Zephyr Part 5

Jul 15th, 2012 (edited)
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  1. You reluctantly head back in with the Master, and for a few minutes the three of you eat dinner in comfortable silence. You and Autumn tuck in to a large bowl of salad while Master enjoys a foul smelling piece of beef. You're sure it smells fine to him, but your re-wired p0ny nose thought it reeked of death when you caught a whiff.
  3. After a few minutes of being reintroduced to the formerly disgusting cherry tomato by your new taste buds, Master clears his throat and begins to speak.
  5. "Alright, Zephyr, tomorrow is going to be a big day here. There are a few buyers coming by for the p0nies downstairs."
  7. You sputter for a moment, spraying a few bits of lettuce onto the floor. "There are others?"
  9. "Yes, two of them. The subconscious suggestions worked just fine on them, so now I've got their new owners coming to pick them up."
  11. "Downstairs? In another hole like mine, alone in the dark?" You can't hide the anger in your voice, or the sour notes of disgust in the last part of your sentence. He and Autumn seem taken aback by your reaction, but Master is quick to reply.
  13. "A hole like... Nonono, Zephyr, it's not like that. They're in a comfortable room with everything they need, and I check in on them a few times a day. They're happy in their new bodies, and they're content to wait together for their new lives."
  15. You relax a bit at having heard that, and a surge of guilt comes over you at having been so angry with him. You were only concerned for the well being of others, but you find yourself prostrated in front of him.
  16. "Please don't be upset! I'm sorry I got angry! The thought of somep0ny being down there like I was..."
  17. He leans forward and pulls you into a hug as you try not to cry. He holds you close and whispers into your ear. "Do you trust me?"
  19. Your response is an immediate, emotional "Yes". You know you shouldn't, but you just do. He scoops you up and starts walking toward the door. You're trying not to panic. You know he wouldn't put you back in the hole, but you're just plain scared of it. He begins to whisper words of reassurance, and you manage to relax enough for him to carry you down the stairs. He quickens his step to get you by the door to the cell as you do your best not to look at it. Finally, you step through another door, and you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding.
  21. A small kiss on the forehead brings you back down to earth, and a look around shows you another door opposite the one you came in through, and then a long window to the side of it. It takes you a few moments of looking through the window to grasp what you're seeing.
  23. There they are. A yellow mare with an orange mane and a big, green stallion with a red mane, sitting together on a bed and watching, of all things, MLP. They seem to be chatting about the show with one another, oblivious to the two of you watching.
  25. "Can't they see us?"
  27. "It's a two-way mirror. They see their reflections. I keep an eye on them from here for their first day, make sure all the suggestions stuck."
  29. "Can I talk to them?"
  31. "I don't see why not."
  33. Master opens the door to their room, and the two strangers perk right up and trot over to him, exclaiming "Master!" in exactly the way a happy pet would. The mare speaks up first.
  35. "We didn't think you'd be back down to see us before tomorrow! Are our masters here early to take us home? I can't wait!" She's literally hopping up and down as she says the last bit.
  37. "No, nothing like that. There's just someone who wanted to meet you." He steps aside, revealing you to both of them. You find yourself oddly embarrassed, and slouch a bit. The stallion seems happy enough, but the yellow one is right in your face in about two seconds.
  39. "Ohmigosh! Hi! I'm Gizmo! What's your name?"
  40. It takes a few moments for you to realize that you're being poked in the forehead by... a... horn...
  42. Unicorn!
  44. "I'm Zephyr and, uh, does that thing work?"
  46. "What thing? Ooooh, that!" She cries, crossing her eyes a bit. "Nope, just for show. Master is a miracle worker, but not like that."
  48. "And I'm Evergreen, pleased to meet you" The stallion adds. You take a moment to look them over. Gizmo's cutie mark is a wrench, while Evergreen seems to have a small tree on his flank. Even with Master watching, you need to ask the uncomfortable questions you've got if you're ever going to put your mind at ease.
  50. "So, um, guys. You remember being human, right? None of this bothers you at all? You don't have any problem with being a pet?"
  52. They both look at you like you've grown an extra head, and turn to look at each other before Gizmo settles the matter.
