Tia's Secret (AiE; Celestia; NSFW)

Oct 19th, 2014
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  1. >After a long night of lovemaking, you find yourself face to face with the royal rump
  2. >Her tail flicks in your face and you grab it by the dock and pull it away
  3. >Her red, swollen sex was still dripping from your passion
  4. >But your eyes drifted somewhere else
  5. >You've been staring at it every time you take her from behind
  6. >Her perfectly round ponut, a light grey against her field of white fur
  7. >You grin and lean your face down toward her rear, cheeks brushing against the curves of her rump
  8. >"Oh Anon...I couldn't much as I love your tongue even I need--!!!"
  9. >She gasps and practically screeches when your tongue makes a circle around the edge of her tight knot
  11. >Two pegasi rush in and tackle you
  12. >They club you over the head and you're out cold
  13. >You wake up a few hours later in a cell
  14. >Celestia is on the other side of the bars
  15. >She looks pissed
  16. >You're barely conscious and she's yelling at you
  17. >"Never do that again!! I will leave you in here all night to think on what you have done! That use of tongue is forbidden in my bedchamber!!"
  18. >She storms off before you can even explain yourself or apologize
  19. >"Hey..."
  20. >You spin around
  21. >Laying on the jail cot is Princess Luna
  22. >She's laying on her side, ass facing you
  23. >"I hear you like mooncheese"
  24. >She grins and lifts her tail
  25. >...fuck...
  26. >Despite one night in jail
  27. >Including exploring the moons deepest crater with your mouth
  28. >You find yourself wanting Princess Celestia's perfect ponut even more
  29. >As cliched as it sounded, she made it a forbidden fruit
  30. >That black cherry had to be yours
  31. >Why would she react so strongly?
  32. >Maybe she was testing you?
  33. >You make your way to her bedchamber, lay on the bed and wait for sunset
  34. >Right on schedule, she enters as the sun falls below the horizon
  35. >"Good evening, Anonymous"
  36. >Oh boy she used your full name
  37. >She's still pissed
  38. >"I assume last nights...indiscretions will not happen again?"
  39. >You lie and assure her they won't
  40. >She accepts it begins to remove her regalia
  41. >"Good. I have had a terrible day. There was a..."
  42. >She carrier on about her court duties and other things
  43. >Your eyes drift to her rump
  44. >As she removes her golden slippers, one slides away from her
  45. >She mumbles and leans down to get it
  46. >Tail up
  47. >Butt in the air
  48. >Come on Princess, this was too easy...
  49. >No time like the present right?
  50. >Keeping your promise, you lick your finger and dive for her perfect white domes
  51. >She yelps and before she can protest, you're rimming her with your finger
  52. >She nearly bucks you off her, but months of having all sorts of other sex with horses taught you how to dodge the errant kicks and bucks
  53. >She orders you to cease but her marehood betrayed her
  54. >It went from desert to rainforest in an instant
  55. >Her clit winking at you rapidly
  56. >You were tempted to put your mouth down there while your fingers worked her hole
  57. >But...
  58. >You had to have your prize
  59. >Grabbing her flanks, your tongue darts right in the center of her tight hole
  60. >Its salty, a day of sitting trapping sweat and musk of all sort between the quivering muscle
  61. >She shrieks and a tide of marejuice collides with your chest
  62. >Princess Celestia, you dirty slut you
  63. >Your little stunt earned you a week in the dungeon
  64. >Celestia informed you if you mention a word of it to anyone you would never come out
  65. >Not that they would believe you
  66. >She was screaming pretty loud though so you're worried the guards might know already
  67. >Hearing Celestia's royal canterlot voice really worried you
  68. >Until she stormed off and you could see her still leaking royal canterlot marecum down her leg
  69. >What an odd thing to be furious about
  70. >Maybe it was because you didn't ask?
  71. >Or maybe she was worried she's toot or something?
  72. >Whatever, you never thought you'd like licking balloon knots either but there was something special about hers
  73. >Her thunderous out of control orgasms for one
  74. >You lay on the dusty old cot and sigh
  75. >A week in jail for rimming the princess of the sun
  76. >It's going to feel less and less worth it as the days dragged on
  77. >But right now if she came back and told you you can come out if you promise never to do it again, you'd take the week in jail
  78. >It was just so dirty to someone so clean, royal and proper
  79. >You could feel yourself drooling at the thought
  80. >Is that what its come to, Anon?
