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  6. + Classics 353/History 373: Ancient History - Rome
  7. ++ The Second Occult War, 218-313
  8. Prof. Maisie Sinclair (
  9. Fall 2019 - Tues/Thurs 1:10-2:30 - Wormwood B13
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  12. **Course Overview:**
  13. In this course, we will study the occult history of the 3rd and early 4th centuries in the Roman Empire and its neighbors, focusing on the series of conflicts and crises now referred to as the Second Occult War (N.B.: some scholars refer to this as the First Occult War, and several of the assigned readings use that nomenclature; we will be addressing this topic in more depth in week [###]). Beginning with the ascension of the Syrian sun-priest Elagabalus to the Roman throne and ending with Constantine's proclamation of official tolerance of Christianity, the Second Occult War caused major political and religious changes in the Roman Empire. We will investigate the driving factors behind this extended conflict,
  15. **Required Reading:**
  16. The following texts are available from the Deer bookstore:
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  21. Outline of the 2nd occult war:
  22. 218 - Elagabalus becomes emperor, replacing Jupiter with El-Gabal; moves all sacred relics into the Elagabalium, pissing off literally everyone
  24. Someone Massacres The Mekhanites
  26. The Demiurge Eats The Greco-Roman Pantheon
  27. 313 - Constantine issues the Edict of Milan, officially tolerating Christianity.
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