12/17 The Importance of Flow

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  1. Oh wait, Task is the energy magi.
  3. "Task, I'll need you later on for something- provided you're actually free. Don't think it should take long, and I'd rather get it done until the day gets busy."
  5. "That is, if you don't mind."
  6. (Nerin)
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. She called out, gesturing the man to come a little closer to herself. "I would like to enlight you about something I recently learned from miss Francois Cos duran." She seemed very ecstatic about this, an opportunity to teach her mentor figure something he didn't know yet?
  11. "U-unless you're too busy which I would understand. It's not urgent at all, just… reassuring to me. You see?"
  12. (Varna)
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  14. Task would give Nerin a firm thumbs up and a nod as he took an idle drag from his corn cob pipe, crossing his sinewed arms over the dark plate of his cuirass and the navy wool of his cloak. He had little clue what the knight required, but naturally it was likely something at least mildly interesting.
  16. "With certainty Ser Nerin, I see no reason in particular not to aid you in whatever exploits you speak of. On that note though, what exactly to you require me for? I can do most thing that don't require dancing or a lack of poverty."
  17. (Task)
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  19. That's a good question, and the answer for which he didn't really feel the need to keep hidden; upon hearing Task's response, he nodded briefly, if only to exclaim.
  21. "Very well."
  23. "And I'm looking for tutelage under Energy magi- but not for the purpose of learning Energy magic itself, rather the manifestations of raw mana and how it can be shaped - because something that I'm working on requires exactly that."
  25. "I was already sent on my way to seek out Energy magi for this reason, and I already worked with some too. Call it just.. studying, really."
  27. "Which is why I'd rather do it sometime soon, as I'd hate to bother you for my personal reasons when it's actually busy times."
  28. (Nerin)
  30.  Task would nod firmly as he tapped thoughtfully at his chin, looking down at his right palm before snapping his fingers together to spark an ethereal blue flame. With a bit of hand weaving, the strands of pulsating mana were compressed and shaped, turning into the familiar tightening bind most novice energy magi used in the heated of battle to constrict their opponent's movements.
  32. An elementary, yet integral technique.
  34. "With certainty, I've no issue with aiding in matters of the theoretical rather than actual teaching you to be an energy magi yourself. Reviewing such concepts may help me in drawing my own conclusions for a technique I've been developing, it too requires a subtle manipulation of mana."
  36. The bald commander would flatten his palm evenly, taking a deep breathe as he'd harden just his palm like steel, a shimmer aura of translucent mana surrounding it as the minimized, focused form of the iron body technique was practiced.
  38. "Mana is a very malleable thing, it's the foundation of all magic. It's as fluid as water or air, ever moving without cease in a constant state of motion. By using the energy generated by that perpetual motion, we enhance our bodies beyond our limits. Kneading mana into the very muscle fibers beyond their capacities to dredge every last ounce of potential."
  40. Task would nod with a tired, missing toothed smile, blowing a cloud of minty smoke off towards the distant horizon of the city scape.
  42. "What specific applications do you require insight on? I am free at the present."
  43. (Task)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. Fortunately, Nerin wasn't entirely ignorant of the concepts of mana; though, when Task speaks of which concepts he'd like to cover, the young Blazing Lion remarks briefly.
  47. "I was looking to learn more about enhancements."
  49. "Lately I've been studying its protective properties and how to stop myself from harming myself, but-- I'm also struggling with enhancing portion of it. It feels as if I end up doing something wrong and it's not quite enough - at least, not to levels that I want it to be."
  51. He makes a pause and soon enough adds.
  53. "I had a little chore to tend to, so I'll go do that and return in a bit. In case you need to go somewhere, I'll find you in a bit."
  55. "And thank you for your willingness to help."
  57. With that said, he'd hurry off to do whatever it is he needed.
  58. (Nerin)
  59. Now that Nerin could properly return from the chores he's been doing, his gaze falls onto Task immediately upon arrival. It's rather surprising to him that commander would be still here, but.. he did say that he was free at the moment, did he not?
  61. "Hello again, Task. I'm ready to go."
  63. "If you are?"
  64. (Nerin)
  65. Hm."
  67. There's something about such training that could be very well beneficial, and Nerin realized as much; though, he did intend to perform what he'd require along with Task, and so..
  69. "Here's the idea."
  71. "I was supposed to train with Task, but we could make it a trio instead. Provided he's not against it, of course - but if he is, then I suppose we could do it a bit later?"
