Lyra and BonBon's Attempt at Date Night (Lyra x Bon)

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  1. >The birds were chirping.
  2. >The weather was pristine and gorgeous.
  3. >And the air was carrying extra pep for today it seemed like.
  4. >BonBon was busy admiring the clouds from her kitchen window.
  5. >She adored these lovely Spring days.
  6. >Even more so since she knew that tonight was a night she had been waiting all week for.
  7. >It was date night with her lovely, yet headache inducing girlfriend, Lyra Heartstrings.
  8. >Lyra had promised her a romantic dinner out under the stars this evening.
  9. >And one of BonBon's favorite things to do was enjoy freshly cooked food.
  10. >Especially under the beautiful moonlight.
  11. >It was supposed to be a full-moon tonight as well.
  12. >All the stars were aligning in that this might be the best date night BonBon and Lyra have ever had.
  13. >Putting a potholder in her mouth she gently opened the door to her small oven.
  14. >The smell of fresh sweet rolls filled BonBon's kitchen.
  15. >They were her speciality.
  16. >Every one went weak in the knees when they got a whiff of BonBon's sweet rolls.
  17. >She muffled hummed a small tune as she took the tray from the oven.
  18. >And placed them on a nearby plate to cool.
  19. >She put the potholder back up on the wall hook.
  20. >And turned back around to admire her crafts of delicacy.
  21. >Golden-brown outer crusts filled with a swirl of sweet chocolate, cinnamon, and a little special ingredient.
  22. >Passed down in BonBon's family from generation to generation
  23. >They were like the small, edible children to BonBon.
  24. >She was extremely proud of how they turned out.
  26. >Still admiring her rolls, BonBon noticed how they appeared to be growing smaller.
  27. >As was her counter.
  28. >And even her fridge.
  29. >She was on the verge of freaking out.
  30. >Until she noticed how she felt the ground under her hooves.
  31. >An unamused expression appeared on her face.
  32. >"Surprise!" came a bubbly voice from behind BonBon
  33. >BonBon exhaled through her nose.
  34. >"Lyra, you know I hate it when you use magic t-tooooooh~" BonBon's train of thought cut off abruptly.
  35. >Silky soft smoothness rubbed against her back in circular motions.
  36. >Kneading her like bread dough.
  37. >"Mmmmmm" BonBon purred happily.
  38. >"Annnnnnd, I got you a special something" Lyra levitated a bag in front of BonBon.
  39. >She opened her eyes and let out a small gasp.
  40. >"Oaty-Crunch!?"
  41. >"But-But I thought they only sold this in Manehattan now?" Lyra continued her massage.
  42. >"Well...let's just say I have my ways"
  43. >The massaging sensation stopped as BonBon heard the sound of light clops against the floor.
  44. >"And, I knew that would make you smile" Lyra spoke as she wrapped her front leg around BonBon.
  45. >"Dawww, you're such a sweetheart sometimes Lyra" BonBon's tone content as she nuzzled against Lyra's fuzzy cheek.
  46. >"Oh, I made sweet rolls for tonight!" she gestured towards the kitchen.
  47. >"But, I guess I can let you have one or two before dinner" BonBon smiled at Lyra's warm face.
  48. >Without a minute even passing by, Lyra instantly replied back with.
  49. >"Nah, but thanks for offering"
  50. >Inside of BonBon's head alarm bells, whistles, and flags of all kind were exploding with panic.
  51. >First Lyra's special back rubs, then her finding her favorite food, and now not going crazy on her sweet rolls?
  52. >BonBon squinted her eyes and scowled.
  53. >"...What did you do?" she said annoyed.
  55. >Lyra scrunched her mouth in response as her eyes widened.
  56. >"I have no idea what you're talking about" her eyes darted back and forth.
  57. >"I'm just saving my appettite for tonight!"
  58. >"Lots of yummy food I have planned oh yes, mmmm." Lyra nervously rambled as she rubbed her tummy with her front leg.
  59. >BonBon's incredulous glare not letting up one bit.
  60. >"I usually have to kick you out of the kitchen several times when I make my sweet rolls"
  61. >Sweat was starting to drip down the front of Lyra's face.
  62. >"Haha, I guess I've just learned my lesson about that haven't I BonBon?" Lyra's smile obviously forced.
  63. >BonBon practically bumped her nose against Lyra's as she was staring deep into her bright, yellow eyes
  64. >Lyra's mouth quivered somewhat.
  65. >She gulped, loudly.
