Metal Gear Mons 1-B

Jul 24th, 2011
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  1. [20:01:03] <Plutonis> July 13, 3:00 PM. BSC Island Headquarters. It has been a few minutes since a squad made of your teammates Cowboy, X, Soviet and Baron left to Unova to undertake a mission contract. After a while, the electronic billboard pings again, announcing the arrival of a new mission request.
  2. [20:01:45] <Plutonis> After those four left, the main room seems to be a little more empty, with only a few persons crossing, mostly office workers and janitors/mechanics.
  3. [20:02:47] <Plutonis> You are free however, to do a little conversation and see the new mission choices for now.
  4. [20:02:52] <Plutonis> Game Start
  5. [20:03:19] * HARU was waiting by a table, accompanied by her Petilil in her arms when she heard the billboard let out a noise indicating a new mission. Curious of what missions are available, she decides to have a look.
  6. [20:04:58] * The_Veteran is sleeping on a couch in the room, looking pretty disheveled.
  7. [20:05:26] * Hotaru had been strumming a few notes on her guitar as her litwick fluttered about nearby, curious. Torch had a habit of running into, and through things in his curiosity. The slow lazy strumming stopped at the pinging of a mission as she looked up. She wasn't a major fan of the whole rat race style many missions had... but buying food was an unfortunate necessity
  8. [20:08:26] <Plutonis> In the billboard it seems to have two mail-shaped icons. The headers on them say: "Magma: Contract on liberating Power Plant"; "Rocket: Retrieve stolen experiment".
  9. [20:08:49] * HuntingHoundoom Check the string of his bow as well as the condition of his equipment. Bodyarmor, check, Sleepgas, check. Pokeballs check. He flips his scanner goggles onto his face and smiles. "S'gonna be a good day."
  10. 20:10:33] * HARU notes the missions available and turns to look up to those present, communicating through telepathy <<It seems we have missions from two groups- one from Magma, and another from Rocket...>>
  11. [20:11:20] * HuntingHoundoom Shrugs, "Magma ain't my cup of tea usually, and I don't care which way about rocket. What are the mission statements?"
  12. [20:11:32] * Hotaru stood quietly as she brushed herself off and walked off towards the billboard. She glanced quietly to HARU with a nod as she flicked the billboard to unlock the mission statements on rocket
  13. [20:11:38] <Hotaru> "I dislike Magma, let's see Rockets"
  14. [20:11:56] * The_Veteran grumbles as the sudden spike of activity in the room wakes him. "I am..." he stretches and looks toward the billboard "...far too old for this."
  15. [20:12:35] <HARU> <<It seems we share a common interest for Rocket's mission...>> HARU nodded as she looks up the details involving the Rocket mission.
  16. [20:14:32] <Plutonis> There aren't much details, except that one Rocket laboratory in Cinnabar Island was invaded by thieves not a couple of hours ago and since they have not many operatives in the nearby area, they are asking for mercenaries to sweep the place in search of the perpetrators of the invasion.
  17. [20:15:56] <Hotaru> "Mmmm so its a basic sweep for information, doesn't sound very hard."
  18. [20:16:26] <Plutonis> Of course, discretion is needed.
  19. [20:16:33] <HARU> <<Very straightforward... Wouldn't be too hard to have a sweep of the island...>>
  20. [20:18:02] <HuntingHoundoom> "True, true. Any details on the experiment? Don't want to run into any theives and break their fancy gizmowhatsit."
  21. [20:18:39] * The_Veteran scans the room. "I hardly think petty thieves would be the perpetrators if it was a Rocket lab." he begins checking his armor and other equipment.
  22. [20:19:05] * HARU takes a second look at the mission details for any information on the items stolen.
  23. [20:19:07] <Klarkralk> "True. Think it was another orginization?"
  24. [20:19:27] <Hotaru> "Mmmm valid point. I hope its team Magma. I like getting into fights with them. My bets are it is Team rocket themselves"
  25. [20:19:31] <Hotaru> "Prolly an Inside job"
  26. [20:21:02] <HARU> <<It is very likely we will get additional information when we arrive at the island...>> HARU stated as she returns her petilil to its pokeball, <<Shall we proceed to meet with them?>>
  27. [20:21:49] * HuntingHoundoom Shrugs. "Ain't gonna get paid just by standin' here."
  28. [20:22:38] <Hotaru> Hotaru quietly placed her guitar in its case, scooping it up with a nod as she headed for the way out "Food is a necessity for us, like air is for fire. We should be on our way"
  29. [20:23:01] <The_Veteran> "And if we don't like what we hear at the island? Well, I suppose it pays the bills. I'm thinkin' you kids are being a bit too gung-ho about a dangerous situation though." The Veteran proceeds towards the exit, stopping by Houndoom. "You look alright though, prepared at least." he continues on.
  30. 20:24:54] <Hotaru> "What else do i need? Backpack, Guitar, Pokemon..... I'm not the body armor kinda girl"
  31. [20:25:04] * HuntingHoundoom Grins "Heh, well thank ya kindly sir," and follows the crew.
  32. [20:25:05] * HARU does not respond to what the old man said, having her own reasons to participate in this mission. She takes a moment to look to the others before following to where their transport is waiting.
  33. [20:26:39] <The_Veteran> "...thought it's been decades since kids had to become child soldiers. Damn world is going to shit around me." a stream of muttering comes from The Veteran as he approaches the transport.
  34. [20:28:26] * Hotaru rolls her eyes as the litwick follows in her shadow, its little flame fluttering
  35. [20:29:32] * HuntingHoundoom Laughs as he gets into the transport. "We got any idea on our ETA? Or we just flyin' blind?"
  36. [20:29:44] <Plutonis> As the group heads to the helipad and enters the transport chopper, they are quickly transported to the shores of Cinnabar Island after one hour of uneventful flight. Now their arrival place waits them below.
  37. [20:30:41] * The_Veteran is muttering to himself the whole flight. "Back in MY DAY kids went to school like good little children. Didn't sign up to go fight other young upstarts who don't know shit 'bout the world. And the government paid their vets too!"
  38. [20:31:18] * Hotaru played her guitar to the Veterans grumbling, actually trying to dance a tune around his whining
  39. [20:31:49] <HARU> "..." HARU stares at the island. She recalls her time here as she glanced to the old man, <<The world has changed...>>
  40. [20:32:19] * HuntingHoundoom Has his eyes shut during the flight...Hey may or may not be awake.
  41. [20:32:24] <The_Veteran> "...and when good young men were drafted, they were given armor and supplies as needed." The Veteran turns to Haru. "Changed? I've seen war boy. And war. War never changes."
  42. [20:33:23] * Hotaru strums the opening tune of some nameless melody, ie the 'imperial death march', as the old man talks about how horrid war is and how it never changes.
  43. [20:33:53] * Hotaru steps out of the transport on Cinnabar finally with a quiet smile as her Litwick flickers in and out of visibility behind her
  44. [20:34:16] * Hotaru steps to the front*, of the transport, since they hadn't landed yet~
  45. [20:34:51] * HARU turns toward the old man, her face mostly concealed by the visor she wears before turning to look out the window and waiting for the transport to land. "....."
  46. [20:36:04] <Plutonis> As the helicopter finally lands, the door opens for you to leave. It's a small helipad on the top of a building, and the pilot indicates it as the laboratory mentioned in the briefing. The sun continues to shine above you, and a couple of Rocket members surround the helicopter, examining it.
  47. [20:37:39] * Hotaru walked out of the helicopter first, Team Rocket seemed to be one of the better 'teams' in her opinion and she was willing to assume they were on the level with the party
  48. [20:37:57] * HuntingHoundoom Eyes snap open as the heli lands. Heading out, past the H's, he slips his bow off his shoulder and strings it in one fluid motion.
  49. [20:38:39] * The_Veteran steps out and approaches whoever seems to be in charge. "The mission briefing lacked detail. How do you suggest we approach the mission? Will we be supplied with floorplans?"
  50. [20:39:16] * HARU steps down from the helicopter a few steps behind, offering the Rocket salute before being lead to whoever gave the mission, <<I believe we shall be briefed further details...>>
  51. [20:41:41] * HuntingHoundoom Eyes all the Rokkit folks, grinning. "Hey there Grunts how's it goin'?:
  52. [20:42:10] <Plutonis> There are only common grunts in the pad, however, the one Haru and the Veteran approached just gives a small look at then and says: "You'z the guys? The mercs? A kid 'n an old man?"
  53. [20:43:20] * Hotaru rolled her eyes at the grunt as she walked up behind Veteran and Haru
  54. [20:43:25] <The_Veteran> "I've spent longer in the military than you've been alive, boy. Just point me at your boss."
  55. [20:44:11] <HARU> "...." HARU gave no reply, but the grunt would have felt a creepy presence in his mind that lingered for a moment.
  56. [20:44:41] <Plutonis> "Th' boss is down 'ere. Kind of, he'z only th' scientist dude in charge. We just are to 'scort youz to him."
