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  1. *Name and age: Veljko, 20
  2. *Where are you from? Serbia
  3. *Armory Link:
  4. *Main spec and favorable off spec? Fury, windwalker/brewmaster on alt.(440)
  5. * link:
  6. *Do you have any logs?
  7. *What addons do you use for raiding? Dbm, gtfo, skada, weakauaras, ert, angry assingments
  8. *Our main raid days and times are Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 21:30-00:30 server time. Will you be able to attend both regularly? Yes
  9. *Tell us a little bit about your past raiding experience: Something recent - Legion- 7/7, 6/10, 7/9, 5/11; Bfa- 3/8, 4/9, 6/8(was away for the court kill) *all mythic*
  10. *Can you add an image of your incombat raid UI?
  11. *Tell us a little bit about yourself(hobbies, interests etc.) I study languages at my college, like to drink with my friends on the weekends or any time, I mostly play wow but other than that I play classic, league a bit, cs go, other sp games ocasionally.
  13. Since I recently rerolled to fury I don't have any competent logs so I'll provide logs from my windwalker who has the kills*
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