  53. "Are you kidding? I was studying to be an engineer, and the stress was killing me. P0nies became my escape, and now that I'm a p0ny, it's a literal escape! No more tests, no more work, just a master to love and get loved by! It's just perfect! Besides, I used to be all kinds of ugly. look at me now, I'm friggin adorable!"
  54. You've got no reason to doubt her, she's clearly in love with her new life. Evergreen picks up where she leaves off;
  55. "I had a dead end job and no real prospects. I admit, I probably should have spent more time on this character before posting him, especially my colors, but as long as my owner likes me, I'm cool."
  57. They're sincere. They remember everything, just like you, and they were both pretty unhappy, just like you. So the only difference between you and them was the body horror issues in the beginning?
  59. While you're standing there trying to figure out what this means for you, Gizmo rolls a small ball over to you, and soon the three of you are engaged in a small soccer game on the floor of the playroom. Master calls for Autumn, and soon it's a 2-on-2 game while Master sits back and seems to bask in his handiwork. You spend the next few hours playing with the other p0nies, all troubles forgotten amid the joy of feeling really, well, normal.
  61. Evergreen is the first to tire out, and while it seems Gizmo's boundless reserves of energy could keep her going all night, Master tells you and Autumn to go upstairs while reminding Evergreen and Gizmo to rest up for tomorrow.
  63. You're about to climb into your cage in the bedroom when Master lifts you into the bed with him and Autumn, and you find yourself cuddled against one side of him while Autumn does the same on the other. Master turns the lights out, and you work up the nerve for one final question.
  65. "Master? Am... am I getting sold tomorrow?"
  67. "No. I called your buyer and told him you weren't ready yet, and that he shouldn't come by tomorrow. He seemed really anxious to meet you."
  69. "But not tomorrow?"
  71. "No, honey. Did you want it to be tomorrow?"
  73. "No. I'd rather stay here."
  75. He falls quiet after that, but you can tell he's looking at you in the dark. Did you say something wrong? Apparently not, as he begins to stroke your mane, and continues until you fall asleep.
  77. Soft rays of light coming from the window force you into the waking world, groggily coming around to find yourself still cuddled against Master's side. You let yourself lie there for a moment, head resting on his shoulder, feeling the light movement of his chest steadily rising and falling. Across from you Autumn has more or less climbed onto him in her sleep, with two of her legs draped across his abdomen. You begin to slowly stretch your limbs, mostly in the hope that relaxing a little more will put you back to sleep.
  79. Stretching a hind leg over the Master, you're taken aback when your hoof brushes something, and it takes you a few seconds of looking down to realize that you just accidentally prodded Master's morning wood. You're still instinctively a little embarrassed, but memories of yesterday morning's, er... activities come quickly to the forefront of your mind. Even after yesterday's oh-so-satisfying depravity, he was really, really nice to you. Playing with Autumn, Gizmo and Evergreen had been a blast. Why not show him how much you appreciate his kindness?
  81. With great care not to wake him, you slide a hoof over and prod at Autumn until her eyes flutter open. She's about to say something when you raise a hoof to your muzzle in the closest approximation of a "shhhh" gesture you could accomplish with your finger-less p0ny limbs. She shuts her mouth and gives you a quizzical look, but follows your lead when you point toward the foot of the bed and slide beneath the covers.
  83. Soon the two of you are eye to eye and only inches away from Master's pajama tent. In complete silence, you carefully release his member from his underpants. He stirs a bit, but remains blissfully asleep. You stop for a moment to appreciate the girth of your Master's rod, and the pungent aroma of the night's sweat. Autumn seems to get where you're going with this, and after sharing a mischievous giggle, the two of you set about the task at hand.
  85. You begin just as you had before, with long, slow licks up the length of him, savoring the taste of his manhood in ways you realize should probably still bother you. Autumn begins to slowly kiss and flick her tongue along his shaft, working her way up and down. You can feel his member getting stiffer under your tongue, and he only gets harder as Autumn works her way up to the head, flicking her tongue in quick circles at his tip while you continue your assault along his base. Soft grunts and moans can be heard from above the blankets, but otherwise Master remains asleep. Time to step up your game.