  73. A glance is given to commander nearby.
  74. (Nerin)
  75. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76.  Task would awaken from his determined stare into the depths of the pond, his statuesque nap of justice dissolved as he turned with a nod towards Nerin, giving the man a firm thumbs up as he took an idle puff from his corncob pipe.
  78. "Indeed Ser Nerin, I'm available as of now. I'll still be conscious a while longer before I rest, might as well make a productive evening of a long watch after the mess with Miss Dojin. Either way, my proficiency is at your disposal."
  80. The bald commander would flatten his idly, coursing energy in a light shroud in a perpetual current around his calloused palm. An infinite spiral that retained its energy through the unending loop.
  82. "Where shall we begin?"
  83. (Task)
  84. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86.  He could figure; if anything, while he learned to construct the 'barrier' that would protect him from the outside damage that could occur otherwise, he felt as if his enhancements could use a touch up as a whole - something that he expected Task to direct him with.
  88. After all, the commander seemed fairly experienced in that.
  90. Or at least he figured so- knowing that he's supposedly received tutelage from the likes of Lord Arrian, he wouldn't be surprised if he was actually rather skilled in this matter, something that caused him to even call the man in the first place.
  92. "Right, so.." A small pause is made and he elaborates.
  94. "The technique I was learning requires me to push my body beyond its limits for a surge that would allow me to deliver devastating blow, except, I used to end up hurting myself more than anything else - that was more or less fixed, but.."
  96. "Now? It feels like there's not enough. How exactly does one empower themselves to such degree?"
  98. Task did speak of the wonders that such enhancements are capable of. Now it's only a matter of hearing how exactly that's done - and putting it to use as well.
  99. (Nerin)
  100. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101.  Task would thoughtfully mull over Nerin's words as he flattened his palm, gathering energy upon its surface in a perpetual circuit that shimmered a translucent sapphire, the basis of all ethereal magic. The bald commander would nod lightly to Ser Nerin as he took a deep breath, his right, scarred arm that bore the palm increasing suddenly in mass as a shroud of mana coalesced about it in a shifting blue form.
  103. "Gathering energy from the world around you is the first part, and a key element. The cosmic magi take their mana directly from the stars, but energy magi deal in the mundane. In the mana weaved into our surroundings, from the living, breathing, and mundane breadths of life in the world."
  105. The bald commander would extend his palm, the ever shifting energy swirling around his bulked out musculature as a ring was steadily gathered, swirled about his palm like an orbit.
  107. "When one gathers energy, they must stockpile it into each and every one of their muscle fibers until it feels as if you're going to tear yourself asunder. You must gather beyond your limits and push them forth to great breadths. To master your own potential for strength. Master the perpetual motion of mana's flow throughout the world, the basis of energy magic."
  108. (Task)
  109. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  110.  That did sound like an interesting technique, though he wondered if it put a massive strain on Nerin. At any rate, this sounds like a good thing to pay attention too. As there is a few powerful ice based magics that require a lot of years of practice and discipline.
  112. One of these is the ability to push his cold magic further then the usual ice magi. Thus developing thr ability to increase the power of all his ice spells. The catch? It was very similar to what Nerin described: he must push his body to empower his frost even further.
  114. Of course, he still needed to learn more about exerting his power, pushing that limit. Break his constraints. But he had heard this rare ice magic is like self inflicting frostbite due to how much ice mana must run through the person's circuit.
  116. Unprepared and the magi might be overpowered by his own ice mana, thus inflicting the equivalent of deep frost through them. That? That was a huge no, no as he'd lose his ability to control ice. However there was more then one way to develop an ability.
  118. Thus this was something that could make him look outside the box. While this was to push ones own power for a brief moment, his required to do so actively for his ice to increase in power. If he could then master the ability to whip an ice storm, his tool kit would improve dramatically.
  120. Perhaps this was a way to see a different way to apply the mana required. Heck he could reverse engineer it, assuming it has useful bits he can use. Either way never a waste of time to learn about what other powers can be developed.
  121. (Khaine Vanador)
  122. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  124. Gathering the foundation of swirling mana.
  126. It makes sense to him that things such as those would require rather exquisite manipulation of mundane, but.. at the same time, he felt as if it would be much more difficult than Task describes; even if all magi are capable of such mana manipulation to an extent, it's clear to him that Energy magi were more skilled at this than he was. For all intents and purposes, this means that he would have to get tricky about it..
