Chiming Bell Summary (Chp 30-35)

Jun 1st, 2018
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  2. Chapter 30
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  4. The girls told Cube about the grimoire sometime between the last chapter and this one.
  6. >Cube: ...I see. Magic that uses witch barriers, huh. Thanks to this book I finally understand how the magic trap Corbeau used works! Basically, it's just as you girls already deciphered.
  7. >>Cube: "Corbeau used the magic as written in this grimoire to lure the real world's Tart into a sleep she can't wake up from. That's when Melissa and I, who were both nearby, were sucked into Tart's dream. And then Corbeau used the red and blue candles to enter the dream and started the fighting. In order to drive Tart into despair..."
  9. Iroha asks if Cube really didn't realize that he was in a dream until now. He asserts that this was the case, since it seems his memories prior to entering the dream were altered to seamlessly match up with the events that were happening in reality.
  11. >Yachiyo: If that was the case even for you, Cube, then...
  12. >Cube: Tart and Melissa probably would have never even considered it, even in their wildest dreams! Here, witches boldly show themselves to people without even hiding, but since the one who's seeing the dream is trapped inside of a witch's barrier, it all makes sense. The contents of this dream itself is something like a barrier after all!
  14. Yachiyo accepts the explanation and asks if Cube managed to figure anything else out. Cube continues his explanation by explaining that the magic Corbeau uses lets her control countless numbers of familiars inside the dream and also lets her create enemies replicated from other peoples' memories.
  16. Iroha realizes that this means that the Kamihama witches they've been fighting have been copied from their memories. Cube says she's right, and also explains that the reason why the future became screwed up might be partially due to Iroha and Yachiyo. Iroha can't believe it, but Yachiyo accepts it. After all, these are all events that should have already taken place. Then, hundreds of years later, Yachiyo and Iroha obtained Corbeau's candles and used them to enter Tart's dream. As a result, they ended up altering history and screwing with the future. Cube adds that it's only one possibility, since the situation wasn't exactly great before the two girls from the future arrived. Granted, the appearance of the witches from the future did make things worse.
  18. He tries to assure them (well, mainly Iroha) that it's not all bad news. To the French army who don't have any other magical girls on their side, Iroha and Yachiyo are trump cards that can change the situation around for the better. Cube says that the situation likely would've been a lot worse if the girls hadn't shown up. He suggests that they might even be the saviors tasked with saving France.
  20. Melissa interrupts, asking if there's a way they can save Tart. Cube tells her there is, and it's written in the book. In order to wake up Tart, they'll have to ring the "consecrated bell". Yachiyo and Iroha have no idea what he's talking about.
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  23. Part Ten: Beginning of the Resolution
  24. Chapter 31
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  26. >Cube: In order to awaken seems like all you need to do is ring the "consecrated bell"!
  28. The girls have no idea what he's talking about. Unfortunately, according to Cube the book is inconveniently damaged to the point where he can't read the rest.
  29. Luckily for them, Melissa's pretty sure that it's referring to the church's bell. This reminds Iroha of the church Riz was talking about and she immediately asks Melissa about it. Melissa thinks Riz was talking about the "Church of Saint Catherine". Yachiyo agrees with Iroha that that's probably the church Riz was talking about.
  30. Iroha asks for more information. Melissa tells her that it's in a town called Fierbois and that's where the three of them (Riz/Tart/Melissa) met a mysterious girl. Cube explains that the mysterious girl was Pernelle. Yachiyo asks if she's an acquaintance of Cube's. He says that she is, and that she's a magical girl who knows both alchemy and magic. She also watches over other magical girls and gives them advice. Things are starting to make sense to Yachiyo and Iroha. Cube asks for them to explain and Iroha tells him what Riz said.
  32. Cube agrees that they may be able to learn something useful from Pernelle. Iroha thinks she might be able to tell them something about the consecrated bell, or the church itself might have the bell they're after. She asks Cube and Melissa to lead them there. Melissa happily agrees to do so.
  35. They arrive in Fierbois. Melissa asks around for information, and reports back. Unfortunately, it seems the church's bell was destroyed sometime during the war. The church itself is still standing, so the group decides to go there.
  38. At the church, Yachiyo and Iroha offer their prayers. Iroha uses telepathy to call out for someone to help them.
  40. >>???: "You're the ones Riz was talking about, aren't you...? Welcome, magical girls from a distant land."
  41. >Yachiyo: Ah...
  42. >Iroha: This voice is...?
  43. >Cube: Hey Pernelle. It's been awhile, hasn't it? But why can't you show yourself?
  45. >>Pernelle: "It's because I'm outside of the "maiden's" dream and I can't go inside..."
