MG roulette (wurm)

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  1. Trevor sighed to himself as he watched the video. Having lost a bet with his friend, he had to use the infamous monster e-mail. He had gotten the e-mail some time ago but had decided against using the game at the time.
  3. He considered the monsters to be too out there for him, he liked things simple and straightforward, and he thought that a woman with eight legs or being part tiger was something he didn't want to deal with.
  5. It didn't help that part of the bet was that he couldn't use the encyclopedia to at least prepare for whatever came his way. Going by memory of what he saw around and on TV, he hoped he could get one of the more human looking ones.
  7. Hoping for the best, he pushed the button link. He wondered what he would get?
  9. *Wurm*
  11. He had to admit, that was a new one to him.
  13. He sighed, whatever this monster was, would be coming soon. Maybe he should prepare a sandwich or something? Those thoughts went out the window as the sound of would breaking rang through the house, `what the hell could that be?` Trevor thought as a stood up to go check what happened.
  15. “Damn, I broke the door. I guess the doors back home are just stronger.”
  17. The young woman's voice made him pause. He had heard that monsters were stronger than the average man, but what was strong enough to break a solid oak door, and just by knocking? He had to meet her and see the damage anyway, so he swallowed his fear and made his way to the hallway.
  19. Getting to the hall, he took one look the monster woman standing in the doorway and started to choke on that fear he swallowed. The fact that she had a long reptilian tail for legs almost made him assume she was a lamia, but the orange scales looked more like armored plates than normal snakeskin and the vicious claws she had for arms made think otherwise. Then he noticed the horns on her forehead emerging from her jet black hair. What kind of reptile had horns?
  21. ...Dragons had horns...didn't they?
  23. Crap, she was some kind of dragon, no wonder she busted his door. At least she didn't mean too. He also noticeed her only clothing was a large white t-shirt and a black short skirt. She also had a satchel slung over her shoulder.
  25. Trevor thought that he might as well get to business. “Er... welcome to my home.” He said out loud.
  27. The wurm must have been focused on the ruined door, as her head jerked up to see who spoke, the two stared at each other in silence before in a flash her face was right in front of him and she smiled. “Hi! Your Trevor right?”
  29. The speed shocked him for a but he tried not to show it. “Yes, I...” before he could finish he was being sniffed around his neck.
  31. “I like your scent already,” she said as she continued to sniff him and then gave him a slow lick up his cheek. “Your taste is good too.”
  33. Trevor backed off in shock. “What the hell? What are you doing?” he shouted.
  35. She seemed to ignore him as she was lost in a haze, her hole serpentine bode seemed to shake in excitement. The movement of her body all most distracted him from her launching at him. He got out of way while she went crashing into the kitchen door, breaking through it!
  37. `Uh oh!`Trevor thought as he headed to the living room. He was in a bit of a panic, why had she become like that?  Was that a normal reaction? How could he get her out of it? `It doesn't matter right now. What matter is to calm down and assess the situation-
  39. The wall between the living room and the hallway choose that moment to cave in as the dragon woman smashed through to looking in the eye the smile she had on didn't help things. “Let's have fun!” she said as she slivered slowly towards him, not looking like she cared about the fact that she just bulldozed a brick wall to get to him.
  41. `Holy crap!` was the only thought Trevor had in mind. He had heard about monsters being aggressive but this is ridiculous! He needed to get out of here, at the very least even if he didn't get out of this in one piece he could to stop her from trashing his house.
  43. With that in mind he slowly stepped to the side as he paid close attention to her movements waiting for her to go for another launch, and sure enough, she did, planting herself in the wall behind where here was. With some time he made a mad dash to this garden, he had no delusions about outrunning her, but he could dodge her large, snakelike body.
  45. Opening the door as wide as he could (He didn't want to pay for more repairs than he already had to) he entered the garden he looked around. It wasn't much, but it had more space than the living room, and there was less stuff to trash. There was that large tree by his fence he could use to get into the street, but then he would be taking her to the streets and that would cause more damage
  47. Trevor's mind was racing `Okay Trevor, think! There is a... aroused dragon woman about to going to burst into this garden at any moment. She isn't going to eat you, so at least there's that, but given the way she smashes through walls...You have to find a way to calm her down. But how?`
  49. The almost rumbling sound of the wurm slithering out into the garden broke his thoughts. If the look in her eyes and the was anything to go by this little chase had made her even more excited. “No more running right?” she growled.