  87. You raise your head to Autumn's level, and the two of you share a kiss, swapping spit and the taste of precum as your tongue dances with hers. She breaks the kiss and begins to lick at his base while you kiss the head of his member before upping the ante and taking him into your mouth. Slowly bobbing your head along, the soft sounds of your sucking mingle with Autumn's as she begins to suckle on Master's testicles.
  89. You giggle a bit as you feel him twitch and suddenly jerk upright a bit, as the covers are thrown off from above you. Master's breathing heavily and staring at the two of you, seemingly amazed that he isn't dreaming at the moment. The silence is almost awkward until you break it with a laugh. You just can't help it. What a sight this must be! The three of you, motionless and wordless, while you've got his dick in your mouth and Autumn's got a mouthful of balls.
  91. For a moment the other two join in your laughter, and for a moment it seems as though your shenanigans are over until you feel his hand at the back of your head. You don't resist, but you do allow him to slowly push you back onto his penis, looking into his eyes the entire time, he seems to have done the same with Autumn, and the two of you redouble your efforts, sucking, licking and trading places with increasing frequency. Master's grunting becomes full-on moans and you feel yourself getting wet with excitement as he seems to approach orgasm.
  93. Then, of course, the doorbell rings.
  95. The surprise of the sudden noise causes all three of you to jerkily separate at once, as Master hurriedly springs out of the bed and attempts to jam his rock-hard member into a pair of pants. He stops for a moment to stare at the two of you, still panting a bit on the bed.
  96. "You two! How am I supposed to open the front door straight-faced with a tent like this!" he accuses, gesturing towards his obvious erection, still straining through his jeans. Autumn just giggles, but this is too funny for you to play nice. Sarcasm drips from every syllable as you reply.
  97. "We're just SO sorry, Master! I guess you'll just have to punish us later." With a small shake of your rump for the word "punish".
  99. "Oh, you can count on it" he counters with a smile, and strides toward the stairs, having done his best to camouflage the boner. You and Autumn take a moment to share a laugh, and after she surprises you with a small peck of a kiss, the two of you take off down the stairs. Autumn is always excited to see new people. You want to see exactly what kind of person buys a kidnapped, transformed fellow MLP fan for a pet.You watch from halfway up the stairs as Master talks to them at the doorway, blocking your view. Finally he moves, and you get a decent look at a would-be p0ny owner.
  101. They aren't quite what you'd expected, that's for sure. A man and woman walk into the house, still exchanging pleasantries with Master about the drive all they way out here. They're well dressed, and you spot wedding bands on both of them.
  103. A married couple? You'd sort of assumed that all the buyers would be single and male. Master looks up and gives you quick wave as the two guests begin to talk with Autumn, an audible squeal of joy coming from the woman as Autumn introduces herself. You're noticed as soon as you're down at the landing, and the woman is all smiles when she sees you.
  104. "Oh my goood, you're both just cute as a button! Look, honey, she's a pegasus! What's your name?"
  106. "Hello, I'm Zephyr. Are you here for Gizmo and Evergreen?"
  108. She begins to pet you the way one would greet a dog they'd just met. Examining your face while stroking your mane.
  109. "Just Gizmo, actually. Are you friends? What's she like?"
  111. So someone else must be coming for Evergreen. Gizmo is going to be a family pet, then? You suppose that with her level of energy having two human companions will probably be a good fit.
  113. "She's a lot of fun, and she's very excited to meet you. You should go see her downstairs!" You'd seen Master opening the basement door out of the corner of your eye, and figured it might be good to lead them along to the sale. Maybe if you're quick about it you can get back into bed and finish what you started.
  115. Soon all five of you are downstairs in the playroom, and Gizmo's enthusiasm reaches new heights the minute she lays eyes on her soon-to-be masters. You stand aside with Master and Autumn as the trio of husband, wife and p0ny get their introductions aside and engage in a bout of hugging. Gizmo seems like the happiest person... p0ny on earth right now, and you have to wonder if you'll be this happy when Master sells you.
  117. Sells you. How could you be happy with that arrangement? He's going to take some cash and then pass you off to a complete stranger! Maybe you'll end up with people like Gizmo's owners. They seem like very nice people... But you're still not a fan of being sold at all. The problem you're having is pinpointing why. Being treated like a commodity is one thing, but the sinking feeling in your chest when you think about it is less about that and more about leaving here. Autumn treats you like you're family, and even Master seems to have some small attachment to you. Whether that's an act to win you over or genuine affection is still in doubt to you, but you'd like to think he cares.