  46. >Iroha: You're outside...of the dream?
  47. >Cube: I see. Seems like she's over in the real world side right now and she plans on helping us!
  48. >Yachiyo: So the one Riz was talking about really was her.
  50. Pernelle confirms this. Granted, the most she can do is have her voice reach them. Iroha tells her that they're hoping to wake up Tart, so they need to know more about the bell. Pernelle answers that if it's the right grimoire she's thinking of, then Tart should've heard a church's bell before falling asleep. In order to wake her up, they'll have to have Tart herself ring the same church's bell. Iroha wonders where that church is.
  51. Pernelle answers that the real Tart entered Orleans and fell asleep right in the middle of their attempt to free Orleans. Therefore, she thinks that they'll need to have her ring the bell at Orleans' "Sainte-Croix Cathedral".
  53. Now they finally know what they have to do: free Tart from captivity and have her ring the bell at Saint-Croix Cathedral. Iroha says that's not enough. The whole reason why this world (and the future) is covered in darkness is because Tart's in despair so they'll have to do something about that too.
  54. Pernelle tells them that Riz is still alive, much to Iroha's surprise. She further explains that Riz has simply lost sight of the light and can't find her way out of the world of darkness. Pernelle announces that she'll explain in further detail now.
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  58. Chapter 32
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  60. Pernelle continues her explanation from last time. When Corbeau put Tart to sleep, Riz was somewhere else so she managed to avoid getting caught up in the "dream" like everyone else did. In order to save Tart, Riz stole one pair of candles from Corbeau and managed to enter Tart's dream by using them. Iroha's surprised to hear that Riz was using the same method as them. Yachiyo thinks it makes sense, since Riz would sometimes leave for a while and suddenly show up again like they did. It was because she left the dream.
  61. Iroha wonders why Riz kept it a secret. Pernelle explains that there's a certain condition that has to be met if you use the candles, and that's to never talk about the grimoire inside the dream. If you don't meet that condition, then your body will be swallowed up by the barrier that forms the dream. It makes sense to Iroha and Cube, but Yachiyo wonders what'll happen to them since they used the candles and talked about the grimoire. Pernelle tells her not to worry, since their bodies are in the future. The barrier that the "maiden" is held captive in doesn't even exist in their time period. Therefore, both Iroha and Yachiyo don't have to follow that condition.
  63. Cube proceeds to sum it all up. Riz was the first to figure out what happened to Tart, and teamed up with Pernelle in order to try to save Tart. Iroha joins in, explaining that Riz couldn't tell anyone and, in case something happened to her, trusted Yachiyo and Iroha to handle the rest of it.
  65. Melissa wonders why Riz can't show herself if she really is okay. Pernelle explains that she disappeared into the shadows after being wounded, but by now her wound has healed. She's just lost in between dreams and reality right now, since there isn't the light of the maiden to guide her. Yachiyo figures it out, so Iroha asks her to explain.
  66. Yachiyo tells her to remember what happened to them back in chapter 29. Riz is in the same situation right now. Iroha figures it out and repeats the same thing Pernelle said. Tart fell into despair, so the light Riz used as a guide was lost, and now Riz is lost and unable to enter the dream.
  68. Therefore, now they need to save Tart and have her guide Riz back to where they are. Yachiyo figures that telling Tart that "Riz is alive" will be enough to save her from despair and shine the light of hope. Pernelle tells them that's exactly what they need to do, and she asks them to save Tart and Riz. She has one last gift for them before they leave.
  69. It's a shining sword. She instructs the girls to give it to Tart. By raising the sword, the light of hope to guide Riz back should shine stronger than before.
  71. >Iroha: Yachiyo-san!
  72. >Yachiyo: That's right. Now we know what we have to do.
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  76. Part 11: The Glow of Hope
  77. Chapter 33
  78. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  79. Back at camp, Yachiyo tells La Hire and Gilles what they’ve learned, including their plan to put an end to the never ending night by saving Tart and letting her know that Riz is actually alive and well. Melissa admits that even she was surprised to learn that this world is actually all Tart’s dream. But Gilles doesn’t seem too surprised. Tart’s despair brings darkness and her hope brings light to the world. Since she’s the maiden, that doesn’t surprise him at all.
  81. Iroha wonders if letting everyone know the truth would really be okay. La Hire tells her not to worry. He’ll just tell them that it’s their plan to save the maiden. Melissa thinks that just those words alone will be enough to get the people at the fort to volunteer to help save Tart. Yachiyo asks if they already figured out where she’s being held. Melissa says she’s being held at Fort Tourelles. Gilles says he’ll talk to Charles and get him to give his approval to send troops there.
