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  1. Hey, What's up guys it's ya boi Slayer coming at you with a fun Monotype Team vs Team Tournament.
  2. So, this tour is gonna have a few interesting rules and features I hope you'll all enjoy! :)
  4. The prize of this tour is gonna be bucks, 120 to the winning team and 80 to the runner-ups. These bucks will be split up between the members of the teams, now onto the rules:
  6. First off, its gonna be a Double Elimination Tournament, This means that we have a winner's and loser's bracket,
  7. everyone will start in the winner's bracket till they lose one of their games. Then they will move to the loser's bracket,
  8. in this bracket you have to win if you want to stay in the tournament, see it as a second chance. In the finals, the team from the winner's bracket will only need to win 1 match to win the whole tour, but the team from the loser's bracket needs to win twice to win the overall tour. This is so that the team from the winner's bracket gets an advantage since they didn't lose till that point.
  10. Each round will last 3 days, so from 00:00 (midnight) UTC/GMT till 00:00 3 days later. If for any reason you as a team can't play during the 3 days msg me on Azure (Alpha Haides) or on discord (NLSlayer21#1012). The teams are responsible for scheduling with the opposing team, if no time is scheduled and the match hasn't been completed in the 3-day span, refer to the activity rule below.
  12. All the matches are going to be played by the presence of a tour moderator in the Alpha League room. The tour moderators are going to be the Room Owner's and Room Leader's, it can happen that there are no RO's or Rl's available at the scheduled times, a different auth in the Alpha League's room will be hand-picked to moderate a match. Remember to save replays and in case that is not possible, take screenshots.
  14. Every match is gonna be 2v2, this means that 2 people are gonna battle 2 other people, you keep battling till everyone on your opponents team or from your team has lost once. So let's say Alpha-Harpreet and Alpha Pat are battling Alpha-Rabbut and Alpha Haides, if Harpreet beats Rabbut, Rabbut will be eliminated for that round. Then I, Alpha Haides have to beat both Harpreet and Pat to win that round, they will only have to beat me once.
  16. The first Matchup gets picked via the command !pick by a moderator, so let's take the same people from the last example. To determine the matchup an auth with type "!pick Harpreet, Pat" either of the two will get picked randomly, let's say Pat got picked. Then the auth will type "!pick Rabbut, Haides", let's say Rabbut got picked, so game 1 will be Pat vs Rabbut. If Pat wins, he gets to decide with his teammate if he wants to battle me first or wants to send Harpreet out first. If I then win there will be only one person left on each team so they battle for the match win.
  18. Before the match starts, each team gets to ban 1 type blindly. This means that each team pms the present moderator what type they are gonna ban. The moderator will then make the bans known after receiving both bans from the teams, therefore if both teams decide to ban 1 type, let's say fairy, only fairy will be banned for round 1. If the teams decide to ban fairy and steel, both teams can't use either of these types for the first round. After round 1 is done the losing team gets to pick one type they wanna ban, this can be any of the types cause the round 1 bans will be voided. Then if we move on to a round 3 the losing team gets to pick an additional type to ban, meaning that the ban from round 2 stays and you can add another ban to that, therefore 2 types will be banned in round 3.
  20. Activity can be called if there has been no initiative to schedule from either of your opponents. Screenshots are needed as proof when asking for activity wins. If no screenshots are provided and the game has not been played then the winner will be decided by a coin flip. If both teams are able to provide proof of them taking initiative during the 3 day period, but they weren't able to settle with a time, this will be reviewed and according to the proof and amount of initiative shown in the screenshots, there will be a winner picked. If there is no clear difference the match gets decided by a coin flip.
  22. Sign-ups are going to be taken via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSedzZeu9URGLkE0SgbQF9zg2dcXeYzxyaG4dGZqdVxczISCoQ/viewform
  23. We won't accept Sign-ups past Sunday at 00:00 (midnight) in the GMT timezone. This means that right after that, on Monday at approximately 00:05, the first round will start and the brackets will be posted in The Alpha League's room. To access this bracket type in The Alpha room: "+bracket"
  25. If you are left with any questions, ask an & or # in The Alpha League's room or contact me on my discord: NLSlayer#1012.
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