Feb 6th, 2014
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  1. In regards to Chu2koi S2 and the reception:
  3. Upon episode 1 airing, we had a parody of the common cliches that occur in a second season (character design changes, plot advancement, new year) that brought back fun memories of S1. It was a fantastic opening episode reminding people about the characters and tone. Received well and pre-orders climbed.
  5. Episode 2 had progression of the Yuuta/Rikka relationship on their first date, advancing the plot from S1 while still allowing focus on all 5 of the main characters. New character was introduced at the end inspiring people to continue watching. Well received and pre-orders were stable.
  7. Episode 3 introduced the new character, who became popular among the viewers. This had the potential to introduce a love triangle element, but was avoided. People enjoyed the episode, but started to become hesitant about where the plot was going. Pre-orders started to fall as people wait.
  9. Episode 4 goes off in a completely different direction, focusing upon two of the quartet in essentially a "filler" episode. For the first time, we don't have Yuuta's POV and the main couple are pushed aside as gag characters. While the episode was quite enjoyed, it didn't inspire confidence to buy as there's still questions unanswered about the main focus. Pre-orders stall.
  11. Episode 5 continues our side diversion, but in another direction. Again, people enjoyed the episode, but you start to wonder "was this needed?" "where is this going?" "is this important?" Pre-orders continue to stall.
  13. We're now just over a month before release, where people are still mixed on what to buy and Ishihara decides to toss filler episodes that felt like tossed S1 scenarios into the series, which bog down the progression of the main plot, which even S1 didn't have outside the Isshiki episode. There's nothing in the latest episodes that say "Buy me!" thus people haven't been buying. Maybe it'll turn around, but it would take something big in the next episode, which we don't know anything about.
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