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  1. I was imagining a Night Caste Solar thief with a small gang named Invisible Horizon
  3. He grew up poor, and decided that, among other things, being poor sucked, and that no one should be poor so he started stealing at around 13. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, gathering up a gang of people that he eventually managed to turn fairly competent, keeping profits for themselves but also giving half of it to poor children and families.
  5. He exalted during one of his heists. He had seen a Wyld Hunt kill an Anathema Solar in his streets and lost most of his gang in the crossfire- mostly due to the Dragonblooded not caring about the gang and cutting them down as they attempted to escape-, so when the Leader of the Hunt took the Solar's items, Invisible Horizon decided that those items rightly belonged to the widows, and orphans of his men, or at least their value did, so he set about stealing them.
  7. He managed to get into the room of the Commander- five stories off the ground- and opened the box containing the chain shirt and gun when the Dragonblooded grabbed him by the hair and ripped off part of the skin on his head. He tried to shoot her with the gun he grabbed, but the recoil almost broke his arm, though it hit her in the arm and made her recoil, so Horizon grabbed the gun and the chain shirt and jumped out of the window, forgetting how high up it was.
  9. He exalted as he was trying to get purchase running down the building, and managed to escape the attacking Dragonblooded, and uses the weapon and armor as his own now.
  11. He cares for his gang a lot, but now that he's an Exalted, he's realized they might honestly be holding him back, so he isn't entirely sure how he should work with them as it is.
  13. He's got Archery, Presence, Integrity, and Linguistics Favored, because he uses an Artifact Flame Piece (he used bows before) and he uses his Presence and Integrity to keep his gang in line.
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