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Golden presents: 12 Hour Speedrunning Challenge #3

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Jul 13th, 2016
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #3
  2. August 5th-7th
  4. Hi again. Believe it or not, I'm still Golden, and this is still my challenge to you. On the weekend of August 5th-7th, I challenge you to learn a speedrun. The challenge comes from the time limit; you have 12 hours within which you must learn as much as you can about the game, and complete your first run. Use this challenge as an opportunity to pick up a game you've always wanted to learn, or even to learn your very first speedrun. The goal is not to become perfect at the game in 12 hours, but rather, to learn enough essentials to get you playing through the game in its entirety. You can always build on your knowledge later, but you have to start somewhere.
  6. The last two challenges each saw hundreds(!!!) of players participating. This is a great chance to get involved in the community and meet people with the same interests as you! Learn the same game as some of your friends and work together, or go at it alone in a genre you've always wanted to explore. Sometimes runners of the game you pick might offer to help you out in a voice chat, or you might find resources on Youtube or Twitch, or your chat might teach you things about the run... it's truly a unique experience for everyone who participates. This event is entirely what you make of it!
  8. --------
  9. Theme:
  10. --------
  11. Note: The theme is an optional piece of the challenge, designed to keep things interesting for returning participants. You are not required to use this theme. You are encouraged to consider it. If there's a game you are dying to learn and it doesn't fit the theme, don't let it stop you from learning it.
  13. The theme for challenge #3 is "I can speedrun it anywhere!"
  14. Some of the most underrepresented consoles in speedrunning can be carried with you anywhere you go. There are plenty of great speedruns on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, PSP, Vita... uhh what else... N-Gage??? (maybe not N-Gage) The theme for challenge #3 encourages you to learn a handheld speedrun of your choice.
  16. --------
  17. SpeedRunsLive will be your source for the streams:
  18. --------
  19. Just like with challenge #2, SpeedRunsLive will have a special "12 Hour Challenge" button on the front page, which will allow you to filter the front page streams to only show 12 hour challenge streams. If you would like your stream showcased on this 12 Hour Challenge page, simply put #12HourChallenge in your stream title while you are performing the challenge.
  21. In addition, we are planning to host races again on Sunday afternoon on, featuring players who all learned the same game in the 12 hour challenge. If you would be interested in racing your game that Sunday, please indicate that on your signup sheet.
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  24. Ready to play?
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  26. Register here:
  27. List of submissions so far:
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  30. Rules
  31. --------
  32. There aren't any. Have fun!
  34. Good luck!
  35. -Golden
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