  128. But what could he do?
  130. "Hm.."
  132. "So if it can be 'stockpiled' into muscle fibers, I assume that it can be suffused with flesh as a whole." Something for him to keep in mind. Yet.. as much as he was looking to perform such technique, he realized that he probably couldn't quite kick himself into the same state as Energy magi could - that to an extent, he's limited in what he could do.
  134. "Do you think it's compatible with other techniques? Here--"
  136. Rather than actually say anything else, Nerin extended his hand out- it's not too long before the swirling energy of raw mana began to surround the palm of his hand, so much so that it looked as if heated air was present around it. If anything, it looked as if there was a distortion around his skin as a whole.. something that persists in rather unnatural flow.
  138. "Much like magi tend to shroud themselves in mana, I was looking to do such shroud in localized, albeit much more potent scale- maybe by combining it with such enhancement that you've spoken about, it could go beyond that?"
  139. (Nerin)
  140. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  141.  Chuck squinted, it was always great learning from the point of views of other energy practitioners, especially someone on the calibre of Tasks level, the head of the city watch himself.
  143. "Hmm Gathering energy from the world around me...?" Chuck would take note of this, as he found out earlier energy, magic and mana are best shaped from the ideas and concepts of the mind, if it was something you could think of, in this day and age why wouldn't it be possible?
  145. Up until now he had been focused on using his own energy to fuel his attacks, just imagine the power he could achieve by using the energy that dwelled in the forests, the trees, the waters and sky. Chuck was finally starting to understand why they always had to train in a natural environment.
  147. "Stockpile energy into my muscle fibres ?" Chuck gulped, it didn't sound like an easy task nor a safe one. Especially since he was even expected to go beyond that. Chuck was just observing for now until he would step in for his own portion of training but he couldn't help but want to test this for himself.
  149. Slowly he would manifest energy into a space between the palm of his hands which would usually shake uncontrollably from the sheer amount he was trying to put in his hands for the powered up version of his Energy beam. He then at the moment the capacity started getting high, started clapping and moulding the energy to keep it stable, this was very tiring and not at all practical in battle, but maybe if he put energy through his muscle fibres...
  151. Yes he could feel his hands stabilising, though it may have had an effect on the energy itself, making it less dense but not necessarily more powerful. Still he couldn't find the energy to launch it as it dispersed, he would return his hands to the side zoning back into the occurrences. It was a step closer for sure though.
  154. (Chuck)
  155. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156.  "With certainty Nerin, that is the benefit of energy magic. It is, at its basis, entirely fundamental. Unrefined mana in perpetual flow. Any concept applied in its form can, in a greater sense, be applied to any other magic. Admittedly, part of the draw to it for me was that I'd never possessed an elemental affinity. I was born in the slums after all, my element was the city itself. The frenetic energy of the hustle and bustle."
  158. Task would nod firmly as he dissipated the ring, a thin layer of mana shrouding the calloused palm of Task's right arm. As the mana continued to swirl, the layer so to densified while never ceasing in its passage, condensing upon itself with the same energy in which it naturally flowed. This effort was as clearly displayed to Nerin and the group as it was to the commander's own visage.
  160. The basis of energy magic, the mundane was everywhere and all powerful in its breadth.
  162. "Flesh is as much a conduit of energy as the trees, or the sun, or the very air that surrounds us in gales and gusts. If you can gather energy, or rather, mana, then you can concentrate it. Add your elemental disposition, your proficiencies to it. Shape it and mold it as you see fit. This shroud is merely a representation of the concentration of mana in my musculature, as energy must remain in constant motion to retain its maximum potential. Mana must never stagnate Ser Nerin."
  164. The bald commander would nod firmly. The mana upon his palm would fluxuate progressively, increasing in hardness and density as a curved barrier as Task took a deep breath, his muscle fibers hardening in a localized region of his palm much like the full expanse of his iron body technique. A core component of the way of the iron fist.
  165. (Task)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168.  The basis of mana, Task explained almost the same thing he teaches when giving classes of manipulating ice. While stockpiling something as strong as this ice enhancing ability, he figured muscle memory wouldn't help. On the other hand his endurance could be improved as well as the efficiency of the mana traveling through his circuits.
  170. He figured that what Task is showing, could very well be similar to what he would have to do, except within his circuits rather then outside of them. However drawing that from the environment itself? He had never thought of this before. Still he'd rather see if he can find more information on it before attempting to commit to it.
