Anon - Air blowjob

May 15th, 2014
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  1. “Anon!”
  2. >You pause what you are doing and look at Sepia who’s rushing towards you
  3. >She looks rather happy
  4. >”Hiya Sepia! What’s up? You look awfully happy”
  5. >Sepia beams her smile at you
  6. “Goldie taught me how to give a blowjob!”
  7. >You drop the rake you were using in shock
  8. >”W-what?”
  9. >Sepia still looks at you with joy on her face
  10. “A blowjob Anon, and I want to give you one!”
  11. >Sweat drips down your face as Sepia stares at you, waiting for a reply
  12. >It must be one of those things where Sepia misunderstood something again, don’t panic Anonymous!
  13. >”What exactly do you mean with a blowjob?”
  14. >Sepia tilts her head a bit
  15. “Isn’t that the thing where you use your mouth to make someone feel good? What all great friends give to their friends?”
  16. >You were about to relax and think that Goldie just taught her something else but then Sepia says “Like this” and starts to show what she was meaning
  17. >Sepia opens her mouth and extends her tongue, while starting to move her hoove- that’s a blowjob all right
  18. >You notice that more than a few passing mothponies are raising an eyebrow at the human standing before the petite mothpony mare giving an air blowjob before him
  19. >”Just come inside please...”
  20. >You make a mental note to give Golden Corral a piece of your mind the next time you see her
  21. >You close the door and then something hits you
  22. >What if Sepia misunderstood you inviting her in? You only wanted to get out from the prying eyes of the other mothponies so you could solve this situati-
  23. “Here we go”
  24. >Sepia pulls your zipper down
  25. >...
  26. >You jump back and let out a womanly scream
  27. >”S-S-S-S-Sepia! Hold on for a minute!”
  28. >Sepia looks a bit hurt now
  30. “...You don’t want me to give you a blowjob?”
  31. >Oh god that look on her face is doing things to you and your heart
  32. >You calmly, or as calmly as you are able to, try to analyze this situation
  33. >Could you go through with this?
  34. >Can this happen?
  35. >Are you going to let this happen?
  36. >Sepia averts her gaze and looks to the side and starts to look even more sa- of screw it! Fine! Let it be whatever will be!
  37. >”Y-yes...”
  38. >Sepia seems surprised at this and turns to look at you
  39. >”I want you to give me a blowjob...”
  40. >Sepia gives you a happy nod
  41. “Then, remove your pants and I’ll give you one”
  42. >Feeling somewhat defeated, but giddy, you undo the button of your jeans and slide your pants off
  43. >You are now wearing nothing else than a shirt and your undies in front of Sepia
  44. >You blush at how embarrassed you feel, but your heart is beating very fast in your chest
  45. >You’re actually looking forward to this? Well, Sepia is an attractive mare and...
  46. >Sepia starts to do the same stuff she did outside your house
  47. >...
  48. >She does not show any signs of stopping
  49. >”Sepia... what are you doing?”
  50. >Sepia stops her airblowjob
  51. “Giving you a blowjob?”
  52. >Suddenly you piece everything together
  53. >I swear Goldie, one of these days...
  54. “Was it not good?”
  55. >”No, it was good, really good, you really made me happy with it”
  56. >You offer a smile to Sepia as you pull your pants back up
  57. “I can’t wait until I tell all my friends I made you really happy with a blowjob”
  58. >You are still thinking on how to get back to Golden Corral so Sepias words do not really register into your head
  59. >Sepia gives you a little wave and she’s off
  60. >You need to really come up with a good payba- WHAT THE HEEEEEL did Sepia just say?
  61. >You take a panicked glance at your door
  62. >Fffffffffuck
  63. >You rush after the oblivious little mare
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. Lewd version
  68. >Could you go through with this?
  69. >Can this happen?
  70. >Are you going to let this happen?
  71. >Sepia averts her gaze and looks to the side and starts to look even more sa- of screw it! Fine! Let it be whatever will be!
  72. >”Y-yes...”
  73. >Sepia seems delighted at your answer
  74. >”Let’s not do it here, let’s go to my bedroom”
  75. >Sepia gives you a happy little nod
  76. “Yup!”
  77. >Sepia starts to happily flutter towards your bedroom and you follow suit
  78. >As you arrive you notice that Sepia is eagerly waiting on the floor
  79. >You close the door to your bedroom
  80. >”So... do I sit down or stay standing up?”
  81. >Sepia starts to walk towards you
  82. “It’s fine like this, I’m eager to get to it”
  83. >Sepias hooves go for your button but you place your hands on her hooves
  84. >”Please, at least let me take my pants off myself...”
  85. >Honestly her eagerness is a bit overwhelming
  86. >Sepia gives you a bit of an embarrassed smile and backs off
  87. >You undo the button to your pants and not feeling like taking too much time with getting undressed, you pull down your pants and underwear with one swift motion
  88. >Now you feel as you stand there, you member out
  89. >Sepia is looking at it with wonder in her eyes as you remove your shirt, feeling a bit dumb if you would wear that only
  90. “It’s so cute Anon!”
  91. >You feel like grumbling something about coming up with some other sort of a compliment to it but Sepia looks so cute you decide against it
  92. “But I can’t give it a blowjob when it’s like this...”
  93. >Before you can tell her that she needs to make it erect you feel Sepias hoof touch your member
  94. >She gives it a gentle stroke
  95. “There there, I’ll get you all ready”
  96. >Oh sweet Jesus that’s too much, you can feel the blood rushing towards it and you start to get erect
  97. >Sepia seems delighted by this
  98. “Right, the next thing Goldie told me was...”