  57. [20:45:11] <The_Veteran> "Then proceed."
  58. [20:45:32] * HuntingHoundoom Slides his goggles up and gives the grunt that is speaking a look over, shrugging. "Well let's go."
  59. [20:48:48] <Plutonis> The man whistles and signals for the other two grunts to come as they take you to the stairwell down the building. From the top however, you can see the rest of the island. It seems most of it is only barren rock and solid magma and ash, with a few rebuilt buildings, but none of them bigger than the laboratory.
  60. [20:49:42] * Hotaru smirked at the site of the island as she headed down the stairs, but only after letting the Veteran take the lead. It seemed just her kind of place.
  61. [20:51:01] * HuntingHoundoom Nods to himself slipping the goggles back into place. "Reminds me of back home a bit. Less crazy people spoutin' about the Divine Waters and the Holy Ground though." He continues to scan the area as they walk.
  62. [20:51:47] * HARU has been quiet, following with the group. Whatever crossing her mind would be hard to figure, especially with a visor concealing her face.
  63. [20:52:31] <HuntingHoundoom> "So hey, buddies, what happened with these burglars any how?"
  64. [20:55:17] <Plutonis> You descend from the closed stairwell about seven floors, finally entering in one room on the third one. "One'z of th' guards is on th' emergency room and three others had th' shit beat out of 'em." the Grunt says as he points to a door with "Chief Researcher's Officer" written on an iron plaque welded to it. A smaller plaque with "Blaine" is under the larger one.
  65. [20:56:39] * Hotaru quirked a brow, idly wondering whether it was pokemon or the thieves themselves that did the damage
  66. [20:56:55] * The_Veteran walks past the Grunt and enters the office. "Chief Researcher Blaine, we are here to track down the intruders, but we require additional intel before we can proceed with the mission."
  67. [20:57:12] * HARU listens to any surface thoughts in the surroundings as they make their way to this point. She stopped and looked up to the writings on the door, taking a deep breath for once before entering.
  68. [20:58:38] * HuntingHoundoom Grins and does a mock salute to the grunts as they leave. Letting Vet. take point. He glances around the office making note of everything in it.
  69. [21:01:03] <HARU> As HARU is finally before the desk of the chief researcher, she made the salute before standing at attention. "...."
  70. [21:02:40] <Plutonis> Inside the room there's only a bald man wearing a lab coat. He stares at the window in front of it, gazing at the island's background. "Ah, the outside help we requested, right? It's a relief that you arrived so fast, fortunately it seems our burglars have not left the island." He turns to you and adjustes his glasses as he sits on a large chair in the middle of the office.
  71. [21:04:32] <Hotaru> "Mmhm, the mission memo said we needed to find your thieves correct? Judging by the situation and who they stole from... I have a feeling it's not that simple"
  72. [21:04:53] * Hotaru leans against the wall by the door, placing her guitar case with the litwick riding upon the tip, down
  73. [21:05:00] * HuntingHoundoom Nods along, "Any information regarding who they were, sir?"
  74. [21:05:32] * The_Veteran nods. "We will require a floorplan, with likely locations of the thieves marked. And perhaps you should explain what organization you suspect is behind this. Mere petty thieves do not target Rockets."
  75. [21:08:14] <HARU> "What items were taken, Dr. Blaine?" HARU spoke more clearly, but her voice strangely monotone, "Was the damage extensive?"
  76. [21:10:51] <Plutonis> "Which organization? We have many enemies, and it's likely to be each one of them equally. Cinnabar Island have not a large contigent since the volcano erupted three years ago, and the few ones we got are currently patrolling the shores to keep our rats trapped here. That's where you come in. Retrieve the stolen experiment, do whatever it takes to make sure it's safe. The laboratory
  77. [21:10:51] <Plutonis> and island maps will be provided by the gentlemen outside." He turns to HARU, smiling as he adjusts his glasses. "Ah, little HARU, it has been a while. Actually only one thing was taken from here."
  78. [21:13:40] <Plutonis> "A Pokéball, holding a 'mold' for something we are to mass produce on the next few days. We made a few modifications to make it more... 'accessible' than the prototype, and unfortunately i think it was what made our thieves take it so easily. They might use it against you, but don't pull any punches. While it'd be better to be given to us alive, we only need the full body and the okéball. We cannot let those rats take it away from this island."
  79. [21:14:05] * The_Veteran goes outside to retrieve the maps. The details of the stolen item don't matter to him.
  80. [21:14:06] <HARU> "It definitely had, doctor..." HARU replied with a bow before continuing, "If it is an experiment, chances are they cannot move recklessly... Which explains why they still remain on the island..."
  81. [21:16:10] <HARU> "If we can find where they hide their means of escape, we can ensure that they won't be leaving the island..." HARU added, saluting once again to the doctor, "We shall go ahead and search for the perpetrators. Please excuse us..."
  82. [21:16:37] * HuntingHoundoom Nods. "Understood, do you have any surveillance videos or photos of them or any specs? Any idea what we are fight-""
  83. [21:17:27] <Plutonis> As the Veteran leaves the room, one of the three Rockets waiting outside gives him a small salute while handing two maps. One of them details the laboratory, in particular the fifth floor, where the experiment was stolen. The other is from the island. Unfortunately, it was made before the volcano eruption, so lots of the buildings are either destroyed or in ruins, not to mention the
  84. [21:17:28] <Plutonis> new ones made to replace some of them.
  85. [21:18:18] * Hotaru rubs her temple, trying to ignore the potential experiment they would be fighting. She understood the basics though, as well as the fact the mission pay had been agreed beforehand
  86. [21:18:24] <Hotaru> "Do you know offhand how many thieves there were?"
  87. [21:18:36] * The_Veteran takes the maps and frowns behind his gas mask. "Up to date intelligence is required for a successful mission. Are you to tell me the Rockets have not produced a new map in the last three years?"
  88. [21:19:54] <Plutonis> "The surveillance cameras were destroyed, we are dealing with professionals here. Some of the recordings however, show three women entering the building directly in the fifth floor, dispatching the guards and entering the exact room where the experiment was kept."
  89. [21:21:56] <Plutonis> "The eruption destroyed this laboratory before, we only relocated here three months ago. Damn it, between that and the prototype disaster, we have lost so much research..."
  90. [21:23:08] * HuntingHoundoom "Gotcha Doc. We'll start the mission ASAP." Grins and follows Vet. out of the room.
  91. [21:23:18] <Hotaru> "Well three enemies, sounds like we have the best we can do"
  92. [21:23:28] * Hotaru shook her head following the Vet and Hunting out
  93. [21:24:00] <The_Veteran> "Whoever decided to build this place on an active volcano anyway? I tell ya, in my day, an architect wouldn't even give you a call back if you asked for a job like this one. Reckless, throwing money away like this." the Veteran stalks off to follow the rest of his team, maps in hand.
  94. [21:24:39] <HARU> <<It can't be helped...>> HARU spoke through her thoughts as she joined the others outside and hearing the veteran's question, <<This location is a vital source of energy for certain... experiments...>>
  95. [21:25:16] <The_Veteran> "Understood. I have the maps of the area. We should plan our entry strategy carefully. How many hostiles are we dealing with?"
  96. [21:25:20] <HuntingHoundoom> "Geothermal I guess right? Anyhow, Island first or The Scene of the Crim first?"
  97. [21:25:29] <HuntingHoundoom> "Three reported.:"
  98. [21:25:45] <Plutonis> "The volcano made the charm, it was even better when i handled the Gym while studying on the mansion. In any case, good luck and remember, the experiment is the priority."
  99. [21:26:18] <The_Veteran> "Then it is unlikely they have split up. Leaving a member alone in hostile territory is not a mistake professionals would make."
  100. [21:26:21] <HARU> <<We can have a quick look at the scene, identify the perpetrators' handiwork...>>
  101. [21:26:25] <Hotaru> "I suggest we have two inside and two outside the labratory, let's hope the grunts didn't screw up any trails"
  102. [21:27:31] <The_Veteran> "Are you suggesting we split up?"
  103. [21:28:39] <HARU> <<It may be better to work together and gather information...>> HARU suggested to the other girl's opinion, <<The sooner we can finish in one spot, the better our chances of finding the thieves...>>
  104. [21:28:42] <Hotaru> "Nah, not mainly. I meant two of us focus on the inside and the two on just outside"
  105. [21:29:18] * Hotaru had meant that two should be looking for clues, two for trails leading out
  106. [21:29:34] <The_Veteran> "I agree that we should move in one group. Our team is apparently a washed up old man and two kids. Only that guy.." the Veteran jerks a thumb at Houndoom "..looks like he belongs at all in an operation like this one."
  107. [21:30:06] * Hotaru resisted the urge to snicker
  108. [21:30:19] <Hotaru> "Honestly, I'm not even sure they'll let us in the lab with this level of secrecy"
  109. [21:30:31] * HuntingHoundoom Tries to hid his grin but ends up laughing any way. "So a quick peek at the lab if we can and then off hunting?"
