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Anonfilly/Derpy Momfu Short Thing

AMedicalKrabbyPatty Dec 31st, 2018 120 Never
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  1. >"And you're sure you have everything you need?"
  2. "Yes."
  3. >"Books?"
  4. >You raise your hips causing the saddle bags on you back to bounce a bit.
  5. "Yep."
  6. >"Notebooks?"
  7. "Yes. And pencils, paper, and all that good stuff."
  8. >Derpy bites her lip in worry.
  9. "Mom,"
  10. >You get a small smile and a happy little sound from the back of her throat at that.
  11. "I'll be fine, alright?"
  12. >"Ooooh ok. If you're sure."
  13. >You start for the door but she moves in front of you, hovering just above the ground.
  14. >"And you're sure you don't need me to walk you to school? I have plenty of time befo-"
  15. >You rest a hoof against her muzzle stopping her.
  16. "Mom, please. I'll be ok."
  17. >"I just- oooh!"
  18. >She closes the didstance between you and pulls you into a hug which you return quickly.
  19. >"Have a good first day at school, okay?
  20. "Mhm."
  21. >She lets you go and you trot out the door.
  22. >It's kind of chilly out but only your ears are cold.
  23. >Your winter coat is starting to come in so the rest of you body stays warm.
  24. >Ponyville isn't exactly bustling right now but it's just a Tuesday morning.
  25. >There are few ponies out and about being cast in the orangey-yellow light of the rising sun along with the thatched roofed buildings.
  26. >Hoof traffic will pick up a bit later for sure but you'll be at school by then.
  27. >You turn onto the road leading up to the school house.
  28. >Lucky enough, you live pretty close to that road so navigating really isn't an issue and it shouldn't take you another five minutes to get there.
  29. >Enough time for your mind and eyes to wander.
  30. >The sun shines on you from over valley peaks through the gaps in the trees and leaves, onto your body.
  31. >Each little bit of sunlight worms its way through you coat and onto your hide where it warms you up in patches.
  32. >That fact that you had a hide to warm was just one of many not-so-small blessings as of late.
  33. >A home.
  34. >A mom.
  35. >In Equestria at that.
  36. >The chances of it are… well you didn't want to think about the chances.
  37. >Even though you would have liked to retain certain body parts you can't complain.
  38. >You are lucky.
  39. >Well and truly.
  41. >The road you're taking starts to form an incline taking you up a hill giving you a higher vantage point to look down into Ponyville.
  42. >You spot a few ponies trotting down the street.
  43. >Some pulling carts others doing something or nothing all the same.
  44. >You spot a few pegasi flying over the buildings.
  45. >You see a pair angle down and descend together into town before disappearing between buildings.
  46. >Another pushes a lone cloud towards a cloudbank outside of town opposite of the Everfree Forest.
  47. >All of this…
  48. >This town.
  49. >These ponies going about their day.
  50. >All of it is framed by the rounded, rolling mountains on either side of the town forming the valley Ponyville is nestled in.
  51. >And of in the distance on the side of one of those rounded mountains lies the seat of Equestrian power.
  52. >Just hanging there.
  53. >It's gorgeous.
  54. >The blowing wind causes the trees to move and a branch that had been casting shade over your eyes moves too.
  55. >You squint a bit at the sun but a smile forms on your face before you know it as you realize that a princess in that mountain city in the distance raised the very same sun that shined in your eyes.
  56. >The only word that can describe this placed is blessed.
  57. >And so are you.
  58. >You blink as you realize you stopped in the middle of the road to take in this sight.
  59. >You let loose a content sigh and get moving.
  60. >You'd be arriving early which will give you a chance to eat the extra muffin Derp-
  61. >No.
  62. >It'll give you a chance to eat the extra muffin Mom packed in your lunch before school starts.
  63. >It doesn't take you too much longer to arrive.
  64. >There are a few fillies and colts here already playing on the playground.
  65. >A few others sit on steps in front of the building but it doesn't seem to actually be open yet.
  66. >And that's what strikes you most.
  67. >Back home you wouldn't have known so man foa- children would go to school so early wanting to be there as little as possible or something but here…
  68. >It must be a cultural thing.
  69. >Instead of mingling you find yourself a spot under a tree some way away from everypony else.
  70. >Not that you are purposefully trying to do the whole new-kid loner thing but you just want to soak in all the sight of these ponies doing pony things in their pony world as much as possible.
  71. >You still aren't completely convinced this isn't some elaborate coma dream.
  72. >Especially after all the stuff you went through before you got to this point.
  73. >But if it has to be a dream…
  74. >It is a really good one.
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