  81. >Jail in exchange for making Celestia feel like a dirty pony for a few minutes?
  82. >You really needed to get your life toge--
  83. >"Well well, look who's in the doghouse!
  84. >Oh christ not him...
  85. >Discord hovered above you, grinning like the cocksucker he is
  86. >"I heard from a certain Moon princess you've been seeing how many licks get to the tootsieroll center of a---"
  87. >You groan and roll over on the cot
  88. >"Oh fine. Be a gloomygus. And to think, I was considering aiding your quest for Celestia's hidden diamond!"
  89. >You blink and turn back around
  90. >Discord is eating Whoppers
  91. >What was he up to?
  92. >"What do you say? I free you from this dreadful place and use a bit of my magic to make you a little more...stealthy? Hmm?"
  93. >You rub your chin
  94. >Fuck it, why not?
  95. >"One condition! You must bring me something....important!"
  96. >Oh hell, here we go....
  97. >"This is good work, Anon! 100% Cambodian!"
  98. >You cringe as Discord drinks the milk and tosses the cup
  99. >But true to his word, after your little errand in the Bronx, you appeared in Canterlot's grand hallway
  100. >Ponies completely ignoring you arrival
  101. >You made a few test runs, waving your hands and making faces at a few of the aristocrats
  102. >They don't react to you, in fact they even walk THROUGH you
  103. >You weren't just invisible, you were intangible!
  104. >Except you could touch them if you wished
  105. >A few top hat and monocle malfunctions later, you remembered your real goal and started your hunt for the Princess
  106. >This may be the toughest part, Celestia could be anywhere
  107. >Her throne room was empty as were the dining halls
  108. >Even the pantry she liked to sneak into for a midday cake binge wasn't occupied
  109. >Hmm...if she was still in the city you were running out of places she'd be...
  110. >Then it comes back to you
  111. >Yesterday she was complaining about some kind of meeting between the other Princesses
  112. >That meant the royal balcony!
  113. >You legged it up the stairs and sure enough Celestia and the other three Princesses were there
  114. >They were discussing...oh fuck it who cares?
  115. >Celestia's juicy flank was resting on a red pillow
  116. >You took a moment to sit and admire it
  117. >It was rare you had a chance to just look at her butt without her teasing you with her tail or turning around
  118. >Soft white cushions of flesh and fur, her tail's flowing mane cloaking the right cheek in a veil of color
  119. >They're perfectly round, if not a little chubby compared to her peers
  120. >You wanna reach out and goose her, but that would be a waste of this little gift from Discord
  121. >No, this had to go slowly
  122. >Laying on your stomach and propping your head with your arms, her dock and ponut were eye-level
  123. >She shifted her weight slightly and the circle of wrinkled grey flesh tensed and relaxed
  124. >She was saying something to Twilight
  125. >You lean forward a tiny bit more and blow a stream of air onto the circle of tender flesh
  126. >Celestia's breath catches in her throat and she stops speaking mid sentence
  127. >You wish you could see her face right now
  128. >From your vantage point, you see her cheeks suddenly tense and squeeze together
  129. >You can't help but grin, she really was sensitive down there
  130. >"Aunt Celestia? Do you need a hankie?"