  110. [21:31:30] <The_Veteran> "That seems reasonable. You know, it's a sad day when the age limits for a high profile PMC are 13 to 80, or whatever insanity they've got going on back at base." the Veteran rolls up the maps and starts walking toward the lab.
  111. [21:33:42] <Plutonis> The group is followed by the three stern-looking black-clad men all the way to the laboratory. The fifth floor seems to be completely made of glass, with glass doors, walls and tables. Some of them, however, seem to been molten by some kind of chemical.
  112. [21:33:48] * HuntingHoundoom Laughs all the way to the Lab.
  113. [21:34:05] * HARU follows ahead, appearing to be familiar with the layout of the area. She wants to find out who is behind all this as soon as possible, and ensure that the experiment can be retrieved quickly.
  114. [21:34:15] <HuntingHoundoom> "Well then. This looks like it was a good time."
  115. [21:34:36] <Plutonis> A puddle of blood lies in one corner, and a large molten hole on the wall leading outside has hot wind flow inside the place.
  116. [21:34:36] <The_Veteran> "...You may laugh, but at this rate you may be bringing the rest of us back home in bodybags. I suppose you wouldn't mind the extra pay though." the Veteran spits out bitterly.
  117. [21:35:36] * HuntingHoundoom Shrugs "Extra pay would be nice, but I'd rather not have my teammates die. Point of pride and, goddamn this place is a mess..."
  118. [21:35:43] * Hotaru tilts her head glancing about as she walks, humming quietly. Hotaru is silently checking for any Psychic trails or mind manipulation on the suits behind her, via the Psychic finder ability
  119. [21:36:42] * HARU focuses, attempting to zero in on any trace of psychic energy in the scene of the crime as well.
  120. [21:38:03] * The_Veteran examines the puddle of blood. Is it sizeable, and are there any trails leading from it?
  121. [21:40:51] <Plutonis> While none of the persons left in the room seem to have had their minds meddled, it seems some psychic residue is on the trail leading from the hole in the wall to a table with ten Pokéballs in a circular pattern. One of them was supposed to be on the center, but it's currently missing. Meanwhile, the blood goes from the corner it was to the staircase you came from. One of the grunts
  122. [21:40:51] <Plutonis> indicate it was one of the guards that was wounded and managed to escape and call the others. Unfortunately, when they came back there were only unconscious bodies and the experiment was missing.
  123. [21:41:54] * Hotaru walked to the hole in the wall and looked out, checking to see if the psychic residue continued on outside as she sighed
  124. [21:42:00] * HARU looks towards the opening left behind on the wall, to see if she can identify what form of damage was done to it.
  125. [21:42:15] <Hotaru> "Psychic Residue, they were either packing a psychic type or one was a psychic\
  126. [21:43:09] <The_Veteran> "I bet it was a bunch of young upstarts. Kids these days. Have a bit of psychic power or get a pokemon or two and they think they're hot shit. We will pursue. Lead the way."
  127. [21:43:23] <HuntingHoundoom> "Well damn, can any of you folks track by anychance?"
  128. [21:43:33] <HARU> <<This form of damage....>> HARU thought before trailing as she figured it might be caused by fire.
  129. [21:44:43] <Plutonis> The trail seems to stop from the outside. It's like they... Vanished from thin air?
  130. [21:45:36] <HARU> <<Could it be that they have means of flight...?>> HARU pondered, looking towards the distance before turning to her team.
  131. [21:46:10] <HARU> 1d20+5 int check
  132. [21:46:11] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, int check: 16 [1d20=11]
  133. [21:47:09] * HuntingHoundoom Scraches his chin and lets out MATILDA the Metang, she has some sort of harness and strap set up on her. "Possible. Gonna step out side for a moment." The Metang floats down as he straps himself in and steps on her back.
  134. [21:47:12] <HuntingHoundoom> "Any Objections?"
  135. [21:48:01] <The_Veteran> "A risky manuveur. But you seem competant."
  136. [21:48:26] <HARU> <<None, the sooner we can find their trail, the better...>> HARU replied as she got up after examining the damage to the walls, <<It seems they might be proficient with the use of acid...>>
  137. [21:49:36] * HuntingHoundoom Nods and clicks his tounge, the metang floating outside the hole in the building very slowly.
  138. [21:50:52] <Plutonis> (Houndoom, roll perception)
  139. [21:51:13] <Klarkralk> 1d20-4
  140. [21:51:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Klarkralk, 1d20-4: 6 [1d20=10]
  141. [21:52:14] <Plutonis> It seems there aren't much to look for outside the building! Maybe someone else could help to track?
  142. [21:53:01] * HARU offers a telepathic assistance, trying to see through the hunter's eyes.
  143. [21:53:50] <HARU> 1d20 perception
  144. [21:53:51] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, perception: 12 [1d20=12]
  145. [21:55:35] <HARU> HuntingHoundoom could feel a mild presence in his head, as if helping him to look around the area of the building for telltale signs of the thieves.
  146. [21:57:52] <Plutonis> Is that some sort of... Goop down there?
  147. [21:58:25] <Plutonis> Dripping from the hole into a small smoking puddle on the rocky ground outside the laboratory.
  148. [21:58:55] * Klarkralk Squits, before yelling back "I think I see something. Looks like the acid call was spot on. And goddamn we need some sorta radio."
  149. [22:00:10] <Plutonis> (Wrong client dude)
  150. [22:00:10] * Hotaru nodded quietly to herself hearing his echoing cry. A radio would help them out.
  151. [22:00:17] <HARU> <<We should get down there, it looks like we have a trail...>> HARU said as she started for the elevator down. It looks like they can give chase now!
  152. [22:00:57] * Hotaru followed moments after Haru scooping up her case as she went, that made this easier
  153. [22:02:48] * HuntingHoundoom Decends to ground level on his Metang waiting for the rest of the team. (And in the right client this time too.)
  154. [22:02:49] * The_Veteran waits for Houndoom to get back before he follows the rest of the team. "Kids don't got any patience. And would they have done if you were ambushed on the way back?" he shakes his head.
  155. [22:04:57] <Plutonis> As they descends in the elevator and regroup in front of the goop, they see a small trail of purple goop going one mile away from the lab, to what was in the old map as a warehouse but now seems to be completely in ruins.
  156. [22:05:38] <Hotaru> "So much for them being experts" she muttered staring at the obvious trail
  157. [22:06:31] * HARU attempts to find any psychic residue in the vicinity, checking for anything amiss as they regroup. <<Or they may be intentionally leaving a trail...>>
  158. [22:06:35] <HuntingHoundoom> "Hey Vet, its a little too obvious...Decoy and Ambush you think?"
  159. [22:07:44] <The_Veteran> "Not unlikely. Do you plan to scout the area, or should I send a scout myself?"
  160. [22:09:12] <HuntingHoundoom> "Matilda and Chauncy are not really built for scouting really. I'd be much obliged."
  161. [22:10:29] * The_Veteran nods and drops a pokeball, releasing a Yamask. "Evocatus, be my eyes." he crouches and gets in a sniping position with his crossbow. "Scout the area and ensure we are not walking into an ambush."
  162. [22:13:07] * HARU begins following the trail, knowing that the others would provide cover. She also brings out an Exeggcute to assist her.
  163. [22:13:44] * The_Veteran drops another pokeball and releases a Lucario. "Legatus, can you please interpret for Evocatus?"
  164. [22:14:19] * HuntingHoundoom Grabs an arrow and notches it on his bow and inches forward to cover Haru. "Barring more mindpowers, what do you guys think we are dealing with? Grimers? Muks?"
  165. [22:15:31] <Hotaru> "Mmmmm quite possibly, that makes too much sense to rule out"
  166. [22:16:12] <HuntingHoundoom> "Ugh, if it is that'll be nasty. Won't be able to sneak up on anyone for a while."
  167. [22:16:23] <HARU> <<There are traces of psychic energy. Chances are there are also psychics in their ranks...>> HARU stated as she scans the area with her psychic abilities, following the trail as she does.
  168. [22:17:28] <Hotaru> "Haru's right, Psychic is definitely in the group, whether pokemon or trainer is uknown"
  169. [22:17:42] <The_Veteran> <Bloody 'ell, it was an ambush. There are three chaps over in the warehouse, one hurt. They have three pokemon, but Evocatus couldn't make them out, the old chap.> the Lucario pipes up.
  170. [22:18:03] <Hotaru> "Chaps, or ladies?" She murmured curiously
  171. [22:19:40] <HARU> <<Regardless, we should be cautious...>> HARU said, noting the numbers they will have to face.
  172. [22:20:17] <The_Veteran> <Three ladies like you my good madame. My Georg, isn't this exciting? Just like the good ol' days when we had battlefields and air raids.>
  173. [22:20:17] <The_Veteran> "No, they sucked." the Veteran grumbles.
