MGE Side III Nevia Theatre

Feb 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Nevia Theatre
  2. Come, hold my hand tightly...♥ Please nestle closer to me...♥
  3. We’ve finally arrived to the honorably named “Nevia Theatre”! It’s the rose-colored opera theater from that well-known tale.
  4. Said to be where once dead roses were revived as Nevian Roses by the song of Christine, the first Diva and Troupe Leader Nevi’s wife, the stunning Nevia Theatre stands among these beautifully resurrected roses! It will surely give you a wonderful time!
  6. The central stage surrounded by beautiful water full of floating roses... In addition to the first-floor seating surrounding it, there is also sometimes a viewing boat that gets closer to the stage, letting you enjoy the ambiance of Mermaids swimming and dancing before your eyes.
  7. The programs at Nevia Theatre include the performances of various operas concerning the seven islands, for example, the story of “The Great Pirate of Matori”... There is a scene during the play where Mermaids play the role of pirates and kidnap men, but in some cases, the gentlemen watching from the boat may also get kidnapped themselves♥ Ufufu♥
  8. There is second and third floor seating on the upper floors, and the seats with a thin curtain around them are semi-private rooms with something like a bed and just enough room for two people to snuggle up, and is seating meant for lovers or married couples.
  9. That curtain is a curtain of water with magic that allows you to see the stage unobstructed as if viewing it through clear water from the inside, but you can’t see what is going on from outside the curtain.
  10. Even if we were to be struck by the passion of the stage, fondling each other’s bodies and exchanging kisses...♥ Even if the flames of passion ignite, and we have sex according to our urges, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside♥
  12. This time, Lady Eustine will be taking the stage as the leading role in a big public performance.
  13. Normally, walk-ins like you aren’t allowed to take a seat, but I have already prepared you a seat♥
  14. In truth, I would have liked to join your side in the upper floor seating, but I have a role to play on stage.
  15. Ufufu♥ Actually, did you know I’m a popular actress in the Blossom Group, and often have the privilege of performing with Lady Eustine?
  16. This time, please by all means sit on the first floor and witness me on stage♥
  17. If you do, I am sure you will be pleased with the good fortune I will bring you...♥
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