacing again, before she looked at Seo-yun with a small smile. "Hopefully, with everything in action, it should be easier on you...!" Carissa kept up that hope.
  89. Her eyes briefly gazed at Selena. If Selena was running, then Carissa knew who she'd be for. While Selena likely didn't see, Carissa offered the same hopeful smile towards Selena's direction.(edited)
  90. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 8:02 PM
  91. The announcement concerning the election didn't much surprise Seo-yun. After all, she had Carissa as a confidante, and so she'd been given some advance notice! Still, she found herself tilting her head to one side, a hint of surprise nonetheless. The Mayor spoke humbly, more so than she'd have expected. Lacey didn't exactly enjoy a terribly great reputation, but the fox could see how she'd managed to win power to begin with. She was very convincing. That was her gift, she figured. How much of that charm was real, though? How many of those words did she really mean? "I hope so.." She replied, coming to rest her head upon Carissa's shoulder, hugging the former Villainess for warmth, and more than a little comfort. "I also hope she's done soon so we can get inside and have some hot chocolate or something! D'you know if she's going to talk about anything else..?"
  92. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 8:02 PM
  93. Nicole smiled as the announcement came. Some people might not have heard, but most would have. Noting most of her fellows were here, Nicole took a deep breath.
  97. The words were sharp and clear as if carried by a the very air in an amphitheater with perfect accoustics. She didn’t hide the origin though, proud to say what she felt, to cheer her chosen champion in front of the whole world. The woman in the purple coat smiled with purpose, standing square and tall.(edited)
  98. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 8:03 PM
  99. And there it was. Elections. Lacey 'stepping down' to some extent. The Mayor might have her flaws, but people had been too harsh on her. It wasn't her fault she was not surrounded by all the best people. Victoire, for instance, was a good influence, without a doubt! But others... Yet, the Mayor was the one being blamed for everything, even if she had been a beacon of hope to all. She had a vision, and even if there were some cracks in that vision, Lacey had kept all Arkadians together. Now, people wanted to burst the building apart, instead of simply filling those cracks? It was going to be madness! Qadira looked at Victoire, and then at Lacey. What was going to happen to them? They were in the right, but all those people... why were they so blind?
  100. Cassandra KadiaToday at 8:04 PM
  101. -I almost thought she was going to change her mind.- Cassandra thought to herself...There were a few cheers, and a lot of murmurs around them, about what this'd mean for them, and for the future of the town. -All these proclamations... I want to see what these changes are, and what they'll mean, before I judge... Feels like I came out here in the cold for a whole lot of promises of "We'll make changes soon." Without actually saying what they are...- She was taken out of her musings by the shout coming from right next to her. She had to smile, but did whisper "I haven't chosen my side yet... Still, I wish you luck." Before stepping away from her, letting the others react to her proclamation. She watched the crowd with interest, though.
  102. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 8:07 PM
  103. “I do not know. So far we didn’t get any surprises, but we must remain cautious. Always, Qadira. This opportunity to seize power will awaken ambitions and greed of many, all wishing to do the best for this community yet most resorting to extreme measures to achieve so. We do not know where this will lead us, and how masses will react to defend their champions. We have to tread carefully mh..? Politics are politics and we do not know who is hiding a knife behind their back right now. Perhaps none of them. Perhaps all of them.”
  105. She sideglanced at Sky, one of her most trusted assistant.. Before looking back at the podium again, awaiting to see if there was more to it. “We are safe, for now, but keep your eyes and ears open Qadira mh..? It’ll be important for later.”
  106. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 8:07 PM
  107. It might not be much, but Sylvie does what she can to keep the blondie warm. ...Except dropping the façade and being used as a warm, fur coat. The dame keeps her face up towards the podium, but once again, all Lacey talks about doesn't affect her that much. An election? Better rule? The only thing that could come from this would be better law enforcement, which she's very much against. Despite the few times she's needed that herself. "Are you gonna run for office?" Sylvie quips, nudging Goldie a little. "Spend all day up there, far away from all the perverts and poverty..."Little does she know...
  108. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 8:15 PM
  109. For once, it seemed Sally had elected to choose attire that assisted in blending into the crowd rather than entirely standing out. Surrounded by her various similarly blandly-coated followers to give her some room, the short dame mainly seemed to be there to gauge the reactions of others to the news rather than emitting any of her own. After all, she had heard this all before once - spoken about it too. This was neither the time nor the place to change opinions, but given the varying vocal responses from faces both familiar and unfamiliar in the veritable horde, Sally couldn't help but chuckle that others didn't feel the same. When Nicole called out, the dame couldn't help but smirk... What she had talked about before still swirling around in Sally's head.
  110. Queen of StoriesToday at 8:15 PM
  111. The reaction to the announcement of the election wasn’t terribly ostentatious, although the few in the crowd who remained out of the loop did seem to react with some applause. Making the people feel like they had more of a choice over who rules them was always going to be a popular decision, after all. The shouts for Selena to take over as Mayor seemed to be supported by quite a significant number in the crowd, and it was only when Lacey spoke up once more that the noise dispersed. “For now, that’s all I have. I believe that my Deputy Mayor would like to address you all directly before we conclude today’s announcement. Please, Selena.” The redhead’s eyes briefly shifted, seeming to fixate on someone in particular in the crowd. A lone woman trying to make her way towards the podium. But she said nothing, and withdrew from the mic stand, allowing Selena to rise up and take her place.
  112. The Lunar Princess was greeted by considerably more applause than the Mayor herself had been upon her first appearance. As the primary spokesperson for the government, most of the common citizens felt that Selena cared more about their problems than the often aloof Lacey. It certainly helped that she was a Fairest, of course, her natural, enchanting charm making her almost universally liked, even by those who ought to oppose her on ideological grounds. “Thank you, Mayor Lacey. I’d like to just take a moment to address everyone here directly. As our Mayor has described, things have been very difficult for New Arkadia over these past few months. You have my heartfelt sympathies, all of you. This world is far from fair, and it’s certainly far from being anything like we might have first expected prior to coming through the portal. But I honestly believe that we can make this work. I’d like to express my desire to run in opposition to Mayor Lacey in March, and I happily invite others who share my passion for this community to join me so that we can make this city a fair haven for our kind. Together.”
  113. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 8:17 PM
  114. Goldie started fishing for a new cigarette in her handbag, taking it out and lighting it up with nimble fingers, struggling against the cold. She heard someone shout for Selena Price and she felt that develish smirk of hers walking across her face. And then Sylvie mentioned her running for office... Oh, she had to do this... She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with air.
  116. "VOTE GOLDIE BOYD! DRUGS AND SEX FOR ALL!" She snickered as pleased as a child who gets to shout during class without fear of repercussion, moving her cigarette to her lips and taking a deep breath from it, smirking widely as she glanced towards the podium.
  118. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  120. Jennifer kept pushing her way through the throng, hearing more and more people make loud remarks. An election? Oh, how exciting! That must've been why Nicole was so stirred up! Jennifer wanted to support her girls any way she could, although of course... if they decided to support different political factions, it might be hard to support them all at the same time. Maybe it was for the better to start applying a 'no politics'-rule over the family dinners? But her little Nef-hearts had such a burning passion for politics...
  122. She was almost by the edge of the stairs leading up to the podium when she noticed a member of the security group. She was just going to ask the dame for permission to step up there and hand over the brief-case, when she noticed that the guard spotted something and moved to the side. Oh well...! Jennifer slipped through the hole and hurried up the stairs towards the podium, both hands on the brief-case handle. She didn't go for Selena though. She went straight for Lacey. "Excuse me...! Mayor Lacey! Mayor...!" She was such a handsome dame, Jennifer caught herself thinking, rosy cheeks turning a bit redder.
  123. Adria | CarissaToday at 8:19 PM
  124. That humbleness was the same thing that surprised Carissa. But the skeptic within called it just simple personality to look better for re-election efforts. "From the private meeting, there was mostly the hot topic of re-election that was supposed to be announced. Maybe something to do with crime..." Carissa stated. "Ah, there it is. We can go soon. Hot chocolate sounds very, very appealing today," Carissa nodded, running her hand gently through Seo-yun's hair when she leaned against her shoulder. And, the announcement that Selena was going to run brought that devilish smile onto her lips. Carissa knew. But either way. Carissa remained silent, blinking at both the screams for Selena and the...much more unexpected scream from the back about Goldie and drugs. Her head leaned against Seo-yun's head gently.
  125. Maeve RoyToday at 8:20 PM
  126. Maeve blinks only once, mildly surprised, but then her gaze narrowed ever so softly. Elections? Hmm… The Unseelie’s solitary figure off to the side of the crowd was already an interesting image of stillness before, but now she grew even more immobile. Whereas her eyes were flicking from one figure to the next, now, her thoughtful expression was fixed on Mayor Lacey. Which prompted Valiant to follow her gaze for a moment, but the fey-hound’s limited understanding and intelligence eventually caused her to grow bored and fixate on the crowd anew.
  128. Then her eyes jumped to the loud shouting, at Nicole. Then to current mayor, Lacey. The latter, she was eyeing as though a puzzle, then extends a similar gaze across those that just a moment ago were loudly, and in a group, expressing their discontent with Lacey. And of course, the odd, out of place comment ringing from the crowd which brought her attention onto Goldie with but a passing a gaze before her eyes went to Selena.