  174. [22:20:34] <Hotaru> "One's hurt, good. Are they ready for us, or can we take them by surprise"
  175. [22:21:16] <The_Veteran> "I believe the point of an ambush is to be ready to take incoming hostiles by surprise."
  176. [22:22:24] <Hotaru> "Yes but 'over in the warehouse' does not emphasize if they're watching the road or waiting for someone to come in"
  177. [22:22:34] <HARU> <<We will know as soon as we're in the vicinity of the warehouse...>> HARU stated simply, no sense overthinking it.
  178. [22:22:35] * HuntingHoundoom Grins. "Good ole days, eh Vet? Hmm. Could turn the tables, send in a bit of 'bait' lure them out for a bit of a counter maneuver?"
  179. [22:23:17] <The_Veteran> Legatus turns to Evocatus and they chatter for a second before the Lucario speaks up again. <Well, I can't tell, they were arguing or something. Sod it, recon work is hard you know!>
  180. [22:24:04] <The_Veteran> "The old days sucked. What do you have in mind for bait?"
  181. [22:24:38] <Hotaru> "Good, thats all I wanted to know."
  182. [22:26:33] <HuntingHoundoom> "Send in myself. Act like a greenhorn call them out, mostly just get them out of cover. Fall back a bit try and get them to follow, and you three get them into a pincer. Or something like that."
  183. [22:27:16] <HARU> <<That could work...>> HARU nodded, noting if anyone else had better ideas.
  184. [22:27:19] <The_Veteran> "It sounds risky. If you're good with a bow, you should be staying in the back lines. A loud noise should be enough to draw at least one of them out to face us."
  185. [22:27:51] <Hotaru> "shame we don't have t he team rocket grunts, they would be disposable."
  186. [22:27:52] * HuntingHoundoom Shrugs, "Any of you got a noise maker?"
  187. [22:27:53] <Jessie> To protect the world from devastation!
  188. [22:28:49] <Hotaru> "Depends, Litwick could try and set the building on fire..."
  189. [22:29:23] <HARU> <<Hoping they would bring the experiment with them out of the building...>> HARU added to Hotaru's suggestion.
  190. [22:29:47] <HARU> <<We could also attempt having something thrown into the warehouse to get their attention...
  191. [22:30:32] <Hotaru> "Litwick could use Smog through a window..... that would rush em out prolly"
  192. [22:30:45] * Hotaru smirks at the idea as her little pokemon preened at being useful
  193. [22:31:19] <The_Veteran> <Throw something? Jolly good idea! Those nice chaps in the lab back there lend you a bomb or something?>
  194. [22:32:12] <HARU> <<Even a rock would do...>> HARU replied, looking to the veteran, <<We don't want to damage the experiment at least.>>
  195. [22:32:36] <Plutonis> Everyone roll perception~
  196. [22:32:38] * HuntingHoundoom Goes through all the pockets on his vest pulling out a little grenade type object. "Got a little bit of something."
  197. [22:32:48] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20-4 wheee
  198. [22:32:48] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, wheee: 2 [1d20=6]
  199. [22:32:53] <HARU> 1d20
  200. [22:32:54] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  201. [22:32:59] <HARU> D:
  202. [22:33:00] <The_Veteran> 1d20-3
  203. [22:33:00] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 1d20-3: 2 [1d20=5]
  204. [22:33:27] <Hotaru> 1d20
  205. [22:33:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, 1d20: 6 [1d20=6]
  206. [22:34:42] <Plutonis> The warehouse continues to loom in front of you. Nothing out of the ordinary it seems.
  207. [22:35:23] * HuntingHoundoom Shrugs. "Sleep bomb, should knock them out if it works."
  208. [22:35:57] <Hotaru> "We should scatter before you throw it, so we're not in a tight little radius"
  209. [22:36:16] <HuntingHoundoom> "Of course. I was thinking through the window."
  210. [22:36:34] * Hotaru would creep off to the side a bit and forward, a good half dozen meters away but staying out of sight of windows and doors "Go ahead then when your ready"
  211. [22:36:49] <The_Veteran> "Go for it. We should prepare to engage the enemy first, however. Everyone ready their pokemon."
  212. [22:36:52] * HARU puts a safe distance, preparing for their attempt at flushing the thieves out.
  213. [22:37:38] <HARU> "Get ready, Tamashiro..." HARU whispered as she laid low beside her Exeggcute and waited.
  214. [22:37:53] <Hotaru> Torch's flame quivered in anticipation
  215. [22:38:01] * HuntingHoundoom Keeps Matilda out as he tries to sneak closer to the building and a broken window.
  216. [22:39:26] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Sneaking?: 23 [1d20=16]
  217. [22:39:44] <Plutonis> As houndoom gets closer to the building... He notices it's empty inside, although there are more of that puddle of acid smoking near the... remaining pillars! Suddenly, the warehouse starts to crumble!
  218. [22:40:10] <HuntingHoundoom> "Oh sonofa-"
  219. [22:40:26] <Plutonis> (roll dex again!)
  220. [22:40:32] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20+7
  221. [22:40:33] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20+7: 13 [1d20=6]
  222. [22:40:33] <The_Veteran> <Blimey! Who the bloody 'ell designed that building?>
  223. [22:41:03] <Plutonis> 1d10+10 damage
  224. [22:41:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 11 [1d10=1]
  225. [22:41:52] <Plutonis> Houndoom manages to leap outside of the rubble, as a stray piece of rubble rebounds from his armor.
  226. [22:42:10] <Plutonis> (perception again)
  227. [22:42:11] <The_Veteran> "They must have set a trap while we were deciding on what to do."
  228. [22:42:16] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20-4
  229. [22:42:17] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20-4: 4 [1d20=8]
  230. [22:42:17] <The_Veteran> 1d20-3
  231. [22:42:18] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 1d20-3: 8 [1d20=11]
  232. [22:42:22] <HARU> 1d20 alert!
  233. [22:42:23] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, alert!: 2 [1d20=2]
  234. [22:42:23] <Hotaru> 1d20, i can see nothing!
  235. [22:42:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, i can see nothing!: 15 [1d20=15]
  236. [22:43:16] <Plutonis> Hotaru can discern some shadows scurrying away from the cloud of dust lifted by the rubble!
  237. [22:44:13] * Hotaru sent out a mental 'pulse' to her team with the sight and 'feeling' of w hich way the shadows were moving before she stood and ran after as Litwick clung desperately to her guitar case
  238. [22:44:54] <HuntingHoundoom> "Goddamnit. This dosen't feel right..."
  239. [22:45:35] <The_Veteran> <That was a simply DASHING display young man.> the Lucario chimes in, seeming quite excited.
  240. [22:45:47] <The_Veteran> "Yes, he almost died. Magnificent. What do we do now?"
  241. [22:46:30] <HARU> <<They're trying to escape!>> HARU remarked, turning towards the direction Hotaru directed her, she attempts to cut down the escapees with her Exeggcute's Bullet Seed fired towards the general direction.
  242. [22:46:48] <HuntingHoundoom> "Regroup, follow shadows? Or see if anything is left in the building...Wait. No. That's bullshit."
  243. [22:47:48] <HARU> #5d20 bullet seed
  244. [22:47:48] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, bullet seed: 53 [5d20=20,1,13,18,1]
  245. [22:47:52] <The_Veteran> "We'll follow the shadows."
  246. [22:48:14] <Plutonis> roll 1d6
  247. [22:48:15] <Dicemaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  248. [22:49:53] <Plutonis> One single seed flies through the smoke and hits one of the human shadows on the head, making it fall! The others try to help her up.
  249. [22:50:17] <The_Veteran> <Oh sod it, they know we're here anyway!>
  250. [22:50:22] <The_Veteran> 1d20 vacuum wave interrupt?
  251. [22:50:23] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, vacuum wave interrupt?: 10 [1d20=10]
  252. [22:50:37] <The_Veteran> (trying to hit the one trying to help her up)
  253. [22:50:44] <Plutonis> (hits)
  254. [22:50:53] <The_Veteran> 2d10+1d6+14 damage
  255. [22:50:53] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, damage: 23 [2d10=1,6; 1d6=2]
  256. [22:53:11] <Plutonis> The other is hit too, but stands her ground, not much phased from it. The dust cloud starts to secede and beyond you are the three thieves, all of them seem to be women in black bodysuits, one brunette, another with black hair and a blonde one. The blonde one, the only unharmed, turns to the others and point at your group. "Trick, Thief! We gor company!"
  257. [22:53:48] * The_Veteran returns Evocatus for now and readies his crossbow.
  258. [22:54:19] * HuntingHoundoom Notches an arrow. "Is the last one named Snach? What is with those Codenames?"
