[TSM4] BFA Raw Materials (v1) - NO OPERATIONS

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  1. group:BFA Raw Materials`01. Cloth`01. Tidespray Linen,i:152576,group:BFA Raw Materials`01. Cloth`02. Deep Sea Satin,i:152577,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`01. Frenzied Fangtooth,i:152545,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`02. Great Sea Catfish,i:152547,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`03. Lane Snapper,i:152546,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`04. Redtail Loach,i:152549,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`05. Sand Shifter,i:152543,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`06. Slimy Mackerel,i:152544,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`01. Common`07. Tiragarde Perch,i:152548,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`01. Fish`02. Uncommon`01. Midnight Salmon,i:162515,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`02. Meat`01. Briny Flesh,i:152631,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`02. Meat`02. Meaty Haunch,i:154898,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`02. Meat`03. Stringy Loins,i:154897,group:BFA Raw Materials`02. Cooking`02. Meat`04. Thick Paleo,i:154899,group:BFA Raw Materials`03. Enchatnting`01. Gloom Dust,i:152875,group:BFA Raw Materials`03. Enchatnting`02. Umbra Shard,i:152876,group:BFA Raw Materials`03. Enchatnting`03. Veiled Crystal,i:152877,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`01. Uncommon`01. Kubiline,i:153702,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`01. Uncommon`02. Kyanite,i:153705,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`01. Uncommon`03. Rubellite,i:153701,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`01. Uncommon`04. Solstone,i:153703,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`01. Uncommon`05. Viridium,i:153704,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`01. Amberblaze,i:154123,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`02. Laribole,i:154124,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`03. Owlseye,i:154120,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`04. Royal Quartz,i:154125,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`05. Scarlet Diamond,i:154121,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`02. Rare`06. Tidal Amethyst,i:154122,group:BFA Raw Materials`04. Gems`03. Epic`Kraken's Eye,i:153706,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`01. Akunda's Bite,i:152507,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`02. Riverbud,i:152505,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`03. Sea Stalk,i:152511,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`04. Siren's Pollen,i:152509,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`05. Star Moss,i:152506,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`06. Winter's Kiss,i:152508,group:BFA Raw Materials`05. Herbs`07. Anchor Weed,i:152510,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`01. Pigments`Crimson Pigment,i:153636,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`01. Pigments`Ultramarine Pigment,i:153635,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`01. Pigments`Viridescent Pigment,i:153669,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`02. Inks`Crimson Ink,i:158188,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`02. Inks`Ultramarine Ink,i:158187,group:BFA Raw Materials`06. Pigments & Inks`02. Inks`Viridescent Ink,i:158189,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`01. Leather`01. Coarse Leather,i:152541,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`01. Leather`02. Tempest Hide,i:154722,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`01. Leather`03. Hardened Tempest Hide,i:152542,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`02. Scales`01. Shimmerscale,i:153050,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`02. Scales`02. Mistscale,i:153051,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`03. Bones`01. Blood Stained Bone,i:154164,group:BFA Raw Materials`07. Leather & Scales`03. Bones`02. Calcified Bone,i:154165,group:BFA Raw Materials`08. Ore`01. Monelite Ore,i:152512,group:BFA Raw Materials`08. Ore`02. Storm Silver Ore,i:152579,group:BFA Raw Materials`08. Ore`03. Platinum Ore,i:152513
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