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Mar 12th, 2021
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  1. I love how this is anonymous and I like to be a private person, but this one has me going nuts if i'm to be honest.
  2. Cardano - Ada
  3. As I'm typing this it is fighting its way down to (and below) $1.00 and I've purchased more. Not a lot as I can't afford it. I actually took out payday loans to buy more. I can juggle those since I have a lot of profit (up about %600 average) coming to me from my GameStop GME gains that I actually predicted here when it was $40. In retrospect, it makes sense since it turned into a big movement. COINCIDENTALLY right at the right place and the right time. Right now it is at $267 and hit $348 the other day, but if you're holding onto it still right now, know that it isn't quite over yet. For GME, there is what will feel like a long way to go if you're still holding on. COINCIDENTALLY, there is a stimulus check for $1,400 coming out which I'm guessing will move it up, but I'm not sure about the details.
  4. Back on topic.. I'm taking out loans and dumping the money into Cardano/ADA while watching the price decline.... sounds like a really bad idea doesn't it? There are a lot of things going on in my life right now that aren't so great. Most of it revolves around money and what not being able to provide for my family is doing to me. So maybe I'm just nuts. But, hear me out and tell me I'm wrong.
  5. I predict ADA will surpass bitcoin in marketcap maybe 10 fold overall.. possibly/most likely more, but it is fuzzy for me at that point and there's a lot more going on than market cap in USD vs a crypto at that point in the future..... That is to say that if bitcoin hits 10 trillion, then ada will be 40 trillion. That would put it at over $800. Yeah I know.
  6. I have a 6th sense that I suspect is related to something like situational awareness at a subconscious level and pattern recognition. It isn't unlike going to bed and processing things as your falling asleep that you may have missed... and then an epiphany hits you in a bizarre dream. Except for me, it is more like a memory of the future. Sometimes an image or like recalling something faintly. It is like a crazy savant skill that has made friends think I'm psychic. The last thing I ever needed was a friend to tell me I'm psychic and so I hung out with people who would never believe this could be. The wildest prediction/guess or fun card trick was always a "coincidence" and so I was happy with that. Well as I have nothing and there's a lot at stake (pun intended), I have to lean on this. If I'm wrong and I've dug my family a deeper hole, I have a contingency plan that delivers at great cost.
  7. ANYWAY we don't need to worry about any of this here, because it is all out there with Cardano... right now. Wherever I looked for what I thought I would find... it was there. But there's also a very sinister underbelly of Cardano I need to point out. In retrospect this will have been plain as day. If people start talking about this, it won't help the situation because of the nature of Cardano. I believe the future of Cardano is already set in stone except for a suspected vulnerability that I suspect was patched with the "Cardano Foundation." I used a cheap social media botnet with success to move big crypto persona towards the vulnerability. Based on his reaction, I'll know for myself. However... if all of a sudden he starts crying Cardano from the mountaintops.... you won't have to take my word for it.
  9. Lets get into it.
  10. Have you tried to use Ethereum lately? THE FEES? It is the most used blockchain and it is congested. The fees are ridiculous. All the while the power consumption is criminal. Aren't YOU surprised cryptocurrencies haven't been targeted for regulation for environmental impact reasons? No? Can't blame you as I didn't think about it until I started mining.
  11. Ethereum 2.0 seeks to resolve problems, but there are plenty of roadblocks that will get ugly and are getting ugly.
  12. On top of this.... Charles Hoskinson seems like he's hell bent on running Ethereum into the ground for some reason (check anything he's ever said about Ethereum vs Cardano or how he tries to not talk about Vitalik). The guy is an angry person but he sounds so peaceful. Just watch all of his videos of him talking about stuff (you could be occupied doing this for hundreds of hours, but a few hours will probably be enough). He says he doesn't care about money, but that conflicts with his past projects and personality clashes with other team members.
  13. Bitcoin is just for money and FEW people have it.. yet it has a big market cap.
  14. Cardano is peer reviewed (how many times has a bug in open source software been immediately fixed by some random programmer who saw the issue from the start?) and I would dare to say its very secure. It is going to be fast and seems like it may intend to make other blockchains obsolete.
  15. The rest of it is where it gets interesting... and this is all out there/published
  16. governance... if you own a coin you get a vote... but if you own MORE coins you get MORE vote?
  17. treasury with 276 million coins
  18. 45 billion coins and deflationary. wow thats a lot of coins regardless.
  19. with bitcoin you can almost identify who's who by the wallet address... not the case with cardano
  20. per the cardano foundation on why you can't have one wallet address with all your coins in it: "Daedalus does this because of privacy reasons. You can always use the same address if this is needed for your purpose.
  21. It’s important to understand that from an external view (like from an explorer), you can not distinguish addresses and wallets. Only a wallet knows which addresses belong to it."
  22. 25.8 billion coins were sold at the iCO in 2016. For all we know, 23 billion could have gone to one person who then has all the real control over the votes (which are anonymous).
  23. I'm not suggesting that Charles Hoskinson has 23 billion coins, but I am pointing out that there is a lot of appeal for someone with deep pockets to acquire more coins.
  24. Last point is the market cap issue. For Cardano to hit a high value, the market cap would have to be huge. It would need serious adoption by much more than the small pool of people who can afford to invest in bitcoin.
  25. Which leads us to Cardano in Africa.... China has been flooding Africa with Transsion cell phones for the past couple years... complete with malware as is the standard procedure for cheap phones coming straight from manufacturers in China as Google has blog posted about (the relevance for this as it pertains to IOHK will never come to light). Cardano is targeting the 1.3 billion people with median age of 19.
  26. Cardano has made some interesting appearances touring in Asia already (that was the first stop in some interesting choices of locations), but that was cut short as per a post from Cardano team on their reddit "I was very hopeful for the Chinese market and I still am. The core issue is that the Chinese government has told the exchanges and the market to take a break for now. Everyone is waiting for the policy to get sorted. Once that occurs, I'm confident we'll eventually have a bright future there"
  27. Cardano is starting with the vulnerable and offering the crack cocaine of cryptos. I imagine once they do their America tour, it will have billions of users the market will really take off.
  29. Now watch some videos of Charles Hoskinson and consider him from the perspective of his peers (they don't say too many nice things about him).
  30. I'm convinced from all angles this is it and I'm all in.
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