  66. >Silence slipped between the two like a shadow through a crack in a door.
  67. >"...Did I ever tell you, you have beautiful eyes?" Lyra said with a tone of desperation on her breath.
  68. >She anxiously giggled.
  69. >Staring to the floor and letting out her infamous "Lyra's about to get a firm talking to"  sigh.
  70. >BonBon was getting into position.
  71. >But a yelp broke her out of her stance.
  72. >"Okay!"
  73. >"I'll talk, I'll talk!
  74. >"Just don't lecture me!"
  75. >BonBon looked over to Lyra and found her cowering on the floor.
  76. >Hooves over her head as if she were preparing for the sun to drop on her head.
  77. >BonBon rolled her eyes at Lyra's melodramatic performance.
  78. >Lyra got back into standing position, but she wasn't meeting BonBon's eyes.
  79. >She anxiously rubbed her left leg with her right.
  80. >"Lyra...what did you do?" BonBon spoke to calm her nerves and to get to the bottom of this.
  81. >Sort of like a parent scolding a child.
  82. >"Oh jeez, you didn't burn another one of Twilight's books again did you?" her voice annoyed.
  83. >Lyra's frown widened.
  84. >"No...and I didn't burn just got scorched...all over...into ashes" Lyra's mouth scrunched tighter.
  85. >She shook her head.
  87. >"Then tell me what you did Lyra" she wanted to stamp her hoof down for emphasis.
  88. >But, BonBon was trying to keep her anger in check.
  89. >For Lyra's sake.
  90. >Lyra looked up to BonBon with a guilty look in her eyes.
  91. >She knew that was BonBon's weakness, but she had to stand firm.
  92. >"...You know how tonight is date night?" Lyra began.
  93. >BonBon raised an eyebrow in confusion.
  94. >"Yeeees?"
  95. >Lyra kicked the ground lightly not saying another word.
  96. >"...Hypothetically, how mad would you be if I may have accidentally invited...somepony to join us?"
  97. >An image of the sun expanding and absorbing the entire universe in a white hot inferno flashed into BonBon's head.
  98. >"I'd get over it" BonBon's eye twitched.
  99. >"But, that depends on who you "hypothetically" invited to, our, special, date, night" each word emphasised for good measure.
  100. >Lyra absentmindly clicked her front hooves together
  101. >The sound of BonBon's teeth grinding made her even more anxious.
  102. >"Wellllllllll..." but before Lyra could get another word out.
  103. >The front door of their house was knocked open by a burst of confetti and balloons.
  104. >And in cartwheeled a familar pink blur.
  105. >Pinkie Pie.
  106. >"Whooooooooooose ready for a super fabulous best friends night picnic?!" she hopped over and shouted.
  107. >Straight into BonBon's ear.
  108. >Stewing around in her heart as she could feel her blood pressure rising.
  109. >"Hehe, surprise" Lyra weakily said trying not to agitate BonBon further.
  110. >BonBon gave a cold stare she shared between Pinkie and Lyra.
  111. >Bits of confetti were being pulled from her mane as Lyra gently brushed it with her front leg.
  112. >Lyra knew that BonBon was passed the point of no return.
  113. >She was beyond upset that she was living right on disappointment boulevard.
  114. >Population, her.
  115. >"Look, I know you're upset"
  116. >"That's not the word I'd use, but go on" BonBon interjected
  118. >But, my heart was in the right place."
  119. >"And isn't that what really matters?
  120. >BonBon blinked her eyes at Lyra.
  121. >Not even dignifying what she said with even a sigh.
  122. >"I love you?"
  123. >Again, nothing but a blink.
  124. >Lyra's face fell defeated.
  125. >"Why so glum my minty chum?" Pinkie popped up beside Lyra.
  126. >Wrapping her hooves around her neck in a hug.
  127. >She looked over to BonBon and was met by her discerning gaze.
  128. >She pointed her head over to the door.
  129. >Lyra shut her eyes and sighed.
  130. >"Pinkie..."
  131. >She looked up into Lyra's eyes with that innocent smile full of glee.
  132. >"You remember how I said you could come to dinner with us tonight?" Lyra's eyes were disheartened.
  133. >Pinkie squeaked happily.
  134. >"Of course I remember silly!"
  135. >"I've been so super duper extra excited for it all day!" She bounced higher and higher with each word.
  136. >"...About that" Lyra's tone was like ice down Pinkie's back.
  137. >She stopped cold mid-hop.
  138. >Her lower lip pouted out as her eyes shimmered with tears.