  259. [22:54:34] <The_Veteran> <Buncha wankers is what they are!>
  260. [22:55:08] <Plutonis> The girl with the black ponytail, which was hit by the seed, gets up and readies her weapon as three pokémon, a Psyduck, a Grimer and a Furret get near them. "I know it Covet. It seems you fucked up again, first leaving that trail, and now letting Trick getting hurt..."
  261. [22:55:24] <Plutonis> "Let us just beat them and find a way out if this island!"
  262. [22:55:30] <Plutonis> (Speeds and dex everyone!)
  263. [22:55:52] <The_Veteran> (20 dex, 9 speed on Legatus)
  264. [22:55:55] <HARU> <<Return what you stole and we'll consider letting you off with a lighter punishment!>> HARU warned the three, with her Exeggcute cheering on.
  265. [22:56:23] <Hotaru> (10 Dex, 1 Speed on Torch, which is why i asked if I can fire off a confuse ray while we had free shots :) )
  266. [22:56:24] <HARU> Dex 10, Speed 6
  267. [22:56:30] <HuntingHoundoom> (Dex 24 Matilda Spd 5)
  268. [22:57:11] <HARU> (HARU and Tamashiro)
  269. [22:59:20] <~Plutonis> Order: Houndoom/Thief/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/Trick||Furret/Legatus/Psyduck/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Grimer/Torch
  270. [23:00:48] <~Plutonis> (Houndoom's turn!)
  271. [23:01:58] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20 Using Crowd Control, hitting all three of the baddies if I can. Centering on Covet
  272. [23:01:59] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Using Crowd Control, hitting all three of the baddies if I can. Centering on Covet: 18 [1d20=18]
  273. [23:02:36] <~Plutonis> Covet falls asleep! The others aren't hit though.
  274. [23:04:22] <~Plutonis> 2#1d20+6
  275. [23:04:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2#1d20+6: 24 [1d20=18], 14 [1d20=8]
  276. [23:04:49] <~Plutonis> Thief meanwhile, jumps in Haru's direction and slashes her twice with a knife!
  277. [23:04:54] <~Plutonis> 2#1d20
  278. [23:04:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2#1d20: 6 [1d20=6], 14 [1d20=14]
  279. 23:05:57] <~Plutonis> 1d10+6
  280. [23:05:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d10+6: 12 [1d10=6]
  281. [23:06:05] <~Plutonis> 1d10+6
  282. [23:06:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d10+6: 16 [1d10=10]
  283. 23:06:14] <~Plutonis> (second attack deals only 12 damage)
  284. [23:06:19] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Covet sleepcheck
  285. [23:06:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Covet sleepcheck: 19 [1d20=19]
  286. [23:06:59] <HuntingHoundoom> "Mother fucker."
  287. [23:07:05] <HARU> <<...!>> HARU was hurt, but manages.
  288. [23:07:27] <HARU> (100/124)
  289. [23:07:36] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, Covet quickly wakes up and tries to smack Houndoom in the face as her left hand turns purple!
  290. [23:07:37] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  291. [23:07:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  292. 23:07:55] <Hotaru> "Found our psychic!"
  293. [23:08:40] <The_Veteran> "Nifty trick. I think I got one of 'em left from the war too..."
  294. [23:08:53] <The_Veteran> 1d20 crowd control on the same targets, as long as it won't hit Houndoom
  295. [23:08:54] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, crowd control on the same targets, as long as it won't hit Houndoom: 1 [1d20=1]
  296. [23:09:31] <~Plutonis> Veteran's cataract starts to act up and he throws the powder on the opposite direction!
  297. [23:09:37] <The_Veteran> <I do think that is the wrong direction Georg. Oh, it's JUST like the old days.> Legatus claps a bit.
  298. [23:09:42] <The_Veteran> "Shut. Your. Trap."
  299. [23:11:01] * Hotaru flicks her hand forward as Houndoom notices sparks erupt around Covet before she erupts in a small vortex of fire
  300. [23:11:05] <Hotaru> 1d20 Fire Spin Acc 3
  301. [23:11:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Fire Spin Acc 3: 9 [1d20=9]
  302. [23:11:54] <Hotaru> 2d10+6 Fire Spin Damage
  303. [23:11:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Fire Spin Damage: 20 [2d10=7,7]
  304. [23:12:09] <Hotaru> 1d4+1 Turns
  305. [23:12:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Turns: 3 [1d4=2]
  306. [23:12:24] <Hotaru> "You're not the only one with special (Jazz) Hands girly!"
  307. [23:13:00] <~Plutonis> The vortex surrounds covet!
  308. [23:13:44] * HARU concentrates and causes mud to scatter towards the Grimer's way, hitting those in the Grimer's area
  309. [23:13:50] <HARU> 1d20 mud slap
  310. [23:13:51] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, mud slap: 13 [1d20=13]
  311. [23:15:46] <HARU> 1d8+5
  312. [23:15:46] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, 1d8+5: 12 [1d8=7]
  313. [23:16:03] <HARU> (affected targets need +1 to ac rolls)
  314. [23:16:18] <~Plutonis> The Grimer and the Psyduck are hit by the mud!
  315. [23:16:18] <~Plutonis> The Grimer and the Psyduck are hit by the mud!
  316. [23:16:36] <~Plutonis> The duck is unphased though.
  317. [23:18:20] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, Trick tries to hit Veteran with a strange power!
  318. [23:18:23] <~Plutonis> 1d20 confusion
  319. [23:18:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, confusion: 11 [1d20=11]
  320. [23:18:28] <The_Veteran> (hits)
  321. [23:18:46] <~Plutonis> 4d6+5
  322. [23:18:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4d6+15: 19 [4d6=3,5,3,3]
  323. [23:19:17] * The_Veteran shrugs it off completely.
  324. [23:19:57] <~Plutonis> The Furret's turn! It heads to Legatus and tries to punch it with a fiery hand!
  325. [23:20:01] <~Plutonis> 1d20 fire punch
  326. [23:20:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, fire punch: 11 [1d20=11]
  327. [23:20:07] <The_Veteran> 1d20 vacuum wave interrupt
  328. [23:20:08] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, vacuum wave interrupt: 15 [1d20=15]
  329. [23:20:34] <The_Veteran> 2d10+1d6+14 fightan damage
  330. [23:20:34] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, fightan damage: 33 [2d10=9,5; 1d6=5]
  331. [23:21:16] <~Plutonis> The furret gets seriously hurt, but it still manages to punch Legatus!
  332. [23:21:31] <~Plutonis> 5d10+13
  333. [23:21:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 5d10+13: 51 [5d10=9,6,4,9,10]
  334. [23:21:32] <The_Veteran> <Bloody 'ell, his hand's on fire!>
  335. [23:21:59] * The_Veteran rushes up and pushes him out of the way slightly. (using split)
  336. [23:23:14] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the Psyduck sends a wave of water in Torch's direction!
  337. [23:23:14] <The_Veteran> (Legatus is at 50/80)
  338. [23:23:17] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Water Pulse
  339. [23:23:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Water Pulse: 15 [1d20=15]
  340. [23:23:38] <~Plutonis> 3d10+13
  341. [23:23:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+13: 25 [3d10=9,1,2]
  342. [23:26:09] <HARU> <Bullet Seed, Tamashiro!> HARU ordered, pointing at the Psyduck.
  343. [23:26:18] <Hotaru> Torch splutters up water as his flame burns off the remainder, obviously upset
  344. 23:27:01] <HARU> 5#1d20 bullet seed
  345. [23:27:45] <HARU> 5d8+1d4+15
  346. [23:27:46] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, 5d8+1d4+3: 34 [5d8=1,5,3,4,2; 1d4=4]
  347. [23:30:03] <~Plutonis> In any case, the Psyduck is KO'd!
  348. [23:30:03] <HARU> 4d4 follow up damage
  349. [23:30:04] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, follow up damage: 11 [4d4=1,3,4,3]
  350. [23:30:15] <~Plutonis> (Mathilda's turn)
  351. [23:30:32] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Thief/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/Trick||Furret/Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Grimer/Torch'
  352. [23:30:37] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20 Confusion on the Grimer
  353. [23:30:39] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Confusion on the Grimer: 11 [1d20=11]
  354. [23:31:00] <HARU> <Well done, Tamashiro...> HARU congratulates her exeggcute as the pokemon simply nods in affirmation
  355. [23:31:05] <HuntingHoundoom> 5d6+6
  356. [23:31:06] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 5d6+6: 26 [5d6=3,3,5,3,6]
  357. [23:32:30] <~Plutonis> The Grimer is hurt, but it still persists! Torch's turn.
  358. [23:33:36] <Hotaru> Torch is pissed but anyable to target anything. It looked about in annoyance before looking up at Hotaru who pointed at the Furret. "Confusion Ray", needless to say a flash of light slammed into the furret from Litwicks spark
  359. [23:36:15] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20 Arrow for....Grimer. Screw that thing.
