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How To Do Roamer RNG Abuse in BW1

zapdos44 Oct 12th, 2017 70 Never
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  1. Generation V Roamer RNG Abuse ----- A Guide by zapdos44
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Things You Need
  4.     - RNG Reporter (Preferably the Latest Build; As of this writing, 10.3.1 is the latest build)
  5.     - DeSmuMe (Needs _dev suffix; Make sure to have the lua.dlls for it)
  6.     - Pokemon Black OR White
  7.     - The BW Lua Scripts (Make sure they match your language)
  8.     - runasdate (Optional)
  9.     - Generation 5 RNG Experience (HIGHLY recommended! Attempting this as your first Gen V Abuse will likely ruin your experience)
  10.     - Patience (Be prepared to fail)
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Things To Know
  13.     It is fairly agreed upon that Roamer Abuse in Pokemon Black and White is the hardest/one of the hardest Generation 5 RNGS. Though
  14.     it seems fairly straightforward on paper, the actual process of RNGing it is frustrating and fairly luck-based. As you may have
  15.     already noticed, Tornadus and Thundurus bring some fairly sever weather conditions to the Overworld. In addition to making it hard
  16.     to see on certain areas, it also rapidly advances the PIDRNG Frame. Also, after you press "A" and the roamer flies off, the PIDRNG
  17.     Frame continues to rapidly advance.
  18.     Also, you may need to do TID/SID Abuse as certain TID/SID combos may not result in Shininess with your calibration etc etc. I would
  19.     recommend that you simply do it the first time so the process is smoother.
  21. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Why Bother?
  23.     While the recent discovery of Generation 6 RNG Abuse has made it possible to do Shiny Thundurus and Tornadus in ORAS, you still
  24.     need to soft reset for a seed and get good IV spreads. Getting a perfect spread is possible in ORAS, but in my opinion, its faster
  25.     on BW. Also, Roamer Abuse is a pretty nice achievement to have in Generation 5, as it is fairly difficult/luck-based.
  26. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. The Targets
  28.     Pokemon Black: Tornadus (Typically RNG'd to a Timid HP Ice Spread or Hasty/Naive HP Ice Spread)
  29.     Pokemon White: Thundurus (Typically RNG'd to a Timid 31/0/30/31/31/31 Spread or something similar)
  30. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. The RNG Process
  32.     1. In-Game Preperation
  33.         - In-Game, you will want to save in the house that you are taken to before you release the roamer. It is located on Route 7.
  34.         - Make sure to have at least 1 Chatot with a Chatter inside.
  35.     2. RNG Reporter
  36.         - Open Gen V Time Finder
  37.         - Select your Profile and set parameters.
  38.         - Make sure that it is set to search for "Roaming Pokemon" spreads.
  39.         - Hit "Search" and wait
  40.     3. Hitting your seed and IVS
  41.         - Load the game at the correct time via runasdate OR by changing your PC time. I prefer runasdate since you can lock the time
  42.         to never change.
  43.         - IVS are easily obtained. If you notice, there are two frame counts listed on Time Finder. Choose the one in the "Frame"
  44.         column. To hit this frame, you must walk around inside the house. It advances by 1 for every Pokemon in your party.
  45.     4. PID Stuff
  46.         - Once you have your IVRNG Frame hit, walk outside. Get to the part where it says: "It must be that
  47.         POKeMON's doing!" or something like that. Make a save state and advance PIDRNG Frames. When you are close, pause and advance
  48.         by pressing N. If your frame was skipped, just take the one nearest to it, as it won't matter right now. Hit "A" and watch the
  49.         roamer fly off. In your PokeDex, if you got a Shiny, it will appear shiny in the dex. (You probably didn't) Chase the roamer
  50.         down and get its PID. Once you have, its time to find out what frame you hit.
  51.     5. Finding the Frame you hit
  52.         - Go to the main RNG Reporter screen and set the Method to Generation 5 PIDRNG. Copy the seed from Time Finder and put
  53.         it in the Seed (Hex) bar. Click Generate. Find the PID you hit and note the frame. Do basic subtraction to find out how many
  54.         frames passed before the PID was generated when you pressed A. Now subtract that many frames from your target and hit that.
  55.         Repeat Step 4 - 5 until you hit your PID. The Frame difference will vary each time, but eventually you will hit your spread.
  56.         If you haven't already found out, this RNG is very tedious and time consuming.
  57. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. Good luck with your roamers!
  59. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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