Anon in Saddle Arabia's pony prison chapter 13

Sep 29th, 2017
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  1. Be Buttercream
  2. >Be with Crystal Blossom
  3. >You two were on the playground of the prison, trying to search for Nightly Veil's hiding spot.
  4. >Crystal Blossom told you that he was playing hide and seek, it's been long enough and you haven't found him yet. He must be really good at this game since it's been a day or so.
  5. >You tried asking her sister where he was but, she wouldn't tell you where he was hiding.
  6. >That's cheating from him!
  7. >Next time you're playing that freeze game that is better since you can see where he is frozen at.
  8. >The other week you three were playing that game and Crystal Blossom froze you two close to each other, it was... so awkward yet so... uhhmmm you can't stop blushing while thinking at Nightly Veil being so near to your face like that.
  9. >Maybe one day you'll be strong enough to confess your feelings...
  10. >But your insecurity tells you otherwise.
  11. >What if he likes Crystal Blossom! Or somepony else! It would make you so sad...
  12. >You take a sigh.
  13. >At least you have him as a friend, you are comfortable with that.
  14. >Mmmn... you miss hugging him.
  15. >"Everypony! Check this out!" A filly that was near a window exclaims while she points to the outside. "The adults are fighting each other!"
  16. >Various curious foals start going near the same window the filly was calling for their attention.
  17. "What's happening? Why are the adults fighting again?" You say to Crystal Blossom, who was acting... different this time.
  18. >Last time she heard about the grown ponies fighting, she wanted to see it since she fell asleep in nappy time.
  19. >But... her expression seems so sad.
  20. >Why? Is it because she doesn't want to see them fighting? You want that too...
  21. >You poke her hind leg with your hoof, trying to ask if she is feeling fine.
  22. "Uhm, Crystal? Are you okay?"
  23. >She just... slowly walked to the window and placed her hoof on the glass.
  24. >"We need to go outside... now." Crystal Blossom looked back at you, she looked angry about something. "We need to... cheer the guards to win against those... big meanies! They can't lose!"
  25. >W-Why Crystal Blossom wants all of the sudden to go down and watch those... bad and scary ponies that don't respect the law?
  26. >You better tell her that you don't want to go and stay where you are, under the safety of this prison! Along the other foals and-
  27. >"Let's go Buttercream! Let's not waste any more time!" Crystal Blossom grabs your hoof and pulls you to the exit of the kindergarten. "Come on! Come on! Come on!"
  28. "Waaaaaaaaa-"
  29. >Oh, too late...
  31. Be Short Fuse
  32. >Be watching Anon and the terrorist duel "until someone cries."
  33. >You’ve never seen such a brutal duel in your entire life, Anon at first looked like he was in danger… you wanted to throw the towel as soon as he was getting hurt by those measuring squares!
  34. >But then he took off his shirt and... unf.
  35. >APIHSDAHDSA YOU MEAN! How brave of him! You are totally not turned on by his acts! If you are turned on it is for the justice that he wants to impart!
  36. >You don't mean turned on as in a lewd way though...
  37. >Actually, throwing away a shirt is contamination which is a fault of your law and you should give him a few hours of extra prison time, but... you'll ignore that for now.
  38. >Not like you're going to find the shirt and save it until Anon asks for it.
  39. >No sir! You are pure!
  40. >Your tail raising by itself doesn't mean a thing!
  41. >Back to the duel... it's been a few minutes and they're continuing, it's incredible how their stamina last so long.
  42. >Ponies from the city came to see the spectacle that was happening, even they couldn't believe what they were watching.
  43. >Anon defending himself with no weapon but his sole fists was impressive, he was slow but he could catch and throw away those measuring squares as if they were made out of paper!
  44. >And that terrorist? He doesn't give up! He keeps evading Anon's attacks and tries to attack from far away! That cheater!
  45. >There were a few journalist ponies along with camels reporters to record the duel.
  46. >Some were speaking to the cameras about how this battle was "The duel of the century".
  47. >But, as incredible as it was... this duel's victory is no game. It determines not only the honor of the prison but also the liberty of Nightly Veil.
  48. >And you say it a lot but...
  49. >Whoever was responsible for this... will be behind the bars.
  50. >You heard that whoever is behind all this?! You won't get away with this!
  52. Be The Boss
  53. "Atchu!"
  54. >You sniff.
  55. >Was someone talking about you?
  56. >Mmm...
  57. >You shrug it off.
  58. >Ugh, hopefully it isn't an allergy to those raisins from the cookies.
  59. >You hate them, everybody does... the terrorists just thought it was a good idea to add them so everyone would be disgusted about them.
  60. >And you have to take the first bite to make them look edible so everyone falls for the cookies.
  61. >If only ponies would take lemonade as much as they take free cookies. This is the only reason you choose giving cookies over free lemonade.
  62. >Oh well, at least you didn't choose pineapple with pizza.
  63. >You keep looking at the project of Doctor Karma fight one of the prisoners of the Saddle Arabia prison.