  129. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 8:23 PM
  130. The fox gave quite an unsubtle murr when Carissa began to run her fingers through her hair. The former Villain knew all too well that if she scritched just right against the scalp, she'd drive Seo-yun wild. After all, just because she didn't currently have her ears, didn't mean that she couldn't still feel where they ought to be. And where they ought to be was a sensitive little spot indeed! "Mnh.. oh, now she's gotta talk, too? Oh, sorry! I forgot that she's your friend." She flushed apologetically and hid her face in tightly against Carissa's shoulder.
  131. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 8:25 PM
  132. Qadira frowned when she recognized the woman running after the mayor. That was her mother! She hadn't seen it for a long time now, busy as she had been with Victoire. Seeing Jennifer made her feel a little bad... She should be spending more time with her, but Victoire had been a little... possessive of her time, not that Qadira was complaining about it, quite the contrary. It made her forget about everything else. Family was important... almost as important as the attorney whose arm she was still holding with affection.
  134. Selena... an agent of trouble. How much she had sapped the Mayor's authority, to push her selfish agenda... Well, there were worse. Like that Free Court, agents of pure chaos and anarchy! Or those defenders, who were stuck in the past and seemed to be taking things a little too seriously. Qadira didn't like militias... under the pretense of lawfulness, they were ruining lives faster than anyone else.
  135. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 8:25 PM
  136. Victoire’s gaze looked in direction of that familiar voice suggesting to make a strip teaser as the Mayor of New Arkadia… She couldn’t help but drop that stern facade of hers for a brief moment to let appear a genuine smile on her lips as she shook her head. “Well, it’ll be interesting for us to observe whatever happens, Qadira.” She said quietly to the young girl she was still keeping close.. She nodded then in direction of the podium. “What do you think of that one, Qadira. Of Selena?” She asked with some curiosity… “How does that sound to you, what she’s promising to all citizens of New Arkadia mh..?”
  137. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 8:36 PM
  138. Nicole gave a good hearted chuckle at Goldie's proclamation, not really concerned. Today should be a day for cheerful declarations and excitement. The nitty gritty of campaigning could come later. She nodded to Cass, giving her arm a squeeze, and was about to reply when she saw a familiar form running toward the dais. Nicole realized with some dismay that it was her Mother and felt a slight sense trepidation. "Excuse me a moment..." she said, heading in that direction. Sliding through the crowd while keeping her eyes peeled.
  139. Queen of StoriesToday at 8:38 PM
  140. The Mayor paid no heed to Jennifer’s shouts, other than a brief glance over her shoulder. She moved to stand next to the Sheriff, and whispered something into her ear. Alex turned to regard Jennifer with a frown, before she called out. With Selena’s speech on going, it was difficult to make out the words. They found their intended target however, for soon enough, Deputy Fawkes had been summoned near the podium, grasping a hold of the Sweetest Mother. The grip was tight, but not necessarily unkind. “Hold up now! Where do you think you’re going, Mrs Lawson? What’s that you’ve got there?” Ash gave a nod towards the briefcase, and started to reach for it.
  142. Either oblivious to the slight fuss on the staircase or simply determined to continue on regardless, Selena kept on talking. “I make this offer not just to those who are already my friends, but even to those who are not. I think that there are many in our community with great ideas and all sorts of skills that could help to make our society better for everyone. Even those people who might think that they don’t fit into politics. As some of you know, I’ve always been a strong proponent for rehabilitating the more.. damaged members of our society. Those who might be labelled ‘Monsters’ or ‘Villains,’ for example. If I were to be elected Mayor, I would only continue those efforts. I think a society should be judged on how it treats it’s most vulnerable. I’d like to take a moment to-“
  144. BOOM!(edited)
  145. Whatever Selena was about to say, it got violently cut off. A blinding flash of green light exploded from somewhere upon the podium, a light so dazzling that it seemed to last for a good several seconds even after the initial explosion. A caustic, burning haze of smoke and fumes seemed to spread out in all directions, covering the crowd in a dark and painful fog. It was impossible to even see the stage, but one could certainly feel the heat of something burning. Only when the fog started to clear could one see bits and pieces of shrapnel and debris scattered in all directions. The podium had been destroyed, the scaffolding toppled down in flaming pieces. There was no immediate sign of those who had been stood on top, nor of Jennifer or Ash. Perhaps they were buried under the debris. Perhaps they were gone.
  147. When the fog continued to clear, the damage became more obvious. There were numerous people severely wounded, especially those closest to the stage. Some had lost their Glamours in the chaos, and the atmosphere had exploded into total madness, with many fleeing from the scene, and the others either incapacitated by their injuries, or trying to help those who had been hurt. Almost nobody in the crowd could call themselves completely unscathed by the power of the blast.(edited)
  148. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 8:40 PM
  149. Goldie was looking quite pleased with her announcement of her running for Mayor as she kept taking little drags on her cigarette. She turned to Sylvie, grinning from ear to ear. "You'll vote for me, right hon'?" She blows out a long streak of smoke through her parted lips before giggling with glee. Such a child, at times, but at least she was enjoying herself. That was until there was an explosion and Goldie screamed. She just screamed. Loudly, sharply, heart-achingly screaming as she clutched herself to Sylvie's form with fingers like little iron rods, digging into the she-wolf's body.
  151. -------------------------------------------------------------
  153. As Jennifer was climbing the stairs she lifted up the brief-case towards Ash. "Oh, no. Nef-hearts--- uh... Nicole, she asked me to bring this to the mayor. She said it was impo---" The eardefeaning explosion cut out anything else Jennifer had to add to that statement, consumed in smoke, dust and a cascade of concrete as the stairs underneath the two went sky high.
  154. Octavia Strand/VuitenaToday at 8:44 PM
  155. Octavia screamed and ducked down before she even realized what she was doing, the shock of the explosion knocking all thought from her head. She had no idea what was happening around her, simply huddling down in a little ball on the pavement while strange, green mist swirled out over the area. Had The Hunt found them here?! That thought was panicking enough to force her eyes open, stinging in the remnants of the bright flash and stinging haze. In all the panic it was impossible to tell what was going on, she couldn't begin to think of what was the best course of action, let alone how to go about it. So she simply stood there in fear and confusion, utterly stunned.
  156. Adria | CarissaToday at 8:45 PM
  157. Everything went white. At least for a few moments. She found herself on the ground, but she was still holding onto Seo-yun. An explosion. Whatever just happened, it was more of a reflex to scramble atop Seo-yun. The moment of shellshock was almost a flashback to the Tales. She looked around, making sure it was Seo-yun that was nearby, looking down at her arms and finding bits and pieces of shrapnel embedded in her own arm. The very minor glamour that hid her golden finger claws dissipated, and she gritted her teeth, unable to put into words to the reaction. She shook her head, her ears deafened by constant ringing. "Seo-yun! Seo-yun! Fuck!" Her eyes looked towards where the platform was, and grimaced.
  159. Her hands wandered across Seo-yun's face. "Are you alright? Please, speak to me!" Her voice called out, frantic.
  161. Lacey. She did this, didn't she?
  162. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 8:45 PM
  163. Eyes opening wide, there almost seemed no time to react as the explosion rocked the building, Sally toppled backwards onto the ground as the body of Astrid seemed to clamp over the top of her in a protective posture. Her heart raced, head spinning as all around, the situation turned to panic. Once it seemed the immediate danger had passed, Sally was brought shakily to her feet, her other followers similarly shaken by the event but Anise and Astrid stood unbowed. Once it was clear none among them had been hurt, Sally begun to bellow commands.
  165. "Anise, get the others out of here! I don't care who gets in your way, you get Naomi, Kait and El home safe!" she turns to Astrid, eyes flashing. "Astrid, you're with me. We need to get to the stage and render aid." she clenched her fist tightly, frail body shaking in the chaos but her spirit clearly untouched as she and Astrid sought to move towards the stage - ready to cast her potent healing magic on demand for those in most dire need.
  166. Maeve RoyToday at 8:46 PM
  167. Maeve was quick to hit the ground. For as much as she had been surprised by the announcement, that didn’t surprise her as much. She sighed against the snow. “Of course…” She muttered.
  169. Valiant had taken a defensive position over and in front of Maeve. She was growling and barking fiercely at the smoke and debris, as though trying to scare off the explosion. At least the fey hound wore its name well, and once the smoke cleared, gave Maeve a sort of ‘Did I do good?’ canine look as she stopped barking.
  171. Standing up, Maeve inhales deeply and spoke out loudly and clearly; ”Any security forces still able to walk and more, bring any injured aside to me. Doctor on site, so give me space. MOVE!”
  172. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 8:47 PM
  173. There's a mild smile on Sylvie's face, snickering mildly from Goldie's outburst. It's fun to watch her not be miserable, maybe -just maybe- she should try to make that side of her pop out more frequently. "Of course, blondie," Sylvie snickers, completely distracted from what's happening up on the podium. She's about to dig up her own pack of cigarettes, just fishing one out as a chest-rumbling boom thrashes through the crowd. Sylvie jumps properly, dropping whatever was in her hands, and immediately pulls Goldie in as close as she can, and turns her back to the front of the podium. While the wolf didn't let out more than a startled bark, her heart's thumping aggressive, and she's breathing pretty heavily into Locks' golden locks. What the fuck just happened?