  171. (Khaine Vanador)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173.  As much as Chuck was enjoying the guidance and teachings being learnt from the interaction between both Nerin and Task he couldn't help but feel it was time for practicality. He would tap Khaine on the shoulder twice.
  175. "Say can I borrow you for a moment friend, I would very much like to test what Task is saying" he would say pointing to the space up north.
  177. He felt it was finally time to try his best at releasing the stored energy he had learnt to mould, stockpile and contain.
  178. (Chuck)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. ---------------------------------------------------------
  182. With the affirmation that flesh is indeed a conduit to the mana as a whole, he nodded briefly. From his earlier practices, if nothing else, he should realize by now that it was indeed possible.. and while it wouldn't be necessarily easy- or something to be grasped quickly- he imagined that in due time it would be something that he can do without that much struggle.
  184. Or at least that much bother.
  186. After all, if the mana was something you can harness in such ways.. then surely, one could actually make something truly wondrous with it, could they not? Yet, something that he missed out was one single fact - the fact that it must remain in the constant motion.
  188. The element that he missed.
  190. "Oh. I actually.. didn't really keep it moving. I think I just intended to, you know.. 'pump it' and keep it there. Hm." Which is, evidently, his mistake in this regard. Even now, he isn't sure why he missed that out, but..
  192. While they're at it, the attempts are already begin made. Whereas the shroud of mana remained around his hand, for the most part, it began to also seep within the flesh of his hand- where once he sought to simply increase the potency of his flesh through the steady flow.. this time around, it was much more than that - it was the constant motion of pure, raw mana that coursed through his circuits with intent of empowerment.
  194. It was something entirely else.
  196. Something that Nerin could actually feel the immediate effect of.. the way it persisted within his body, after all, was something rather new to him- there's no telling just how potent it could be if it's nurtured and tested further, but..
  198. "Like this?"
  200. There's something different about his hand. While the shroud was pertaining to it, it's also evident that the inward energy was seeping through, so much so that it could almost prove to be too much. At least, so far, he seems to be cycling it out just fine.
  201. (Nerin)
  202. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  203. Kelly listens to Task, the bald bastion of justice's explanations enlightening him both in the nature of the Energy which he wielded, and how magic could be used as a whole. On one hand, Energy sounded tempting - it would make up for the lack of range and ability to counter evasive foes that the Constable had encountered in his time at the arena. On the other, learning such magic could spread his studies too thin, making his progress slow to a crawl.
  205. While listening to and observing the other men around him, Kelly begins to lightly channel mana from his fingertips - the method he used in his metal sculpting. Ironically, in the moment that he could begin tutelage in Energy, he was beginning to have doubts about it. Many options form within his head, ways he could use what he already knew.
  207. What if he used his manipulation of Metal to send out a burst of smaller, jagged shards in a cone? What if he used a knife blade as the 'head' of one of his chains, embedding it into a person and pulling them closer? What if he used Metal to add a further layer of, or even replace his earthen reinforcement, or to enhance his unarmed combat?
  209. Then, there were the interesting properties of refined, pure Blue Mercury, extracted and processed from its ore: Unlike other metals, its natural state was that of a liquid. If he were to fully study that, it could offer an even larger amount of utility than his chains alone would already provide. Many of the options avalible to him would cause his foes more than just a bit of pain, yet in his mind, he was running out of options. Unlike him, they did not hold back. He would have to use everything avaliable to him to protect what he held dear, and live another day.
  210. (Kelly Kirk)
  211. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  213.  Task would nod steadily as he continued to harden his palm, concentrating a denser and denser fluctuating barrier of thin mana upon its base that curved lightly on either end. The bald commander would take a deep breath and focus not on lessening the flow of the mana upon his reinforced palm, but the direction of the current.
  215. A concept he'd thought upon since his encounter with the killer clown. If all spells were merely, at their core, mana, then all could be redirected by recognizing their current, and modulating it. The hardened, curved palm was a conduit for this shift in potion, only requiring a refined eye and sense of energy's flow to apply.
  217. A difficult, but not impossible task.
  219. "Exactly so Ser Nerin. You now understand, the mana circuits aren't simply treasure chests. It's an infinite, cyclical flow of mana that can be enhanced, redirected, and pushed beyond its limits by never breaking that infinite motion as you gather more into your person. A common practice of novice energy magi is immense physical exercises while manifesting the shroud to gauge those limits of your circuitry and push them beyond. But alas, this is a fundamental lesson."