  64. >Of course, it had to be no one else but Anonymous.
  65. >As much as you would like to see him defeated by that colt, eh... you don't care either way.
  66. >This "duel" is a mere distraction to what Musul Mare is doing around the prison.
  67. >Tomorrow at midday the summoning to your overlord of darkness shall begin!
  68. >But you wouldn't mind if those terrorists win this duel, it would make things easier to you.
  69. >Alas, even if they lose, you're kidnapping the warden when he is sleeping in his room this night.
  70. >Who wouldn't trust a prisoner anyway? Kehehehe...
  71. >"Hey! I can't see! It's getting interesting and we can't get a good view behind you, ma'am!"
  72. >...Ugh, these dumb ponies.
  73. >Act nice... just act nice.
  74. >They're here for the duel, after all.
  75. "Oh, my bad! I'll just go behind so everyone can see the duel!" You kindly say while slowly moving to behind the crowd, trying not to touch any of the ponies that were near you.
  76. >You were already behind the tiny crowd but now there was more audience! Excellent!
  77. >"Don't you mean everypony?" A random pony from the crowd says.
  78. >Your left eye twitched and you stopped.
  79. >Calm down, calm down... everything will change tomorrow.
  80. "Well, as much as I would like to explain to you why I don't use that term, first of all... there are camels in the crowd too, y'know? Those aren't ponies! Neither I am!"
  81. >The pony from the crowd started to think about it for a moment.
  82. >"Uh, guess you're right."
  83. >With a smile and a nod, you walk to behind the crowd without saying anything else.
  84. >And as soon as you get behind everyone, your smile fades.
  85. >Hopefully tomorrow comes quick and phase 2 goes according to Plankaku.
  86. >You need to call everyone's attention after all.
  87. >You eye up some journalists that were coming from the city, various had cameras and others just their notebooks to write up any relevant information.
  88. >You get a grin as you spot those hungry for information journalists.
  89. >So this is why Musul Mare wasn't around... brilliant.
  90. >It's odd from her that she didn't want to pick up any attention as she usually does, but you're not complaining.
  91. >>"Those terrorists sure are hard to beat!"
  92. >>"Yeah! They are good at singing and dancing too! I have their most recent album!"
  93. >>"I heard they're doing a concert tomorrow! Anypony knows about it?"
  94. >Influence and reputation is what makes the terrorists the ponies they are.
  95. >You pick a cookie from your bag and munch it.
  96. >...
  97. >It had raisins.
  98. >Of course it had...
  99. "Anyone want free cookies?" You say to the crowd, calling the attention of a few ponies.
  100. >If you're going to suffer, so they are.
  103. Be Codename Rock
  104. >Be placing the last crystal to summon the dark lord upon this world, as... The Boss described.
  105. >Or was it Musul Mare? You can't remember now.
  106. >Five rocks were placed according to Musul Mare's coordinates; the sixth rock was located in the middle of the prison.
  107. >This was totally boring... the fact that you couldn't play any song while you two were digging was so devastating.
  108. "Yo, Wing." You stare at your partner while she stretches her back. "Do we go back to the prison and tell Musul Mare that we're done or we go back with the terrorists and cheer them to win? I don't think we're making it to the last game."
  109. >You would think digging some crystals would take no time, but you two were so wrong! The crystals had a very bright light emating from them, you two had to dig deep enough so the light wouldn't show.
  110. >Codename Wing was digging the last crystal as deep as she could.
  111. >"Well-" Codename Wing was about to speak but someone else interrupted her.
  112. >"That won't be necessary." You two heard a voice from behind you two.
  113. >As you turn around you see Musul Mare flying with her black hijab, landing next to you two.
  114. >By your creator, you can't help but feel uncomfortable by looking at her, like, all the black clothing while in a desert doesn't look very comfortable.
  115. >But you're not going to address that.
  116. >Wasn't she supposed to participate in the duel against the guards?
  117. >"Codename Wing, Codename Rock, I believe you two did the job as it was intended."
  118. >Your partner Codename Wing finally finishes digging the crystal deep in the sand and turns to speak to Musul Mare while saluting her.
  119. >"Yes ma'am. It was easy, just time wasted... And pardon me but, Weren't you supposed to help the group sent by The Boss?"
  120. >She touches her forehead with her hoof as if feeling a headache.
  121. >"I... wasn't feeling like it... so, instead of helping them fight I called reporters from the city." Musul Mare picks up a cookie from her saddlebag and starts munching it. "I think The Boss will know that phase 2 is on the way when she sees the journalists."
  122. >Phase 2? Just how many missions The Boss have?
  123. >Musul Mare offers Wing and you a cookie without saying a word.
  124. >Faust above are those raisins?!
  125. >Nope! You appreciate the gesture but nooooope!
  126. "N-No thanks..." You cough on your hoof. "Say, Musul Mare... what does phase 2 means?"
  127. >"Yeah, what does it means? Maybe we can help with something?" Your partner Wing joined in the question.
  128. >Musul Mare just shakes her head.