  174. Elizabeth DaoraToday at 8:47 PM
  175. Elizabeth had been watching the general commotion with passing interest, she wasn't that political but neither was she super fond of getting screwed of by corrupt and malicious officials- which she was certain the Mayor and her flunkies were. She did grow more interested as the woman climbed the stairs to the stage and went for the podium, whatever she was going to say was cut off by the blast. The witch shielded her eyes on reflex but it wasn't enough as the concussive force slammed into her and set her back on her feet, a few pieces of shrapnel tore at her coat as she hit the cold snow with an "Oomf!" She opted to lay there for a moment and see what developed.
  176. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 8:48 PM
  177. Nicole's dread was justified by the explosion, the nagging sense that something was wrong putting her guard up. She had been ready, more than others were, and her hand came up in a defensive shield, a column of air protecting her.
  179. "No!"
  181. She was still stunned by the force of the blast, but remained on her feet, somehow. The flash was blinding the smoke instant. Encased in her armor of air, Nicole lept into action. She seemed to turn into the wind itself, flying above the crowd, the form of air elemental taking her features. She swept her hand, creating a column of air to force the smoke skyward, while smothering the fires. She looked, frantically, for her friend and her mother.
  183. "Selena! Mother!" She called out, already where the stage had been.
  184. Maeve RoyToday at 8:48 PM
  185. Adds; "Anybody with medicinal experience, you might want to come over as well!"
  186. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 8:49 PM
  187. Her mother... Where was her mother? She was looking at the stage, though the smoke was burning her eyes and filling her lungs. Mommy... No, it was impossible! Not her! She was the sweetest of all, a heart of gold and diamonds, but it was clear that the suitcase had been the bomb. It didn't matter at that moment. She needed her mommy. She needed to go save her! She couldn't see the stage, it was too hectic and her eyes were still crying too much. She had to make a choice, of course, between staying with Victoire, or running to her mother...
  189. "I need to go!", she moaned to Victoire, as if asking for permission.
  190. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 8:50 PM
  191. Seo-yun had found her attention oddly fixated on the little sideshow taking place on the stairs to the podium. She recognised the Deputy, Ash, from one of her various run-in's with the law during her past, but the woman with the brief case remained something of a mystery. "I wonder what's going on there.." She murmured quietly, just a few seconds before the violent green light exploded from the stage and blinded her. On instinct she pulled her arms up to try and shield her face, and when that terrible wave of heat and debris came scattering towards both Carissa and herself, she let out a little squeal.
  193. When the fog cleared, Seo-yun found herself unconscious in Carissa's arms. A large piece of wooden shrapnel had been scattered from the stage and found itself embedded in her chest, right between her breasts. It seemed to have gone straight through her by the looks of it, a slow, dark pool of blood starting to blot the insides of her pink coat. The impact of the trauma had been enough to knock her out immediately, and thus she lay there, limp in Carissa's grip. Without the focus to maintain her own glamour, her ears, tails, and the whisker-like markings upon her cheeks emerged, but just like the rest of her body, both tails and ears alike remained deathly still.
  194. Adria | CarissaToday at 8:55 PM
  195. Carissa was hard pressed to move her left arm. The shrapnel was constricting movement painfully. A baleful scream left Carissa's lips, although she dared not grasp the shrapnel. Wherever the security team was now-- that wouldn't matter. On her knees, she tried her best to pull Seo-yun out. She couldn't make good progress. "I need help over here!" She yelled out to anyone-- just... anyone who could help. One arm shagged and bloodied, flesh and clothing torn, as she stared down at Seo-yun. Fuck. She couldn't do anything about this, and that feeling of helplessness fed a deep seeded rage. "Please," She murmured, while trying to continually pull Seo-yun away to a more clear area.
  196. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 8:57 PM
  197. Victoire instinctively made the young Qadira turn around at the same time as she did, before pinning her to the ground with the slightly larger frame of Victoire to cover her from the blast of the explosion until this one was over and the last shrapnels fell down all around them.
  199. “What…. Damn it…” She took a deep breath and asked to the girl right under her.. “Are you okay Qadira?! Are you okay?” She asked before looking around her.. Managing to see the few people working for her still being around and alive. Chaos was going to spread fast.
  201. “If you can stand up, stand up Qadira!” She quickly helped her to get back on her feet, only to hear her request to go right there.. In the middle of that mess.  “We can’t stay here longer Qadira! Grace! Keira! I want an escort for her! It’ll be a mess here quite soon!”
  202. Victoire slowly stood up, one of her high heels didn’t really survive her stunt.. And she was quick to break the other one to be able to walk normally.
  204. Victoire took a moment to look around once again… Checking what was currently happening around her, trying to figure out if anything else was going to happen, and added to the exotic girl.. “Everyone will want to go there and check what happened Qadira! Now is the time to be in control rather than panicking, alright?!”
  205. Elizabeth DaoraToday at 8:59 PM
  206. After laying a moment and hearing no more explosions Elizabeth would rise to a sitting position and look herself over, noting with some disdain a piece of... Something sticking from her side, a dark red spot forming on her formerly-nicest coat. She hissed in pain and worked herself to her feet, clutching at the shrapnel and looking around to try and get some kind of view on what was happening. Her talents didn't really lend to helping anyone, but she could still physically provide aid- so she looked for anyone in trouble and tried to help them to safety, limping and really not being much help at all in the matter.
  207. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 9:00 PM
  208. Goldie was shrieking as if maddened. She wasn't bleeding, not that she noticed at least, Sylvie was protecting her from any more debris after all, although her cigarette had been thrown away by the powerful shock of the explosion. But she kept screaming. Like there wasn't an off-button, her shriek harrowing across the crowd and adding to the cacophony of panic that was embracing the scene. And that's when she noticed that she had blood all over her left leg. A hand darted down, slapping across her leg over and over, but feeling no pain. No, it wasn't her blood. It wasn't her blood.
  210. She decided that she wanted to leave. She started to move, seemingly aimless, into the terrified and beaten up crowd. She managed to take exactly two steps, when she realized that the blood down her leg was indeed her blood. She stumbled forward, reaching out desperately with her hand to try and grab Sylvie before she connected with the ground.
  211. Bellinda Seven / Qadira StoneToday at 9:01 PM
  212. Qadira knew that Victoire was right. It was the logical thing to do... Get away with her boss while she could. If they stayed, they could get hurt more - luckily, they had not been too 'close' from the stage, and except the burning sensation in her nose and eyes, she was pretty much unscathed. She didn't leave the stage with her eyes as she was being dragged away by Victoire. Mommy...
  213. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:03 PM
  214. An explosion that loud, whilst this was going on, no less- such can only mean one thing. A bomb, or an explosion, or magic, or- an emergency, anyway. In around a minute, from the direction of the Memorial Park, a loud roar of an engine tears out, and the Iron Angels' van screeches up to the scene. The band all file out, last of all Charlotte herself, and they take a moment to oversee the scene. Horror is written plain on their features, and then they get to action. Yelling into her mic stand and over the speakers in the back of the van, the Angels walk into the area in search of the wounded. "We have a van! We can take those most in need to the clinic! We are at the road!"
  216. -~-~-~
  218. In all the smoke and confusion, a redheaded maid, barely notable at all, opens her eyes, half-blinded by the smoke and ears ringing. She can't see. Where is- anyone? What happened? A beautiful voice rings out, a mournful, keening song, searching for anyone she knows, anyone that can help her find her way from the smoke and madness.
  219. Maeve RoyToday at 9:07 PM
  220. Disorder and chaos, and nobody was responding to her shouting anytime soon it seems. For once, she wished she wasn’t so invisible to the eyes of others – even when trying to be noticed for once in her stars forsaken existence. Her coat had been pierced in a few locations by stay, smaller pieces of shrapnel. Nothing major. Scratches weren’t going to stop her. With Charlotte and her Iron Angels arriving, she moves over to them with a hasty step, followed by Valiant.
  222. “Since people here are in too much of a panic, I’ll come with and ready the clinic as need be. Maybe they’ll hear your choices more than my own.”
  223. Queen of StoriesToday at 9:09 PM
  224. The entire podium had collapsed, and for a few moments, it really did look like everyone who’d been standing atop had simply been disintegrated. At least, until the debris suddenly started to shake. There was a terrible, pained roar emerging from underneath the wood, and the lumbering, unglamoured form of the Hell Hound appeared from within. Ash’s fur was in a terrible state, with burns so deep that they had burned off large sections of the black fuzz entirely. Yet, she was alive, and dragging a body of some sort, held loosely in between her jaws. Jennifer was hanging there limply, a good portion of her clothing obliterated by the explosive surge. One might have thought that she’d escaped the worst of the blast given how close she’d seemingly been to it, right up until they noticed that the Sweetest Mother was an arm and a leg short than she’d been when first walking up the stairs. The brief case she’d been holding was completely missing. The Hell Hound dragged her out completely from beneath the rubble and then collapsed in a heap after dropping her gently upon the ground, letting out a strangled whimper. “The Mayor.. Selena.. still inside.. underneath..” She managed to growl, before passing out from the extent of her injuries.
  225. Flanked by her comrades, Erin Sullivan emerged amidst the chaos and descended upon the rubble. An unlikely ally in Elizabeth Bates stood by her side, and the pair of them were shouting at one another, though everyone was shouting given the current circumstances, making it terribly difficult to make out the exchange. Whatever it was, they seemed to all agree. Erin and the other assembled Defenders started to tear into the wreckage, some of them even striding through the hazards of the fire to try and get towards the centre. Elizabeth drew her hands forward and began to chant, calling forth a massive surge of air that erupted form the centre of the podium and blasted the caustic fog away, dispersing it in the blink of an eye. Cassie von Brandt was stood amidst her followers, seemingly unharmed despite having been relatively close to the blast radius. Some of her friends and comrades were less better off, and she was trying to see that they were tended to, calling upon Octavia to aid her.
