Horizon 4-B

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  1. Chapter 31:
  2. Futayo's Tonbo Spare fails to activate and Fukushima defeats her.
  3. Nate knocks Kiyomasa away.
  4. Fukushima's Ichinotani fires a Dragon Breath at Toori.
  6. Chapter 32:
  7. Toori blocks the attack with the shield Logismoi Oplo.
  8. Mary arrives to help Nate and Tenzou arrives to help Toori.
  9. Kiyomasa and Fukushima were only attacking as a warning, so they leave.
  11. Chapter 33:
  12. Narimasa, Toshiie, and Fuwa discuss their situation.
  13. Narumi prepares for the Musashi ambassadors to arrive.
  15. Chapter 34:
  16. The various ambassadors reach the ships sent for them.
  17. Hashiba shows up and causes those ships to fire on the Ariake.
  19. Chapter 35:
  20. As the Hashiba fleet approaches, the Musashi prepares to take off.
  21. The ship leading the Hashiba fleet is the Jurakudai which is known to be under the command of Hashiba Hidetsugu.
  23. Chapter 36:
  24. Masazumi tells the ambassadors not to interfere and to leave everything to those on the Musashi.
  25. While at a Sviet Rus festival, the ambassadors there meet Honjou Shigenaga, Sviet Rus's 3rd special duty officer.
  26. Shigenaga sends out a transport ship to crash into the Ariake, but Musashi sends Naito and Naruze to stop it.
  28. Chapter 37:
  29. Naito and Naruze destroy the transport ship's engine and Naomasa blows it up before it can crash into the ground.
  30. Date sends out some gods of war and Niwa Nagahide appears on the Jurakudai to introduce Mogami Komahime and Hashiba Hidetsugu.
  32. Chapter 38:
  33. Mogami begins firing on Date and Sviet Rus to fulfill the history recreation yet defy Hashiba.
  34. A Date god of war attacks Mogami Yoshiaki, but she uses her sword Onikiri against the pilot.
  35. Onikiri reads its target's memory and attacks those the target feels are supporting him but leaves the target unharmed. In this case, it destroys some of the other Date gods of war.
  36. Sviet Rus decides to focus on retrieving the Musashi ambassadors and heads back to Sviet Rus.
  38. Chapter 39:
  39. Yoshiaki feeds Adele snacks while discussing the situation.
  40. Narumi tries to stop Urquiaga from stopping more Date gods of war from taking off and it develops into a battle.
  41. Narumi easily holds her own using her mobile shell, but the battle comes to an end when a Musashi transport ship arrives carrying the gods of war damaged by Onikiri and when Masamune shows up.
  42. Yoshiaki fires on Hidetsugu's Jurakudai.
  44. Chapter 40:
  45. Ujinao is commanding the Houjou part of the Hashiba fleet.
  46. A transparent version of the Azure Dragon god of war appears behind Hidetsugu and blocks the Mogami attack.
  47. A non-transparent version appears behind Masamune and begins strangling itself which causes Masamune to begin strangling herself.
  48. Narumi and Oniniwa attack it and it vanishes once Suzu shouts for it to stop.
  49. The Jurakudai leaves.
  51. Chapter 41:
  52. Ookubo, Kanou, and the underclassmen committees call for a special general student meeting to say Musashi should give up all fighting and work peacefully toward an apocalypse resolution.
  53. Isa tells Anayama she is rooting for the student council and chancellor's officers because otherwise her sabotage to the gravitational cruising system won't take effect.
  55. Chapter 42:
  56. Ookubo makes a public address in an attempt to get the general public on her side.
  57. While swimming, Masazumi and some other girls discuss how Ookubo has been planning this for a while and how Masazumi's negotiations always seem to end in war.
  58. Marfa attacks Shigenaga's fleet which carries the ambassadors from Musashi.
  60. Chapter 43:
  61. Shigenaga's forces battle Marfa's forces.
  62. Marfa uses Maska Orge which damages the target in relation to the anger the wielder feels for the target.
  63. Nate shows up to aid Shigenaga.
  65. Chapter 44:
  66. Tenzou, Mary, Toori (as a shield), and Horizon join in the fight.
  67. Horizon uses Aspida Phylargia to charge up Lype Katathlipse and destroys one of Marfa's ships.
  68. Marfa's side refers to Horizon as the "Leviathan Princess" and they leave.
  70. Chapter 45:
  71. After watching the battle from the surface, Narimasa and Fuwa mention that the battle was used as a distraction while a diplomatic ship from Holland arrived at Novgorod.
