Hisame: A Quiet Upbringing

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  1. Key: Kazuki Alter  
  2. Character: Hisame
  3. Applying for: Demon Rank up to A
  5. Reasoning: After being defeated by Bridgette. Hisame has been feeling a bit overwhelming. Her power needed to grow and she felt like she's been around the area long enough to say that she, too, can reach the power of Kusiri. He was definitely strong and Hisame has seen that in their past battles. But she wanted to exceed that power for herself and break those limits. Hisame finally thought that her plans should finally go underway. Her minds on going to kill people like Bridgette Reed and Andre seemed to fade away as their strength and usefulness might actually mean a bit.
  6. _______
  7. To Hisame it seems power comes in many different ways. For her, it was gaining it through envy. Gaining it through seeing other people grow and for her to continue the conflict that she was born to cause, she needed to grow as well. Her life depended on such. Casuing Bridgette to take her blood and having to defeat a Saint to prove a point. Losing bridgette as a follower through death and gaining a new one, Sherbet. It was all coming together and now her next step was to release her child. But as that happened, Anna declared a fight with the demoness and sealed her power in such a short amount of time. She was patient but for her power was steadily growing with how much time she'd now have no her hands. Soon, she'll release herself from will alone.
  9. TLDR: Hisame wanted more. More being her goal. A group of followers that shared her blood that would basically brainwash them. They'd only listen to her, only fight for her, and only be led by her. This was the ideal goal she wanted to present and she would need power to pressure through to the targets that she wanted to acquire.
  11. With all the tests and fights she's gone through to get this far. It seemed that she was still not at Kusiri's tier. And with his disappearance. She clearly couldn't rely on him any longer. She didn't when she fought Anna, and she won't now.
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