  139. >Lyra felt like she just crushed all of Pinkie's hopes and dreams.
  140. >"Ummmmm..." her nervous eyes glanced back over to BonBon.
  141. >She gave her a "hurry it up" gesture.
  142. >Pinkie's whimper drew Lyra attention back towards her.
  143. >"Me and BonBon were..." she couldn't finish her sentence
  144. >"Were wondering..."
  145. >She took a deep breath.
  146. >"If you liked chocolate or strawberry frosting on your sweet rolls?"
  147. >Pinkie's excitment bubbled back up as she squee'd
  148. >"Why not a little bit of both?" she suggested.
  149. >"Pinkie, you're a genius." Lyra smiled warmly at Pinkie.
  150. >She wrapped her in a Pinkie Pie tight hug.
  151. >Lyra suddenly remembered about the other pony in the room.
  152. >Her eyes anxiously wandered over to BonBon.
  153. >To say she was mad would have been an insult to mad people.
  154. >She gave Lyra the "You are weak" look.
  155. >Scowling as she did.
  157. >Lyra turned her head to stare at a nearby wall.
  158. >Pinkie was still giving her death-grip hug.
  159. >Sweat started to drop down the sides of Lyra's head.
  160. >She had to think of a way to make this either all better or a way to spontaneously break all her legs.
  161. >Both options had their pros and cons.
  162. >While deep in thought she felt a slight force pushing on her chest.
  163. >The ground was moving beneath her hooves.
  164. >Surprised, she quickly glanced around and noticed two cream colored hooves moving her slowly into the kitchen.
  165. >"Pinkie, would you kindly excuse us?"
  166. >"I need to talk to Lyra here for just a minute."
  167. >BonBon turned her head towards Lyra and continued her glare.
  168. >"Alone" she said with a finality of somepony who was about to lay down the law.
  169. >Reactively, Lyra's ears flopped downwards as she gulped.
  170. >Soon she felt the sturdy, cold tile of their kitchen floor under her hooves.
  171. >Her demise was close at hoof.
  172. >"Now, BonBo-" Lyra was cut off by BonBon's front leg shushing her.
  173. >She lowered her leg back to the floor.
  174. >Still wearing that icy, glare and neutral face.
  175. >BonBon sighed as she took a breather before starting back in on Lyra.
  176. >"Eight" BonBon stated.
  177. >Lyra tilted her head at what BonBon just said.
  178. >"That's how many of our dates Pinkie's ruined"
  179. >Lyra's eyes widen for a second as she feels a strong kick in her gut.
  181. >Not quite believing what BonBon was saying.
  182. >"...Surely it couldn't have been that man-" BonBon practically shoved a picture in her face.
  183. >Looking over it, memories started to resurface in Lyra's brain.
  184. >It was their romantic hay-ride last Nightmare Night.
  185. >But it didn't turn out to be very romantic when Pinkie thought that part was optional.
  186. >A hay covered and extremely annoyed BonBon next to a sheepishly grinning Lyra was what the picture captured.
  187. >As Pinkie danced around the hay cart.
  188. >Causing a ruckus.
  189. >Tossing what appeared to be pumpkin pies.
  190. >"Maybe telling her to go crazy with all those pies around was a bad idea..." BonBon put the picture away.
  191. >She shoved a new one in front of Lyra's guilty eyes.
  192. >A fancy, dining room interior with an embarrassed BonBon hiding her face.
  193. >With Pinkie and her party cannon dancing on the tabletop.
  194. >While Lyra trying not to laugh, but failing miserably.
  195. >"There wasn't a "No cannons allowed" sign heh-heh"
  196. >Remaining stoic and squinting even harder now.
  197. >BonBon slowly lifted another photo in front of Lyra.
  198. >It took her a minute to recognize the setting.
  199. >Small, round, and brown tables.
  200. >Ponies sitting on cushions.
  201. >Pinkie being the only one laughing.
  202. >"...Oh" Lyra felt like she was hit upside the head with a shovel.
  203. >"This was last week at the comedy club wasn't it?" Lyra nervously looked towards BonBon.
  204. >She struck her again with the shovel of bluntness.
  205. >Her eyes the deliverer.
  206. >Lyra's head the target.
  208. >Averting her eyes to the floor.
  209. >A balloon of sadness welled up in Lyra's chest.
  210. >"What do all these pictures have in common Lyra?" BonBon's voice as unamused as her face.
  211. >Still looking towards the floor, Lyra racked her brain for a reply that wouldn't result in an ass chewing.