  221. The bald commander would nod as he continued to shaped the flow of thin, condensing layer of energy upon his palm. Mana condensed into every muscle fiber beyond their means to the point of immobility, but hard as diamond. Palm curved and shaped, the infinite, rotational flow of mana compressed and folded upon itself over and over upon the surface.
  223. To stop an attack was to take its force entirely. To redirect its energy at the original source was all that and more.
  225. "When you begin to feel strain, keep pushing Ser Nerin. One's breaking points are past mere physical sensation. Maintain an iron will, and your mana will not falter."
  226. (Task)
  227. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  228. Chuck rests on the stump next to him before explaining why he has lead Khaine out here.
  230. "I need to ask a favour of you. You see I've been trying to put more power into my energy beam, it's allot harder than it sounds, theres a fixed amount of mana that you need to produce, stabilize shape and even shoot such a thing. Anything above or slightly below this can cause it to fail and even harm the user.
  232. I've developed a method that works in theory but as an energy user I can only draw out it's true potential whilst in battle, or put in an intensive adrenaline inducing situation. This is where you come in. I need you to battle me so I may push myself above the limits of my body" he starts to gather energy in-between his palms once again holding it in a clasp close to his abdomen. He would go through the processes... Moulding the energy, imagine it to be like clay, not iron, something malleable, his hnds would clap moulding and expanding the energy, infusing mana from the environment and dispersing some energy into his muscle fibres for stability.
  234. Still he couldn't find the strength to shoot, it was a peculiar thing, the energy just wouldn't leave his hands. This is why he needed to test himself at full capacity.
  236. "Will you?"
  237. (Chuck)
  239.  Khaine nods. Though he figured Chuck was using symbolic style casting, or rather drawing from his emotions.
  241. Though visionary is his true talent, he instead uses the winter cold and frost to come forth from his center, without need of using emotions. Instead he was using his heart and how the Winter Cold truly feels like.
  243. This allows his to let out that cold vapor from his breath, something that happened whenever his Aura starts forming around him as ice and snow surrounded his form.
  245. "All right. I am ready."
  248. (Khaine Vanador)
  249. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  251.  It's rather funny how fundamentals seem to be this important.
  253. How 'basics' of the magic can actually extend one's ability far beyond what they could normally pull off. Listening in to Task's explanation and the fact that mana circuits weren't exactly the 'treasure chests' to keep everything in there.. it made sense. Much like the heart pumps blood in their veins, so does mana circuits travel through in such way.
  255. Why didn't he think of that before..?
  257. "...I feel stupid."
  259. He shouldn't laugh at this, but.. he does anyway. For someone rather scholarly on particular matters, and fairly perceptive, he missed out on something so simple. Yet, at the same time, he knew that he had more to do - the flow of mana was constantly accelerated, rotated and pushed through the circuitry as a whole. To an extent, it felt like..
  261. A pulse.
  263. One that kept circulating all across the body without delay; now, by getting the reference to the bodily functions.. Nerin steadily closed his eyes, his breathing becoming rather harmonized with the flow- each beat of his heart resounding with another surge of mana through circuitry, so much so that the rhythm of both would become one.
  265. Until there's no difference at all.
  267. At that point, it's clear that there's a strain- that his hand almost seems to become a little reddish.. like the vascular pressure put against his body, with the muscles put to their excess; here, he knows that he shouldn't fret, that he's supposed to keep pushing.
  269. "It feels a little rough."
  271. "Like.. like I'm doing some really difficult exercise. Is this how it's supposed to feel?"
  272. (Nerin)
  273. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  275.  Chuck nods back, finally it was time to put theory into practice.
  277. Energy shrouded his hands as he prepared to give the battle his all, if he could manage to shoot out the intense supply of energy he had learnt to harness even once during the upcoming battle that would be a win for him, surely.
  279. He stepped into his stance, crouching low as a bubble of energy surrounded his being.
  281. He thought to himself as he awaited the go signal.
  283. Chuck could either end up failing and getting really injured, or succeeding and getting really injured.
  284. (Chuck)
  285. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286.  "Do not feel foolish Ser Nerin. I did not know how to read until Dame Iessia taught me. I knew nothing of energy magic until Lord Brienne first instructed me. As long as knowledge is gained, one's inquiries are never unnecessary nor unwise. Questions are the basis of all information."
