Jan 19th, 2017
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  1. 21. Added Support for the "map00 lobby convention" in WADs. It's
  2. controlled via the "lobby" CVAR. When that CVAR is 1, it activates
  3. the "lobby mode":
  4. 1. The server auto-switches to map00 when both players leave.
  5. 2. The server auto-switches to map00 when a map ends.
  6. 3. All maps will always be available for voting, no matter
  7. the value of sv_vote_map_skip.
  8. 4. There will be no time limit on map00.
  9. 5. Dynamic bots (minplayers) are excluded from map00.
  11. For this mode to get activated, you need to:
  12. a. Set the "lobby" CVAR to a value of 1.
  13. b. map00 should exist in the loaded WADs.
  14. c. Define a maplist on the server.
  15. d. Include map00 into the maplist.
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