  51. She was right, running wasn't an option, dammit, maybe he could talk her down. “Can't you see you doing a number on my house? Can't we calm down and talk about this?”
  53. “House... can be fixed... I want my husband!” she said within deep breaths.  As she launched forward once more. If it wasn't for her lust clouding her thoughts he was sure she could have done something with that tail or something to trip him up and catch him.
  55. `I can't keep dodging her, sure she may be clumsy but I'm pretty sure she can keep this going way longer than I can. Something needs to be done!` he thought as he was starting to tire out and her lunges were getting closer.
  57. Unfortunately for him, any the idea came too late as he tripped on her tail when he dodged and landed face up on the floor. Before he could move large draconic claws pinned him down as he looked into the face of his captor.
  59. “Finally!” Her shout came with a roar as her long and large tail wrapped itself around him all the while she was kept Trevor held down with one arm as the other was feeling his chest under his shirt.
  61. Trevor still decided to try one last thing to get out of sleeping with a woman he just met. His left arm was free, maybe he could stroke behind her ears or something and that could calm her? With nothing to lose, he lifted his arm and started to stroke behind one of her horns. Her eyes widening before glazing over in bliss made him believe he was on the right track.
  63. The growl she came out with, along with her coiling tighter and his shirt getting ripped told another story.
  65. ~X~  (Next morning)
  67. Trevor woke up sore in his room. It didn't take long for his mind to catch up and for him to remember what had happened. He was about to sit up but he realized he couldn't move.
  69. “Oh right”
  71. He was being cuddled by the wurm on (from what he could see) was the remains of his bed. From what he could remember the fun they had wrecked his house from the garden to his bedroom. Dammit, its was going to take a while to fix that, well, he could probably fix some of this himself.
  73. A rumbling yawn lets him know she was awake. “Good morning, husband,” she said dreamily as she rubbed her head on his cheek.
  75. “Morning,” he said lazily. “I never did get your name.”
  77. The wurm stopped her movements “Ah... My name is Tasha, I'm sorry about yesterday. I had this whole plan for when I met you but I took a liking to you too fast and... I'm sorry about wrecking your house.” she said as she let him up “I though houses in this land where supposed to be sturdier?”
  79. The average house over here didn't really have monster attacks in mind” he said with a laugh.
  81. “Yeah, mum said it took her there tries to meet dad,” Tasha said with a laugh. “He always says meeting mum was the most intense day of his life.”
  83. “I can fully believe that,” Trevor said. if yesterday was anything to go by. And the something clicked. “wait you mum broke into a house to meet your dad?”
  85. “Yeah, and now I finally understand her more, when you find the man you want and you want nothing to stop you,” she said as she moved fast and gave Trevor a hug. Reminding him in the best way that she was as naked has he was.
  87. “I-I see. At least I can replace some of this stuff, bur its going to cost a fortune,” he said looking around.
  89. “Ah! I completely forgot” Tasha shouted as she slithered downstairs. Wondering what she left down there. He got semi dressed and followed her down.
  91. She was in the living room rummaging through that large satchel she had brought with her. When he got next to her, she brought out a jar.
  93. “Dad said to give you this if I ended up wrecking the house.” she said as she took off the lid and took out what looked like a few gems.
  95. Trevor looked at the jewels in awe. “Where did he get these?”
  97. “My parents work in mines and stuff so they get to bring half their findings home, but some of these I got out the mountains myself I don't know if this is enough though.”
  99. “Not enough? There's enough to give what we didn't break a do over!” if he could actually sell these gems he would have no problems. “Thank you so much!”  he said grabbing the wurm and kissing her.
  101. That flipped one hell of a switch as he heard her now familiar growl but it didn't matter to Trevor as he happily kicked the long plans for fixing his house out his mind.
  103. He did think for a second that the neighbors are probably freaking out about the noise was going to make as he felt like making his new dragon wife roar.
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