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  1. MigasHoje às 19:39
  2. Hi, can I ask you some questions about your application?
  3. LeafeonHoje às 21:19
  4. Is it alright if we wait an hour?
  5. MigasHoje às 21:19
  6. Yes
  7. LeafeonHoje às 21:20
  8. Okay cool, thank you
  9. LeafeonHoje às 22:21
  10. Alright
  11. I'd be ready
  12. MigasHoje às 22:23
  13. Please keep this conversation private
  14. LeafeonHoje às 22:23
  15. Of course
  16. MigasHoje às 22:24
  17. What do you think will be the biggest challenges as a moderator?
  18. LeafeonHoje às 22:26
  19. Trying to not be wrong about the help you give. I often fear that I am giving wrong advice to members.
  20. MigasHoje às 22:27
  21. You shouldn't be afraid
  22. LeafeonHoje às 22:28
  23. Okay, I still am though, even as a member currently
  24. I'm sure this will go away with time though
  25. MigasHoje às 22:29
  26. Yes it's normal, but you shouldn't be, even if you give wrong info you can always correct yourself
  27. What are your expectations for the Moderator rank?
  28. LeafeonHoje às 22:32
  29. I expect to be a person people turn to for help, concerning advice or similar stuff. I also expect to be able to warn people who are going against the rules(I see this in global chat quite often with the current flood of members going on) with an actual warning, instead of saying I'll go get the big guys if you continue
  30. MigasHoje às 22:33
  31. If someone offends you in chat, how would you react?
  32. LeafeonHoje às 22:35
  33. Depends who did it, if it's just a regular member with the "you're stupid" remark, I'd ignore it. If it's got actual depth and can be seen as critique, I'd love to discuss it. If it insults staff in general, I may message them asking to behave in a polite way.
  34. MigasHoje às 22:35
  35. Okay, yes that's nice
  36. What do you think it's the most severe things that players can do on the server?
  37. LeafeonHoje às 22:38
  38. Bully other people when staff isn't around. This would hurt the bullied person's feelings and maybe even give them a bad view of the server. By bullying, I'd be referring to serious insults that really hurt.
  39. It hurts the playerbase
  40. MigasHoje às 22:39
  41. Okay
  42. Yes, I hate that, specially when people do it on purpose
  43. LeafeonHoje às 22:40
  44. Exactly
  45. MigasHoje às 22:40
  46. What do you think it's more important: Doing things faster or better?
  47. LeafeonHoje às 22:40
  48. It depends on the job really. The difference is at how long it'll have a how large impact on things
  49. And how easily the change can be changed in the future
  50. MigasHoje às 22:42
  51. Imagine if you were working on a build for spawn. Would you try to make it as fast as possible or as better as possible?
  52. LeafeonHoje às 22:43
  53. In that case I'd try to make it one of the best builds I've ever made
  54. Spawn is not quite permanent, could be changed any moment, but as far as I know, it's gonna last a long time
  55. MigasHoje às 22:44
  56. Which plugins are you more confortable with?
  57. LeafeonHoje às 22:45
  58. I think Griefprevention is the plugin I'm most familliar with. After that the Lock plugin(LWC?)
  59. I don't have too much experience with the towny plugin, since I'm not very active there
  60. MigasHoje às 22:46
  61. That's okay
  62. What do you think are your 3 best qualities and 3 biggest defects?
  63. LeafeonHoje às 22:47
  64. From a personality perspective?
  65. MigasHoje às 22:47
  66. Yes
  67. Or anything else you think you're not good at
  68. or good at
  69. LeafeonHoje às 22:59
  70. I'm very empathic, I see that as a great way to relate to people's problems and help them accordingly. I also see everything as positively as I can at almost all times. I can also easily adapt to changes, however drastic they may be(I'm not sure how much of a help this'll be to a moderator role, but I see it as one of my best qualities). As for defects, trying to see everything as positively as I can could well be a defect in many cases. Another large defect is that I can be very immature at times. I also think that a defect of mine would be that I do not have very much insight on the world, since I am still in a somewhat early phase of learning about the world.
  71. I can't think of any good defects, sorry
  72. MigasHoje às 22:59
  73. That's ok
  74. LeafeonHoje às 23:00
  75. Oh nevermind, I realised this in the past months, but I do enjoy a lot of attention, and I think this is one of my largest defects.
  76. if not my largest
  77. MigasHoje às 23:00
  78. Okay, I don't really see that from you
  79. LeafeonHoje às 23:00
  80. It's something I hold back a lot now that I've realised it
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