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  3. 1.  Tell him how you treat things like a life or death project and how you go through hyper focus phases.
  5. 2.  Apologize for seeming odd or unfriendly the other day, and mention how i need to work on social skills
  7. 3.  Say that we could VC while me having the game playing in the cam, and mabye you could watch some of the time for entertainment, and i could talk with him about speedrunning amoung other things.
  9. 4. Say:  Also, dont even mention what actions you do during a fight since im obsessed with playing as blindly as posssible
  11. 4.  Ask him what relevant fight would most likely be hardest:  with these kinds of restrictions     taking both figuring out what the correct strategy is, and executing it flawlessly into account,  (dont tell me anything about the fight though of course)
  13. 1.  ask him whats harder, the data restrictions i showed him or if i substituted the no damage rule for no abilities.
  15. 2.  ask him if the 3 videos would be possible with the current restrictions PLUS no RC
  17. 3.  Ask if he can think of any further restrictions to add to wills data fights while still being possible
  19. 5.  Ask him if picking the magic weapon just for challenge would make it so i would have to lessen any restrictions on any given fight.
  21. 6.  Ask him if a set of restrictions can be used for a data fight, could it also be used for the regular version?  IF HE SAYS NO... ASK HIM IF WILLS DATA XIGBAR RESTRICTIONS WOULD BE DOABLE FOR NORMAL XIGBAR
  23. 7.  Ask him what no jump means, and ask if i could add that AND no RC to the normal xigbar fight with it still being doable
  25. 8.  ON ANOTHER DAY... ask him which of wills data fights require looping with wills current restrictions PLUS no reaction command
  27. 9.  Ask him if any of the normal organization fights require looping with wills restrictions PLUS no reaction command
  29. 10.  Ask him how many clones you can kill without RC during the demyx fight at hollow bastion with wills restrictions
  31. 10.  Ask him if wills sephiroph, and riku fight with his restrictions and no reaction commands require looping
  33. 11.  Ask him what he was doing with seifer when he was repeating the same combination of attacks on him
  35. 12. Gradually go over the maximum possible restrictions doable for each relevant fight in the game.
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