Helping Her 2

Nov 20th, 2015
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  1. >No.
  2. >It was time for things to change.
  3. >Picking up Scootaloo, much to her protests and struggling you headed out the door.
  4. >”Put me down you weirdo!”
  5. “Nope, not happening.”
  6. >"I swear if you try anything weird i'll... i'll bite you!"
  7. >Holding the still flailing pony you locked your front door.
  8. "And I'll bite back."
  9. >"You wouldn't?"
  10. >Kek, she almost sounded unsure of herself there.
  11. "Well you could try and see what happens."
  12. >"You'd like that wouldn't you?"
  13. "No, not really who knows where your mouth has been."
  14. >"No fair,I brush my teeth as often as I can!"
  15. >Note to self: Buy her a toothbrush.
  16. >You lived in a decent neighborhood, so all the good stores weren't too far away.
  17. >Papa Anon didn’t raise no fool, at least when it came to assessing a property.
  18. >As you continued the walk to the local store you held the filly under your arm.
  19. >”Can you please put me down now?”
  20. “Are you going to try to run away?”
  21. >Craning your head you looked Scootaloo in the eye.
  22. >Her pokerface sucked, not to worry we’ll work on that.
  23. >”You’re taking me back to where you found me, aren’t you?”
  24. >You barely heard her whisper.
  25. >Stopping and bringing her up so you could see her face you stared deeply into her eyes.
  26. “What makes you think that?”
  27. >”It would make sense, where else would you take me?”
  28. “Nope, were going to get some new stuff for the house. You’re going to need a bed and all that stuff if you're going to be staying with me.”
  29. “And groceries, let’s not forget the groceries.”
  30. >Still holding the filly you raised your arms and placed her on top of your head.
  31. >You had a scootaloo hat.
  32. “How’s the view up there?”
  33. >”…”
  34. >Silent treatment huh?
  35. >”Thank you.”
  36. >Right in the feels.
  38. ---
  40. >Unlike the part of town where you found Scootaloo, the area where your modest home was located was pretty nice.
  41. >And as you walked down the street several people gave you odd looks.
  42. >It wasn't surprising really.
  43. >You did have a small orange filly set atop your head.
  44. "So I was thinking"
  45. >"Don't hurt yourself there."
  46. "Hardy har har, I'll take my stuff out of the storage room and make it into a bedroom for you."
  47. "Were going to need to get you a bed and other stuff. At least we don't have to worry about clothes."
  48. >"I knew it, you just want to see me naked."
  49. "You're naked anyway."
  50. >"And you're still a weirdo."
  51. >Damn snarky horse.
  52. "After that, we'll go grocery shopping."
  53. >"You know how to cook?"
  54. "Well since I lived by myself I sorta had to learn."
  55. >"I always got told that men were just weirdos that lived in basements and ordered their food."
  56. >What the hell were they teaching these ponies on that farm?
  57. "Yeah anyway, we'll get the groceries after the furniture and the rest we'll play by ear."
  58. >With somewhat of a plan together you continued your trek with Scootaloo sitting on your head.
  59. >"Can we get some ice cream?"
  60. >Ice cream? Wasn't it a bit chilly for ice cream.
  61. "Isn't it a bit cold out for that?"
  62. >"I don't even remember the last time I had any."
  63. >Just the tone in that small statement almost ko'd your damn heart.
  64. >Fucking cute little pone.
  65. "Alright fine, we'll get some ice cream. But if you get sick don't come crying to me."
  66. >"Okay!"
  67. >Whipping out your phone you looked up if there were any ice cream places around.
  68. >From the looks of it there was a small hole in the wall place not even two blocks away.
  69. >With a new destination you set off once again.
  71. ---
  73. >Fact is humans are stupid.
  74. >So here you are with a tiny filly atop your head in an ice cream parlor in the middle of the winter season.
  75. >And the place is packed.
  76. >Besides a young horse, who the fuck would think its a good idea to eat ice cream now?
  77. >Walking over to the counter you eyed the different flavors being sold.