  83. >Iroha: Yes, please do so...!
  86. <The next day...>
  88. >"Now is the time to take back our "maiden"!"
  89. >"Ooooooohhhhh!"
  90. >"It is time for us to bring hope to the saint who brought us hope!"
  91. >"Uoooooooooooh!"
  92. >"We will save the saint!"
  94. >Melissa: Everyone! I'm so moved...! For Tart's sake, everybody is...!
  95. >Yachiyo: Seems like there's also troops that came running here from other forts too.
  96. >Iroha: Everybody really loves Tart-san, don't they!
  97. >Melissa: Yes!
  99. Now that everyone's riled up, Gilles leads them forward. A soldier reports to Charles that the maiden's rescue team has departed. He asks if this was really the right thing to do, since now they have fewer people available to prepare for Corbeau. Charles tells him that they had no choice. He repeats what Gilles said about bringing hope to the saint that brought them hope to himself.
  101. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  102. Chapter 34
  103. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  104. The group has arrived at Tourelles.
  106. >Yachiyo: Iroha! We're going to save Tart!
  107. >Iroha: Yes, absolutely!
  108. >Yachiyo: Let's take it back. Both Tart and our future!
  111. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  112. Chapter 35
  113. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  115. >Yachiyo: If we can break through this blockade...! HAAAA!
  116. >Familiar: 6RRRRRRrRRRRR!??
  118. >Iroha: Yachiyo-san got rid of the blockade!
  119. >Melissa: I see it! It's Fort Tourelles! Tart's inside...!
  120. >Yachiyo: Let's go, Iroha.
  121. >Iroha: Right!
  123. Another knight familiar appears, surprising Iroha and Yachiyo. La Hire appears and tells his men not to let the girls beat them.
  124. On top of that, Yachiyo senses a witch, which appears soon after. Iroha tells La Hire that they'll take care of the witch. He says they'll hold the familiars back. Yachiyo tells them not to push themselves too hard. Gilles tells the troops not to fear, for now is the time to take back their maiden and France.
  127. After defeating the witch, Yachiyo tells Iroha that they'll head into the fort now. Iroha tells Melissa to come with them.
  128. They run inside and call out for Tart.
  130. >"Tart, where are you!?"
  131. >"If you're there, please answer!"
  132. >"...There she is, she's over there!"
  134. >Tart: ........
  135. >Iroha: Tart-san!
  136. >Melissa: Tart! Hang in there...!
  137. >Tart: I'm sorry for making you all worry about me. I'm... okay. At least, I am... .......... .............
  139. >Iroha: Tart-san. alive!
  140. >Tart: Eh...?
  141. >Iroha: I'll tell you how to bring Riz back right now. If you do, then you'll definitely reunite with Riz. So could you please calm down and listen to what I have to say?
  142. >Tart: ...... Yes!
  145. >Tart: This world is... a dream I'm seeing?
  146. >Yachiyo: Yes, that's right.
  147. >Iroha: You see, Riz-san knew the truth from the beginning and was going back and forth between reality and dreams in order to save you, Tart-san. But because you became sad and she became unable to see the light, she got lost inside the darkness.
  148. >Tart: Riz is just lost...? What do I need to do for us to see each other again?
  149. >Yachiyo: We're going to teach you now. ...Tart. Take this sword.
  151. >Yachiyo: Raise this sword. Shine the light of hope in your heart. And then call out... so that it'll reach Riz, who's wandering in the darkness.
  153. >Yachiyo: The only one who can shine the light to guide Riz is you. Hold hope within your heart and call out to Riz...!
  155. >Tart: Understood. I'll give it a try!
  156. >Tart: Riz. I'm here!
  158. >"...I finally found you, Tart."
  160. >Riz: I'm home, Tart.
  161. >Tart: Riz...!
  163. >Iroha: Yachiyo-san!
  164. >Yachiyo: Yes...!
  165. >Melissa: Tart...I'm so relieved! Ah... Look at the sky!
  166. >Iroha: Once again, the sun's...!
  168. >Soldiers: Ooooohh...!
  169. >Gilles: Soldiers, a job well done! The saint has rewarded your hard work with a miracle!
  170. >Soldiers: Uoooooohhhh!
  172. >Melissa: Riz... I'm glad you're alright!
  173. >Riz: I've caused you trouble, haven't I? Melissa, Iroha, Yachiyo.
  174. >Yachiyo: Your wounds have healed already, right?
  175. >Riz: Yes, thank you. Now then... There's still one last job left. Let's fight together, Tart.
  176. >Tart: Yes!
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