  129. >"You two did enough for now, just enjoy the show that Doctor Karma's project is doing." She chuckled slightly. "I'll be preparing an ambulance for Anonymous and our cart to bring the warden to The Boss... hehe... their defeat will be the best thing happening today."
  130. >Musul Mare gives another bite to the cookie, swallowing it before flying into the sky.
  131. >"Enjoy the show! AYAYAYA- ack!" She coughed while in mid-air. "D-Dang cookies..."
  132. >You look at your partner and she looks back at you.
  133. "So..."
  134. >"Yeah, let's see the showdown."
  135. >She throws the shovel you two were using to dig the crystals in the sand and walk towards where the duel was happening.
  136. >Where did you two get that shovel from anyway?
  137. >Shouldn't you hide it or get it somewhere else...?
  138. >Eh... you're too lazy from all that digging.
  139. >That's future Rock's problem.
  141. Be Anonymous
  142. >Be fighting the tall midget from the terrorist team.
  143. >You don't know his name yet but you don't need it anyway, the dude is a douchebag with a higher ego than his height.
  144. >He's been trying to look like he has the odds to win and is agile like a damn cheetah, but otherwise, he doesn't stand a chance. His hits are too soft to hurt you genuinely.
  145. >It's as if you're fighting a kid.
  146. >You've been on the defensive all this time because, well, you felt guilty for that punch you gave him earlier to the face. Of course, it stings your fist since he is wearing armor made out of iron or some tough stuff.
  147. >There is a crowd around the ring cheering for both teams, so you're just making this all up, so everyone has fun at least.
  148. >You'll give him some minutes and you'll try to catch and grab him, maybe tickle him 'till he laughs while crying.
  149. >And those measuring squares? Yes, they might look sharp, but you had worst injuries with other stuff back on Earth. Nothing you can't handle.
  150. >God, for the warm and dry place like the desert of Saddle Arabia this place sure gets chilly sometimes, your nips can tell it's true by the way they're pointing at the tall midget.
  151. >"What's the matter, Anonymous? Getting tired? Hah!" The little terrorist says while nimbly moving around from right to left, still poking you with his measuring squares right on your chest. "Take this!"
  152. >The crowd gasps and you attempt to fake the damage while trying to stop the measuring squares from hitting your chest.
  153. >At least he isn't aiming at your nips.
  154. "Ah!" You fake yelp in response. "I won't give up that easily!"
  155. >The ponies cheer at you for a moment as you show your spirit of combat.
  156. >You are without a doubt a good actor, next thing you'll do is pretend to fight a bear and win an Oscar.
  157. >The puny terrorist laughs at your pain, well, more like your fake pain.
  158. >"Don't cry if you cut yourself with my powerful measuring squares, then!" The little terrorist chuckled as he once again attacked you. "Take this!"
  159. >Edgy fuck you bet he listens to Linkin Park in his sleep.
  160. >As he's about to poke you with his measuring squares, you kneel and kick the sand so /some/ of it gets on his helmet. But, some of the sand gets to a pony from the audience.
  161. >>"Ah! The sand! It hurts! Every tiny grain of mineral from Mare Earth is punishing my eyes!" A mare from the crowd says while covering her face.
  162. >Oh shit, hopefully, this accident doesn't add hours up to your prison time!
  163. >Also, you forgot that the ponies near the audience could get hurt from this fight. Maybe you should be more careful now.
  164. >"Oh Anonymous... you should be careful about your actions! You don't know who could be hurt from this battle." He turned his head to his right and looked at a random stallion from the audience. "After all, I don't care who comes out harm from this duel!"
  165. >Next act, the wee-little terrorist threw one measuring square towards the stallion from the crowd.
  166. "Son of a-"
  167. >The stallion couldn't react nor scream in time as the measuring square was near him.
  168. >In a fast instance that felt like a second passing by, you collected the speed and strength to protect the stallion as you jumped while extending your hand to protect the stallion and catch the measuring square like a goalkeeper does from the ball.
  169. >Or like a bodyguard would do to protect the President... damn, you missed your chance to yell that.
  170. >With enough concentration you merely catch the measuring square with your left hand, this one hurting your hand a bit from the pointy measuring square.
  171. >>"Eek!" The stallion yelped and then fainted on the sand.
  172. >You were angry at this terrorist bastard. Of course, you know he would do anything to win this duel, but you could never think he would attack someone from the crowd! That coward!
  173. "I am your opponent, don't forget that." You clench the measuring square with your hand, breaking it in two. "Do that once again, and you will end the same way your stupid childish weapon ended."
  174. >The little terrorist chuckled under his helmet.
  175. "Don't believe me? Try me, motherfucker."
  176. >As the two parts of the broken measuring squares touch the sand you step on them with your right foot.
  177. >Not like you're breaking them more like they already are and since they're in the sand that just means they'll sink anyway.
  178. >"Bravo, Anonymous, bra-vo." The little terrorist acclaims you by your words. "I like when you show your real nature, just like when you punched me like an animal."