  78. "So which one do you want?"
  79. >"Hmmmm , Oh! How about a strawberry cone? No! A chocolate shake would be delicious."
  80. >And like that Scootaloo devolved into going through and listing the flavors she wanted to try.
  81. >Which was really every flavor behind the glass screen.
  82. >You felt her keep inching forward on top of your head until she was precariously close to falling over.
  83. >Her curiosity of the various ice cream flavors would be her undoing.
  84. >Then with a single 'eep' she tumbled forward.
  85. >You were ready for this.
  86. >Catching the filly you let out a laugh.
  87. "Alright, how about we decide what we want without having to visit the hospital today okay."
  88. >"I meant to do that."
  89. >Why don't I believe you.
  90. "So decision time, what are you getting?"
  91. >"Chocolate shake!"
  92. >She emphasized her decision while raising a small hoof in the air in victory.
  93. >Looking around you didn't see anybody actually attending the counter.
  94. >Da fuq?
  95. "Hello? Anybody here?"
  96. >"Down here...sir."
  97. >Glancing down you saw a pony head that barely rose above the counters level.
  98. >"What can I get you today?"
  99. >With the icy tone and glare directed straight at you you almost recoiled.
  100. >Why did you get a sudden feeling this pony didn't like you one bit.
  101. "We'll have one chocolate shake and a strawberry cone please."
  102. >"It'll be one moment."
  103. >The cream colored mare trotted over and began making yours and Scootaloos treats.
  104. >"Anon?"
  105. "What's up Scootaloo?"
  106. >"I don't think she likes you very much."
  107. "Whatever gave you that idea?"
  108. >You tried saying that last part with as little sarcasm as you could muster.
  110. ---
  112. >"Sir let me apologize again about Bon-Bon, she's normally not this hostile with customers."
  113. >Nodding slowly you tried calming down your frantic breathing.
  114. >"I'm sure she didn't mean to throw that knife at you."
  115. >From behind the counter you definitely heard.
  116. >"Horsefeathers, he got lucky I missed!"
  117. >Fucking homicidal horse.
  118. >The lady standing in front of you gave a small embarrassed laugh.
  119. >"So please the ice cream is on the house today."
  120. "Yeah, thanks."
  121. >So let's recap what happened here.
  122. >While waiting patiently for some delightful little treats, Scootaloo made a remark about the mare who's name you learned was Bon-Bon.
  123. >She said the said mare had a particularly large backside.
  124. >Being the responsible adult in this situation you tried telling her that she should say that about humans or mares as it was very rude.
  125. >Score one for Anon being a good role model.
  126. >But your luck ran out a long time ago I'm afraid.
  127. >The mare in question must have heard you're mutterings and insinuated that you were calling her bottom end fat.
  128. >It was, in a nice way. But that's beside the point.
  129. >Almost as if you had spider senses you turned just in time to see a very sharp knife flying at your head.
  130. >Luckily one of the shopkeepers managed to come out and restrain the homicidal mare before she could get her hooves on you.
  131. >So yeah, back to the present.
  132. >"Maybe next time we should go to a bakery?"
  133. "That sounds like a safe option."
  134. >"I'm still saying she had a large flank."
  135. >Damn you little horse.
  137. ---
  139. >Okay Anon don't freak out.
  140. "Scootaloo, please come out this isn't funny anymore."
  141. >Maybe freaking out a little is the right course of action.
  142. >After the little side quest of getting some icy treats you ended up in a furniture store.
  143. >Mostly to get some things which would adorn Scootaloo's new room.
  144. >On the list was a bed, dresser, nightstand.
  145. >Everything else you would order online.
  146. >When you got in the store and asked a clerk for some help it all went wrong.
  147. >Scootaloo vanished.
  148. >Holy shit! What if she was kidnapped?
  149. >Or would it be foal napped in this situation?
  150. >Shit this is not the time to figure out proper wording.
  151. >With your thoughts going a mile a minute you raced to the customer service area.
  152. >Maybe they could help.
