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  1. Floral 1 Morning Glory JP For everyone in Japan, this costume features the imagery of a light blue, refreshing morning glory! In the language of flowers, the morning glory means “bonds”.
  2. Floral 2 Sweet Tangerine With a sweet tangerine motif, the gingham pattern really ties this outfit together. In the language of flowers, the tangerine means “innocence”.
  3. Floral 3 Vital Sunflower This costume has the image of an energetic, happily blooming sunflower. In the language of flowers, the sunflower means “longing”.
  4. Floral 4 The Wild Strawberry A costume fitting the image of a wild strawberry, that brings both good luck and miracles. In the language of flowers, the wild strawberry means “love and respect”.
  5. Floral 5 Dahlia Noir Blooming with a blackness that seems to envelop all that look at it, this costume has the image of a dahlia. In the language of flowers, the dahlia means “majesty”.
  6. Floral 6 Tartan Check Rose With the motif of a rose blooming on a high plateau, this costume also has a traditional check design. In the language of flowers, the rose means “passion”.
  7. Floral 7 Morpho Hydrangea This outfit has the image of both beautifully fluttering butterflies and a lively hydrangea. In the language of flowers, the hydrangea means “capriciousness”.
  8. Floral 8 Shining Orchid The queen of flowers, the orchid seems to shine when it's in full bloom. In the language of flowers, the orchid means “a refined woman”.
  9. Floral 9 Sakura Storm In spring, the cherry blossoms burst forward in full bloom. These clothes have that image of the storm of petals. In the language of flowers, the cherry blossom means “a gentle beauty”.
  10. Floral 10 Evening Companier Flowering under the light of the stars, this costume has the image of a Chinese bellflower on an autumn night. In the language of flowers, the Chinese bellflower means “an unchanging love”.
  11. Floral 11 Azalea Bride This outfit brings to mind the image of a bride walking down a lovely and pure path of azaleas. In the language of flowers, the azalea means “first love”.
  12. Floral 12 Elegant IVY With the image of a medieval castle covered in vines, these clothes have an old-fashioned elegance.  In the language of flowers, ivy means “eternal love”.
  13. Floral 13 Hot Summer Citrus In the summer, the citrus blooms with small white flowers. If you eat it, those sweet and tangy summer memories will... In the language of flowers, the citrus means “chastity”.
  14. Floral 14 Valentine Plum An outfit with the festive colors of Valentine's Day chocolate and plums. In the language of flowers, the plum means “a cleared heart”.
  15. Floral 15 Tulip Field Blooming in what seems like a rainbow of colors, this costume has the image of a field of tulips. In the language of flowers, the tulip means “charity”.
  16. Floral 16 Sunny Jade Vine These impressive clothes are bright green, much like a vine. In the language of flowers, the vine means “don't forget me”.
  18. Luxury 1 Maiden In Black A maiden clad in black clothes... Seems just a bit more mature?
  19. Luxury 2 Gilded Mademoiselle In this dazzlingly brilliant costume, dance and dye the stage a sparkling gold!
  20. Luxury 3 Powder Snow Whitey This costume has the imagery of beautifully falling powder snow. On the stage, become Snow White!
  21. Luxury 4 Evergreen Leaves A costume with the image of evergreen leaves bathing in the sparkling sunlight, growing wildly.
  22. Luxury 5 Wild Animal Tamer If you wear this, you're already a wild animal tamer! Fans and audiences alike will bend to your will...
  23. Luxury 6 Good Luck Turquoise Turquoise is said to be a stone that protects journeys. Have a nice trip!
  24. Luxury 7 Scarlet Sprite High in the distant sky and existing for just an instant, these scarlet clothes have the image of  a fairy in the sky.
  25. Luxury 8 Fire Opal 76 Ct Like a flickering flame, this costume's fire opal motif will give you energy.
  26. Luxury 9 Random Color Beauty With these clothes, scattered with a dazzling colorful mosaic, you can literally color the stage!
  27. Luxury 10 Highness Rouge These clothes have a quilted look like a queen's, much like something a member of the European rich and powerful would have.
  28. Luxury 11 Stylish Denim Perfectly fitting for an intense dance scene! The lightweight denim is thin and practical.
  29. Luxury 12 Pink Diamond 765 Clothes with the imagery of a pink, sparkling diamond. Polish that raw ore, and it will sparkle to match!
  30. Luxury 13 Stripe Forester A forester is someone who protects the forest. What idols protect is that ever-continuing dream of reaching the top.