  119. Gizmo and her family have taken seats in a corner and are having a conversation about themselves when you hear the doorbell ring again. Master quietly ducks out of them room and you gaze over at an excited looking Evergreen. You hear the door open again, and all eyes turn to see the newcomer. He looks a lot more like the kind of person who'd...
  121. Oh shit! Jake?!
  123. Big gay brony friend is here. Now! What the blueberry fuck? HE'S gonna buy Evergreen?
  125. Wait. If you can convince him to, ah, p0ny up the cash for you and outbid the guy who wanted you, you might have a way back to normal. Or at least to guaranteed good treatment in a new home. You have to talk to him!
  127. Gotta play this cool. Master wouldn't let this happen if he knew. Jake slips a fat looking wad of cash into Master's palm and saunters over to Evergreen, who is eyeing him expectantly. Where the hell did Jake come up with that kind of money? You knew he had a decent job, but you never knew what he did with all of it. You sort of assumed he blew it all at conventions or something.
  129. He and Evergreen are talking to one another quietly, but Master is seated nearby. You need to convince Jake to buy you, but how? With Master there you can't risk telling Jake what's happened. You could very well end up in the cell again and... and you'd be betraying Master's trust. Should that bother you as much as it does? You don't really know if you want to go back to being some guy with a crappy job, but at the very least you could live with someone you know and trust not to mistreat you. That alone could be worth it. You've got to try.
  131. You trot over and listen in on the conversation for a few moments. They seem to be talking about their various fandoms, because that's exactly what Jake would talk about right off the bat with a housemate. With a quick roll of the eyes, you seat yourself in the conversation and pay attention without speaking. If you wait for just the right moment, you could cut in, steal the show, and maybe go home as part of a set.
  133. Fifteen minutes of talking later and no opportunity has presented itself. They've been talking about Star Trek the whole time. And while discussing the pros and cons of the Excelsior class starship was something you'd be down for on most days, this is just agony. But then he picks Evergreen up, holding him around the chest facing forward like a cat, just way bigger, and you catch the tail end of a sentence.
  134. "-'ve got no significant other right now, so it'll just be you and me, buddy."
  136. Shit, he's leaving! You've got to do this now! You try to slide up as smooth as you can and cut in.
  138. "Y'know mister, if you're willing to pay I could come home and be your S.O."
  139. The thought of following through on that offer with your friend is deeply disturbing, but you've got to pique his interest fast if you're gonna go with him. Why is he even getting a stallion to begin with?
  141. "You're very sweet, and really cute, but you're not really my kinda p0ny, girly girl."
  142. He drives his point home by cupping Evergreen's sizable testicles, eliciting a grunt of approval from the stallion. They share a bedroom eyes while your jaw drops.
  144. Oh.
  146. You didn't...
  148. When you called him "gay" you didn't mean it like...
  150. You're kind of a shitty friend.
  152. You're too busy sitting there in absolute shock to notice Jake heading for the door with Evergreen in tow. You never knew! It wouldn't have changed anything, but still! You owe him like a quarter million apologies for all the off-color jokes you-
  154. Shit! He's heading up the stairs!
  156. You take off after them, but make it to the base of the stairs just in time to hear the front door close. Shit! He's gone! An absolute godsend falls into your lap and you screwed it up! That was your one, probably only chance at ever being in control of your life again! Fuck!
  158. You hang your head in shame at having failed so very, very hard, and were now confronted with the renewed inevitability of being sold. You rear up onto your hind legs, and leaning against the two-way mirror you gaze in at Gizmo and her new owners. She seems so, so happy. You just don't understand how. Master and Autumn are sitting together in a corner, seemingly unaware of your having left the room. They really do trust you, don't they?
  160. You're lost in thought for a few minutes, enough that you miss the sound of approaching footsteps until his shadow falls over you.
  162. You jump back, startled. He's large, vertically and horizontally, and the look in his eyes is... predatory.
  164. "Not ready my ass."
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