  154. ---
  156. >When you ran up to the customer service desk a few things happened in a very rapid succession.
  157. >Firstly you managed to blurt out a lot of words very quickly.
  158. "ListenIcameinherewithasmallfillybutnowIcan'tfindheryouhavetohelpme!"
  159. >The lady that stood there could only watch with shock and fear as you rambled like a madman.
  160. >But what you didn't see was a butter yellow pegasi literally jump all the way to the ceiling and clutch the lamp hanging there out of fright.
  161. >Why is this important you may ask?
  162. >Well lets watch and see.
  163. >"Sir could you please calm down, otherwise I'm going to have to call for security."
  164. >Taking a deep breath you tried doing as instructed.
  165. >Getting kicked out of here wasn't going to help you find the filly.
  166. "OK, I'm calm see. Calmer than Gandhi."
  167. >"Riiiiight, now how can I help you sir?"
  168. >Relax your breathing, that's it deep breaths, in and out.
  169. >Fuck you need to start exercising again.
  170. >Being this winded after a little run.
  171. >Shit, Scootaloo!
  172. "Listen I came in here with a little orange filly. She disappeared seconds later and I could really use some help."
  173. >The lady's face went from being wary of you to downright worried.
  174. >"I'll get the security guard to look at the video from the cameras. We'll help you find her."
  175. >You and the lady however made a mistake.
  176. >You forgot about the yellow pegasus who was still hanging onto a lamp above.
  177. >Fun fact: What goes up, generally always comes down.
  178. >With a loud pop both the pegasus and ceiling lamp came crashing down.
  179. >You could only wince as the lady who was going to help you, broke the lamps and pony's fall.
  180. >The yellow equine managed to get out a single 'Owie' from the pile of metal and flesh now laying on the ground.
  181. "You both okay there?"
  182. >"Eeeeep!"
  183. >And yellow is back to hiding amongst the wreckage.
  184. >The lady's out cold though, damn.
  185. "Hey mellow yellow, listen I'm sure you heard what we were talking about from your perch up there."
  186. "I need to find that little filly before anything bad happens, so could you help me out and afterwords I promise I'll leave you alone to your panic attack."
  187. >"Yes sir."
  188. >It was barely audible but now we were making progress.
  189. >All in all the plan was simple.
  190. >Have yellow horse take you to the store security office.
  191. >There you'd get the guard to use the fancy surveillance footage to find out where the little pain in the butt went.
  192. >At which point you would go and find the said pain in the butt.
  193. >Promptly you would scold her for leaving your side and afterwords give her a nice hug.
  194. >You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.
  195. >They fuck you in the ass, with no lube or reach around.
  196. >The office itself was small and it didn't contain anything that would even resemble a monitor or computer.
  197. >And from the looks of it, the guard was about one shift from going to the big mall cop gig in the sky.
  198. >This couldn't fucking get any worse.
  199. >As if you had to ask.
  201. ---
  203. >You approached the aged guard who was snoozing happily in his chair.
  204. >Gripping his shoulder you gave him a good shake.
  205. "Time to wake up old timer, duty calls."
  206. >"Whas that, what in the sam hill, is the japs? I knew those sneaky fuckers would be back!"
  207. >That was oddly racist, and entertaining.
  208. >Looking around and trying to get his eyes to focus the old guys eyes finally landed on you and buttermilk.
  209. >"This area is off limits to customers sir, Fluttershy you should know that."
  210. >The pegasus which stood alongside you managed to shrink and hide behind her mane.
  211. >Hell look at that a portable pegasi.
  212. >You could probably fit her in a backpac.....
  213. >An idea began to form in your head at that moment.
  214. >You'd save that for a later time.
  215. >Back to business though.
  216. "Listen, I came into the store with a small filly who's gone missing."
  217. "Chicken little here said you could help."
  218. >"Settle your briches down fella. Yes I can help, come with me, the video room is in the back."
  219. >The old timer rose, and with a few cringe inducing pops courtesy of his bones the three of you set off.
