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  1. I will probably lose a lot of so-called friends by posting this, but I cannot and will not be silent anymore, especially in the wake of the recent unjustified shooting/murder of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth, TX by a police officer.
  2. This is King County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jeremy Muir. He currently works for the King County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Shoreline police department just North of Seattle. According to his second ex-wife, he's racist and told her he wanted to earn his "street cred" by shooting someone and getting "paid vacation" i.e., paid administrative leave for it. According to her, he told her he would shoot someone claiming they had a gun but “if they didn't have a gun, he would leave a 'drop gun' on them."
  3. I was confused and asked what a ‘drop gun’ is. She told me a gun he would drop on the subject and claim it as the subject’s gun. A planted gun. I recoiled at how evil this man is that he could even fathom doing something so heinous. But I wasn’t entirely surprised because of my own history with him.
  4. Years prior, I worked with Muir as a police dispatcher. One night I agreed to meet up with him and his friends after swing shift for a drink or two. I arrived with a female friend. She got bored and left early while I stayed and regrettably drank the six vodka drinks he ordered for me while I was in the restroom. He was only legally able to order six vodka drinks because everyone at the table was drinking beer except for me and he ordered these vodka drinks on the guise that everyone at the table would be having one. Later that night Muir acquaintance-raped me in the living room of his former residence. I never reported it because I was embarrassed, and I didn't want the inevitable attention and gossip from members/coworkers in the department, which I no doubt would’ve received had I reported it. Also, he took me to his former roommate’s house, which was in the city he patrolled, Burien to commit his crime. Even if I had reported it, his partners/friends would’ve responded, and they of course would’ve taken his word over mine. That’s just the way of the Good Ol’ Boys Club. I knew it then. I most definitely know it now.
  5. The only reason the rape was ever brought up is because four years later, a co-worker and someone I believed to be a friend was going through her second divorce from another cop, who eventually got fired for sending racist and homophobic text messages. My husband, friends and I decided to throw her a divorce party. She asked if she could bring this “nice guy” she was dating. I said of course. The “nice guy” she brought turned out to be Muir. He had told her that he and I dated but I only had “consensual sex” with him only once because I was still in love with my ex at the time. And she believed that. Doesn’t this sound like a bad Lifetime movie?
  6. Of course, I had to warn her. But I didn’t want to make a scene, so I waited until after the party.
  7. I explained to her how Muir had bragged to me (in a group outing) that he had created fake social media accounts to cheat and have an affair on his then-wife/mother of his three kids, and when she learned of the blatant deception and infidelity, she slit her wrist in a suicide attempt. Muir was happy this occurred. He boasted, "No judge alive will give a crazy, suicidal BITCH custody of my kids!"
  8. I then explained to my "friend" what Muir did to me. She said, "Oh my God, that sounds like rape." I hurriedly tried to change the subject as I don’t like to be a victim. She, of course, told Muir. Muir went to his sergeant, Wing Woo, and told him likely to get out ahead of it. KCSO’s Internal Investigations Unit (IIU) got word of this and even though I didn’t want to make a report, I was pressured to give a statement. The “investigator,” a detective sergeant named Mary Francis Carlson, refused to meet me in person and coerced me into giving a statement via phone. I later learned she never even recorded my statement and completely changed what I told her. The “investigation” came back UNFOUNDED. After I received a public disclosure request for the report, I saw there was never an investigation but a botched, and biased cover-up. The "investigator," Carlson, I later learned was a former sergeant/supervisor of Muir. According to a former KCSO deputy, "Muir was always her favorite." Conflict of interest? Not for the Good Ol’ Boys’ Club where a female “investigator” felt the need to “protect her boy.”
  9. My husband, an actual good, honest and fair man and police officer, saw this report was appalled at how incompetent and biased Carlson was. He and I voiced concern over the atrocious report, (summary didn't match his statement and a plethora of other flaws including none of my witnesses were ever contacted let alone interviewed and so much more). An outside investigator was hired. KCSO disregarded the mistakes noted by this lawyer and they arbitrarily deemed our complaint UNFOUNDED. I then requested the phone records of Carlson and learned she had at least five off the record, personal calls with Muir, the same deputy whom she was “investigating” but she never recorded any of these statements, took notes or had Muir’s attorney or union representative present. She never needed to because she made sure he would be found not guilty. KCSO covered it all up and blamed me.
  10. It was implied that I was not a "normal" rape victim because I wasn't scared of him and I had confronted him after the rape. I flat out told the IIU detectives that this rape wasn't what I believed to be a "normal rape"—I always thought rape was supposed to hurt— I’ve had tampons bigger than Muir.
  11. I'm not afraid of cowards and that is exactly what rapists and cops who abuse their power are. COWARDS. Regardless, I was retaliated against by higher-ups at KCSO, so I eventually quit. They don’t deserve me.