  100. >Suddenly you feel something completely different trailing along your growing shaft
  101. >Sepia is using her tufts, and it feels amazing
  102. >It feels like soft silk on your shaft, not to mention she uses her hooves to apply more direct pressure and touch on your member
  103. >Your little Anon grows into huge ANON in no time, practically exploding into full attention
  104. “There, all ready for the blowjob”
  105. >Sepia sounds pleased at her hoofwork
  106. >But before she can get to it you stop her by touching her on her shoulder
  107. >”Are you completely sure about this?”
  108. >You are a bit hesitant, Sepias always been such a pure thing, and now that oblivious mare is about to plunge your meat into her mouth
  109. >Sepia gives you a nod and suddenly takes you into her mouth with a cute little “hnnnnh-“
  110. >You can feel the tip of her tongue touching the underside of your shaft as she takes more a of you into her mouth
  111. >You bite your teeths together
  112. >Sepias mouth is warm and the insides of her mouth feel softer than you could have imagined
  113. >It’s like the inside of her mouth is wrapping and pressing against our shaft as you slide deeper into her mouth, making sure that no area of your cock is left without attention
  114. >Sepias hooves rise and plant themselves on your buttocks as she pulls your hips towards her mouth
  115. >Her eyes are half closed, making them look like she’s giving your cock bedroom eyes, but then they shift and she’s staring right into your eyes and she finally takes you fully into her mouth without breaking eye contact
  116. >You gulp, this is some hot stuff happening
  118. >Sepia keeps the eye contact going, and pulls her head back all the way slowly, making each of your nerves on your cock get that electric experience of her wet mouth
  119. >Your cock finally comes out of her mouth, now wet with her saliva and Sepia removes her hooves from your buttocks and places them on your wet cock while breaking eye contact to stare at your cock, and gives your glans a slow sensual lick that ends on the tip of it, before starting to lick in circles while coming down on your glans and back up again with a stronger flick with the tip of her tongue every now and then
  120. >You shudder in pleasure as Sepia keeps doing things with her tongue you never thought could be possible
  121. >As Sepia does this she starts to stroke your shaft with her hooves, and giving it just enough squeeze to make it feel really good
  122. >D-damn, what else has Goldie taught her?
  123. >And then Sepia shows just that
  124. >She keeps your member, twitching in anticipation still with her hooves and places her lips against it, but then she gently closes her teethes together and starts to push her lips against the tip of your cock
  125. >You almost get to asking what she’s doing but then your tip slips in and you are in a whole new world of pleasure
  126. >The tip of your cock slides into the area between her teethes and the inner part of her cheek
  127. >maybe it’s the saliva or the whole hotness of the whole situation, but the sides of Sepias teethes are not painful against your member at all, in fact they feel very good, sending intense shivers down the length of your cock
  128. >Sepia pulls the head out from her mouth with a wet pop and then opens her mouth wide and dives down roughly on your cock
  129. >You slide in as deep as you go into her mouth and throat and your legs shake a bit and almost give out from under you
  130. >Sepia looks up to your eyes with her moist, now hazy eyes and starts to violently bop her head up and down on your shaft as lewd wet sounds fill the air
  132. >Her hooves grasp your buttocks again as she uses them for extra leverage and picks up the pace even more while holding onto you
  133. >It takes all of your willpower to not collapse onto the floor from standing
  134. >Your hands have found their way on Sepias shoulders at some point and you grasp them while trying to hold the oncoming explosion in just to make this heated moment of wonder last a bit longer
  135. >But you know you are about to cum
  136. >”S-Sepia I’m going to cum soon!”
  137. >Sepia suddenly pulls away and starts to jerk you off with her hooves while looking at you and holding her mouth open before your cock with her tongue extended
  138. >She’s breathing hard and blushing now
  139. >You can’t take it anymore and with a grunt you shoot out your seed all over her face and mane
  140. >Some of it even gets into her mouth and onto her tongue
  141. >With your whole body jerking and twitching you empty yourself upon Sepias face as she keeps jerking you with her hooves
  142. >After the last shot is fired she lets go of your member
  143. “I’m so glad that something came out!”
  144. >You pant tiredly and take a look at the mare smiling happily at you with your gunk on her face
  145. “Goldie told me that if I’m doing it right something would fly out at the end and I should be in that position. What is this stuff anyway? It tastes kind of salty and weird...”
  147. >You feel like laughing a bit, you almost forgot it was Sepia here
  148. >Feeling weak on your legs you sit down onto your bed and fall to lie on your back
  149. >”You should clean that off, it’s not ok to walk around with that stuff on your face and mane Sepia”
  150. >Sepia goes to your bathroom and you just lie there on the bed while staring at the ceiling
  151. >Soon you hear Sepia wander back to your bedroom
  152. >You feel spend and tired
  153. >”I’m sorry Sepia, you were so good I need to lie down for a while...”
  154. >Sepia lets out a giggle at that
  155. “Ok, I can’t wait to tell my friends I gave you a blowjob and you told me I was very good at it”
  156. >Wait what?
  157. >You quickly jump up from the bed
  158. >”Se-“
  159. >And you tumble down as your legs cramp and all the air escapes your lungs as you hit the floor
  160. >As you gasp for breath you hear your front door open and close
  161. >”S-Sepia? SEPIA!?”
  162. >Nothing
  163. >You try to struggle to get up but notice that your legs are not listening to you
  164. >...
  165. >Well you are fucked now
  166. >No, more than your own reputation you fear for Sepias, her obliviousness still ahs not escaped her
  167. >She just thinks you did some sort of a very good friendship ritual most likely
  168. >Fighting your cramps you painfully pull on some underwear and wobble after Sepia
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