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  1. Chat eivdence and crucial information
  3. https://steamfriends.us/friend/76561198250187100 - Antiher0's profile history. Note the ammount of undesirable friends who have been deleted with VAC banned accounts.
  4. Joins infinity (cga) 1 day after creation of CG account
  5. 7 week old CG account
  6. Ex teammate + 1 current teammate suspect he is cheating (can provide chat logs)
  7. Admitted to CGM team he has been trialling with for past 2 weeks that his account is bought (can provide chat logs of another player from the team he's trialling for telling me this)
  8. Past friends with many russian accounts and many vac banned accounts including infamous AU cheaters such as saltbae
  9. Commenting on people's LFT threads 5 weeks after his CG account creation as if he has known them for a long period of time - Smurfing evidence
  10. Team captain who picked him up the day after account creation says he met him in matchmaking - antiher0 confirms this (can provide chat logs of both the captain and antiher0)
  11. In groups regarding cybergamer events that happened 5 months ago (unban method group on steam) - Smurfing evidence
  12. constantly looking into walls that are not angles to clear
  13. constantly ignoring angles when it suits him
  14. very strange mouse twitching throughout both maps
  16. mirage timestamps (All stamps from demo not pov file)
  18. 3:34 - Hides in unders cutout perfect time to avoid Tot's peek. Looks like he wants to check window but hesitates because he knows he can't. Repeeks after tot has finished checking.
  19. 9:00 - Strange crosshair movement around walls, not checking any proper angles.
  20. 13:10 - Checking 4-5 angles in a rotation over and over until he simply decides someone will be coming from short in the next few seconds. Incredible luck ?
  21. 14:40 - Gets the frag on pistol player pushing smoke and continutes to spray (even adjusts to the left) before the 2nd player is seen.
  22. 16:37 - Seems to look at Tot through wall, crosshair incredibly low, not checking any angle.
  23. 16:41 - Staring into wall at player
  24. 16:34 - Looking into wall to check market rotate
  25. 16:54 - Steps out to prefire head height - extremely fast flick to James
  26. 22:32 - After fragging Tot, crosshair seems to magnetise to ErZ - looking at floor of balc, no real angle.
  27. 23:54 - Seems to check window for some reason - flick back to Gaz
  28. 26:40 - Seems to be looking at Bisharoonie from unders - why would he be checking right side bottom mid ?
  29. 27:09 - When running up con he seems to always look into the right wall to check for market rotate
  30. 28:00 - Looks into right wall for no apparent reason
  31. 29:00 - Possible lock on to T's pushing a main
  33. Inferno timestamps
  35. 17:25 - possible triggerbotting to pit + dig players.
  36. 23:45 - Sees player cross back to dig yet still fixates on under pillars spot with confidence.
  37. 39:40 - Seems to adjust crosshair looking through wall to perfect head height and jiggles for the prefire.
  38. 46:35 - Appears that he was about to prefire planter on off angle through smoke but reconsiders.
  40. Various clips from Antiher0's other cga matches
  42. https://streamable.com/r0jvh - Lock on van player
  43. https://streamable.com/storn - Perfect timing to hide in cutout (Exact same thing happens in 1st timestamp of mirage match)
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