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  1. Version?
  3. PSX version is Japanese only.  It is essentially the same as the DS version. The NES version is quite different. The engine and balancing are completely different. For instance, the final boss' HP in the PSX version is 14,671 HP whereas it is 5,696 HP in the NES version.
  5. Console?
  6. This is played on an actual Dragon Quest IV disc with a SCPH-90000 JPS2.
  8. Category?
  10. Any%. Most J speedruns of DQ series are glitchless. This game doesn't have any glitches *except* for a small programming oversight that allows you to skip getting Baron's Horn to have your party for the final boss.
  12. Timing begins after PS1 BIOS screen and ends on "The End" appearing in the credits.
  14. Why are you streams starting at Chapter 3?
  16. * Because Chapter 2 is so terrible on randomness, I choose to only stream runs that make it past Chapter 2 with a decent time. I often won't keep playing after an attempt that fails, and it doesn't make sense to only stream for an hour, then stop. I will upload full videos to youtube anyways, and it will be subject to the same scrutiny as any other recorded run. Perhaps when my time is very competitive, I will stream the whole game.
  18. Notes
  20. * The early game is unfair. Chapter 2 has so many things that make it terrible to RTA. However, Chapters 3-5, all the way to the end of the game, is very enjoyable.
  22. * You can control your characters in Chapter 5, which you can't do in the NES version. However, like I said earlier, the difficulty of the enemies and bosses reflects this.
  24. * There's 4 (!) metal slime grinds.
  26. * You get an item in this game (Sands of Time) that allows you to restart battles if you get the chance to use it. This is only used as a backup in most situations, but when metal slimes run away, it's great for getting another shot. It doesn't always turn out that you can use it, depending on the situation.
  28. * Necrosaro is an incredibly challenging, but exhilirating final boss. Alena is so fast that you can pull off a Sands of Time if you need to, but it's very slow to do so (might as well reset.)
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