  220. >Could this guy move any slower?
  221. >If Scootaloo was abducted the guys would probably be halfway to mehico by now.
  222. >After an agonizing walk, the three of you stood in a dimly lit room with several monitors adorning the walls.
  223. >"Alrightie sonny, lets see what we can do here."
  224. >The old guy started pressing some buttons.
  225. >The images on the screens began to change.
  226. >Rapidly shifting from camera to another.
  227. >Scenes from the cashiers stations.
  228. >The employee breakroom, oh look some dude was getting a blowie, good for him.
  229. >Customer service desk.
  230. >Hell that lady is still ko'd.
  231. "Stop there!"
  232. >On the upper most screen you saw her.
  233. >Scootaloo.
  234. >And she wasn't being kidnapped.
  235. >Or tortured.
  236. >But she was going to get a spanking when you got to her.
  237. >Because dear readers, the little filly was happily jumping on a demo bed in the back area of the store.
  238. >Sprinting out of the room you ran as fast as your legs would carry you.
  239. >Hell you got more cardio today than you have in the past month.
  240. >Your two helpers however barely managed to register your quick departure.
  241. >"Welp, my job here is done. Fluttershy make sure to lock the door when you leave."
  242. >"Yes sir."
  243. >With a salute the old guy went on his merry way, probably back to take another nap and dream of his days in dubya dubya tuh.
  244. >Which left us with miss yellowquiet.
  245. >Who took one quick glance at the monitor.
  246. >With a confused look on her face she lifted off the ground with a gentle flap of her wings.
  247. >"Is that?"
  248. >Slowly she floated to the screen to get a better look.
  249. >"Scootaloo?"
  250. >The filly continued to happily jump atop the bed.
  251. >And from the side approached the human from earlier, and boy he did not look happy at all.
  252. >A sudden realization hit Flutters at that moment.
  253. >Maybe she should go check on her unconscious supervisor and owner.
  255. ---
  257. >Deep boiling anger.
  258. >That and a whole lot of really pissed off Anon.
  259. >That is exactly what you are at this moment.
  260. >And there not even fifteen feet from you, happily jumping on a bed was the rapscallion that caused you all this headache.
  261. >Like papa anon always told you whenever you stole his nudie mags, I'm about to paint your bottom red.
  262. >You approached slowly.
  263. "Having fun there Scootaloo?"
  264. >The jumping stopped.
  265. >The little pony stared at you with a sheepish grin.
  266. >"Yeah this place is great!"
  267. >Nope.
  268. "What were you thinking!"
  269. >The tone and volume of that simple string of words carried through the entire store.
  270. "Do you have any idea how worried I was?"
  271. "I honestly thought someone abducted you?"
  272. >Scootaloo shrank with each word that left your mouth.
  273. >Her ears folded against her head.
  274. >You closed the distance between the two of you.
  275. >The look in her eyes described how scared she really was at this moment.
  276. >Grabbing the little filly you brought her to your chest and hugged her.
  277. "Don't ever scare me like that again okay?"
  278. >God damn you were being a big pussy right now.
  279. >But it's okay, cause she was okay.
  280. >"I'm sorry."
  281. "I'm sorry too but you cant run off like that. You know better than anyone that there are some bad people here in the world."
  282. >"I know, so are you still mad at me?"
  283. "Oh yeah, I'm pissed. But for now I'm just relieved that your okay."
  284. >You still held the pegasus close.
  285. >Thank goodness she was okay.
  286. >Fuck.
  287. >You were starting to sound like your dad.
  288. >Maybe next you'd pick up a drinking and pipe tobacco habit.
  289. "And now were going to go see the three that helped me find you, so you can apologize to them."
  290. >"Aww do I have to?"
  291. >The glare you sent scoots way was the only answer she needed.
  292. >"Fine."
  293. >And just like that you headed to see the customer service rep and the yellow pegasus.
  294. >After that maybe you'd be able to do what you originally set out for.
  296. ---
  298. >A short walk later found you standing in front of the customer service desk where this whole search for orange horse began.