  179. >Fucker is trying to tease you, again.
  180. >While levitating one of his measuring squares, the little terrorist lets out a laugh and throws his last measuring square behind him.
  181. >Right to where Short Fuse was standing!
  182. "Short!"
  183. >You couldn't run or move that fast to protect him from being hurt by that measuring square! That son of a bitch!
  184. >"Aaah!" Short Fuse screamed while closing his eyes and expecting the worst.
  185. >Ponies covered their eyes as the measuring square is thrown at the warden.
  186. >But, as they expect a yelp of pain from Short Fuse, nothing is being heard.
  187. >You look at where Short was, the measuring square was mere inches from his face; a yellow aura of magic was around the measuring square, protecting him from being harm. Short, in the last second before the deadly weapon hit him, stopped it in a panic attempt.
  188. >Short Fuse opened his eyes and stared at the pointy end of the measuring square.
  189. >"L-Look everypony! I stopped it in time!" Short says with happiness, looking at the measuring square once again as the crowd starts to uncover their eyes. "Whoa, it almost hit me right in the face! Heh... Ohh..." and then he fainted on the sand.
  190. >Welp, that was luck and really good that Short neither anyone got harmed.
  191. >But that doesn't leave the amount of angry you're on that pony.
  192. "You miserable little insect... you know, I was going to have mercy on you." You started to crack your knuckles. "But now, I won't stop no matter you give up! I will pull you off from that armor you're wearing!" You prepare in a combat posture and start thinking about the next moves you'll use to wreck this little faggot ass and leave it like Japan's flag.
  193. >The helmet from the little terrorist opened, showing only his muzzle as he had it before.
  194. >"Since this could be the last minute we fight and give up all the best of us... I will tell you my name and who is my master. Take it as a farewell present from my part."
  195. "I don't give a fuck about who's the little faggot that trained a massive faggot like you! Prepare yourself!"
  196. >He shakes his head and with his front hoof makes the same shake notion.
  197. >"There are secrets about me, two in fact, that could make you stop right in your tracks. Such as the reason of why are we fighting, to begin with. I am going to confess and tell you everything now!"
  198. >The reason you two are fighting? There are secrets about him? You are not buying any shit he's saying to save his ass.
  199. "If you think anything you say will make me stop then you are-"
  200. >The little terrorist moved his hoof in front of him, making you hush.
  201. >"I have two names. My new name was given by Doktor Karma, a pony who was between the terrorists that decided to kidnap me."
  202. >Kidnap him? Two names?
  203. >"My name is Project Night."
  204. >Various ponies from the crowd started to murmur between them, most of the ponies that were talking were the journalists that were pointing all their cameras to the little pony terrorist that named himself "Project Night".
  205. >"The second secret... is my master."
  206. >Tension builds up in the arena as Project Night keeps talking.
  207. "What's so important about him? Speak now!" You say, breaking the silence between the arena.
  208. >Project Night chuckled, showing a cheeky grin on his face.
  209. >"I don't know?" He shrugged. "Does the name of Emperor Sombra rings a bell?"
  210. >Your eyes wide as you hear his words and your hands start to sweat. Did you hear him right?
  211. >>"You're getting it recorded? Did he mentioned what I think it was?" A journalist mare from the crowd whispers to the cameraman.
  212. >>"Y-Yes... I have it, and we're recording so... should I stop? I'm getting scared... I-I think the camera is too!" The cameraman whispered to the journalist.
  213. >>"No! Keep recording! This is the news of the year!"
  214. >Same was happening with other ponies and other creatures from between the crowd.
  215. >"Hmm, why do I have the feeling you meet him before?" Project Night brought a hoof to his chin. "Just like /we/ have seen each other before."
  216. "Seen each other before?" Then, you understood what was the truth all along in front of you. "Oh.. I get it now."
  217. >Two names, the kidnap, the same color of coat...
  218. >You were fighting all this time the colt that was kidnapped from this prison, weren't you?
  219. >How were you so blind? The truth was right in front of you, and you ignored it like a fool! The amount of time you could have saved to everyone else... damn!
  220. >Project Night started to walk in circles around the arena.
  221. >"And now that you know the truth, tell me." He takes his helmet slowly out from his head, showing the now obvious to you. "What will you do now... Anon?" A very proud Nightly Veil says while staying still as the audience and everyone else knows the truth behind the terrorist's identity.
  222. >The terrorists, somehow, used Nightly Veil and mind-washed the poor colt into something else! Either that or Nightly Veil wanted a reason to fight you... which is unlogic! He wouldn't do such a thing!
  223. >"What will you do now, Anon?" Proj- no, Nightly Veil mocked you.
  224. >You crossed your arms and stopped any intention of fighting you had. You can't and won't fight a minor.
  225. >You try looking around the crowd, try to see any reaction from the ponies that know Nightly Veil. Maybe someone from the pack could help you get some sense to him.
  226. >Someone probably could stop the fight since we have the reason of why we're fighting in front of us, but damn it... Short Fuse had to faint!