  226. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 9:10 PM
  227. With so much going and so many people scrambling to move in various directions, Sally was lucky not to get swept away in the tide; Astrid anchoring her in place and clearing a path with her body to get closer to what had once been the podium. With so many wounded around, it was instinctive to know that she would be wasting her magic to help individuals one by one, needing instead to have them gathered. Fortunately, it seemed other trained individuals were having the same idea, and the two dames assisted in directing people towards the allocated areas - all the while getting closer and closer to the source of the explosion itself.
  229. Spotting Seo-yun with the dramatic injury, the pale dame rushed over, looking at the shrapnel and wincing. Arkadians may not be able to die to such wounds, but Sally had no doubt that the pain was far more than the poor thing could feel right now as she looked to Carissa. "Hold her still! I need you to help me get the shrapnel out before I close the wounds!"
  230. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:10 PM
  231. "Welcome to the team. Help me throw some of this garbage out, and make room." The Iron angel waves her volunteer inside, as she's tossing out the band's equipment, her camp stove, stomping open small boxes to free low-quality merch to act as bandages- they weren't prepared for this, but they were damn well going to try.
  232. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:12 PM
  233. Carissa recognized that voice. Charlotte. How was she going to get Charlotte's attention? Her eyes shot towards the debris when the Hell Hound appeared. She looked up to Sally. A good timing, nonetheless. Her left arm shook as she grew frustrated, using the rest of her body to lean down against Seo-yun and mainly relying on her right arm to do the work. Her left arm at the moment was unusable, smaller shards embedded in. The shock and pain hadn't fully gotten to her yet. Carissa's teeth gritted, and she exhaled, shaking. "Go!" She simply yelped out, waiting for Sally to do what was needed to get the shrapnel out.
  234. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 9:13 PM
  235. Sylvie clearly doesn't intend on letting go any time soon. She keeps holding onto the woman as she screams and wails, holding her snugly while trying to calm Goldie down.  "It's okay, it's okay, you're fine, you're fine." She mutters, over and over again, with her tone pumped full of adrenaline. Even as Goldie starts moving, Sylvie makes sure to keep her hands onto the girl's body. Which was good, for as soon as Goldie started tripping, she's quick to do her best to catch her. And that's when she sees the wound on her leg, and the dark blood gushing out of it. Flames and smoke clung to her nose, it's making her eyes red and watery. Still trying to calm Goldie down, the wolf gets her arms under her back and knees, and hoists her straight up. Sure, Sylvie's not the strongest gal around, but it's amazing what one can do once properly motivated. The dame tries picking out some sort of ambulance, or anyone who might be able to help. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
  236. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 9:13 PM
  237. Nicole appreciated Elizabeth's help with the air colum, and now able to see, her air form slid through wreckage that was no impediment to living air, looking for Selena, the Sheriff and the Mayor, trying not to think about the shattered form of Jennifer she'd seen.(edited)
  238. Maeve RoyToday at 9:14 PM
  239. Maeve nods her head and follows suit in emptying out the currently unneeded equipment out of the van. She also mentions; "Explosions can be heard from a long  distance. Unless something is done, Mundies might investigate, and I doubt our usual wards will suffice. You may want to have one of your folks mention this."
  240. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 9:17 PM
  241. Looking to Astrid as she joined the trio, Sally grimly nodded as the larger damn pulled out a small blade from within the folds of her coat - not unlike a pen-knife as she used the blade for some kind of leverage on the worst of the wooden shrapnel and shunting it free! It was grisly and Astrid was hardly a qualified professional for this, but they relied strongly on the durability of Arkadians to be able to see them through.
  243. Not wasting a second once the obstruction was cleared, Sally placed her hand against the wound, the other shortly above it as her expression became one of intense concentration, whispering and murmuring various incantations as she sought to rapidly knit the flesh and organs back together.
  244. Maeve RoyToday at 9:20 PM
  245. Maeve glances across to Valiant and clicks to get her attention, to which Valiant turns to her. "Valiant, find and rescue! Go!" And she points to the rubbles.
  246. Seo-yun / SigridToday at 9:21 PM
  247. Seo-yun suddenly choked out a gasp when the healing magic started to work it's magic, dragging her out from her unconscious state. She woke up with a start, immediately grasping out and seeking Carissa, pulling herself close. "Wh-what happened?" Her eyes were startled, her expression panicked. It wasn't long before she realised that her jacket had been ripped open and her breasts were partially exposed, and that there was a pool of blood splashed in between them. No wound anymore though, not after Sally had worked her magic. She could still feel something stinging between her lungs, but it continued to fade with each new breath she took. "Are you okay..?" Dizzy, her voice weak, she turned her head to Carissa and stared up at her with concern.
  248. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:23 PM
  249. "...good point, well made." She returns to her mic stand, her eyes widening as she sees the unveiled Hell Hound- exactly the sort of thing that Maeve meant- and yells into it. "If you can control yourselves, do! We might have Mundies coming!" As their leader does her best to direct, Angharrad- dear Angie- comes upon the scene of the healing in process, looking to see if they're going to require extraction. She especially looks at Carissa to check if she is well- friend of the boss and all.
  251. -~-~-~
  253. That mournful, keening song continues, and now the gas has cleared, it's obvious from where- Ariana is there, pinned beneath a shard of stage through her right thigh, grasping at the ground, her siren song pouring from her mouth uncontrolled through rivers of tears.
  254. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:23 PM
  255. There was a frustrated yell of pain as the shrapnel was removed from her left arm, with the magic tending to the rest of the wounds. Carissa gritted her teeth, as she pulled Seo-yun to her arms and held her tight. "Someone used a bomb... can you walk? We need to get you out of here." Carissa stated, looking up to Sally. "Thank you! Go, help the others! I'll get her to the van. Others are still underneath the debris, if you can help!" She tried to pull Seo-yun up, blood dripping down her clothes on her left side as she offered what support she could to Seo-yun.
  256. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 9:23 PM
  257. Victoire glanced at Qadira’s face.. Looked at the chaos all around them.. People being wounded here and there.. These screams echoing from the crowd. The monarch froze for a moment… And took a firm grip over Qadira’s arm again, pulling her close before looking at other people around her. “Qadira, you wait me at home. You don’t move from there. Madison, Sky. With her.”
  259. Victoire finally released the arm of the young girl.. Beginning to focus as her hands began to trace invisible symbols in the air, whispering words in a foreign tongue… Until finally making appear three violet circles right under Qadira, Madison and Sky that radiated an vivid orchid light.. Before the three vanished from sight, consumed by that magic to be teleported somewhere else, away from any potential threats.(edited)
  260. Cassandra KadiaToday at 9:23 PM
  261. Cassandra was far enough back that she wasn't taken too harshly by the first blast. She wasn't left standing. Instead, she was knocked over, blown to the ground. Her glasses were knocked off her, which made her tail morph out of her legs, free in the morning air. Panic was all around, but Cassandra knew that more information was needed. She went to grab her glasses before someone stepped on them, then cast a spell for herself... She breathed a sigh at relief when she got the result... Then she moved to pull herself up, trying to survey the scene around her. Panic and chaos everywhere, with some people trying to help, others just rushing away... They needed to figure out something bigger, and all of the politcals were currently out of tune. She looked around, knowing her voice wouldn't carry enough.
  262. Then, she saw Ariana, and smiled... She had used the Harpy to calm crowds before... Rebelling commoners in her land. She slithered over towards the girl, dodging between members of the crowd. She almost pounced upon the harpy girl. "Sing, dearest, sing! Panic is going to be the cause of most pain tonight, there will be no other attacks after this tonight. Sing a calming song." She then saw the shard on her leg, and cursed. "Try and be good and do that for me... I'll see what I can do about the shard, okay?"
  263. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:26 PM
  264. "Cass! Cass, thank the goddesses, I- h-help me, I can't feel it, I can't feel my..." She's gripping at her midriff, and cries more, the song she's putting out becoming more of a mournful, wailing, screeching cry for a moment. "I can't feel our..." She does her best to calm herself, reaching out to grasp at Cassandra's hand, desperate for support.
  265. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 9:26 PM
  266. Goldie goes from screaming to simply crying. Wailing like a little girl as the she-wolf lifts her up and carries her towards some sort of help. A member of Charlotte's crew spots them them and waves them over. Goldie wasn't the one most badly injured of everyone here, far from it, but she was bleeding, and she more or less ruined her own and Sylvie's clothing at a rapid pace. "Please don't let go, please don't let go...!" She kept crying out in between her pained gasps, digging her hands into Sylvie's jacket as she was carried over towards Charlotte's band of people. She's crying still, tears running down her cheeks. What a big baby!
  268. ----------------------------------
  270. Jennifer is more of a lifeless doll than anything else. Her body badly beaten up, beyond what any Arkadian should take really. She doesn't cry, she doesn't scream she doesn't... do anything.
  272. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  274. A bunch of more or less injured people were starting to move towards Charlotte's van, some on their own, others being dragged or tugged through the crowd. Even more people had gotten up and started running or walking away, more or less shell-shocked and confused. Some had reversed fully, dropping their glamours. A nine foot tall minotaur was dashing across the street, eyes reddened with fury and storming off towards an alleyway.