  288. Task would concentrate his tired brown eyes upon his hardened palm as the mana continued to densify and pool, the ever shifting, moving ramp of curved barrier mana layering thinly and overwhelmingly compacted upon the surface of the commander's iron palm. The harder the layer, the greater the intensity of the reflecting flow and current of compressed kinetic force. Much like a pressurized cannon of water, in theory.
  290. "Many often start by performing meditation. Emptying your mind entirely and visualizing the flow of mana throughout your body at its basest level. By familiarizing yourself with both your circuitry and physiology, your own personal flow of mana, you can master the limits they offer and push past them in excess, stretch them beyond their previous footholds upon your potential."
  292. The bald commander would point a finger gun with his free hand at the nearby tree, blasting a single leaf free with a steady float downward as the reflecting current of the mana laden palm was risen to catch its path. As soon as the wind guided it before the man's manifestation of concentrated flow, it was gusted away with the same force as it was blown towards with vigor.
  293. (Task)
  294. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  296.  "Well.. thanks. I guess it's better to ask than to remain ignorant."
  298. At least that much made sense to him. After all, how exactly does one improve if they're afraid to ask - all to make sure that they don't look 'stupid' for asking such thing? If anything, it feels a lot worse to never ask.. and thus, to live in ignorance. It almost makes a reference to so, so many people in his mind, but.. he doesn't necessarily comment on that. It's not necessary at the moment.
  300. "I was also advised meditation before, but I try to keep my mind clear as it is for such purpose. I feel as if.. I'd end up doing it later on as well, but for something much more advanced - as a matter of preparation, really." The matter of preparation for what would happen soon enough.
  302. Even now, it almost feels as if Nerin's palm begins to harden to the point that it could be stalwart, hardened to be a stone- no, diamond even. It feels as if barely anything could pierce through it.. and perhaps that's a foolish notion that he believed in, why not actually test it? As much as it may be deemed 'reckless', his gaze shoots up at Task.
  304. "Uh.. Task?"
  306. "I think that I'm.. actually ready. Do you think you could strike me, and I'll attempt to block it with my hand?"
  308. How quaint. Does he intend to test how hardened it is with mana?
  309. (Nerin)
  310. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  311.  Task finally release the energy in his palm, the fundamental concepts overviewed in the lesson proving a fine time to practice the form of his own developing technique effectively. Yet, as the lesson was just about concluding, there was no more need to continue gathering the effort. He would test it in the depths of invigored combat another day, his recollection of the basics had refined the reflective flow to an almost pressurized inversion of mana.
  313. Steady progress. All that the watchman could hope for these days. He must match the clown's maddening magics at any cost.
  315. "With certainty Ser Nerin. Consider this the final step of the lesson then. I will harden my foot with the same mana I've instructed you in manifesting, a thin layer of densified, concentrated energy formed as a sort of sheathe over one's appendages. As much an enhancer as it is a kinetic bludgeon in the right hands. React accordingly."
  317. Raising his steel sabatoned foot into the air, the bald commander would take a deep breath as it shimmered in an ethereal blue shroud that coated only up to the ankle and boot, the condensed sheathe glinting with a persistent blue flame.
  319. Without delay, Task would launch himself forward with a release of invisible pressure behind his person, a hardened kick aimed directly at Nerin's palm.
  320. (Task)
  321. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  322.  Chuck didn't hold back, though he meant to test his limits, he didn't let it distract him from the fact that this was a serious battle.
  324. Strafing through large obstacles of ice that tore through the forest and even sweeping some away for lack of manoeuvrability chuck would close in on his opponent.
  326. Vanishing to his opponents side and giving them a heavy strike to the side abdomen he would watches they knelt before resuming his position.
  328. "Good but not enough" he said, he had still only managed to shape and shoot out the lacking original version of his energy beam, not that it wasn't enough but it wasn't the intended result.
  330. "Done or can you keep going?" He'd ask maintaining his stance and attempting to mould his energy again...
  331. (Chuck)
  332. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  335.  The growth and progress in such was much more important than one could imagine- it's something that actually gave the reason to keep going for the most, as otherwise, procrastination and weakness could lead to their downfall. With the manifestation of the energy and its ethereal properties, Nerin could tell that it would be exceedingly important for him to ensure that he can keep this stabilized.. for while he's not the Energy magi on his own, maintaining the flow is something that's manageable.