  131. >Cadence think's she's fighting a sneeze, how cute
  132. >Celestia says no and she readjusts herself on her pillow
  133. >You're greeted with a tiny wetspot on the fabric, along with the incredible view of her hips as they rise and return to the cushion
  134. >Celestia resumes whatever she was talking about
  135. >Her butt still tense and squeezed together
  136. >Little by little, however, she relaxes and her ponut slowly reveals itself again
  137. >While she was doing that, you were licking the tip of your index finger
  138. >As the sun princess's rump spilled back onto the pillow you reached forward
  139. >With the gentlest of touches, you slowly trace the fur bordering her hole
  140. >This time, she continues to speak, but you see the fur bristle and her dock trembles
  141. >She twitches and flicks her tail, likely convinced you're a fly or something bothersome like that
  142. >You keep this up, practically counting every strand of marble white fur that surround her prize
  143. >Her hole begins to tense and relax, and she shifts her weight again
  144. >The small wet spot on the pillow has doubled in size and you swear her clit peaks slightly out of her pink folds
  145. >When she finishes talking, thats when you make your move
  146. >You tighten the circle you're making, sliding your finger to the very edge of her knot
  147. >The muscle tenses even more, practically pulling itself into her body
  148. >You can hear Princess Celestia hide another gasp
  149. >Her hips begin to quiver and you move your finger closer to the center of her forbidden entrance
  150. >And just as her cheeks begin to close on your hand again
  151. >You push inside and twirl around
  152. >Her reaction was priceless
  153. >She yelped and her wings opened, sitting up in a huff and she nearly pulled you with her
  154. >"...Princess Celestia...?"
  155. >It was Twilight's turn to ask what the matter was
  156. >Her mentor was acting strange after all
  157. >You follow that delicious bum with your face
  158. >Celestia's marehood was beginning to leak and you could tell she was trying very hard to keep her clit from winking
  159. >If you were with her alone you may have been drawn away from the ponut and taken a deep sample of her nectar
  160. >But you wanted the sap, not the fruit
  161. >"I...."
  162. >She began and started to sit back down
  163. >You gave her thick ponut a long lick, from the top of her marehood all the way to the bottom of her dock
  164. >Another yelp and she flapped her wings like a startled goose
  166. >She bolted out of the room
  167. >Twilight and Cadence were speechless
  168. >Luna, on the other hand, had a very sly grin on her face
  169. >You little sneak, you're in on this!
  170. >Before you followed Celestia, the dark side of the moon earned an open palm swat
  171. >Luna jumped and flailed, knocking over teacups and a plate of scones
  172. >You didn't stick around for the aftermath, who knows what bathroom Celestia was retreating to
  173. >You ran as fast as you could, the intangibility coming in handy as you didn't need to worry about door slamming in your face as the sun princess escaped
  174. >She retreated to a secluded bathroom well away from the other three princesses
  175. >The door locked and you walked through it
  176. >Celestia had her forehooves on the countertop, staring at her reflection in the mirror
  177. >Her cheeks flushed red and her lips were trembling
  178. >Even her mane was slightly disheveled
  179. >With the glow of her magic, the faucet turned on and she splashed cold water on her face
  180. >"What is going on....Celestia, get a hold of yourself"
  181. >She took a deep, long breath through her nostrils and sighed
  182. >As her body tried to relax, you made another move
  183. >Rushing behind her, you grabbed her flanks tightly and shoved your tongue into her taut hole
  184. >She reflexively reared upward, knocking over expensive bottles of soap and perfume
  185. >Her backdoor was so tight you felt the tip of your tongue getting numb
  186. >Nevertheless, you had a job to do and you forced it a little deeper
  187. >Like before, the salty taste of old musk and sweat flooded your senses
  188. >The hint of lavender by the tip of her dock clashed with the less formal scents below
  189. >It only fueled your lust for that royal ponut
  190. >You inhaled a little deeper, your fingers tightening on her cutie marks
  192. >Celestia tried to speak
  193. >She tried to escape
  194. >But you held on and twirled your tongue against thick, muscular walls
  195. >Marejuice splashed against your chest and neck
  196. >Her first of many orgasms was already happening
  197. >Trembling, she slid her hooves from the basin to the polished tile floor
  198. >Her rear legs followed, but the sensations kept her rump pointed up at an angle
  199. >Like a mare in heat, waiting for the entire herd of stallions to breed her one by one
  200. >She moaned loudly as her marehood began to spasm and wink
  201. >You felt more of her warm honey hit your body as she came over and over
  202. >You kept your assault, pulling your tongue from the middle and lapping around the edges, teasing the muscle
  203. >Her hips thrust upward again and again, hitting you square in the chest with the bulk of her rump as another orgasm rumbled through her body
  204. >Each one was more intense then the last and you made no effort to stop tasting her
  205. >As tempting as her twat was becoming
  206. >As much as she began to beg for someone to rut her
  207. >You never stopped tonguing that delicious bottom, your licks never rising higher than her dock or lower than the beginnings of her royal lips
  208. >After about the tenth or eleventh orgasm, her body couldn't handle anymore and her rump fell to the tile floor
  209. >There was a puddle of marecum under her rear, whatever didn't drench you had gone everywhere
  210. >Her chest rose and fell as if she had sprinted ten miles, and the rest of her was shivering with need
  211. >Very slowly, she began to open her eyes
  212. >Her face was completely red, her tongue hanging from her mouth as she gasped for breath
  213. >As she lifted her head gradually to look at the mess, her eyes widened in shock
  214. >"ANONYMOUS?!"
