May 1st, 2014
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  1. Fluttercheese
  3. *Shameless Fetish story ahead*
  6. What time was it? The only real question in your mind as you heard something clattering around the apartment. It was probably just another animal nosing around for a treat, it was hard keeping the little brats in line when Fluttershy was asleep. You follow the noises fully expecting to find that annoying rabbit raiding your fridge again, instead you see that little quiet pony you agreed to help out in her tenth month of pregnancy. Sitting in a chair while fidgeting as she tried to lean over her massive belly and reach her swollen tits.
  8. “Oh come on,” Her front legs wiggled a little harder, “Please!”
  10. It was when you saw the pale beneath the chair that you figured out what might be going on. So you called out her name and made her blush as though she got caught stealing cookies from the jar again.
  12. “A-Anon? What are you doing here.”
  14. Did you really have to explain to her that this was your apartment, and that she was staying over during her last month because it was way closer to the hospital than her cottage? No, because she was dodging the fact that she got caught doing... whatever it was she was doing.
  16. “Fluttershy...” You rub your eyes, “What happened to your milker?”
  18. She stammers a bit, but you manage to get enough details out of her that she apparently sat on it while trying to figure it out on her own. You manage to find it, leaving her to sit on that chair with her mammaries bulging out from between her thighs, only to surmise that it was FUBAR. You surmise that there was probably only one other option for her to get relief, and that was what she was trying to do herself, but now that you were involved it had to be you that got stuck with it.
  20. You come back to the kitchen to see Fluttershy still squirming in the chair. You tell her to get down and spread her legs a bit as you slide the pale under them. She tried to make you stop but you just say that if you weren't willing to get your hands dirty you wouldn't of volunteered in the first place. She quiets down after that, but the blush doesn't go away.
  22. You rub your hands together and size up what your deal is, swearing that her tits were a little more swollen than usual. You go in hoping you remembered how to do this, your hands brushing up against the inside of her thighs as you notice she's put on a little weight in that area. Perhaps for good reason given the size of that foal she was carrying, the womb's outline managed to peek around the edges of her plot while pulling her gut down so low you wondered how it was still attached to her.
  24. Your inspection over with you get to her nipples, your first touch apparently a bit too cold as she whimpers and hikes her nipples out of your grasp. She apologizes and lowers herself back into your hands, you go about it a little more gently this time. Slowly alternating pumps as you pull a little more each time, yet all it seems to do is make her groan and whimper.
  26. You're not really getting anywhere as she keeps squirming, but then a rather odd idea hatches in your mind. You free up one of your hands and give the thumb a good lick, then gently press it against the tip of her nipple that your trying to milk and carefully rub it in as you yank. This time instead of whimpering Fluttershy makes a rather... odd noise while her tail flicks. You keep going, feeling her tit undulating in your palm as you swear she's starting to sway her body into your motions.
  28. You feel a little drip against your thump, having struck gold you go deep. You speed up your pumping and rub your thump a little quicker, all the while Fluttershy starts panting a little more. She spurts a little stream that sprays all over your thump, you pull it back and go for longer drags on her nipple as she squirms and presses her legs tightly together. A tight stream of milk bursting out of her swollen tit as you go for the other one while she's still swept up in whatever is making her moan.
  30. Sure enough the other one starts going as well, before long the metallic ring of the milk hitting the pale is replaced with the surge of milk on milk while Fluttershy is still making all sorts of noise. Eventually the two of you are left with promising to never tell anyone about this, ever. You are left with a pale of warm horse-milk, and not entirely sure what to do with you you just toss it in the fridge with all the other bottles of milked Flutterdairy.
  32. ()()(1)()()
  34. Its a few months later, and from then and now you had to milk her twice now. At least until the foal was born, and he was already getting big. You had the two of them over for lunch where you made a few sandwiches, nothing special just some greens and cheese mixed together. Fluttershy didn't eat much, but you did, given that it was your own special home-made brew. She instead focused on her little bundle of joy until she left to go get something, while the time was right you slipped the foal some cheese, curious on how he'd react.
  36. He sniffed it a bit, but after that first bite he was hooked, and you couldn't help but smile at potentially knowing why.
  38. A dainty voice popped back into the room with a bag of foal-care supplies, “Wow, my little guy never eats the cheese I give him. He must really like yours.”
  40. You just chuckled, “Yeah well, he should.” She looked at you a little perplexed, “You know, diary and because its good for you and all that.”
  42. She took the excuse, but you knew why. That foal liked it because it was familiar, and you were the only one that knew why.
  44. The End
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