Api & Cinta

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  1. Title: Api & Cinta (Fire & Love)
  2. Genre: Romantic
  3. Country: Indonesian
  4. Director: -
  5. Producer: -
  6. Screenwriter: -
  7. Production house: Verona Pictures
  8. Number of Episodes: 1 Episode (on November 20, 2019 - to be continue)
  9. Plot:
  10. two friends, Iqbal and Rio, were tasked with staking out a group of armed smugglers led by Ferry.
  11. While carrying out the mission, Iqbal and Rio were shot. Iqbal was accidentally exposed to the light from the statue of Ravana and was chosen to be the heir to the science of pancasona.
  12. Iqbal was hit by a projectile bullet and lodged in his skull.
  13. While Rio, who was also partially exposed to the aura of pancasona knowledge, was declared dead.
  14. At the hospital, Iqbal was treated by Dr. Syafa, doctor Sarita's daughter. Sarita is said to be the director of the hospital.
  15. Sarita had previously wanted to submit his resignation because the trauma could not save his father on the operating table.
  16. Syafa's trauma reappears when he cannot save Iqbal's life. Unnoticed by Syafa, the shock of an electric shock caused the knowledge of pancasona to rise up in Iqbal's body and bring him back to life.
  17. Iqbal woke up and rushed to see Tika, Rio's wife who had just given birth.
  18. Iqbal's heart was cut to see the woman who had secretly loved him dissolved in sadness. Anak Tika also has a heart condition and requires a large medical expense.
  19. Iqbal then got an offer to work as a security officer by Viki the head of security at the hospital where Syafa worked.
  20. Love triangles occur between Iqbal, Syafa and Tika. What will happen with the relationship between the three of them?
  21. Could Rio's death be the beginning of a new story for Iqbal's life?
  23. Cast:
  24. Harry Shum Jr as Iqbal (Shandy William)
  25. Jonathan Cherry as Rio (Axel Matthew Thomas)
  26. Cherami Leigh as Dr. Syafa (Rosiana Dewi)
  27. Lara Jill Miller as Dinda (Faradilla Yoshi)
  28. Emily Neves as Tika (Alodya Desi)
  29. Fred Tatasciore as Viki (Gary Iskak)
  30. Ruben Garfias as Ferry (Dwi Yan)
  31. Patti LuPone as Dr. Sarita (Roweina Umboh)
  32. Tyler Posey as Aldi (Robert Chaniago)
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