  215. >Wait, what?
  216. >You back away
  217. >Did the spell wear off!?
  218. >"HOW-WHY!?!?"
  219. >She shakily began to stand up
  220. >But she didn't turn to face you
  221. >In fact, her magic grabbed your wrists and pinned you against the wall
  222. >Your pants unbuckled and were ripped free
  223. >Your cock sprang out, harder than diamond after watching that display of passion from Celestia
  224. >"!"
  225. >Her tail lifted
  226. >Her marehood was swollen and gushing, her clit completely exposed and dark red
  227. >You couldn't move, her magic held you still and kept your length pointed forward like a nail
  228. >She plunged her soft rear against your hips, your cock sliding completely inside her
  229. >Her legs and ass did all the work, grinding and pressing harder and harder against you as your cock was squeezed tightly by her muscles
  230. >She wailed and whined, every movement of her flanks rattling your member inside her in a way she liked
  231. >You couldn't even begin to think about lasting long
  232. >After about thirty seconds of this, you came
  233. >Her marejuice mixed with your hot cum and legs were drenched to match your chest
  234. >You sighed and began to slump on her back
  235. >Her magic pinned you upright against the wall again
  236. >The Princess had no intention of stopping
  237. >Your oversensitive glans screamed with a mix of pain and pleasure as the Princess's muscles tightened around it
  238. >Her cushy rear practically enveloped your middle and her magic ensured you had no chance to escape
  239. >"Breed me...Anon!! HARDER!!"
  240. >You had no choice in the matter
  241. >Magic tingled around your balls and you felt them begin to fill again
  242. >Her grinds and thrusts became more violent, the tile behind your back cracking
  243. >You came again, feeling your body struggle to fulfill her insatiable appetite
  244. >Again, her magic propped you back up, revitalized your sex, and kept you going
  245. >Over and over the Princess milked you, so much so that the floor below your feet was coated with a layer of cum
  246. >She was leaking more of your seed than her own fluid and after what had to have been eight successive orgasms she finished and slowly relaxed her hips
  247. >As your cock slid out of her, it was agonizing, the sensitivity downstairs so much you felt you might pass out
  248. >But despite everything, whatever spells she cast on you kept you hard and throbbing
  249. >As your cock slipped out of her with a lewd splatter on the floor, she lowered her rear
  250. >Her tail lifted higher
  251. >Oh no
  252. >No no no she can't be serious!