  299. >And there sitting down was the same lady who offered you aid, only to be struck down by a lamp with a vengeance.
  300. >Fucker had it out for her.
  301. >Holding an ice pack to the top of said lady's head was the yellow pegasi.
  302. >You coughed once to get their attention.
  303. >Anon used cough.
  304. >It’s super effective!
  305. "Hey, I just wanted to say thank you, to both of you, for everything you did."
  306. >Sending a smile towards the yellow pony, you picked up Scoots so she could apologize.
  307. "And this one here is sorry as well, aren't you?"
  308. >"I'm sorry, I wa.... Miss Fluttershy?"
  309. >"Scootlaoo I thought it was you earlier."
  310. >Okay you are rightfully confused.
  311. >Fluttershy quickly flew over and snatched Scootaloo straight from your hands.
  312. >And proceeded to hug the shit out of that little filly.
  313. >It would be cute, if not for the fact that it looked like Scoots was being deprived of you know, oxygen.
  314. >And that look in her eyes that screamed ‘kill me, just put me out of my misey’.
  315. >How cute.
  316. "So I take it you two know each other?"
  317. >Butternutter, eased off on her choke hold before responding.
  318. >"Oh my yes, back in Equestria Scootaloo was always around with the Cutie Mark Crusaders."
  319. >Ok.
  320. >I don’t even want to know.
  321. >So cool, moving on.
  322. >The two ponies continued to their talk.
  323. >Completely forgetting that you were still there.
  324. >Wait a tick, wasn’t there the lady from before.
  325. "And how are you doing? You took a pretty nasty hit there earlier."
  326. >Turning your attention to the other human there, you eyed her now holding the ice pack to her head.
  327. >And if the large bump and grimace on her face were any indication it was a doozie.
  328. >"I'll live, it would take more than that to take me out yanno."
  329. >Yanno?
  330. >Da faq?
  331. >Turning back to the two ponies you noticed that they were still talking happily.
  332. >You would have loved to let Scoots talk to her hearts content, but you both had shit to do.
  333. "Hey Fluttershy, do you mind doing me a favor?"
  334. >You addressing the easily frightened pegasus nearly sent her to the ceiling... again.
  335. >"Umm maybe. That depends on.."
  336. >She turned to look at her owner, which only waved her hand in the air like she didn't care.
  337. >Must’ve looked like a good-to-go to her.
  338. "Do you mind looking after her for a few minutes while I take care of the shopping here, this way you two can catch up."
  339. >"I don't mind at all."
  340. >Fuck yeah, multitasking like a muthafucka.
  341. "I shouldn't be long."
  342. >Giving Scootaloo a quick head pat, which she tried swatting away with her hoof you smiled.
  343. "Make sure you behave missy."
  344. >"Bite me."
  345. “Keep that up that attitude and I might.”
  347. ---
  349. “Wait so there’s a school for ponies?”
  350. >”Oh my yes, ever since ponies appeared here we still needed to teach them the basics like cutie marks and such.”
  351. >You nodded as if it made sense.
  352. >”So naturally, there were humans that began these schools to teach younger ponies.”
  353. >Currently you were just wasting time at the store where Katie and Fluttershy worked.
  354. >By the way Katie was Fluttershy’s owner and a good person.
  355. >Besides being a huge dike.
  356. >But the good kind.
  357. >Heart of gold and bullshit like that.
  358. >Looking down at Scoots who was happily trying to devour an enormous bag of cotton candy you wondered if maybe it would do her some good to go to a school like that.
  359. >Interacting with ponies her own age would probably help.
  360. “Do you think maybe Scoots should go there as well?”
  361. >”She sure as hell isn’t going to learn anything about being a pony from your dumb ass.”
  362. “Thanks for the input, now shut the fuck up Katie. Don’t you have some poor girl to stalk on facebook or something.”
  363. >”Bitch please, this chick will be dining on some fine clam chowder tonight, mark my words.”
  364. >And you just threw up a little in your mouth.