  12. I reached out to Muir’s first ex-wife/mother of his three kids to apologize for not initially reporting the rape. She apologized to me for not reporting her own abuse of his—she told me he took her to their barn, pointed a gun at her head and demanded she tell the truth about having an affair with their house guest. When she didn't admit to it (because there was no affair) he put the gun to his own head threatening suicide. He then moved the gun away from his head and fired off a round, which could've ricocheted and hit her. She told me via FB messenger, "He is the most manipulative snake I've ever met in my life, he was a tough and controlling personality but not like what he became once he became a cop. It completely changed him into the most arrogant, egotistical, twisted, lying and manipulative monster."
  13. I have since then requested Muir's disciplinary file as it's public record. There are NUMEROUS complaints against him. He's been accused of harassment, bigotry, conduct unbecoming, incivility, rape (a second rape by a sex worker), sexual misconduct, dishonesty, stalking etc. Most of these complaints have come back either Unfounded or Non-Sustained.
  14. The only SUSTAINED complaint Muir received was for illegally pulling over a barista. She reported he was stalking her and even though she told him she had a boyfriend, he demanded her phone number and asked her out for drinks “with a group of friends,” (same MO of what he did to me before he acquaintance-raped me. Except I never gave him my phone number—he likely got that from work personnel records). Muir admitted he stopped her without a valid reason just “as a joke.” He received only a one-day suspension for violating this woman’s civil rights. She stated she was terrified, he creeped her out and even her customers expressed their concern of her due to his stalking behavior.
  15. There have been numerous other complaints against Muir. But they’ve all been swept under the rug.
  16. I believe the man of color who was pulled over with his adult son. He reported to IIU that Muir seemingly stopped him for no reason. When he asked Muir why he was pulled over, Muir became so angry and irate and reached inside the vehicle and violently scratched his neck breaking the skin. Even though a picture of the wound was taken, medical treatment was received and there was a witness, (the man's adult son), IIU still sided with Muir.
  17. A male citizen reported Muir wrote him a false ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. IIU never even took this complaint. The citizen tried to fight the ticket in court. The judge told him, “I have to believe the word of a police officer.”
  18. Muir wrote a false police report claiming a sex worker, whom he had placed in his custody, had ripped a hole in the crotch of her leggings, masturbated in front of him and offered him sex for free "because he was so cute." How does a woman with her hands cuffed BEHIND her back do this? When Muir was later questioned, he admitted he never actually saw this. But nothing happened. He’s STILL a cop.
  19. A young Muslim woman of color working at the Shoreline teen center reported she was highly uncomfortable around Muir because he would stare at her and try to get her alone and stalk her. Shoreline brass decided this should be an NIM (Non-Investigative Matter) even though they know he’s been accused of rape. After seeing her name and number in a public disclosure, I reached out to her and told her my story. She cried saying she thought she was crazy but knew in her heart Muir was a bad guy. She told me she was sorry that he raped me, but she thanked me for sharing my experience with her because now she knew she was right. I told her to never doubt her instincts.
  20. I wonder how many other victims of Muir have been gaslighted.
  21. A young male reported Muir lied to him by telling him his tow would be free. When this man got home, the tow truck driver asked for payment. The young man told him he was told the tow was free and asked him to call the police officer, Muir, and Muir would explain. The tow driver called Muir and Muir reportedly denied ever saying the tow was free and said if the young man didn't pay, he would come and arrest him. The young man became indignant and demanded his body camera be reviewed to prove Muir had lied. Muir wasn't wearing a body camera. Muir's word again was believed over this young man’s word.
  22. There are too many complainants to list here. Again, his disciplinary file is public disclosure. I am posting this because I do not want to wake up to news that a man or woman of color was shot and killed by this corrupt cop.
  23. Fort Worth, Texas policer officers wear body cameras so we all can see what happened when Atatiana Jefferson was murdered. KCSO deputies neither wear body cameras nor have cameras on their dash cameras. And as a woman who use to work for police and is married to a police officer, because of what I witnessed, I don't trust police. I urge anyone and everyone who may encounter Jeremy Muir to IMMEDIATELY film him because unfortunately your word means NOTHING against the word of a cop, even a cop who has been caught in lies. Unless you have concrete evidence, i.e., video recording, the King County Sheriff's Office will always take the word of one of their cop's over yours. And their "investigations" will ALWAYS be biased and inadequate to favor their police.
  24. After all I’ve experienced, I still believe most police officers are good. But police cannot and will not police themselves. Police protect their own and their own best interests. If you encounter Shoreline Deputy Muir, I strongly encourage you to film him. Especially if you’re a person of color.
  25. Feel free to share this if you’d like. Knowledge is power.
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