  253. >Magic tingled around your cock and your balls suddenly swelled
  254. >This spell was stronger
  255. >Your dick was in pain it was so stiff red
  256. >The tip brushed against her backdoor, the thick layer of cum and marejuice leaking into her
  257. >With a grunt, she pushed back, your member painfully pushing into Celestia's tight ponut
  258. >You swear for a moment you lost your vision
  259. >The world went completely white, the only sensations you could even comprehend was your length slowly pushing apart her snug hole
  260. >It couldn't have been more than a minute
  261. >But every second felt longer than the last
  262. >Every inch of your cock was painfully swallowed by her tight backside
  263. >Her moans for you to go deeper the only thing keeping you from passing out
  264. >Well that and her magic making your need to release more and more urgent
  265. >Her huffs and groans push you further over the edge
  266. >By the time her rear smothers your lower body, you start to cum
  267. >Despite how many times you finished before, her spells make you orgasm harder and stronger than even your first one
  268. >The invisible shackles on your wrists vanish and you grab her hips and manage to grunt and thrust even deeper
  269. >She howls and bucks, pushing you even harder into the wall as your warm thick seed fills her darkest caverns
  270. >Blood rushes to your face and with an equally loud cry you feel another orgasm shutter from your hips
  271. >You plunge the rest of your cock into her narrow hole and cum one final time
  272. >The two of you cry out in unison and the familiar feeling of burning hot marecum covers your legs
  273. >With a groan and a sigh of relief, she releases you and pulls her body forward
  274. >You cock recedes from her bum, exiting her hole with an unflattering pop
  275. >Free from her body, you collapse on the floor
  276. >Gasping for breath and covered with a mix of her and your juices, you twitch and make no effort to stand
  277. >Celestia, on the other hand, is cleaning herself up in the mirror
  278. >You'd be amazed at how quickly she was composing herself if you weren't laying on the floor in a pool of both your fluids
  279. >"I must say, Anonymous, you are quite the stubborn one. But I am not so proud that I will not admit I was wrong to deny...that sort of pleasure."
  280. >She straightened her hair and cleaned her backside with a washcloth
  281. >"But you still must be punished for your repeated indiscretions. One month in my personal dungeon should be enough."
  282. >...personal dungeon?
  283. >"I will send a guard to wait outside this room. He will lead you there. Don't keep him waiting too long but try to tidy up a little."
  284. >She winked and with the composure and grace only a woman of her age and beauty could manage after a scene like that, she left
  285. >Left you on the floor of her bathroom
  286. >Covered in--
  287. >A flash of light blinds you
  288. >"Anon!"
  289. >Discord was floating above you in a hazmat suit
  290. >"So sorry, I forgot to mention Princess Celestia's....emissions reverse the spell. Must have slipped my mind, you know how that is, right?"
  291. >If you could move you'd strangle him
  292. >"I'm sure it was worth it, right?"
  293. >He laughs and teleports away
  294. >You really hate that guy
  295. >You struggle to get up, groaning in pain as your hip muscles protest being used so soon after that royal rutting
  296. >With a twist of the faucet, you run some cold water and try your best to clean the more visible signs of what you just did off you
  297. >Over your shoulder you see the cracked and dented part of the wall where Celestia pinned you
  298. >Who would have thought she was so pent up, even with the routine romps she was already having with you
  299. >Now a whole month...?
  300. >In her personal dungeon...?
  301. >What the hell did that even mean?
  302. >"Pssst, Anon!"
  303. >You turn to the window at the end of the bathroom
  304. >Luna waved
  305. >"T'would be quite a shame for my sister to have you imprisoned for such a long time. I firmly believe no pony or...other should be jailed for their sexual ability. No matter how raunchy or sensational they may be."
  306. >She winks
  307. >Oh brother...
  308. >You ask what she wants
  309. >She smiles
  310. >"Fear not, brave Anonymous, for I shall grant you amnesty in the Lunar kingdom! Away from my tyranical sister!"
  311. >You wait for the catch...
  312. >"In exchange, of course, for your.."
  313. >She looks to the mess on the floor, your crotch, then back to your eyes
  314. >""
  315. >Right on cue
  316. >You fold your arms
  317. >Celestia's musk is still all over you and the whiff of it makes your tired dick twitch
  318. >"Though I cannot guarantee Tia will not come looking for thee....nor can I guarantee we shall not wrestle atop you for dominance."
  319. >She winks again, and you can see the tiniest blush on her cheeks
  320. >Sheesh, she's a bigger freak than her sister!
  321. >"Quickly now, Anonymous! I fear the guards may spot my royal caboose dangling from this window and investigate!"
  322. >So your choices are be Celestia's sex slave for a month
  323. >Or escape and potentially have a threesome with both sisters, and probably get 'punished' by Celestia even more?
  324. >That's harder than choosing between a bed of nails or a cup of coffee
  325. >Without much thought you climb out the window and Luna flies you to her bedchamber
  326. >"Now, about your recently acquired taste, I believe we require another demonstration~"
  327. >She winks again
  328. >Looks like you're going back to the moon tonight...
  330. ~ End
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