  212. >"Uhhh, Pinkie?" Lyra gave another weak smile towards BonBon
  213. >If there was a contest for hardcore stares in Equestria, BonBon would certainly be at least top five.
  214. >Six if you count Derpy on her off days.
  215. >"You're half right"
  216. >She placed the photo on the dining room table.
  217. >"But, why was Pinkie there in the first place?" she slightly growled.
  218. >Lyra's ears flopped faster than a fat pony diving into a pool.
  219. >She vividly remembered that evening.
  220. >The new comedy club was having it's weekly open mic night.
  221. >It was something her and BonBon had been looking forward to all week.
  222. >Just a chance to relax and laugh and enjoy each other's company.
  223. >Until she ran into Pinkie earlier that day.
  224. >*Gasp!*
  225. >"You guys are heading to the comedy club tonight too?!" Pinkie hopped in place
  226. >"Heh, yeah!" Lyra whinned a little.
  227. >"BonBon and I have been looking for something new to do ever since Grease Pits closed up."
  228. >Pinkie looked at Lyra kind of strange, but shook her head back to full smiles.
  229. >"Hehe, yeah, my sister Maud is going to be one of newcomers tonight!" she cartwheeled around Lyra.
  230. >Ignoring Lyra's previous comment.
  231. >"She's going to put the "fun" in "tickling your funny bone" I just know it!"
  232. >Pinkie suddenly stopped in mid-wheel and practically flew over into Lyra's face zone.
  233. >"I just got an amazingly awesome idea!"
  234. >"What if you, me, and BonBon all sit together?"
  235. >Pinkie wrapped her hooves around herself.
  236. >"Triple the support! Pinkie flashed a smile at Lyra.
  237. >Lyra brought her front leg up to her mouth and pondered.
  238. >"Uhh, well Pinks, I'm pretty sure BonBon just wanted this to be a me and her thing tonight"
  239. >Pinkie's mane deflated a smidge.
  241. >She whimpered and groveled over to Lyra's hooves.
  242. >Showing off her big, sky blue eyes.
  243. >Looking up to Lyra.
  244. >"Uhhhhhhh..." Lyra was at a loss for words.
  245. >Pinkie whimpered and whined some more.
  246. >"BonBon's going to kill me"
  247. >And judging by how BonBon is currently glaring at her.
  248. >She wasn't wrong.
  249. >Back in the present and out of Lyra's thoughts.
  250. >BonBon was still waiting for the second half to Lyra's answer.
  251. >"...It's not my fault I'm a sucker for a girl with big blue eyes?" Lyra timidly grinned and awkwardly let out a laugh.
  252. >BonBon let out a dejected sigh.
  253. >"Lyra, you gotta learn how to be firm with Pinkie" lectured BonBon.
  254. >In response, Lyra started to rub the front of her leg guiltly.
  255. >"I know she's one of your best friends Lyra, but you need to draw the line with her" BonBon stamped her hoof down lightly.
  256. >Lyra nodded her head, defeated.
  257. >"I'm sorry BonBon, I just really hate saying no to Pinkie"
  258. >BonBon put a hoof on Lyra's shoulder.
  259. >"She's a big pony Lyra, she can handle it"
  260. >And with that, BonBon lovingly wrapped Lyra up in a warm embrace.
  262. >Lyra smiled and returned it.
  263. >Playfully smacking Lyra on the thigh
  264. >BonBon states with confidence
  265. >"Now go get her you silly filly!" BonBon booped Lyra's nose.
  266. >Giggling, Lyra stood up straight and firm.
  267. >Fierce conviction was present in her eyes.
  268. >She was going to get something done.
  269. >And that something was sitting in her living room.
  270. >"Be right back" Lyra said proudly.
  271. >BonBon nodded her head and smiled at Lyra's sudden burst of bravery.
  272. >"I knew she could do it"
  273. >"She just needed a kick in the butt is all" BonBon thought.
  274. Later that night.
  275. >"...I should have kicked her harder" BonBon grimaced.
  276. >Pinkie was being her usual spaz self and flipping up and around.
  277. >Ruining the atmosphere of the beautiful moon-lit night.
  278. >Meanwhile was trying to hide her face in BonBon's sweet rolls.
  279. >"There's -gulp- always next date night right Bon?" Lyra said with a mouthful.
  280. >Spitting crumbs out on BonBon's face.
  281. >"Yes Lyra, next date night" BonBon sighed.
  282. >Curse Lyra's weak, but big heart.
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