  360. [23:36:15] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Arrow for....Grimer. Screw that thing.: 20 [1d20=20]
  361. [23:36:22] <HuntingHoundoom> (>=3)
  362. [23:36:35] <HARU> (wow)
  363. [23:36:49] <~Plutonis> (oh dear!)
  364. [23:36:50] <HuntingHoundoom> (77 Damage)
  365. [23:37:06] <~Plutonis> 1d100
  366. [23:37:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d100: 55 [1d100=55]
  367. [23:37:34] <~Plutonis> The Grimer explodes as soon as you arrow him. "NO!" Covet yells as you do so.
  368. [23:37:42] <The_Veteran> "Impressive shooting."
  369. [23:38:19] <Hotaru> "Okay. hell. You SO just got the Shooting Achievement in our mission"
  370. [23:38:22] * Hotaru snickers
  371. [23:38:23] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, Thief jumps in Houndoom's direction, attempting to take his bow away!
  372. [23:38:25] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  373. [23:38:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  374. [23:38:40] <HARU> <Indeed, this will make it easier to stop them...> HARU stated in approval to Houndoom
  375. [23:38:49] <~Plutonis> 2d10+5
  376. [23:38:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 2d10+5: 22 [2d10=9,8]
  377. [23:39:02] <HuntingHoundoom> "Consider that...A warning shot."
  378. [23:39:04] <~Plutonis> 1d20+5
  379. [23:39:04] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20+7
  380. [23:39:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20+5: 8 [1d20=3]
  381. [23:39:04] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20+7: 21 [1d20=14]
  382. [23:39:23] <~Plutonis> Houndoom gets punched in the face, but manage to keep his bow from being stolen!
  383. [23:40:25] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, Covet throws her Sickle in a chain at Houndoom, screaming in rage!
  384. [23:40:30] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  385. [23:40:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  386. [23:40:55] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  387. [23:40:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  388. [23:41:06] <~Plutonis> (You are now badly poisoned)
  389. [23:41:34] <~Plutonis> 2d20+5 damage
  390. [23:41:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 30 [2d20=15,10]
  391. [23:42:10] <~Plutonis> The sickle pierces his shoulder and injects some nasty stuff on the wound... Veteran's turn!
  392. [23:42:23] <~Plutonis> (But now you are taking 1/8th of total hp damage each turn :3)
  393. [23:42:39] * The_Veteran is busy putting out the fire on his coat. "...fucking young upstarts..." you can hear him mutter. (turn used up by using split last round)
  394. [23:46:02] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Thief/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/Trick||Furret/Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Torch'
  395. [23:48:25] <Hotaru> Hotaru gently pressed her hand on the Litwick as it flared softly, a white fire seeming to ignite its own little torchtip
  396. [23:48:42] <Hotaru> 1d20+10 Light Healing on Litwick
  397. [23:48:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Light Healing on Litwick: 19 [1d20=9]
  398. [23:49:26] <~Plutonis> The wax seems to regenerate a little. Haru's turn!
  399. [23:50:08] <HARU> HARU focuses, and instills healing energy into Legatus.
  400. [23:50:25] <HARU> 2d20+10 Healing on Legatus
  401. [23:50:27] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, Healing on Legatus: 23 [2d20=8,5]
  402. [23:50:38] <The_Veteran> (73/80...and no one heals Houndoom's poison D:)
  403. [23:53:02] <~Plutonis> Trick again tries to pry inside Veteran's head, trying to mess with its insides.
  404. [23:53:05] <~Plutonis> 1d20 confusion
  405. [23:53:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, confusion: 17 [1d20=17]
  406. [23:53:14] <The_Veteran> (hits. does it confuse?)
  407. [23:53:31] <~Plutonis> (no, only on 19-20)
  408. [23:53:36] <~Plutonis> 4d6+5
  409. [23:53:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4d6+5: 25 [4d6=6,5,6,3]
  410. [23:53:55] * The_Veteran 's armor is exactly durable enough for him to shrug it off again.
  411. [23:54:23] <~Plutonis> The Furret now tries to scratch Hotaru's face off!
  412. [23:54:34] <The_Veteran> 1d20 interrupting vacuum wave!
  413. [23:54:35] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, interrupting vacuum wave!: 15 [1d20=15]
  414. [23:54:40] <~Plutonis> (hits on-)
  415. [23:54:41] <HARU> (they like going for the face)
  416. [23:54:44] <The_Veteran> 2d10+1d6+14
  417. [23:54:44] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 2d10+1d6+14: 27 [2d10=9,2; 1d6=2]
  418. [23:54:54] <The_Veteran> <Oh get stuffed. Stupid furbag.>
  419. [23:54:57] <~Plutonis> Aaan it's KO'd in midair before reaching her!
  420. 23:55:14] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Thief/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/Trick||Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Torch'
  421. [23:55:59] <~Plutonis> (Skipping the Mons' turns for dramatic reasons btw)
  422. [23:57:27] <~Plutonis> Thief looks at the splattered Grimer and the KO'd Furret and Psyduck and starts freaking out! She grabs a black pokéball and starts mumbling. "You give me no choice..." "What are you thinking you idiot!" says Trick, but it falls on deaf ears, she releases the Pokémon from the Black Pokéball...
  423. [23:58:15] <HARU> <No...!> HARU exclaimed when she realized what was going on. It was too late to react as the pokemon within was released.
  424. [23:58:51] <~Plutonis> It's looks like a feline pokémon with humanoid shape, however it lacks one arm, and it has a green tail section. Hotaru and Haru can notice strange brainwaves emanating from it!
  425. [23:59:00] <~Plutonis> (Everyone roll WIS!)
  426. [23:59:06] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20-4
  427. [23:59:06] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20-4: 4 [1d20=8]
  428. [23:59:11] <The_Veteran> 1d20-3 nope
  429. [23:59:11] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, nope: 13 [1d20=16]
  430. [23:59:14] <HARU> 1d20 wis check
  431. [23:59:14] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, wis check: 17 [1d20=17]
  432. [23:59:18] <Hotaru> 1d20 Wis
  433. [23:59:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Wis: 20 [1d20=20]
  434. [23:59:51] <~Plutonis> Houndoom's will is completely crushed. He suddenly cannot feel his own body, as it's being... Controlled.
  435. [00:00:21] <HuntingHoundoom> (Welp)
  436. [00:00:24] <~Plutonis> "Damn it Thief, we need to take the Mewthree! We weren't paid to test it!" "Sh-shut up!"
  437. [00:01:21] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Thief/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/Trick||"Mewthree"/Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Torch'
  438. [00:01:53] <~Plutonis>
  439. [00:02:09] <~Plutonis> Mindcontrolled Houndoom's turn!
  440. [00:03:13] <~Plutonis> Houndoom's body starts to move against his will!
  441. [00:04:03] * HuntingHoundoom Turns around jerkily and notches it, taking aim at his own team, his face blank.
  442. [00:05:23] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20 Looks like Haru it is!
  443. [00:05:24] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Looks like Haru it is!: 19 [1d20=19]
  444. [00:05:44] <HuntingHoundoom> 7d10+7
  445. [00:05:45] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 7d10+7: 47 [7d10=6,5,7,7,7,3,5]
  446. [00:08:22] <~Plutonis> She's arrow'd hard. Meanwhile, Thief runs to Trick's direction. She gives you the finger. "Keep it you fuckers!" As both of them teleport away.
  447. [00:08:35] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/||"Mewthree"/Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Torch'
  448. [00:09:08] <~Plutonis> Covet curses after being left behind and throws her Kunai and Chain at Veteran!
  449. [00:09:11] <~Plutonis> 1d20
  450. [00:09:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  451. [00:09:31] <~Plutonis> Which misses. Veteran's turn!
  452. [00:10:01] <The_Veteran> "Snap out of it soldier!" the Veteran points his crossbow at houndoom...then swivels to point it at "mewthree" instead.
  453. [00:10:06] <The_Veteran> 1d20 twang ac 6
  454. [00:10:07] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, twang ac 6: 12 [1d20=12]
  455. [00:10:35] <The_Veteran> 7d10+5
  456. [00:10:35] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 7d10+5: 35 [7d10=9,1,6,3,8,1,2]
  457. [00:11:02] <~Plutonis> It gets hit on the arm, but it's still trucking.
  458. [00:11:05] <~Plutonis> Hotaru's turn!
  459. [00:13:57] * Hotaru holds her hand back as flashes of light appear in it, and she launched a burst of fire directly at MewThree
  460. [00:14:01] <Hotaru> 1d20 Ember
  461. [00:14:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Ember: 19 [1d20=19]
  462. [00:14:24] <Hotaru> 2d10+6 Ember Damage, 19 = Burned
  463. [00:14:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Ember Damage, 19 = Burned: 17 [2d10=10,1]
  464. [00:14:39] * Hotaru smirks as the fire sinks hard into the MewThree
  465. [00:15:13] <~Plutonis> The ember barely manages to hurt the creature's skin, but it gives it a severe burn.