  365. >Fucking Katie.
  366. “Anyway, what do you think Fluttershy?”
  367. >”Well I think it would be best for her to go, there’s things that humans wouldn’t know how to teach ponies.”
  368. >So she should go, but would she want to.
  369. >You wouldn’t force her.
  370. >But you had some trick up your sleeve.
  371. >Scoots however was in her own little cotton candy filled world.
  372. >Kneeling down you booped the cotton candy vacuum who was once a pony.
  373. >Oh the scrunchening!
  374. “So what do you think Scoots, want to go to school and maybe make some new friends?”
  375. >Scootaloo looked like she was deep in thought at your question.
  376. >”Will they make me do homework?”
  377. “It’s school, so probably yes.”
  378. >”Nope, don’t wanna.”
  379. >Damn it horse, she was starting to act way too much like you.
  380. >You’re so proud.
  381. >Alright Anon, time for plan numero bribe.
  382. “How much?”
  383. >”Ten bags.”
  384. “Two.”
  385. >”Eight.”
  386. “Five and not a single one more.”
  387. >”Deal.”
  388. >Standing back up you saw that Flutterbiscuit was staring intently at your exchange.
  389. >And boy oh boy did she look confused.
  390. >Slightly tilting her head to the side she asked the question.
  391. “Bags?”
  392. “Of candy, I’m the kind of responsible parental figure that likes to use candy bribery to win arguments with fillies.”
  393. >A small giggle left Fluttershy at your pretty direct explanation.
  394. “So how do I get her signed up?”
  395. >”Here you jackass.”
  396. >Katie must have taken a break from her online stalking and gotten you the information for the pony school.
  397. >”Just give them a call, and they’ll set everything up. A friend of mind is in charge so you can trust the place.”
  398. “And by a friend of yours?”
  399. >”Wouldn’t you like to know.”
  400. >The smile on her face honestly freaked you out, and you’ve seen some shit man.
  401. >But seriously that smile.
  402. >So yeah, Scoots was going to school.
  404. ---
  406. >”Let me out of this thing right now!”
  407. >The tugging and rustling against your back intensified.
  408. “Nope, not happening.”
  409. >”I swear the moment I get out of this thing I’m going to bite your shins off.”
  410. “Like you tried to last time?”
  411. >”That was a fluke and you know it.”
  412. >Last time Scoots had a fit and pulled her biting routine you put her in a door jumper.
  413. >You know the things for toddlers that hangs in the doorway.
  414. >Boy was she mad.
  415. >But now.
  416. >The rage you felt coming from the filly was nothing more than what pure hatred felt like.
  417. >She’d get over it.
  418. >Chewing noises brought you out of your inner monologue.
  419. >Now however the filly was “happily” not trying to chew her way out of your backpack.
  420. >And she still managed her loving attitude towards you in between attempts to regain her freedom from the oppressive backpack of doom.
  421. >”This is so embarrassing, what if the other kids see me like this.”
  422. “Then you can tell them you have a caretaker who is way overprotective.”
  423. >”And a weirdo!”
  424. “Sticks and stones.”
  425. >And there’s the aggressive chewing again.
  426. >At this rate you'd probably need a new backpack.
  427. >Maybe you could get that nice one you saw at the store earlier.
  428. >Thing was awesome.
  429. >You’d have to check if it was chew proof.
  430. >The rest of the walk was comprised of you humming jollily and Scootaloo still trying to gnaw her way out of your backpack.
  431. >Fun.
  432. >But as with all trips it came to an end.
  433. >Setting down your backpack carefully you opened it up.
  434. >Scootaloo not wasting the chance at escape, leaped from inside and landed right in front of you.
  435. >Barring her teeth and ready to attack.
  436. >"You ever stick me in there again Anon, and I swear I'll bite you while you sleep."
  437. "Yeah, Yeah. Now Here's where you're going to be going to school."
  438. >You pointed to the building directly behind her.
  439. >It wasn't anything fancy really.
  440. >To be honest the place looked like a regular house.