  227. >Nightly's sister, Lima, was in shock too and maybe a reply from her needed time.
  228. >Hmm...
  229. >Then you saw two familiar foals that were around the crowd trying to see what was going on.
  230. >A pink filly and a yellow colt...
  231. >Nightly Veil friends? What were the odds those two would be here?
  232. If you're lucky, they can help you with Nightly Veil.
  233. >Hmm. Maybe you can't win this fight, but can he?
  234. >The two had their sight on Nightly Veil and probably wondered why he was here.
  235. "Tell me, Nightly-"
  236. >"PROJECT NIGHT!" He cried. "The pony you know as Nightly Veil is long gone! AND NOTHING WILL BRING HIM BACK!"
  237. >Stubborn, huh?
  238. "Right, Night.... tell me." With seriousness in your voice and your eyes, you stare deep into him. "Don't you feel any guilt?"
  239. >"Hah!" Nightly Veil started laughing maniacally. "Haha! You think I even feel the little sense of guilt? I don't! I do as I am told! I will follow my master rules along The Boss! Nothing can't stop me from doing so!"
  240. "Oh yeah?" You point towards the audience at the two friends of Nightly Veil who were now starting to look concerned. "Even though you're hurting your friends' feelings?"
  241. >He stared behind him, his grin slowly retreating at the realization of his acts and the two new viewers from the crowd.
  242. >Right behind him were Buttercream and Crystal Blossom staring at him.
  243. "Well?"
  244. >Hopefully this helps, you have no other idea from this.
  246. Be Project Night
  247. >It's a perfect time to panic! And you will do so!
  248. >You quickly wear your helmet and try to load the emergency feelings manual that the foolish Doktor Karma implemented in your helmet.
  249. >You would never believe those two were here! But it's their prison too! So why did you eliminate that probability?!
  250. >You need to think, think! Enough feelings can compress and suppress your existence!
  251. >Helmet, do something!
  252. >[Internal error]
  253. "You're not helping!"
  254. >B-Buttercream...
  255. >Oh no! It's starting! HELMET DO SOMETHING DARNIT!
  256. >[System Colt recommends updating to Colt 10. Updating to Colt 10 is free for a limited time.]
  257. "WHERE IS THE HELP MANUAL?!" You scratch your helmet in a hurry attempt to search for any help from it.
  258. >C-Crystal Blossom.
  259. >You grab your helmet and pull it off from your head.
  260. "I WAS SO CLOSE! SO! CLOSE! TO WINNING!" You scream in anger as you throw the helmet to where Anonymous was standing. "This! This is your fault!"
  261. >The more you yelled, the more confused and worried the crowd was starting to get. With them, Buttercream and Crystal Blossom too.
  262. >Crystal Blossom started to approach the ring.
  263. >"Nightly? A-Are you okay?" Her voice filled with worry and her eyes started to water as she tried to step near you. "D-Did they... hurt you?"
  264. >Buttercream didn't know what to do as he was confused and scared.
  265. >This is not good... this isn't good! If you lose, you won't have any control over this body! And Nightly knows secrets the guards don't need to know!
  266. >You were feeling uncomfortable -- uneasy even. This was the worst feeling in the world you could feel right now.
  267. >Second by second, you were losing energy as if something was making you surrender.
  268. >When you tried to regain sight of what the filly, Crystal Blossom, friend of Nightly Veil, was doing... they were already in front of you, the both of them.
  269. >They held each one of your front hooves.
  270. "Hnn..."
  271. >"Nightly..." Buttercream was the first to speak. "I missed you..."
  272. >Something inside you breaks as the friendship of Buttercream and Crystal Blossom start to replace the thrill of working for an omnipotent unicorn.
  273. >You stare at him for a while and then you stare at Crystal Blossom.
  274. >"Nightly... please stop, your sister is worried for you..." Crystal Blossom says as she starts hugging you and sobbing while doing so. "S-So are we..."
  275. >Both of them were hugging you now.
  276. >Your eyes were filling with tears and your whole body was shaking.
  277. >You turn your head and look at Anonymous, who was trying to help the warden of the prison to stand.
  278. >He was outside the ring... that means he loses, and you win.
  279. >You chuckle as you embrace the hug of your friends.
  280. >You did it.
  281. >You are Nightly Veil.
  282. "You win, Anon... you win."
  283. >And you're back.
  284. >...
  285. >By Celestia, why are you wearing this heavy stuff? You feel like a stallion... eww.
  287. Be Short Fuse
  288. >You've finally awoken from the attack that made you faint- uhh you mean... Caused you to fall asleep! Yeah... the attack from the measuring square that made you sleep in an instant. You were not scared! You are the warden after all!
  289. >You can't believe what Anon told you that just happened while you were taking a nap! The terrorist who almost won against the guards was all along... Nightly Veil! But how?! Was it the helmet? Was he under threat of the terrorists themselves? Was he under an overdose of sugar based on the suit that probably gave him powers from being bothered by Anon and allowed him to run very fast at incredibly high speed?