  72. Oriotorai informs Ookubo and Kanou that she and Sakai have approved the special general student meeting.
  74. Chapter 46:
  75. Suzu visits Date's main garden where she recognizes Sasuke and Saizou despite their disguises.
  76. They tell her to return to the main garden that night to see something interesting.
  77. Fujiwara Yasuhira, the final leader of Oushuu Fujiwara, arrives to speak with those remaining on the Musashi.
  79. Chapter 47:
  80. Azuma takes care of ??? while Miriam isn't feeling well.
  81. Masazumi begins negotiating with Yasuhira.
  83. Chapter 48:
  84. Asama helps Masazumi convince Yasuhira to have a serious discussion.
  86. Chapter 49:
  87. Asama at the negotiation and Sanyou in the library independently talk about the Age of Dawn.
  88. Musashi's understanding of the situation back then convinces Yasuhira to cooperate with them.
  90. Chapter 50:
  91. Ookubo watches and then joins in as Sanyou and the others speak in the library.
  92. After being injured in the battle with Fukushima, Futayo wakes up in the Blue Thunder and is then attacked.
  94. Chapter 51:
  95. Futayo battles the three cloaked attackers inside the Blue Thunder.
  96. Toori's mom joins in and the attackers flee.
  97. Toori's mom reveals that she inherited the name of Ono Zenki, but after the history recreation of Zenki's death, she received the surname Aoi from Horizon's mother and used an alternate pronunciation of Zenki, so her name is now Aoi Yoshiki.
  99. Chapter 52:
  100. Futayo asks Yoshiki to be her teacher.
  101. Shakespeare arrives to fix Neshinbara.
  102. The attackers manage to escape Gin and Muneshige.
  103. Suzu enters the main garden as Sasuke had told her to.
  105. Chapter 53:
  106. Suzu finds Masamune who offers to show her around.
  107. Yoshiaki tells Yoshiyasu that Hidetsugu used to be Date Kojirou, Masamune's younger brother.
  109. Chapter 54:
  110. Speaking with Yoshiaki and Shigenaga, they learn that Musashi's arrival made Hashiba demand the "suicides" of Kojirou and Komahime which is why they (with Kojirou as Hidetsugu) were ghosts when seen earlier.
  111. The Azure Dragon god of war appears and Narumi heads out to fight.
  113. Chapter 55:
  114. Oniniwa and the other Date god of war pilots battle the Azure Dragon outside while Narumi handles the one appearing behind Masamune so she can protect Masamune and Suzu.
  115. The outside one uses is "river" ability (which creates a torrent of lightning), but Oniniwa manages to restrain it and allows a Date ship to fire on it and him.
  116. While Narumi attempts to restrain the one behind Masamune, Urquiaga storms out, angry that all the noise interrupted the confession scene of his eroge.
  118. Chapter 56:
  119. Urquiaga gives Narumi the panties that came with his eroge.
  120. With some help from Suzu, the two of them subdue the Azure Dragon.
  121. Yoshihime tells Katakura that Date has some information to tell Musashi's ambassadors concerning Masamune, Kojirou, and Komahime.
  123. Chapter 57:
  124. Yoshihime, Yoshiaki, and Shigenaga reveal what happened in the past.
  125. Masamune and Kojirou were twins whose father was the Dragon God, so the Azure Dragon was given to them for protection.
  126. When Hashiba started pressuring Date and Mogami, Kojirou and Komahime chose to commit suicide so that their clans would not have to oppose Hashiba.
  127. As a half-god, Kojirou was unable to completely kill himself and had to ask Masamune to finish the job.
  128. Toshiie used a spell to stabilize them as ghosts, but Kojirou had less lingering regret than Komahime and is thus little more than a puppet.
  129. Kojirou's puppet-like state has caused him to lose control of the Azure Dragon, so it is going berserk.
  130. It is revealed that the Azure Dragon was sent to Date 30 years before by Motonobu. Masazumi theorizes that he sent the Four Sacred Beast gods of war to their respective cardinal directions as guardians of the Far East.
  132. Chapter 58:
  133. While Masazumi and Oriotorai wait for the special general student meeting to begin, Oranje of Holland contacts them from Novgorod and says he will explain the Genesis Project to them if they come there.
  134. His transmission cuts out and a transmission from Niwa comes in.
  135. She says that Katsuie fired on Novgorod and warns Musashi to stay away from there.
  136. Ookubo and Kanou arrive for the special general student meeting.
  138. Chapter 59:
  139. Turenne and Terumoto watch as the meeting begins.
  140. Ookubo gives her plan, Masazumi gives hers, and Ookubo prepares to give a rebuttal to Masazumi's plan.
  142. Chapter 60:
  143. Ookubo lays out a thorough argument against Masazumi's plan.
  144. Masazumi says she has will not reject Ookubo's plan.
  146. Chapter 61:
  147. Masazumi makes it clear she will consider any plan presented to her, but then prepares to make her actual argument.
  148. Yoshiaki gives Yoshiyasu a lesson about how nations must not become stagnant and must continue changing.
  149. For her training under Yoshiki, Futayo prepares for a rematch against Kimi.
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