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Jul 18th, 2020
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  1. [14:53:30] <Siathes> kyklops on freedom servers now?
  2. [14:53:42] <Redi> yep
  3. [14:54:00] <Siathes> when did that happen, that was a surprise to run into lol
  4. [14:54:12] <Siathes> and i have no effect on him
  5. [14:54:28] <Blazecraze> O.o what server you on?
  6. [14:54:35] <Siathes> release
  7. [14:54:40] <Blazecraze> ahh yeah
  8. [14:55:25] <Siathes> lol i almost died for the first time in forever when a troll joined and i got knocked off my horse
  9. [14:56:27] <Rocklobster> i suggest postinging in freedom for a crew to pen it
  10. [14:56:47] <Rocklobster> posting*
  11. [14:56:56] <Blazecraze> Or let it run alive to live
  12. [14:59:28] <Siathes> i totally forgot about uniques lol
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