  290. "Ack!"
  291. >You bite your tongue while thinking about that... how is that possible?
  292. >Anyway, that's less credible. He wasn't acting at all! Those moves and the quick dashing through the ring he was doing against Anon were beyond the ability of a colt...
  293. >Does the terrorist have some new technology beyond our minds that we can comprehend?
  294. >As much as it hurts you, you must interrogate Nightly Veil and ask him about any information relevant that he can give and use against those pesky terrorists!
  295. >Speaking of...
  296. >You turn angrily to the terrorists that remained, they were already starting to take the opportunity of the journalists, recording the cute moment between Nightly Veil and his friends reconciling.
  297. "Oh no! You ponies are going nowhere! You guys have a /lot/ to explain!"
  298. >They yelp in surprise from your voice, knowing they messed up with the wrong warden.
  299. >You got what your prison lost! Now you're taking new prisoners to this prison! They're as guilty as they're good dancers!
  300. >As you focus on your horn and channel your magic through it to teleport in front to them and stop their escape, you hear a distant and familiar laugh that makes you stop focusing on your magic.
  301. >"WAHAHAHA! You are so simple minded, warden of Saddle Arabia!"
  302. >That screech... your eye twitches as you heard the voice of Musul Mare out in the distance.
  303. "And I was having such a nice day..."
  304. >You groan in grievance as the terrorist mare leader arrives at the scene.
  305. >You spot her, her obvious gestures and everything you dislike of her. She was pulling a cart while mocking you at the same time.
  306. >"How are you losers doing?"
  307. >You might think why Nightly Veil was so mocking when under their control... or something like that.
  308. "Ha? Losers? You sure did miss the duel that WE, the guards of Saddle Arabia Prison, won!" >It was your time to mock on her now.
  309. "Too bad you weren't here... Anon could have kicked your terrorist flanks all alone!"
  310. >This made her stop pulling the cart and start walking little by little closer to you.
  311. >"Hah? What do I care if we lose this duel? YAYA! You ponies have no idea on the REAL big deal that we're about to present! Soon! YAYAYAAAAA!"
  312. >By Cadence's hormones, you forgot how annoying she was. Part of you wished she wasn't here at all.
  313. "Pfft."
  314. >You toss a hoof and roll your eyes at her.
  315. "At least this time /I/ decided to participate and show my spirit in combat! You? You probably were too busy trying a new dance to one of your little show escapes..."
  316. >She growled at you and stepped near the ring that was lacking the same amount of crowd that was before.
  317. >A bit sad that some ponies decided to leave after the final duel was decided, well... except for those journalists that are still recording any extra detail between the guards and terrorists.
  318. >"Tell you what, warden... what if we decide all this in one last duel between us? Just the two of us..." Musul Mare shows her defiant eyes as she pulls a water gun from her black hijab. The journalists gasped, and the little audience that was still watching was ducking in terror.
  319. >You aren't surprised that she decided to bring a gun to a duel.
  320. >"YAYA! What do you say?"
  321. >Anonymous rise an eyebrow at you while you make him stay aside.
  322. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this to happen, Musul Mare."
  323. >You say her name as raspy as possible while you adjust your warden's hat.
  324. >With your magic you levitate the forbidden artifact of defense the last warden of the prison used before in this prison.
  325. >You barely remember that day, but you do remember the words of the warden Lock Quiet.
  326. >'If you ever decide to duel against a powerful foe... use this, but wisely and not to play. I trust you will do excellent work in the future, Miss Fuse.'
  328. >...Just take a breath Short, take a breath.
  329. >You focus your eyes on the threat of the prison, the leader of the terrorists: Musul Mare.
  330. >She must be part of Nightly Veil's kidnap, you can sense it.
  331. >The remaining audience, journalists and terrorist tremble as you show your secret weapon that you never used... until now.
  332. "Hmmph. I guess it's high noon, don't ya think, Musul Mare?"
  333. >You say with pride as you show your nerf gun to everypony.
  334. >By the look in her eyes you can tell that she didn't expect you to have such serious hardware in your hooves.
  335. >Today, she will learn her place!
  336. >"Actually, I think it's more like three PM or something like that, Short." Anon says, totally ruining the moment.
  337. >You almost slip as he announces the hour.
  338. "Anon! Don't ruin my moment!"
  339. >Anon awkwardly laughs as he picks up his camera.
  340. >"Maybe... I should go and take some photos...!"
  341. >Hmp. Party pooper.
  342. >Part of you want to give him a few minutes in prison for ruining a total confrontation moment; probably you'll make him pet you behind your ears later.
  343. >"I admire your valor in wielding such a dangerous weapon..." Musul Mare loads up her water gun -- probably had soap, the dirty cheater. "But will you shot faster than me? Or we'll hit each other at the same time? YAYAYAYA! THE THRILL MAKES ME JUMP FROM INTRIGUE!"
  344. >You wear a serious expression as you load up a single nerf dart.
  345. >"Only one, uh?"
