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  1. “Come…on...sis….suck it in!” Rachael said to her sister as she tried to squeeze her into a bra. They both managed to fit into one of the spacious fitting rooms along with Taffy, and were trying to fit Sarah into one of the largest sized bras the store offered. Mora had forgone the ideas of bras all together and looked for anything that would serve to cover her, wandering around in the draping and unflattering muumuu section
  3. “I…am …sucking...it.…in.” Sarah worded breathlessly, as she continued to hold her breath as she held both arms above her head. Rachael was now standing in front of her younger extremely well endowed sister, and her stomach was becoming an obstacle for the both of them, pulling tighter on the bra she brought her own chubby arms around to the center of her sister’s bosoms. Rachael was going to make sure Sarah at least had a bra when the left here and she was going to make it fit one way or another, and now she almost had the bra on, all Rachael had to do now was pull a little tighter…she almost had it…
  5. *SLIP* the bra skittered out of her hands and hit the back wall of the dressing room.
  7. *FLUMP* Sarah’s big soft breasts leaped forward as Sarah exhaled, surprising Rachael with a face full of warm blubber boob flesh. “Sorry…my fault” Sarah apologized turning her head down to glance at her sister over her own young erect pink nipples.
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