  275. Elizabeth DaoraToday at 9:27 PM
  276. The injured witch shuffled around, torn between looking for help and simply going home and letting her physiology sort it out. The blood running freely from her side and down her leg to the snow made her mind up for her. Wincing with each step she made for the sidelines to find some help. She cursed her inattention, had she been focused she might have noticed something up with someone running a suitcase at the Mayor's podium and been able to do something about it. Not that it mattered now. Her pretty face was a mask of pain and determination as she plodded through the red snow.
  277. Cassandra KadiaToday at 9:31 PM
  278. hugs onto Ariana, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth at the girl's words. "It'll be fine. We'll all be fine. Listen to my voice. Keep your head on what's going on around you, or you'll go into shock." She placed her hand on Ariana's stomach, doing her best to be soft. "They're tough, they can handle it. But it'll be like Sorenna's Rebellion, people taking the streets, crushing and hurting each other in panic... If you calm them down, we can find someone to take a loot at you, and heal you. All right?"
  279. Maeve RoyToday at 9:31 PM
  280. Valiant, the Siberian Husky looking fey-hound, was more than likely right there with what remains of the podium while sniffing at the debris dutifully. Whenever the canine truly believes a scent of a trapped person is found, she would start digging and call out with short, dry barks to call attention onto that specific spot; in a way, helping any other that were already doing much the same, albeit in her limited capabilities as a dog with a good nose on her muzzle. "Wuff!"
  282. Maeve, in the Iron Angels' van, had already readied her first aid kit -- which she always carried on her person anyway -- and was doing her best to provide some stabilizing first aid, first to the most critical cases brought up to her attention, and otherwise doing her job as a doctor. Focused. And letting nothing getting in her way to provide aid.
  283. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:32 PM
  284. Meg, unsure how to deal with Sylvie and Goldie at this moment, does lead them back towards the makeshift triage station. Tara and Kara start playing crowd control, picking through the line of the desperate for those who very much need immediate transport, whilst Briony heads out with torn-up merch, looking to tourniquet bleeds and sling breaks. Charlotte stands resolute at the doors, only admitting those that are in real need. "You will do your part for our people and wait if you can." The voice is not quite a yell, but delivered loud, and resolute, and with just enough control not to be.
  285. Queen of StoriesToday at 9:33 PM
  286. The concerted effort to try and lift the rubble and search through it for survivors eventually yielded results. At least two of those survivors largely rescued themselves. A small eruption of golden light exploded from the near the very middle of the podium, causing the heaviest of the scaffolding to get lifted off and scattered aside. Standing at the centre of that radiant light was the Sheriff, and she held Mayor Lacey propped up against her shoulder. The Mayor was conspicuously wounded, with a large burn running down the side of her body, half of that fuzzy coat she'd been wearing blown off. But she was standing, and breathing. The Sheriff seemed to have largely shrugged off the explosion, or perhaps she'd managed to react to it somehow. In the current, chaotic circumstance, there were an awful lot of unanswered questions. "Get over here and help me! The Mayor needs healing!" Alex called out, her demand quickly being answered by numerous bystanders.
  288. The Deputy Mayor's whereabouts remained unknown, until the combined efforts of Nicole and a determined rescue dog uncovered her buried beneath the wreckage to the far right of the podium. Unconscious and submerged beneath countless debris, she had been riddled by pieces of shrapnel, a dark pool of blood seeping out from underneath her body. Her face was pale and she stared distantly upwards towards the sky, a look of shock affixed to her features. She looked dead, but.. Arkadians couldn't die, surely?
  289. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 9:34 PM
  290. Not spending much time to allow the relief that her magic had worked to sink in, the pale dame was almost callous as she grunted, leaving the pair without another word as she looked to Astrid. "Get me somewhere high." she simply stated, and with a deep inhale, the veritable bulwark of a lady nodded, glancing around for a stable platform to put herself on a pedestal to be seen and heard by all. Finding an area that seemed to suit the task not too far from the podium, Astrid assisted by raising her up as the pale dame yanked open her jacket to reveal the eye-catching scarlet-gold attire beneath.
  292. Her voice, amplified by her magic, seemed to echo throughout the space, filling every corner with an authoritative tone like she herself had been jacked into a loudspeaker.
  294. "There remain people trapped beneath the debris of the podium - All those of able body are to assist immediately! We are to be calm and efficient in handling this, we cannot afford to waste time in panic." she inhaled before continuing.
  296. "The injured are to be transferred to the Clinic. If you or a loved one is injured, they are collecting over there!" She made a big show of pointing with her entire arm. "If you are unable to render assistance and are uninjured... Leave immediately!" she barked, remaining in place to continue to try and garner attention  and repeat the same message over and over again.
  297. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:34 PM
  298. Another dame appeared, sprinting towards the scene. Horror rested on Adria's features, as she took a moment to look around and acclimate herself to the situation. She ran over towards the crowds, doing her best to placate and guide others out of the area, or trying to help those unglamoured to hide.
  299. _
  300. Carissa pulled Seo-yun along, even going as far to carry her as she grimaced. She could still feel some of the residual pain in her arm, bringing the likely unconscious fox towards the van. If anything, she needed to hide the tails if the Mundies were coming. She gasped for air, arriving at the van. "She's alive. She's okay. We're okay." She panted, "I need to get her out of here, and fast." She looked to Charlotte. "...I'm not that useful out here. If you need anything from me, tell me-- otherwise, we need to get out."
  301. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:36 PM
  302. Ariana seems mollified; and then, she shifts the tone of her song, still choking back tears. The sound tugs at heart strings. It is- supernaturally beautiful. As is she, as her glamour fades, and her true form is revealed. The siren is in full form, still pinned to the ground, but the air around her is rent with her supernatural song, an influence that attempts to cut through the Misery of the Arkadians.
  303. Octavia Strand/VuitenaToday at 9:37 PM
  304. It took a long, long time for Cassie's voice to break through Octavia's shell shocked state, it seemed to be coming from far away despite the dame shouting nearly into her ear to get her attention. She reacted physically first, looking in Cassie's direction, nodding her head as if she understood the words being thrown her way. She hurt somewhere, vaguely, a stinging pain across one of her legs. Octavia glanced down and realized her glamour had failed, she was standing out in public in her natural, be-tentacled form, the dark and heavy mass of legs supporting her had torn through the bottom of her dress. Still wordlessly, but at least beginning to grasp the orders being thrown in her general direction, she at last began to lend her limited aid, looking over those in the immediate vicinity who hadn't been as fortunate as she.
  305. Maeve RoyToday at 9:37 PM
  306. Valiant gives the visage of Selena a good luck tongue lick on the cheek before continuing to search.
  307. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 9:38 PM
  308. As soon as help waves them over, Sylvie starts bolting over as quickly as she can, shoving people with her shoulder if needed. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm right here, I'm right here," Sylvie's close to panting. as she rushes Goldie over to Meg. The stripper's laid down on her back, flatly onto whatever the band has managed to make into a bed. Treating injuries is far, far away from anything Sylvie has competence in, so as soon as she's laid down, Sylvie tries to keep her attention elsewhere. Some of the tears gets wiped away by her thumb, and the wolf just keeps stroking over Goldie's head, trying to calm her down. "You're gonna be fine, honey, you're gonna be completely fine."
  309. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:39 PM
  310. "Load her up, Carissa. If you can help me to stop the scalpers trying to bum-rush us, do so, but otherwise, you're right; you can see to yourself."
  311. Maeve RoyToday at 9:40 PM
  312. "I'd have more tools at the Clinic," reminds Maeve from the back of the van. "As soon as we're loaded up, we should go, and I tend to more critical cases. Hopefully with assistance of healers with a more magical touch."
  313. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:42 PM
  314. Meg is currently using a banner, and, with Goldie pretending quite as hard as she is, she'd indicate Sylvie to grab the other side, and lift it and the stripper with it, in the direction of the van. Tara & Kara have already identified two of the more severe cases, and they're in there, too, the fold-down bed and chairs all out and present. There's room for maybe eight, excluding Charlie and Roy, in the back of the van without it getting dangerous, and with Seo-Yun, Goldie and the two civillians, that would make four.
  315. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 9:44 PM
  316. Goldie sniffled and sat down, slowly but surely stopping the actual screaming and crying in favour or just... going silent. She looked up to Sylvie as she was laid down, looking a bit pale and a whole bunch of scared, but at least the whining and crying had stopped. She clutches at Sylvie's body still. Breathing fast and sharp, she doesn't do much more. But she won't let Sylvie leave, grabbing at her with furious intent.
  318. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  320. The crowd starts to, slowly but surely, calm down. With the help of Ariana's song and Sally's commanding voice, the chaos that unravelled is slowly getting contained. There's still shouts, some angry, some scared, some in pain... But in general, the tide is lowering. Some people just freeze up, standing where they are, until Sally tells them to get moving, slowly starting to disperse. "What about the Mundies...? They'll have heard this." Someone comments nervously. But for the most part, the wounded move over towards the pavement where Maeve and Charlotte is, while the rest simply start to disperse. Walking off, confused and dazed, or at least giving some room to those who needed it. Some are leaning on their friends and loved ones, but most are moving.
