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  1. Once upon a time we were told the hurt would only hurt so long before it would disappear. What we were told was that we will constantly be hurt over and over again and used as toys and sex slaves. We weren't told that other kids would grow up call us names and make fun of us for what we look like. As time goes on we look around to see more kids being used and picked on and more kids acting slutty and horrid. There are boys/men who go around telling lies to get into girls/womens' pants. Its a constant cycle of pain and suffering. People try so hard to be happy and some succeed But others are left in pain. Left alone in the dark. There's things that people will never understand about others. Some of us have Mental Disorders and some of us are differently shaped, missing body parts, and have scars that no one can do anything about. In all honesty I wonder why people pick on others. I wonder why others enjoy causing others pain and suffering. I wonder why not a lot of people will help each other, and I wonder what people run away from situations when something can be done to help fix them.
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