  441. >It would be kind of weird if they made a no-kidding school for ponies here.
  442. >Slinging your now empty bag over your shoulder you made the small trek to the front door.
  443. >The filly right by your side.
  444. >Well here goes nothing.
  445. >Knocking on the front door you waited.
  446. >And waited.
  447. >Peering through the small glass section of the door you saw...
  448. >Nothing.
  449. >"Pick me up, I wanna see."
  450. >Hold your horses.
  451. >Kek horses.
  452. >Which you're going to hold.
  453. >God you need to get out more.
  454. >So you picked up Scootaloo and put her right up to the window.
  455. >"I don't see anything... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
  456. >Jumping right out of your hands Scoots landed on top of your head.
  457. >You could feel her heart going a mile a minute.
  458. >Looking to see what freaked her out you saw it.
  459. >An older women was now peering at you through the window.
  460. >As she opened it you got a whiff of a scent you remember all too well.
  461. >Chocolate chip cookies.
  462. >"Well hello dearies, if my old mind serves me right you must be Anon and Scootaloo."
  463. "Yes ma’am, I'm guessing I'm at the right place then."
  464. >"Well yes, now come inside quickly, I have some treats in the oven which we can't let get burnt."
  465. >And like that you were lead inside.
  466. >With Scoots still firmly attached to your head.
  467. >Maybe you should stop giving her energy drinks.
  468. ---
  469. “How long have you been teaching here, if you don’t mind me asking?”
  470. >”Oh I’m not the teacher dear.”
  471. "So you don't actually teach here?"
  472. >"No dearie, in my old age I wouldn't be able to keep up with all these youngsters."
  473. >There in the kitchen surrounded by the smell of freshly baked Chocolate chip cookies you sat at the table.
  474. >Scootaloo who was preoccupied with chowing down on a cookie sat in your lap.
  475. "So who teaches here then?"
  476. >"Oh that would be my personal assistant, she had the wonderful idea of starting this school to help with the bills."
  477. >That actually made a lot of sense.
  478. >"Cheerilee, honey can you come here for a moment?"
  479. >"Coming Nana."
  480. >And with a that a smiling magenta pony entered the kitchen.
  481. >"You must be Anon, and Scootaloo it's so wonderful to see you again."
  482. >"Miss Cheerilee."
  483. >With the cookie in hoof completely forgotten Scoots ran over to the mare and engulfed her in a big hug.
  484. "So I'm guessing you two know each other?"
  485. >"Uh-huh, Miss Cheerilee was my teacher back in ponyville!"
  486. >Yup they definitely know each other.
  487. "So, how does all this work?"
  488. >The magenta mare giggled at your question.
  489. >"You don't need to do too much, just make sure Scootaloo is here monday through friday, and she does her homework."
  490. >Okay, you should be able to handle that.
  491. “That doesn’t sound too bad.”
  492. >The look that Cheerilee gave you was somewhere between ‘I’ve seen some shit’ and ‘You say that now’.
  493. >”But yes, the other children should be arriving here shortly, you can pick Scootaloo up at three.”
  494. >Getting up you walked over to the little bundle of terror.
  495. “Alrightie then, now Scoots remember no arson or biting the other kids.”
  496. >”Very funny, now scram before anypony see’s me with a weirdo like you.”
  497. >Gently mussing up her mane you stood back up from your kneeling postion.
  498. “Well then, I’ll be back this afternoon.”
  499. >A chorus of voices met your ears.
  500. >”Take care dearie.”
  501. >”Goodbye Mr. Anon.”
  502. >”Bye weirdo.”
  503. >It’s almost like you were all grown up now.
  505. ---
  507. >After dropping off Scootaloo at her new school you headed home.
  508. >You were going to grab your stuff and head to work.
  509. >And by head to work you meant to go check how the office was looking after the whole Jerry thing.
  510. >Man when that guy decided to go out with a bang.
  511. >Oddly the walk belt felt, well empty.
  512. >No filly trying gnaw here way out of a backpack like one of those alien things from the movies.