  322. Most.
  324. Jennifer's glamour breaks and with the presence of several of her daughters at the place, her torn body shifts form and colour rapidly, as if some jesting sorceress was snapping their fingers and transforming her again and again. Hair goes black. Hair goes blonde. Hair goes red. Hair goes black.
  325. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:46 PM
  326. Carissa placed Seo-yun into the van, if not for the sake of hiding her. Anyone who wanted to steal something, on the other hand, would be met with a rather commanding visage. Purple, scraped shades, and a dame who's clothes were torn and shredded. A bloodied, suit-wearing dame where blood had more or less become apart of her features. If anyone approached, they'd be met with something that Carissa hadn't done in a long time.
  328. __
  330. Adria heard the words that Sally managed to bark out. In effort to amplify the words, she called out from the fringes, working towards the middle as she helped anyone injured to their feet and guided them towards the van or towards the clinic, even foisting people up and directly carrying them if needed. She had to get them out of here, somehow. The injured.
  331. "If you are uninjured, leave the premises immediately! Hurry, along to the clinic!" She barked out, still sheparding the dispersing crowd.
  332. Cassandra KadiaToday at 9:48 PM
  333. Cassandra looks around for a healer. She can't really pull Ariana away from the scene, and she's seriously hurt. As the crowd starts slowly dispersing, she calls out to whoever's nearby... "Sally, Adria, someone! I've got a wounded over here, I can't move her on my own." If a priestess and a fucking angel couldn't heal the harpy, then what was their job for? She did her best to remain calm and collected, watching those around her to see who might be useful for what was to come next...
  334. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 9:49 PM
  335. The Widow was hardly present, but nor was she ignorant. When paranoia ruled half of your life, thunderous, echoing 'boom' sounds tended to rank highly on 'things to be concerned with'. Soon enough, one of the few figures stupid enough to be running toward the danger revealed itself, the familiar figure of a Deputy, dressed somewhat differently to her usual form, deftly dodging fleeing civilians as she moved closer to the crisis. Scanning the surroundings with a grim look. The chaos was so intent it was almost hard to find where to be at any given moment. The Sheriff likely had things under control around the Mayor, but everyone else was in trouble. Sally's clear voice seemed to give some order to how things were to be done, and a command is as good as any in times like these.
  337. But Vale is hardly qualified to offer rushed medical attention. She's far more fit to intercept hoodlums an opportunists. But there was too much going on to spot any one danger at once. The van seemed the most important place to be, a hand moving toward her hip as she stalked toward it, intent on 'policing' their one-stop ambulance against all those shifty-eyed stares and sticky fingers, for now. With the side effect of placing her much nearer to Goldie, even if she didn't directly address the girl.
  338. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 9:50 PM
  339. Nicole swirled around Selena, waving the rescue party over, trying to see if she was alive, or okay. "Selena! Selena! Can you hear me?"
  341. She asked, terrified. Swirling protectively, she looked for the triage center with feelers of air, grabbing 4 other wounded as well. She vanished, teleporting with her charges, arriving to place the deputy mayor delicately on a gurney, waving people over.(edited)
  342. Sylvie Ashe | Sophia HallewellToday at 9:50 PM
  343. Sylvie isn't going anywhere. She helps Meg load the stripper up into the van, settling her down wherever there might be room. The wolf's a small dame, she can surely find room next to the blonde, and keep caressing over her cheeks. Whatever help others might have, that's clearly not a concern for the wolf. She might help if she can, as long as it won't require her moving out of Goldie's reach, but that's clearly where her priority lies.
  344. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 9:51 PM
  345. Victoire finished her spell, leaving her down to three people for the time being. She looked right at Keira, knowing quite well the Heroine wasn’t going to stick around very long in that chaos, without doing anything. “Keira, Grace, you two go help the injured and make sure they are transported successfully to their destination.”
  347. “Alright Ma’am! Let’s go!”
  349. “Faith, with me.” The two quickly began to go against the flow of people running away from the blast, to make her way to the podium, looking everywhere at any familiar face worth helping on her way there.
  351. When she finally arrived, she looked at the scene.. With horror. The destruction, Lacey, and the dismembered body of that woman right there, Jennifer, Qadira’s mother.. She didn’t want her to see this. That was the main reason she kept her away. To protect her, from..This.
  353. She remained frozen for a brief moment.. Processing what she was witnessing… Was it.. “Death”? So far only the Hunt managed to do so…  But quickly snapped back to the reality. She made her way to the Sheriff. “I can teleport her to the clinic right now. Is she alive? Breathing?” She asked to the heroine, while looking around trying to check if anyone else was needing help.
  354. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:51 PM
  355. Adria rushed forward at hearing her name called out by an unfamiliar source. Either way, she didn't care. She practically rushed forward and tackled the debris, lifting it upward and tossing it to a clear wayside to free Ariana from the debris, hopefully giving more clearance for someone who can actually heal Ariana.
  356. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:52 PM
  357. With the general consensus and mood of the outer crowd shifting, the panic still present, but fading, the Iron Angels find themselves more able to organise. Briony, Meg and Angie set up outside with the camp stove, Charlotte's excessive personal supply of teabags, and ruined merch, to help to bind less-serious wounds- or at least, look as though that's what's happening. The Placebo effect is a powerful thing, after all.
  359. Charlie herself now sets herself on letting in a select few others of the seriously wounded nearby, quite quickly filling up what space remains for now. Once it's full, it's full- Sylvie is forced, smushed into an uncomfortable corner, relatively-healthy as she is, she's not given great respect for occupying space that someone else  needed. The Iron Angel directs Maeve to the passenger seat, and slams the driver's side shut, tearing off up the road toward the clinic.(edited)
  360. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 9:54 PM
  361. Hearing her own voice being called, now that things had finally started to settle down, she looked down to take note of Cass calling out to her specifically. She recognised her as the one that Anise had been seeing, and narrowed her gaze as she saw the source of the issue. Looking to Astrid, she swapped places to have her continue motioning and signaling while the pale dame herself threw her hand in a wide, beckoning motion to Cass to bring her closer to the unconscious body of Jennifer before rushing up to assist with the move. Blood from Seo-yun had flecked her coat, but the stark scarlet attire beneath seemed to have entirely stolen attention away from it.(edited)
  362. Queen of StoriesToday at 9:55 PM
  363. Selena remained motionless now that she'd appeared in the midst of the triage centre. Her skin felt cold to the touch, and the life remained faded from her eyes. The wounds she'd suffered were severe, one could tell. More than enough to kill any Mundie several times over.
  365. In the midst of all the chaos, Cassie and her followers continued to try and help people, as did Erin and her Defenders, largely working in tandem with Charlotte and her Iron Angels. They were often even working side by side, in spite of their severe ideological differences. Tragedy had a way of uniting even the worst of enemies, after all.
  367. In the centre of the podium, the Sheriff remained alongside the Mayor. Lacey looked up towards Victoire, and spat out a heavy chunk of blood from her lips. "I'll be fine.. some shrapnel, but Alex shielded me from the blast. Where's Selena? How are the others?" She coughed up another helping of blood, and Alex turned her hand upon the Mayor, seeking out her injuries with her hand beginning to light up with the same golden light she'd used to blast the debris free.
  368. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 9:55 PM
  369. (( Anywhere Else is now the Clinic. Feel free to move Clinic RP to that room! ))
  370. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 9:56 PM
  371. Ariana's leg is, thankfully, freed, and she keeps singing her warbling song, almost as though unable to stop now she's started. Her leg seems mostly-entirely useless, and she's clinging to Cassandra as though for dear life, her feathers stained with blood and smoke, her keening voice inspiring in as much that she's ABLE to keep it up as the content itself.
  372. Adria | CarissaToday at 9:58 PM
  373. Carissa's eyes watched as the van tore off towards the clinic. She remained briefly, a surprising show as one person attempted to steal from the camp. The enforcement she offered was simply glaring at them. There was a magical nature to the glare, but they simply scampered off. She dragged her teeth against her lips, looking weary. There was a deep inhale as she began darting off in the direction of the van.
  375. Adria dropped to her knees, holding Ariana down. "Stay calm. Listen, dear. This is going to hurt," She frowned, taking off her jacket. She looked at Cass. "Hold her down. I'm going to take out the wood. I'm going to wrap it around her leg, and then take her to the clinic, the van is full. Okay. Are you ready?" She asked, reaching down towards the wood embedded in Ariana's leg.(edited)
  376. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 10:02 PM
  377. “I didn’t see Selena here.. But her corpse isn’t present either if something happened to her. The most logical outcome might be that one of her fans took care of her already.” She answered shortly after.. She remained cautious.. Looking around.. Checking what was currently happening around her.. If there was anything or anyone right here, that seemed suspicious more than it should be. She glanced at the Sheriff and the Mayor again and added… “I’ll get the two of you away from here. We don’t know if you were the target or not Lacey. And if that’s the case, you’re not in the best shape to face another threat.” She said, ready to cast another spell, this time to get the mayor and the Sheriff out of here along with herself before anything else was happening.(edited)
  378. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:04 PM
  379. was glad to gain the women's aid. While there was a lot of scheming, distrust, and everything going on normally, now was the time when they should be working together. "All right. Hopefully the van is going to return soon. And... Be careful, please." She didn't explain further about the reasons why. Instead, she just wrapped her tail around Ariana, holding her in place as she said calming words. "Everything will be all right. Just give it some time. Look into my eyes. You'll be safe soon, I promise." She told the woman.
