(FR) Thread derails and the Princess hates you (A+) (First)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day buttfuck in equestria
  2. >wake up to the sun giving you the finger
  3. "Well fuck you too Celestia"
  4. >swear you hear "deal with it faggot" in the distance
  5. >proceed about your morning routine and step outside
  6. >there's train cars and an engine scattered all around your front yard
  7. >spools of thread are scattered all over the place
  8. >train ponies and police ponies are trying to figure out what happened
  9. >you notice a small pile of thread moving closer
  10. >bananahush pops out
  11. >"H-hi Anon.. um are derailed threads your fetish?"
  12. >you look around at all the thread in your yard putting two and two together
  13. "No Fluttershy, but if you tell me how you did this there might be something in it for you"
  14. >she squees and begins telling you how she accomplished the disaster on your lawn
  15. >the explanation was simply "magic, I aint gotta explain shit"
  16. "How cute Fluttershy, now for your prize"
  17. >you pick her up and punt her over the horizen
  18. "Derailed threads aren't my fetish either!" you call out to her
  19. >today was going to be a busy day
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