  346. "I only need a clear shot, and that's everything I'll do," you say while closing your eyes and loaded your gun, trying to look tenacious and brave.
  347. >Also you probably look cooler this way... you read it in a magazine!
  348. >You open your eyes, and so the last duel between the leaders of each faction begin.
  349. "..."
  350. >"..."
  351. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8SRHURU1HA
  352. >There was silence in Saddle Arabia, everypony was looking anxious as you levitate the nerf gun to eye level. Musul Mare followed up and aimed to shoot you with her water gun; there was tape around the trigger of that water gun most likely.
  353. >Nightly Veil, Buttercream and Crystal Blossom finally stopped sobbing and were intrigued to see the end of the duel. Too bad Lima was still in shock, but at least Water Fall was trying to help her regain conscience.
  354. "COUNTDOWN!"
  355. >Time to end this.
  356. >"YAYA! TEN!"
  357. "NINE!"
  358. >"EEEEIGHT!"
  359. "SEVEN!"
  360. >The more you were coming close to the zero, the more you two were ready to shoot the adversary.
  361. >"FIVE!"
  362. >Ponies from the crowd covered their eyes as they didn't want to see the end of the event, others were nervous but still wanted to watch.
  363. >Anon was doing his best work to take photos of you two while looking around.
  364. "FOUR!"
  365. >The countdown is finally coming to its conclusion...
  366. >"ONE!"
  367. >Musul Mare pulls the trigger of her water gun before the countdown finished.
  368. >YOU KNEW IT!
  370. >You remember watching various theaters movies, old west style movies, with the countdown to zero and the brave hero always winning by saving the day.
  371. >Right, movies are fictional and ponies in their roles aren't hurt at all... but this isn't fiction.
  372. >Why were you thinking about this while Musul Mare’s gun was shooting its deadly soapy liquid directly at you? Well... in moments like these, you are always mentally prepared.
  373. >Okay, part of you might be shivering by the terror to lose and let the villain escape. You are no super pony, you are just a warden that wants to protect his prisoners and guards -- everypony deserves to be protected, hay! Even helped!
  374. >Momma and papa didn't raise a filly- FOAL! Uh, that admits defeat right in front of him!
  375. >You even feel Anon thinking the worst and knowing him, he wants to stop or jump to save you.
  376. >But you're going to show why you are the warden of this prison... you are going to show that mare the true face of justice!
  377. >It's time to put in action Lock Quiet's strategy!
  378. >Using your magic, the nerf gun fires its only bullet infront of you. For a moment, you can feel time gradually slowing, just like in the movies.
  379. >Must be because when situations like these happen... you can feel the whole world coming to a stop every so gradually, but never quite reaching that equilibrium of a halt. That is, or something was wrong with those cookies Light Cloud gave you earlier.
  380. >The whole audience was frightened, afraid the water gun’s stream would ricochet to somepony near or themselves. Well, they have nothing to fear, you won’t let anypony get hurt in this duel! As much as she disgusts you, you wouldn’t dare even hurt Musul Mare… Wouldn’t mind seeing her cry, though.
  381. >No! You are no villain! Nopony has to get hurt in this duel!
  382. >"This is your end, Short Fuse! YAYAYAAA! That nerf bullet won't save you from my water! I have the advantage! YAYA!" Musul Mare proclaims, her pride as wide as her snarky grin.
  383. >Only a faint smile could be seen from your face while you start channeling your horn's magic as you close your eyes.
  384. >Soon, the memories of Lock Quiet's technique was coming to your mind.
  386. 'A nerf gun?! Isn't that... dangerous? Why would I even use it for?'
  387. >'Miss Fuse-'
  388. 'I'm a stallion...'
  389. >'My apologies.' Lock Quiet coughs on his hoof. 'Mister Fuse, not everything will be solved by words. Sometimes actions are needed to protect those who you care the most.'
  390. >You stare at the nerf gun Lock Quiet's magic was holding, it looks so tiny yet so scary...
  391. 'Is this... really important?'
  392. >'Oh no, it's just a mere distraction.' Lock Quiet gives a grin while he makes use of his magic to levitate /something/ else. 'The big deal is these beauties...'
  393. 'Ohh... I kind of get it now...! Sugoi des ne!'
  394. >'Sugo- what?'
  396. >...Oh Celestia the shame of watching too many neighpone theater movies and talking like them still makes you have embarrassing memories.
  397. >Nopony must know how unprofessional you were!
  398. >Okay... back to reality.
  399. >The water from the water gun was almost near you, only seconds now for the collision between the nerf bullet and water now.
  400. >Finally, the nerf bullet collides with the water, making the particles disperse like a fountain through every corner of the ring, meaning the audience was in perish!
  401. "Guards! Protect the civils at any cost!" You quickly yell to the guards that were nearby.
  402. >In synchronized movement, all the guards that were present didn't doubt to use their bodies to protect the audience from harm.
  403. >"YAYA! THIS WATER GUN STILL HAS MORE TO COME, SHORT FUSE!" Musul Mare says as she loads her water gun up once more.
