Gem of Nulgath pet drop rates

Oct 22nd, 2017
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  2. The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread (9/7/2017 23:07:35)
  4. Gem of Nulgath pet data, for those interested. (Props to The ErosionSeeker for the idea and getting me to track the turn-ins.)
  6. All turn-ins were done on the test server, as on regular servers the Forge Tainteds/DCS/Diamonds/Blood Gems quests are bugged so that only one of the rewards can drop when they're supposed to drop any of the rewards at random (I recommend always switching to the Test Server before turning these in, but Forge Gemstones works as it should on all servers).
  8. Forge Gemstones for Nulgath
  10. Attempts: 100
  12. Gem of Nulgath x3: 100
  13. Quartz of Nulgath: 81
  14. Bloodstone of Nulgath: 28
  15. Tanzanite of Nulgath: 13
  16. Unidentified Gemstone of Nulgath: 1
  18. Forge Tainted Gems for Nulgath:
  20. Attempts: 19
  21. Tainted Gem x4: 19
  22. Tainted Gem x5: 12
  23. Tainted Gem x10: 4
  24. Tainted Gem x15: 2
  25. Tainted Gem x20: 1
  27. Total Tainted Gems: 226
  29. Forge Dark Crystal Shards for Nulgath:
  31. Attempts: 16
  32. Dark Crystal Shard x2: 16
  33. Dark Crystal Shard x3: 4
  34. Dark Crystal Shard x5: 1
  35. Dark Crystal Shard x10: 2
  36. Dark Crystal Shard x15: 1
  37. Dark Crystal Shard x20: 0
  39. Total Dark Crystal Shards: 70
  41. Forge Blood Gems for Nulgath:
  43. Attempts: 1
  44. Blood Gem of Nulgath x1: 1
  46. I don't tend to do the Blood Gem quest because it eats up 10 Quartz and I have other better ways to get Blood Gems. I don't do the Diamond quest much either since those are easily farmed through Kiss the Void. I choose Tainteds because you'll have enough Quartz for them after exhausting your Tanzanites, which are a relatively low drop rate (~10-15%). Quartz appears to have a drop rate of ~80%, which is very nice but all the other Forge quests require multiple Quartz.
  48. The drop rates of the x-quantity drops appear to be inversely proportional to the amount dropped, so besides the outlier for DCS x5 this was consistent. On average, you can expect to get about 10 Tainteds and 5 DCS per turn-in for their respective quests I'd say.
  50. Forge Gemstones dropping 3 Gems 100% of the time is pretty nice, I often find I have too many Gems so I'll turn them in for Nulgath Larvae's Fighting Phoenix Blades quest for an extra 100k gold per 10 Gems turned in (boosted by equipment and Gold Boosts to 250k) and then I'll use that gold for Blade of Afflictions for more Receipt of Nulgath attempts. I've done 22 Receipt of Nulgath attempts and have so far gotten 1 Receipt on I believe my 8th attempt, but would like another because I upgraded the one I got to a Gemstone Receipt. The Unidentified Gemstone of Nulgath is almost certainly below 1% considering other untracked attempts by myself and others, but luckily it happened to drop while I was tracking my 100 Forge Gemstones turn-ins here. [:)] I would guess that it's either 0.3% or 0.5% and hope it isn't 0.1%.
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