  381. Part of her wanted to go with her, take care of her in the clinic. But there were more important things to do. Both for herself, and for the city at large.
  382. Queen of StoriesToday at 10:05 PM
  383. "Cut that shit out. You're not teleporting me anywhere." The Sheriff barked, swatting Victoire's hand away before she got to her spellcasting. "Get the Mayor to safety, though." Alex shifted Lacey's weight and instead foisted her into Victoire's arms. The redhead gave a groan. The Sheriff might have healed the worst of her injuries, but.. this was different than anything she'd felt before during her time in New Arkadia. Often, the pain subsided very soon after a healing spell had been cast, almost as if the injury had never been there. But this time, it didn't seem to want to go away, even if the wounds themselves were knitted back together. "I've gotta go tend to my Deputy." Ash had been largely abandoned by the rescuers, some too afraid to go near the massive form of the Hell Hound. The Sheriff knew better, and climbed out from the wreckage to start tending to her wounds.
  384. Nicole Ramses/Lucy MorningbreakToday at 10:06 PM
  385. Nicole flew up a ways, looking for help. Air assisted her voice again.
  388. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 10:07 PM
  389. Valerie almost seemed unnoticed amid the chaos, but that hardly deterred her. Any member of the unscrupulous crowd earned a stern look – and a rather firm warning. Arkadians might be 'immortal', but they were not bulletproof. And who was going to write her up for 'overreach' or 'police brutality' on a day like this. Once the van was properly gone she was free to move again, crossing the distance toward Ash, crouching low before the Sheriff approached properly. Trying to steal some of the hulking woman's attention. “How bad? Hyou need healink, like everyvun elze. Zee voman can probably teleport hyou to zee clinic, or ve vind Aleckz and-” Cut short, spying the movement behind her. “Juzt vait. Zheriff is comink.”
  390. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 10:08 PM
  391. Ariana clutches at Cassandra's tail, and then she nods at Adria, silencing her song with a whimper, and biting down, her golden wings flaring then falling limp as she waits for the painful extraction to come. Her fists are clenched and she looks scared, but- ready. As she's going to be.
  392. Adria | CarissaToday at 10:08 PM
  393. Adria looked around her surroundings. Better idea. No waiting. Her eyes spotted Sally waving for their attention. "Let's go, you'll be fine, okay?" She placated Ariana. "Get to Sally!" She gestured towards the white haired healer. "She can heal the wounds. Let's go. I'll help her there." She offered to pluck Ariana and assist her over on towards the healer, meeting Sally halfway.(edited)
  394. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:11 PM
  395. Cassandra looked around, saw Sally, and nodded. "Okay." She let go of Ariana, but grabbed her hand instead. She wasn't really strong enough to carry someone... She ought to fix that. She made her way over towards Sally, doing what she could to keep Ariana calm. "We'll need to figure out what our next step is going to be... Is Lacey still awake?" She asked Sally when the two groups met one another.
  396. Jezebel Wright / Victoire HartToday at 10:12 PM
  397. “Alright Sheriff. Be safe. Keep an eye open. They're maybe still around.” She didn’t want to spend more time arguing with the Heroine. She was an heroine, and like most of them, they weren’t really following any sort of logical patterns. She knew it… At least that’s what the Monarch figured out from her own experiences. “Let’s go Lacey.” She quickly began to cast that spell again.. And a moment later, the silhouhettes of Lacey, Victoire and Faith, her bodyguard, were fading from sight, vanishing in an orchid light to be teleported back to the monarch’s quarters, along with Qadira and two more of her people.(edited)
  398. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 10:14 PM
  399. Ariana's eyelashes flutter, and her eyes shut, but her chest keeps rising and falling in her bloodied white blouse, the avian enchantress impossibly beautiful even in this state. As she's brought before Sally, it's clear her injury would likely cripple a mundie, but is certainly not beyond the healing capabilities of such a capable priestess as the head librarian of the Scarlet Library, and her divine faith.
  400. Queen of StoriesToday at 10:14 PM
  401. Ash snorted weakly towards Valerie when she approached, replying with her low, rumbled growl. "Second time in a week that I've gotten fucked up like this. What's the world coming to?" The Hell Hound muttered, drawing her eyes over towards the sight of Jennifer, so desperately damaged by the explosion. "Why hasn't someone fucking healed her yet?" Seemingly oblivious to her own wounds, the demonic canine rose up, managing to struggle briefly forward before slumping down again. "Ugh, okay, it's pretty bad. Sheriff will fix me up.. but someone needs to heal her, okay? I don't think she.. knew what was going to happen. Tried to shield her from the worst of the blast when I figured it out.. but even then.." Ash breathed heavily before resting her head amidst her paws, going quiet once more.
  402. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 10:14 PM
  403. "Lacey?" Sally cocked an eyebrow. "I have no idea about Lacey, I can't even tell who the hell this is." she points to the battered pulp that is Jennifer, taking a deep breath as Ariana is pulled alongside, wasting no time in closing her eyes and murmuring once more, one hand outstretched to each of the injured parties as she started to glow with a faint energy that seemed to radiate off her like a sunlamp. It seemed her primary concern was the remains of Jennifer, but if her magic held she hoped to share some of that energy with Ariana also.
  404. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 10:17 PM
  405. She addressed the hellhound directly, inclining her head. “Iz a lot of injured. Lotz of people healink. Uzing a van to ferry zhem to zee clinic. I don't zhink zhey can heal her.” She muttered, rather grimly. “Much effort iz beink zpent on it, ve vill zee, I suppoze. Now zettle down. Let zee Zheriff heal hyou, zhen ve get back to vork.” Moving a little, pacing around Ash, just to look for more horrific giblets that could have been a part of Jennifer, in the hopes of ferrying them back toward that torso and Sally in the meantime.
  406. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:21 PM
  407. " All right, never mind. Just take good care of her. I'm going to check the Sheriff." Please, please, don't go pull yourself back into your shell this night... She gave Ariana a quick kiss, before moving away to go find the Alex and the other members of the Sheriff's office. Hopefully, what with her being the staff therapist these days, they'd trust her enough to let her close. She saw her with Valerie and Ash in the wreckage, and moved to stand near them. She let Alexandra cure Ash first, though. There were important things on the horizon, but the hurt and wounded came first.
  408. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 10:21 PM
  409. The crowd is more or less in control now, thanks to the combined efforts of those in action. Sent to the side, ordered into groups based upon how badly injured they are (so they can get rides to the clinic), and those that aren't... have at least been moved so that they aren't in the way.
  411. Near the podium, Sally is summoning the powers of the Arkadian nature upon Jennifer's pulp of a body, the hair shifting in colour rapidly still. It was hard to tell what was just torn off meat and where the limb properly begun, but the flash of light across her body changed that. A gasp and the woman opened her eyes. One blue, one brown. Blinking quickly and they had changed colour with each other. The messy, bloody stumps closing up. A spasm as she rolled to the side, but didn't get very far. "Nef-hearts...?" She mumbled past her cracked lips, and her hair finally settled on red again, freezing up there. Her eyes wide and wild, shooting from side to side. Strange faces. She looked terrified but... she was alive. Burned, scabbed, and still missing parts of her body but... alive.
  412. Queen of StoriesToday at 10:21 PM
  413. In the midst of all the chaos, Selena was teleported from the scene to the Clinic, accompanied by Nicole and Renée. Ash shook her head towards Valerie with another growl. "She's not dead. I can smell it. Just.. fucked up, same as me. Almost, though." She was cut off from speaking any further by the timely arrival of the Sheriff, who crouched down next to her and began tending to her extensive wounds. The Hell Hound let out a few angered snarls throughout whenever it started to sting, but she was a fighter, and she'd get by.
  414. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 10:22 PM
  415. The soothing light helps to close the wound and force out the shard, the collapsed harpy panting with ragged breaths and slowly bringing her eyes back towards consciousness. Realising what's still going in, she gasps, and grabs at an anklet around one of her feet- and soon it's a bangle, again, resting near a human foot. She stumbles to her feet- then grabs her leg with a cry of pain, not expecting the pain to remain. "W-why does it still..."
  417. -~-~-~-~-~-~
  419. The Leaping Leo arrives back at the crowd being tended to by the Defenders, Angels and Free Court. They appear to have left Sally to her own devices with the most severe triage on purpose, with them gathering those that need aid, but are not currently in what must feel like mortal danger. Charlotte emerges from her van, slamming the door again, and seeking to continue aiding.(edited)
  420. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:28 PM
  421. Since Ash' wounds were being tended to, Cassandra decided to move in closer. "Lady Alexandra, can I speak to you for a moment?"" She told her, hoping that her former title would inspire the woman to keep her mind focused on doing good. In times of crisis it seemed like Alex' former spark was returning. The moment Alexandra would give the Lamia some of her attention, she said. "We'll need to take care of the mundies. Make sure that they don't come to investigate. We'll need to come up with a story, make sure that it spreads, and that there's only one. A bomb in the middle of their capital is  not attention we need. Can you call people together to arrange that? Or empower me to coordinate it? You're the one in charge today." The thought that the mundies might come in and find them all in their current state scared her much more than the thought of another bomb like this. She had heard what Nicole's projections said.