  31. Luxury 14 Ocean Blue Lace Clothes with an ocean-crossing butterfly and lace motif. Even though your wings are still frail, keep flying!
  32. Luxury 15 Million Dreams On that sparkling stage, let all our dreams come true! ...These clothes have that wish in them.
  34. Starry 1 Beautiful Earth This costume has the image of our irreplaceable mother planet, Earth. Let's keep it beautiful forever.
  35. Starry 2 Binary Star R & B Rotating together, a blue and red star. Who will come together next, I wonder?
  36. Starry 3 Redshift Border On those faraway stars, you can see a faint red tinge. My lucky star, reach the distant other side!
  37. Starry 4 Charming Venus A costume with the image of a planet named after a charming goddess, that is suited to a frontrunner idol.
  38. Starry 5 Funky Satellite Go ahead merrily with an eccentric image! If you orbit the stars like this, your mood is sure to be great!
  39. Starry 6 Pitch Black Globe Clothes with the image of a probe in the blackness of space. Who will your first contact be with?
  40. Starry 7 Deep Space Dream Outer space, filled with countless stars... Which star is yours? Send your thoughts into deep space...
  41. Starry 8 Orion Nebula With a burning pink color, the Orion Nebula  lights up the sky. These clothes have that godly image.
  42. Starry 9 Moonlight Champagne Under the light of the moon, make a bubbly yet mellow entrance in these intoxicating clothes.
  43. Starry 10 Pure White Nova Clothes with the image of a just-born star. New stars are born!
  44. Starry 11 Digital Spacecraft With a high-grade arithmetic and logic unit and heat shields running on full, these clothes have the image of an interstellar spacecraft.
  45. Starry 12 Cassiopeia Heart Burning in the center of Cassiopeia is a heart shaped nebula. Search for your northern star!
  46. Starry 13 Eternal Terra & Luna The Earth and Moon are tied by invisible bonds. Surely, you and your idols are too...
  47. Starry 14 Black Swan X-1 A costume with the image of the black hole, Cygnus X-1. The audience won't escape you...
  48. Starry 15 Radiant Starbow Breaking into the performing arts world with an unmatched speed, will you be able to see your very own rainbow?
  50. Extend 1 Check MY Note With a stylish check pattern and a floral hair ornament, these colorful and dazzling clothes are fitting for a sparkling idol.
  51. Extend 2 The Best Schoolmate A vest-wearing idol is sure to make lots of school friends! There's no doubt, I'm sure of it!
  52. Extend 3 Cardigan Schooler With this loose, fluffy, and easy-to-move in cardigan, you'll be active in both school and on stage?!
  53. Extend 4 Snowflake Lilliput These clothes have the image of a pure little fairy, watching the last snow of spring gently fall.
  54. Extend 5 Vivid Bikini In this rich-colored bikini, you can dye the beach and pool!
  55. Extend 6 Colorful Ballerina A midsummer ballerina dancing with dew on her skin has a lot of courage! On stage, your passionate feelings will be the center!
  56. Extend 7 Idol @ School On stage or at school, cuteness, style, and purity are perfect, which is reflected in these clothes.
  57. Extend 8 Change 2 MY Color This unique stage costume changes color to the idol's image color mid-song.
  58. Extend 9 Bright Egret Clothes with the image of an egret standing nobly on the water's sparkling surface. Fly into the huge sky!
  59. Extend 10 Good Sleep Pajama A perfect outfit suited for having a wonderful dream. I wonder who will appear in your dreams tonight?
  60. Extend 11 Training Wear Hard work will never betray your dreams. This is a dreaming, hardworking idol's first stage dress.
  61. Extend 12 Yoga Wear This outfit will offer you support with mental focus and meditation! They also seem like they'd be good for exercising.
  62. Extend 13 Beauty Swimsuit With this swimsuit that's a little feminine and a little sexy, every idol can show off her appeal.
  63. Extend 14 School Days Blazer For use in the fall and winter. With a uniform this cute, the school might become your stage?!
  64. Extend 15 Rough Time School For use in the spring and summer. In this super-cute outfit, become an angel descending on the school!
  65. Extend 16 La Reine Rogue Meaning “the red queen” in French, these clothes are overflowing with sophistication.
  66. Extend 17 Starpiece Memories Clothes with a sparkling star motif. Like a star shining in the sky, you can sparkle too!
  67. Extend 18 Flowerish Flowery This outfit gives you a bright and delicate appearance, like many flowers blooming.
  68. Extend 19 Bikini of Siren A swimsuit that has the image of a siren. I wonder if the sparkling prism will hold your fans captive♪
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