  466. [00:20:03] <HARU> HARU concentrates on herself, using healing energies to undo the harm inflicted on her body by the fierce attack.
  467. [00:20:39] <HARU> 4d20+10 serious healing, self
  468. [00:20:39] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, serious healing, self: 76 [4d20=18,18,14,16]
  469. [00:22:17] <HARU> <We need to retrieve mewthree's pokeball somehow...> HARU said, somehow winded from her attempt as she evaluates her allies' condition.
  470. [00:22:20] <~Plutonis> The Mewthree points at Legatus and Tamashiro with a finger... And shoots a lightning bolt out of it!
  471. [00:22:24] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Thunderbolt
  472. [00:22:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Thunderbolt: 17 [1d20=17]
  473. [00:22:43] <~Plutonis> 4d20+18 damage
  474. [00:22:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 62 [4d20=15,11,12,6]
  475. [00:23:12] <HARU> (27 damage still hurts D: )
  476. [00:23:38] <The_Veteran> <Bloody 'ell, that HURT!>
  477. [00:24:00] <~Plutonis> <...Battle?>
  478. [00:24:27] <The_Veteran> <No you tosser, we're supposed to retrieve you, not fight you!>
  479. [00:24:28] <~Plutonis> The strange creature's thought process seems to be completely alien... Legatus' turn.
  480. [00:25:00] <The_Veteran> 1d20 quick attack
  481. [00:25:01] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, quick attack: 10 [1d20=10]
  482. [00:25:09] <The_Veteran> 2d10+9
  483. [00:25:10] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 2d10+9: 17 [2d10=4,4]
  484. [00:26:14] <~Plutonis> The creature barely feels being touched by Legatus...
  485. [09:28:36] <HARU>: <Tamashiro, Leech Seed>
  486. [00:29:52] <HARU> Leech Seed is fired at Mewthree!
  487. [00:30:24] <~Plutonis> <???>
  488. [00:31:35] <HARU> <There must be some way we could stop its rampage...>
  489. [00:31:53] <HARU> 1d20 leech seed
  490. [00:31:54] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, leech seed: 18 [1d20=18]
  491. 00:33:05] <HuntingHoundoom> "Mathilda..Confusion on..."
  492. [00:33:20] <HuntingHoundoom> "The candle."
  493. [00:33:23] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20
  494. [00:33:24] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  495. [00:33:40] <HuntingHoundoom> 5d6+6
  496. [00:33:41] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 5d6+6: 18 [5d6=1,3,1,5,2]
  497. [00:36:27] <Hotaru> "Torch, Astonish the girl!"
  498. [00:36:44] <Hotaru> 1d20 Torch uses astonish against the last enemy trainer
  499. [00:36:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Torch uses astonish against the last enemy trainer: 11 [1d20=11]
  500. [00:37:51] <Hotaru> 1d12+3 Torch rushes forward slamming his body, weakly, into the girl
  501. [00:37:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Torch rushes forward slamming his body, weakly, into the girl: 9 [1d12=6]
  502. [00:38:45] <~Plutonis> Houndoom again feels the strange compulsion to hurt his enemies... But can he try to fight it?
  503. [00:38:55] <~Plutonis> (Roll wis to shrug it off if you can!)
  504. [00:39:06] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20-4 I'm sorry guys.
  505. [00:39:06] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, I'm sorry guys.: -3 [1d20=1]
  506. [00:39:32] <~Plutonis> (More mindcontrolled than ever! KILL YOUR FRIENDS)
  507. [00:40:07] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20 Haru I am sorry again.
  508. [00:40:08] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, Haru I am sorry again.: 14 [1d20=14]
  509. [00:40:13] <HuntingHoundoom> 7d10+7
  510. [00:40:14] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 7d10+7: 37 [7d10=4,2,5,10,5,1,3]
  511. [00:40:32] <~Plutonis> Twang!
  512. [00:41:07] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the firey vortex around Covet disappears! She makes a hand sign as three copies of her appear on the field!
  513. [00:42:13] <HARU> <nngh...!> HARU gasped as another arrow managed to hit her. There would be some discussion later on if they complete this mission.
  514. [00:43:51] * The_Veteran sends out Evocatus, then takes aim again with his crossbow.
  515. [00:43:55] <The_Veteran> 1d20 ac 6 mewthree
  516. [00:43:55] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, ac 6 mewthree: 13 [1d20=13]
  517. [00:44:01] <The_Veteran> 7d10+5
  518. [00:44:02] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 7d10+5: 46 [7d10=7,8,9,7,8,1,1]
  519. [00:44:58] <~Plutonis> The Mewthree is badly hurt!
  520. [00:47:27] * The_Veteran fiddles with the goggles set into his gas mask. "It can't take much more abuse."
  521. [00:48:37] * Hotaru growls knowing the Mewthree was the danger, but damned if she wanted more kunai's in her team. A blast, Ember, against Covet was her plan. Torch could focus on Mewthree
  522. [00:48:42] <Hotaru> 1d20 Ember
  523. [00:48:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Ember: 15 [1d20=15]
  524. 00:49:08] <~Plutonis> 1d4
  525. [00:49:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  526. [00:49:10] <Hotaru> 2d10+6 Ember Damage
  527. [00:49:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Hotaru, Ember Damage: 15 [2d10=7,2]
  528. [00:49:22] <~Plutonis> One of the Covet's disappear!
  529. [00:49:23] <~Plutonis> 1d10
  530. [00:49:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d10: 10 [1d10=10]
  531. [00:50:19] <HARU> Taking out a potion, Haru uses it to treat her exeggcute's wounds!
  532. [00:50:43] <HARU> 1d10+10 potion
  533. [00:50:44] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, potion: 14 [1d10=4]
  534. [00:51:22] <HARU> Tamashiro feels a little better, with its heads looking less electrocuted.
  535. [00:52:05] <~Plutonis> The Mewthree grunts in pain as the seeds and burn sap its energy. With the last of its energy, it tries to smash Veteran with its mind!
  536. [00:52:09] <~Plutonis> 1d20 psychic
  537. [00:52:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, psychic: 4 [1d20=4]
  538. [00:52:35] <~Plutonis> However, it collapses into the floor.
  539. [00:52:52] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Houndoom/Covet/Veteran/Hotaru/Haru/||Legatus/Tamashiro/Mathilda/Evocatus/Torch'
  540. [00:53:29] <HARU> <Someone get its pokeball!> HARU called to the others, trying to spot where the black pokeball had gone.
  541. [00:53:49] <~Plutonis> Houndoom finally regains control of his own body!
  542. [00:54:21] * HuntingHoundoom Falls to his knees, panting and holding his head. "Ugh what the hell was that thing doing to my head..."
  543. [00:54:37] <The_Veteran> <Hey you wanker!> Legatus calls out to Covet. <You wanna give up now? Boy, this is bloody exciting, don't you say Georg? Fighting real science experiments. I'm having a smashing good time!>
  544. [00:55:08] * The_Veteran goes over to help Houndoom. "Get up soldier, the fight's as good as over now."
  545. [00:56:02] * HuntingHoundoom Staggers up, nodding.
  546. [00:56:44] <~Plutonis> Covet grumbles as she looks at the surroundings... And runs away, both of them going in opposite direction!
  547. [00:57:06] <The_Veteran> <Hey now that isn't a sporting thing to do!>
  548. [00:57:09] <The_Veteran> 1d20 vacuum wave one?
  549. [00:57:10] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, vacuum wave one?: 8 [1d20=8]
  550. [00:57:19] <HuntingHoundoom> DETAIN's THE OTHER
  551. [00:57:48] <~Plutonis> 1d2
  552. [00:57:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  553. [00:57:57] <~Plutonis> Vacuum wave hits the original!
  554. [00:58:01] <~Plutonis> Roll damage!
  555. [00:58:07] <The_Veteran> 2d10+1d6+14
  556. [00:58:08] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 2d10+1d6+14: 28 [2d10=7,3; 1d6=4]
  557. [00:59:25] <~Plutonis> Covet is hit and falls on the floor! She just lifts her hands and says. "Okay! Okay! I yield!"
  558. [00:59:45] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile, the Mewthree is still lying on the ground...
  559. [01:00:08] <The_Veteran> "Someone secure the experimental pokemon." the Veteran looks around for a pokeball.
  560. [01:00:57] * HARU searches for the pokeball as well, they have to quickly get the Mewthree back in to make sure it survives.
  561. [01:01:44] <HARU> 1d20+5
  562. [01:01:45] <DiceMaid-9001> HARU, 1d20+5: 22 [1d20=17]
  563. [01:01:53] <The_Veteran> 1d20-3
  564. [01:01:54] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Veteran, 1d20-3: 2 [1d20=5]
  565. [01:01:58] <HuntingHoundoom> 1d20
  566. [01:01:59] <DiceMaid-9001> HuntingHoundoom, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  567. [01:02:28] <~Plutonis> Haru finds the ball lying nearby, it seems Thief has left it behind!