  513. >Holy shit, now you have an idea for her next year’s Halloween costume.
  514. >No snarky comments about your masculinity or threats of shins being kicked and/or bitten.
  515. >Wow the walk just became boring.
  516. >But soon enough you arrived home.
  517. >And your front door was open.
  518. >You know for a fact you locked up on your way out.
  519. >Oh shit.
  520. >You got robbed!
  521. >Fuck they better not have taken your dreamcast.
  522. >Screw anybody that didn’t like that thing.
  523. >Running inside however you were surprised to see a vey unexpected guest sitting on your couch sipping tea.
  524. >”Mr. Anonymous, how good to see you again.”
  525. >The man from before.
  526. >The Doc.
  527. >”There is a situation we need to discuss, quite urgently.”
  528. >You didn’t like where this was going.
  529. >”Scootaloo might be in some trouble if this isn’t resolved, tea?”
  530. >The guy held up a cup of tea in your direction.
  531. “No thanks, umm what was that about trouble for Scoots?”
  532. >”Scoots, I like that. But yes a matter of grave importance has come up that we can’t let go by.”
  533. >You swallowed nervously.
  534. >”Scootaloo is going to need her shots.”
  535. >Oh my go… wait what?
  536. “Shots?”
  537. >”Yes, immunization. Her records show she still hasn’t received all her shots.”
  538. >He held out a card towards you.
  539. >”Here’s the address of the closest doctor that will be able to take care of everything.”
  540. >Letting out the breath you didn’t even realize you were holding you relaxed.
  541. >”Are you alright Anon.”
  542. “Fine, you almost scared the crap out of me but yeah, I’m fine.”
  543. >The old man gave a chuckle.
  544. “Why are you coming here to tell me this, you could have called and just told me this.”
  545. >”Oh pish posh, my office gets so boring this time of year. I needed to get out for a bit.”
  546. “And break and enter?”
  547. >”Minor detail. But despite what you think of us, the ponies health is on top of our priorities here.”
  548. “Besides enslaving them.”
  549. >”You say enslavement, I say protection. There are evil people out there, make no mistake about that.”
  550. >The jolly face on the older gentleman face disappeared in an instant.
  551. >”If given the opportunity most of the ponies you see every day would have been dead and buried.”
  552. >”Every pony we track and sell is monitored, we ensure their health and safety from behind the scenes.”
  553. >”I don’t expect you to understand this Mr. Mouse, but we care about these creature a lot more than anyone would care to know.”
  554. >This guy confused the hell out of you.
  555. “So then why charge people for the ponies, why not just give them to those that want to help them like yourself?”
  556. >”The simplest reason, doing what we do costs money, and we do not receive any funding whatsoever from any agency that may try to impose their own rules on us.”
  557. >Looking at his watch the mans face returned to the jolly smile h held before.
  558. >” But please give what I have said some thought. You’ll be surprised but there are many others out there who want only the best for these ponies”
  559. >”With that I must be off.”
  560. “Going to give someone else a heart attack by breaking into their home?”
  561. >”Nothing so extravagant, but I may just go to a museum.”
  562. >”I always liked dinosaurs.”
  563. >And with that the man known to you as the Doc left.
  564. >He is one strange guy.
  565. ---
  567. >After that little encounter you went on to your workplace.
  568. >The smell that assaulted your nose at the office was horrendous.
  569. >Someone must have left the heat on or something because dear god.
  570. >Even the flies lay dead on the ground.
  571. >Fucking Jerry.
  572. >So with nothing to do you headed out on the town.
  573. >Scoots was still at school.
  574. >And you had a couple of hours to kill.
  575. >Well time to go bother your favorite dyke in the whole wide world.
  576. >And her adorably quiet companion.
  577. >A short walk later and you were at their store.
  578. >Some of the workers waved as you made your way to the back area where their help desk was.
  579. >You were slowly becoming a regular.
  580. >Not that you bought anything there in a while.
  581. "Hey Fluttershy."
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