  404. "Not if I can stop you!"
  405. >Your horn finally managed to focus enough magic to teleport, and in an instant, you were right at the left side of Musul Mare.
  406. >You pull out from your warden outfit's pockets a pair of handcuffs that you manage to use on Musul Mare's front hooves.
  407. "You are under arrest!" You say out loud while putting the handcuffs with the help of your magic. Your snatch out the water gun from her grip with your right hoof.
  408. >"W-What?!" Musul Mare says in surprise. "Y-You can't arrest me! I am Musul Mare! Master of cheesy escapes and leader of the Terrorists!"
  409. >You turn your sight towards the guards that were protecting the civils. Their courage and dedication to protect them made you smile. Those are your guards that you like working with so much!
  410. "It's over, Musul Mare. Your days of dancing and provoking the entire city of Saddle Arabia are over!"
  412. >It was eventually meant to happen… justice always prevails.
  413. >”The warden captured our leader!” A terrorist says while nervously shaking from fear. “W-What do we do?!”
  414. >”Run! We run to tell the tale!”
  415. >One of the terrorists picks up the cart’s ropes that Musul Mare was originally pulling and every terrorist gets on the cart as quickly as they can.
  416. >”Giddy up, everypony! Ahhhh!” They screamed as they fled from battle.
  417. >”NO! COWARDS! COME BACK HERE! WHAT WILL THE BOSS SAY ABOUT YOU, YOU CHICKEEEENS!” Musul Mare tried to struggle from the handcuffs, but it was no use. “I’LL BITE OFF THESE CUFFS!”
  418. >With a cheeky grin, you raise an eyebrow as the mare gnaws on the metal locks.
  419. >”GRRRRR ANYAN NYA NYA!” Musul Mare, despite your warning, didn’t listen to your words.
  420. >Let’s hope you don’t have to get her teeth fixed after this.
  421. >She kneeled in defeat and stared at the sky, letting the cuffs drop out of her mouth.
  422. >”You won’t win.” She says under her breath. “The first day you were a warden, you sealed your destiny.”
  423. >Whatever is she talking about?
  424. >”She must be in denial of the situation. On top of her entire posse ditching her and you cuffing her by surprise. Just give her time.“ Meanwhile, Anon was trying to remove a stain on his prison shirt-
  425. >A stain?
  426. “Anon, what’s that stain?”
  427. >”Hmm?” Anon looked from his shirt to you. “Well, duh. From the water gun shot of course. What, do you think I would take photos and do nothing else? But I gotta say, your strategy was really neat, Short.”
  428. >You smile towards him. Of course Anon would try to help too… you can’t believe he is in prison.
  429. >Okay, he is lewd sometimes and probably the oddest criminal that stepped in your prison, but you like him.
  430. >In a friendly way…
  431. >”You know Short?” Anon kneeled to look directly to the eyes at Musul Mare. “I always wondered what her face looked like. What do you say if we remove that mask or whatever she’s wearing?”
  432. >Despite what Anon said, Musul Mare didn’t reply, nor resist. Was she really refusing defeat by looking up at the sky?
  433. >You take a look at where she was looking at. There was nothing, just the sky…
  434. >Anon stared up too and his eyes were widen up for a moment.
  435. >”Oh you guys! Long time no see!”
  436. >Who is he talking to? Nopony is there!
  437. “Uh… Anon? Who are you talking to?”
  438. >”Eh… hard to explain. Just unmask Musul Mare and lets get her in a cell already.”
  439. >You stare at Musul Mare, whose eyes were lost in the sky for an odd reason.
  440. >You’ve waited for this moment; the moment you won against her! This is a great step! Without her leading the, terrorists nopony will be able to manage them! After a long time, peace will come to Saddle Arabia!
  441. >And it was all thanks to everypony from the prison! You will always be glad to be here at their side…
  442. >To protect and serve.
  443. “Alright…” You channel your horn to use its magic around Musul Mare’s burka. “Time to see the true face of evil! Behold!”
  444. >You remove it slowly, showing nopony else but…!
  445. >…But…
  446. >…
  447. >W-Wha…
  448. >Right… this is… impossible.
  449. >The pony that was all along Musul Mare was your number one assistant… Yarn Feather.
  450. >You think you catch something on your eye…
  451. >”Yarn Feather…? She was… Musul Mare all along?”
  452. “Yarn… how could you? All… all this time?”
  453. >But she wouldn’t reply, Yarn Feather kept on staring at the sky.
  454. “Respond me! Why are you staring at the sky! Weren’t you my best friend in the whole prison?”
  455. >You tried to hold in the tears attempting to escape your glistening eyes.
  456. “A-Answer me!”
  457. >With your hooves you tried shaking her and by miracle, she finally replied!
  458. >”S-Short…? W-Where… where I am?”
  459. “…”
  460. >She… she was under a spell! Yes! She was under a spell all this time!
  461. >…Right?
  462. >You hope you’re right…
  464. -Chapter end-
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