  568. [01:02:43] <The_Veteran> <Just 'cause you got a pair of knockers doesn't mean you get our mercy. Hey Georg, just me or are modern criminals just a bunch of bloody wankers compared to those in our day?>
  569. [01:03:07] <The_Veteran> "...Correct, Legatus." the Veteran breathes a sigh of relief as he sees Haru retrieve the ball.
  570. [01:03:18] <Hotaru> Calmly hotaru walks over and pushes covet down, while searching for hidden weapons and anything else on her. She would use her telepathy to try and pick up any feelings from the girl of success, likely indiciating a hidden weapon or such
  571. [01:03:20] * HARU uses her Telekinesis to retrieve the pokeball. <You may rest now, Mewthree. We're sorry for putting you through this...> HARU said as she recalls the Mewthree back into its ball.
  572. [01:03:27] <~Plutonis> "Fuck you, blue dick! Hey, can you give it back to me? We can split it, half to me and half to you guys!"
  573. [01:03:53] <The_Veteran> <Bollocks to that! We'd be out of a job if we did that!>
  574. [01:04:17] <~Plutonis> "Some man said he'd pay top cash for us if we stole that for him, you want to be apart of that?"
  575. [01:04:37] * HuntingHoundoom Walks slowly over to Covet Bow in hand. "And why shouldn't I just finish you like I did the Grimer? Who are you working for?"
  576. [01:04:43] <Hotaru> "No, we're Mercenaries. We KILL for a living, now get your ass up and walk"
  577. [01:04:48] * Hotaru wraps her hand tightly in covets hair
  578. [01:04:54] <Hotaru> "Or the first thing to catch fire is your hair"
  579. [01:05:09] <~Plutonis> Hotaru manages to scrounge up her weapon, bottles of poison and thieving equipment out of her.
  580. [01:05:18] <The_Veteran> <You tell him you dashing young man! Skip on our job, what a load of cobblers...>
  581. [01:05:46] * Hotaru cheerfully pockets each and every weapon
  582. [01:05:54] <The_Veteran> "Hotaru, Houndoom, I say we knock her out and bring her to the Rockets to deal with."
  583. [01:06:14] <Hotaru> "I say we make her walk her own bloody ass over their rather then carry her"
  584. [01:06:32] <~Plutonis> "Hey, i can walk by myself!"
  585. [01:06:40] <HuntingHoundoom> "S'not a bad idea. I'd like to know who employed her though. Not as important as just getting her back. I'm sure the Rockets'll have plenty of time for that."
  586. [01:06:45] <The_Veteran> "What if she teleports like the others?"
  587. [01:07:11] * HARU makes sure that Mewthree is all right before turning her attention to the captured thief, her exeggcute following beside her. She uses her visor's communicator to inform Blaine of the situation and to request assistance in cleaning up.
  588. [01:07:13] <~Plutonis> Covet spits on the ground. "Those bitches, leaving me behind like that... Damn Thief blaming me for everything..."
  589. [01:08:51] <HuntingHoundoom> "Hmm. I think Mathilda could carry her. Maybe a few stories above the ground so she dosen't get any funny ideas."
  590. [01:08:55] <~Plutonis> "If i knew how to Teleport like Trick you think i'd not try it myself, old bastard?"
  591. [01:09:22] <The_Veteran> <How rude! Your parents oughta box your ears for that language.>
  592. [01:09:24] * Hotaru innocently slammed her face into the ground
  593. [01:09:29] <Hotaru> "Only I can insult the old man, kay?"
  594. [01:09:36] <The_Veteran> <Yes, like that!>
  595. [01:10:35] <HARU> <Enough talk...> HARU's telepathy intrudes into Covet's mind, <Did you just realize what could have happened here...?>
  596. [01:11:44] <~Plutonis> "OW! MMMM!" Covet's face is kept in the ground. <Make your friend take her paws of me!> she replies to Haru.
  597. [01:12:20] <Hotaru> "I can hear you just fine" She smirks, lifting Covet sface from the ground tapping her head "Haru's not the only one in your head"
  598. [01:12:44] <HARU> At the same time, thoughts of what Mewthree could have possibly done were it to do as it pleases is pushed into the thief's mind, <I believe that you have not thought that you could have died here too...> HARU looks to her companions, before finally speaking in her monotone voice.
  599. [01:13:33] <~Plutonis> <Look, it wasn't my idea to release that! It was that bitch Thief who set it to attack you, not me!>
  600. [01:14:14] <The_Veteran> "Why don't we simply complete the mission now? The company prides itself on its efficiency, and we are keeping the Rockets waiting. I need to get paid for my first mission so I can move out of my cardboard box in the park."
  601. [01:14:32] <Hotaru> "Yes yes, times are hard, c'mon, let's walk girly"
  602. [01:14:32] <~Plutonis> <We were supposed to only take the Mewthree Pokéball and take it to a place where we could hand it.>
  603. [01:14:34] <HARU> "I have informed Dr. Blaine of the situation... We should meet backup on the way back..." HARU said as she looks to the direction of the building. She pays no further heed to the thief's pleas as she starts walking back to the building.
  604. [01:15:07] <Hotaru> "Up and at em thief-girl, it's time for a walk"
  605. [01:16:57] <~Plutonis> The group forcibly drags Covet and takes the ball back to the laboratory, where Blaine and five Rockets are waiting. The grunts quickly take the woman and take her inside the building, while the doctor extends his hand. "The ball, please?"
  606. [01:18:15] <HARU> <Yes, Dr. Blaine....> HARU replied respectfully to the doctor as she offers the black pokeball.
  607. [01:18:56] * HuntingHoundoom Shudders while looking at the pokeball.
  608. [01:19:21] <The_Veteran> <Does this mean we get paid now? I could use some nosh. Say, MREs are still only a few quid, aren't they? Like the old days!>
  609. [01:19:41] <HuntingHoundoom> "That thing...Is terrifying."
  610. [01:19:42] * The_Veteran flinches at the suggestion. "No, we will get steak."
  611. [01:19:59] <~Plutonis> "Ah, good job little Haru! Excellent job all of you! The mold prototype is back, so the project will be stalled only a week instead of half an year."
  612. [01:20:23] <HARU> "I am sorry we have to exhaust it..." HARU said, bowing to Blaine, "We were unable to stop the thieves from using it...."
  613. [01:20:33] <The_Veteran> "That, Houndoom," the Veteran turns towards him "is no concern of ours on the job. We're mercenaries, soldiers. We do missions. We get paid."
  614. [01:20:40] * Hotaru quirks a brow at the 'little haru' part but said Nothing noting how wordy Haru was
  615. [01:20:40] * Hotaru quirks a brow at the 'little haru' part but said Nothing noting how wordy Haru was
  616. [01:20:53] <Hotaru> "Yup, it didn't seem to bad to me"
  617. [01:20:57] <~Plutonis> "Hahahaha, you should have seen the previous version!" He says at Houndoom. "You fought against it?" Blaine's expression turns serious.
  618. [01:21:35] * HuntingHoundoom Nods. "Yessir."
  619. [01:21:47] <HuntingHoundoom> "Well...I fought for it."
  620. [01:21:51] <HuntingHoundoom> "Sir."
  621. [01:22:12] <HARU> "Yes..." HARU replied, lowering her head, "Fortunately we only subdued it enough to keep it from causing any more harm. But its power is..."
  622. [01:22:33] <~Plutonis> "Our last gene experiments were mostly failures... A couple of them being an exception." He glances at HARU before continuing. "The prototype version, the Mewtwo... It was three times more powerful than this one."
  623. [01:23:07] * HARU paused there for a moment, "... it was a frightful experience..."
  624. [01:24:06] <~Plutonis> "Made half the lab staff kill themselves, then left. A gruesome sight, fortunately i wasn't there. You were lucky the version three was toned down, and we'll make an excellent mass-pro... Ooops, i should stop before revealing any more secrets."
  625. [01:24:51] <Hotaru> "Yup, whatever works for you guys. Just try to watch out for little miss thieves friends, they could teleport and may come back"
  626. [01:25:26] * The_Veteran shrugs. "Scientists these days...We were happy without our pokemon superweapons back in my day. Had wars just fine."
  627. [01:25:28] <~Plutonis> "She will be transfered to mainland, and we'll make sure the security contingent on the island is doubled. In any case, about your reward..."
  628. [01:25:47] <HARU> "Dr. Blaine, please ensure whoever using it would be capable of mastering its power," HARU requested as she then looked up to the doctor, "It is still dangerous if it falls to the wrong hands..."
  629. [01:27:04] <~Plutonis> "Forty thousand P were sent to your company's bank account. I believe you will be paid five each. Of course, i'd give you more, this prototype was worth it, but of course, i don't make the rules here."
  630. [01:27:26] <~Plutonis> "We are the best hands this technology would get, do not be fooled by that."
  631. [01:27:36] <~Plutonis> </session>
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