  337. Something that even he can do.
  339. And what's better way to ask for advice in that regard than from those that shape raw mana for, quite literally, their living? These metaphysical concepts were rather curious ones, but.. they were not necessarily something impossible to handle - after his previous lessons as well, he could tell that eventually, he'll be able to succeed.
  341. That it's only a matter of time.
  343. "Noted, Task. I'll do my best for it, and let's do this then."
  345. Inhale, exhale. Here, the shimmering glow of the ethereal presence could be steadily found manifesting stronger.. so much that the vague shimmer around his hand could practically seen even with the naked, untrained eye; it becomes a testament to his work and concentration alike, something that prompts his hand to be hardened almost as if it were diamond.. with the circulation of mana coming about through and through at all times, and the raw mana coating it in a shroud of transparent defenses.
  347. He felt he was ready.
  349. By the time that Task strikes, he raises his palm just a bit to block it- an audible THUD is produced as result, going as far as to impact the two opposite forces. It gives a visible shake and shudder, the shockwave released as result.. almost as if this is a contest of Immovable Object versus Unstoppable Force.
  351. And neither seems to win.
  353. Nerin grimaces a little, but.. when the dust settles, it's soon replaced with a smile on his countenance. Seeing his palm withstand such, and only become stained with a red spot at the place where he's been hit like this.. it's good. While it's not perfect result by any means, it's good enough for him.
  355. "I think I made it..?"
  356. (Nerin)
  357. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358.  "That's more like it"
  360. Chuck was starting to feel the cold of his enemies moves, it was truly chilling to the bone his palms were starting to scrape against the intense sticky properties of the ice as he takes a knee.
  362. Chuck grunts, he could really feel his energy moving at this moment, the aura that surrounded his being began to intensify as he slowly brought his hands to his abdomen clapping and gathering energy, moulding it faster than ever as he prepared from the last confrontation.
  364. "This is gonna hurt!"
  365. (Chuck)
  366. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  367. Task would smile with a missing toothed grin as his mana sheathed sabaton collided with Nerin's own concentrated augmentation, the concussive shockwave emanating from the contact of the pair of martial artists shaking the nearby surroundings as countless leaves began to fall from the trees in a shower of floating leaves. The bald commander would at last kick back from Nerin, his ankle sore from the sheer contact as he barked out in light laughter.
  369. "Exactly so Ser Nerin You now understand the fundamentals you require to master that which you seek to achieve. The core principles of augmentation in regards to the persistent flow of energy. Remember that, as life is moving and vibrant, so too is mana as its manifestation in an ethereal form."
  371. The bald command would open and close his palm against, briefly manifesting the swirls of recursive energy that had shrouded the calloused layers of skin during the beginning of the lesson. The more he practiced manifesting the directive current, the more powerful and pressurized he could manifest it. If he was to truly parry a spell with his bare hands, he'd need to master the technique on an instinctive level.
  373. "With that, I would say this lesson is concluded. From here, I am certain you can develop your knowledge and enhance beyond the mere fundamentals through constant application, practice, and experimentation with your own limits. The natural way of energy, persistent progress forwards."
  374. (Task)
  375. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  376. Both offense and defense.
  378. In a sense, the technique he was learning did keep both of these things.. if only because of how it 'rushed' through overwhelming offense, which was capable of delivering tremendous blow. By extension, this unstoppable force would become something that protects him as well, if only there's going to be an exceeding difficulty of actually stopping him.
  380. But that's something he has to figure out later on.
  382. For now, it would seem that the lesson is concluded, and with affirmation spoken by Task, he merely smiled and gave him a brief nod- something about this work that he enjoyed greatly.. and knew that it would take him rather far, especially when compared to the rest.
  384. "Thank you a lot for this, Task. I've learned a lot from this."
  386. And while there are certainly more things to be done.. he imagined that this would be enough for the time being. After all, the body, mind and spirit need rest as well - if one were to rush things carelessly, they're bound to stumble and fail upon the exhaustion that they've made for themselves.
  388. "I'll keep working on it- and in fact, I think I already have several ideas for it as well."
  390. Something to be brought up in the future.. and different circumstances too.
  391. (Nerin)
  392. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  393. Task says, "With certian Ser Nerin, any time. I am always happy to aid my fellows in the order. "
  394.  Task says, "Now, I must rest before I fall asleep standing up. Star's speed to you gentlemen."
  395.  Nerin says, "Farewell, and rest well."
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