  422. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 10:29 PM
  423. It was easier to be calm, when it wasn't you that was suffering, it seemed. To shut out the anguish around you and focus on doing a job. Rather than moving off and helping elsewhere, she pushed a suggestion to the Sheriff and her co-worked amid the healing. “Zee Deputy Mayor seemz a target. Vun ov uz needz to get down zhere and play bodyguard. Zee mayor iz juzt az much at rizk, but ve can keep her avay from zee crowdz if zhe iz healed.” Rocking back on her heels briefly, craning her neck to check for the van's next trip. “I vill go to zee clinic, I am uselezz here.” It was meant to be a question, as if checking with her superior, but it didn't sound like one. But she was the one that couldn't haul debris or heal. All she could do was help 'control' the thinning crowd. But she only waited a moment for the Sheriff's assent.
  424. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 10:30 PM
  425. Her brow twitches, feeling the energy flowing into the injured, but for some reason she couldn't wrench her eyes away from Jennifer. The wounds that ought to have been objectively reformed by her magic were healed, but nowhere near as much as they ought to have been. Sally could feel a bead of sweat form on her temple as she hesitated. "T-That was no ordinary bomb." was all she whispered, finally tearing her gaze away to try and find any remnants of the materials the bomb had been constructed with amidst the debris. There was little she could do about it now, but she needed a sample of some kind. Looking to the others, her expression was cold and hardly filled with concern for her fellow Arkadian as she spoke. "I've done what I can for you both, the rest of you get them to the area for when the van returns." she rose to her feet, pulling off her coat entirely and tossing it to one side to stand in her blood-spattered scarlet bodice and leggings.
  427. She marched in the direction of Astrid, who was still gesturing and giving orders. Getting her attention, she growled though her teeth. "Call Anise. Tell her to hightail it down here with a coupla sealable jars from the kitchen. Your multi-tool has tweezers in it, right?" the larger dame nodded, immediately setting off in the direction of a phonebox. Sally stood atop the pedestal once more, less directing people now and more seeing if anyone required her direct and immediate aid.
  428. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 10:33 PM
  429. Left with her so-named friend having gone off to play politics, the siren leans on Adria for support, murmuring in a hoarse voice to the heroine; "Thank you, stranger."
  430. Adria | CarissaToday at 10:39 PM
  431. Adria nodded to Ariana, her face looking particularly graven at the situation. She had little to say. "Of course." She looked around, gazing at the scene before her. What happened? She wasn't at the rally, but someone had plans to try to kill- or terrify- at a large rate. With a bomb this powerful... who knew.
  432. Queen of StoriesToday at 10:40 PM
  433. The Sheriff glanced at Valerie and merely nodded. "Just don't cause them any trouble, Val. There's a lot of scared folks down there right now. Be gentle." She turned her attention then to Cassandra, one of her eyebrows lofted. "Calm down! I'm well aware of the fact that I'm in charge. You're barking orders at me like you're something other than the precinct's therapist." Alex's gaze burrowed long and hard into the lamia, before she breathed a sigh. "Look, I know you're trying to help, but there's a lot that needs doing right now. Elizabeth Bates is already reinforcing the wards to stop the Mundies from getting in. I've got the remaining Deputies, those that still stand at least, working on cordoning off the area. We'll put something out into the media, same like we've done in the past when something like this goes down. A gas leak. If you want to help me, find that damned fucking cat, Felicity Cates, and tell her to spread the word." Alex then called out to Ash, the Hell Hound now up and standing after the healing she'd received. "Follow Ms Lawson! She had the bomb, right?"
  435. With a growl, Ash nodded. "I don't think it was her fault, but I'll keep an eye out. There might be some idiots looking to take her head after this, anyway.." With that said, the Hell Hound turned and limped off down the street, shifting back into her Glamoured form as she went, in spite of the fact that much of her clothing had been blown to smithereens, not that she seemed to much care.
  436. Goldie Boyd | Jennifer LawsonToday at 10:42 PM
  437. Jennifer wriggled a bit as two dust-covered dames grabbed a hold of her and lifted her up, carrying her towards the meet-up area for the van. She didn't recognize either of them, and the sensation of not having a fucking arm and a leg did not make it easy for her to stay calm. She stayed silent though, mostly mumbling incoherent words to herself. That is, when she wasn't groaning in pain, every step feeling like someone was pouring molten steel onto her body. She wounded up by the pavement next to the hellhound, staring up at her, then down at her body, and then up at Ash once more. "W-what happened...? Where am I?"
  438. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 10:45 PM
  439. Vale nodded firmly, barely sparing a comment before moving off on her own “I am alvayz … gentle.” A lie nobody was going to buy, but she cared little for dealing with reporters or worse. Taking off, just to find the hellhound moving at the same pace, albeit likely in a different direction. Silent, until they reached the sidewalk proper, muttering to Ash. “Goink home?” A simple question, bordering on accusatory. But it was hard to tell with her brisk manner – it could just as easily have been genuine care. She hardly cared for the answer, picking up pace whether she earned ire or a grunt, almost jogging after the path of the van toward the clinic to play sentry.
  440. Sally Campbell / Alice BaneToday at 10:47 PM
  441. Sally couldn't help but start to feel the wave of fatigue start to wash over her now that she wasn't in immediate need - groaning and holding her temple as she wobbled atop her pedestal while sucking in deeply. As cool as her demeanour had kept throughout, she could hardly fight against her own frail constitution forever. Upon returning from the phonebox, Astrid gave her own coat to the pale dame (given that she had discarded her own in order to be visible), starting to escort her from the premises despite half-hearted protests from Sally.
  443. "You'll do no more good if you burn yourself out, boss." Astrid assured her. "And you might be an excellent healer, but this is a crisis for coverup now, and you're not good at keeping secrets... Anise can handle picking up the sample, if one exists. We'll keep our ear to the ground the next few days for any news, okay?" she chuckled, and together they made their way clear.
  444. Queen of StoriesToday at 10:48 PM
  445. "Piss off, Valerie." Ash snapped, clearly not in the mood. "I'm going to do my fucking job and do what the Sheriff asked me to do, look out for Ms Lawson." With that said, she continued on her way to find Jennifer down by the sidewalk, pushing the strangers aside. "Hey, you're going to be okay, alright? I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Where did you get that case..?"
  446. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:49 PM
  447. Cassandra was about to bark back something at the Sheriff, but she realised that arguing right now made no sense. And, to be fair, she was just a therapist, instead of the queen she used to be. "I'll go find Felicity. Apologies, ma'am. Keep up the good work. Did any of you see where she went in the chaos? Nevermind, I'll find her." She pulled away from her, and looked across the field. The cat would either be hanging around, trying to document the scene, or she'd be back at home, writing up the news for the next day, she imagined.
  449. She went to go and find Ariana first, however. "Sorry, needed to handle something quickly... How is Ariana doing? Will you be all right?" The first was sent at Adria and Sally,  the other at Ariana.
  450. Valerie | AvalinaToday at 10:51 PM
  451. Valerie snorted at the woman, shaking her head. “Forget I azked. Hyou do zhat. I'm going to go pretend to be a ztatue. Zome fucking day ofv.” It had been her first day off, official or not. But it seemed unlikely she'd be spending it resting. Her pace rapidly picking up.
  452. Adria | CarissaToday at 10:52 PM
  453. "She's doing fine," Adria answered. She kept Ariana soothed-- to the best of her ability. Her mind was seemingly distracted by the entire situation of terrorism. "You'll be strong, yes?" She asked Ariana, giving a soft smile.
  454. Ariana / CharlotteToday at 10:53 PM
  455. Ariana forces herself more fully upright. Something occurs to her, and she holds her hands over her midriff again, shaking her head and trying to fall into Cassandra's eyes. Are her sobs overdramatic? Perhaps. Might Cassandra know why she might be responding in that sort of a fashion? Definitely. The siren seems emotionally distraught, at this point, over... something. Though it's hard to tell what.
  456. Princess Angelica PetalToday at 10:54 PM
  457. Slowly drags herself up out of the concrete dust, coughing softly, wincing and squinting as she slowly pushes herself up to her knees. Her gaze wearily looking around, hair a tangled mess but.. remarkably well off despite the scrapes and little gashes covering her figure, causing cuts in her clothes. A wary eye drifting to the heroic dame whom had pushed her aside and shielded her, strange how people always would put themselves in harms way for her. But unlike in tales and stories, this didn't feel flattering or bold, and seeing the bloodied dame carried off filled her with a strange and bizarre sense of guilt. This was how it always went, how it always happened, but this time was so, so very different.
  459. Her gaze shifts out amongst the people, seeing most of the hazzle passed by, seems she'd been among the later to stir. As she pushes herself up to stand on shakey legs, smiling and waving off a rescuer with assurance that she's fine enough. Her eyes shift, worry filling her expression. Where's her dear kitty? Clutching the torn coat tighter around her figure, she stumbles out softly amongst the debris, near tripping more than once while seeking the momentary attention of anyone she finds, asking if they'd seen Felicity. And very quickly she follows whatever leads she might gain to drift off the sight and go find the woman.
  460. Cassandra KadiaToday at 10:59 PM
  461. leans down and gives the girl a kiss, pulling into a hug. "Listen, Ariana. I'm sure you're all right. I'm sure they're all right." She whispered into her ear, holding the girl. Hopefully she wasn't lying. She hugged onto the girl, giving her comfort, and told Adria. "She should go to the clinic. Somewhere they can have a closer look at her. She's..." She looked at Ariana for a few moments, then decided to just spill the beans. "She's got eggs."
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